“The List” 2013

For the past three (or more when/if I forget to update this page) years I’ve aimed at getting 365 models painted.

This is what I managed to get finished in 2013 – 158 miniatures in total. Not a bad effort, but well short of 365. Some of these models got shown off at the time, but I wasn’t blogging all that frequently yet, and so I’ve been showing some of them off more recently – mixed in with the more newly-completed stuff.

6 DUST Tank Traps
2 Grendel Blood Fountains
6 Large GF9 Ruins
4 40k Electric Fence Posts
10 pieces WarZone Dark Legion Walls
WarZone Dark Legion Skull-Archway
40k Space Marine Statue (Custom)
2 Large stone Aquilas
Huge Bronze Space Marine Statue
2 Dungeon Scenery Candlabras
12 Armorcast Brick Walls
Reaper Crypt
9 pieces of Dwarf Keep

3 D&D Orcs
3 D&D Bears
3 Skeletons
3 D&D Ghouls

Unicorn (touched up, rebased)
Pegasus (touched up, rebased)
2 Purple Worm
Bones Troll
*Marianne’s Troll
Glenn’s Giant Rat
Iron (Bronze) Golem

2 Dwarves (rebased)
Advanced HeroQuest Dwarf  (touched up, rebased)
Dwarf Casualty

6 Wardancers (touched up, rebased)
Elf Musician (touched up, rebased)
Wood Elf Beastmaster (touched up, rebased)
Wood Elf Beastmaster’s Bear
2 Wood Elf Beastmaster’s Boars

18 Ogres

Lucrezzia Belladonna on Horse
Human Ranger
AHQ Human Adventurer (touched up, rebased)

Orc Drummer (touched up, rebased)
Orc Standard (touched up, rebased)
Orc Champion (touched up, rebased)
Goblin Hero
2 Gobboes (rebased)
17 Squigs (rebased, touchups)
Squig Hopper

Chaos Dwarf (touched up, rebased)

Blood Angels Termie Captain (rebased)
5 Dire Wolves (Space Wolves)


158 total