Finally Completed: A Mantic BattleZones Bunker

Back at the start of last year (2018), I finally dug out a bunch of my Mantic Battlezones sprues from one of their endless Kickstarter campaigns and put together a building. I next sprayed it a dark metal, and then ruminated on what next to do with it. This past summer (Christmas 2018/19 for us Aussies) I tried to finish it, but only got partway through, and so it wasn’t until April that I finally got it completed.

When I first showed this piece in it’s WIP-form back then, I also asked for thoughts on how to paint it up, and the overwhelming response as for a dirty, “underhive”-esque scheme, so in the end I went with a custom spray can of what I call “Necromunda Blue” – based on a swatch from the blue that was so predominant throughout the terrain from the original Necromunda release

The interior (which can’t be seen in these shots) was sprayed in a light, yellowy-green, before dirtying-up. Not that anyone will ever properly look at it The exterior of the bunker was hit with Plastic Modelling Company weathering spray to stain it and dirty up the crevasses, before being wiped off.

Slices of industrial-striped custom decals were laid down in various logical-seeming places before either the random drybrush-wipes of metallic or the weathering spray

A simple piece in the end, but the colours are neutral enough so that it fits an exterior battlefield in 40k or a hive world factory in Necromunda quite easily, along with other games in related genres and settings. Time to assemble the next one and see if I can get it done in less then two years!(?)

25 thoughts on “Finally Completed: A Mantic BattleZones Bunker

  1. Oh that looks EXTREMELY useful, and very nicely done. That piece could be at home on any number of battlefields, from scrappy skirmishes to full blown battles.

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    • Cheers, John – yeah, pretty much the look I was going for. Next one will probably be quite similar, but I’m thinking shades of dark green instead to also fit in either on a battlefield or alongside industrial scenery. The Ork Kannon is there as an illustration of why I magnetised them. Couldn’t help slipping it into the photo! 😉

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  2. Looking good! I hadn’t given the mantic stuff like this much thought until now, so might have to get some bits off ebay to add to my setup.
    Loving the weathered look, also giving me old school Necromunda pangs for some old skool gaming! Well done dude!

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    • Yeah, it’s not too shabby. I’ve really got to pull my fist out and get another one built, and then paint it, and then another, and just keep that cycle running until the tub of sprues gets knocked down to nothing. I should get more of my old Necro models finished and do a shoot.


  3. I can only echo what others have said that the weathering is fantastic on this piece of terrain. It really looks old and lived in which is perfect for Sci-Fi. I would think it is a versatile piece that can be used in lots of games too!

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  4. Nicely done on the weathering, and that looks like a great piece from a board balance point of view. LoS blocking, elevated positions, good cover, just excellent all around.

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    • Thanks Alexis – there’s enough space on the roof “walls” that I can also lay down ramps and platforms against it, and just drop some boxes and such for “steps” if needed…


  5. Between the “Necromunda blue” and the X supports, that hits deep in the nostalgia, especially for the card bunker that appeared in various WD and rulebook battle reports – the one with sloped sides and a watchtower.

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  6. Looks ace, man! How was putting it together. I tried to magnetize my original set, and that proved to be a big chore. Involving many swear words. I heard gluing the stuff together is much more satisfactory.

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    • Thanks mate. I used plastic cement, and it was pretty simple to do, if I remember correctly. My only issue was being careful not to use too many connectors, since Mantic under-supplied them with the original KS or two, so I did need to add some extras in for stability and structural integrity after the initial build.

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