Conan Kickstarter’s “Vanir Valkyrie” (aka Not-Red Sonja)

Today I have another model from the Conan Kickstarter. Well, the first one, not the current one that’s in the midst of a Pledge Manager clusterfuck. This model is of a character called “Valkyrie”, which implies the Arnie film version of Valeria, except, well the art seems to imply otherwise. However, Paolo Parente’s box artwork, … Continue reading

Conan Kickstarter’s Yogah of Yag + Contrast Experiment #8

I don’t make up these names. I couldn’t make up these names. Anyway, this rather odd model is another from the Conan Kickstarter. Anyway, this particular character is from more of the Conan Stories that I’ve never had a chance to read. The Wiki suggests that he has grey, elephant-like skin (Elephants and The Predator … Continue reading