Darkness over Cannae – Indigogo campaign to publish an illustrated novel

I’m not usually a fan of Indiegogo, but this campaign looks interesting on a number of levels, and worthwhile of support. Check it out.

Dagger and Brush, Daggerandbrush, dagger brush

This time I do not want to write about a project of mine, but rather make people aware of a beautiful Indigogo campaign:

Darkness over Cannae

Jenny Dolfen, latin teacher and artist, made it her goal to publish an illustrated novel about the battle of Cannae.

Darkness over Cannae from Jenny Dolfen on Vimeo.

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Impact Miniatures Fantasy Football Kickstarter – Blood Bowl friendly!

Clearly, these figures can be used for a range of Fantasy Football games, including Blood Bowl as the big one. While they obviously can’t mention Blood Bowl, I certainly can, and I do so in exactly the same way that I might talk about using My Judge Dredd figures as Adeptus Arbites, or my many Warhammer Fantasy Battles Ogres, High and Dark Elves to play Kings of War.

So anyway, the campaign is over on Kickstarter right now, and it’s just on the edge of funding. It was funded, but a couple of people who appear to be Kickstarter trolls pulled some huge pledges right after it was funded. Casting is being done by Ed Forte of Trollforged, which I have to admit does make me a little nervous, since the abortion that Tre Manor’s Red Box Games Kickstarter turned into, not to mention his own Alien Assimilation Host which I’m expecting I might have my figures from early next year at this rate.

So with this in mind, why am I interested enough in this KS to pimp it on my blog?


Well, Impact are one of the groups that are still keeping the Blood Bowl flag flying after years of neglect and worse by Games Workshop (though credit to them for keeping the LRB up for quite a long time until the recent revamp of their website). The teams are a real mix. From figures that I wouldn’t ever put down on a table I own, to some decent ones to a couple that look quite nice indeed. Not sure why “looks like the 90’s” is such a popular insult – Jes Goodwin’s 1988 Blood bowl figures look better than almost any of the ones that came later or since!

So back to why I give a shit about these. Well, the main reason is this:

Impact Miniatures Chaotic Alliance Team

This team is based on Phil Lewis’ Chaos All-Stars team that was featured in White Dwarf

Phil Lewis’ Chaos All-Stars

Now, before you ask – the figures offered by Impact are not recasts of the Citadel models. They are newer sculpts based on those original Phil Lewis conversions. Now before anyone starts getting up in arms about “ripping off GW”, I’ll just quickly say HR Giger (RIP), Michael Moorcock, Broo. Now, because people are whiny bitches, we can’t always have nice things, and so some of the above resculpts were sold as limited editions in metal some time ago, and now a couple of the above-mentioned KS trolls have cited them being recast in a different material as the reason for their thousands of dollars worth of dropped pledges. The result is that Impact are resculpting the figures in question, and some other cool stuff won’t be sculpted at all (since sculpting isn’t free).


So anyway, if you have a passing interest in Blood Bowl or Fantasy Football, I’d suggest you check this one out. There’s quite a few figures in there that could have …other uses besides.


Sci-Fi Pipes and Generator

Another smallish update today. Basically, I haven’t been painting much at all over the last few weeks, and so I’m sharing some more “back-catalogue” scenery pieces. As usual for this stuff, these are at least 10 years old, yadda yadda. They were painted during the heyday of Necromunda, and have been used in many an underhive battle and on 40k tabletops since then. I’m also sure they’d fit in just fine for Warpath, DeadZone, and pretty much any other sci-fi tabletop or RPG games.

Armorcast (I think) pipes. OLD!


A view from higher up of the Armorcast pipes.

Rear view of the Armorcast pipes.

This piece, despite looking like the sort of thing that you could easily assemble from a few bits from your local hardware store is actually a purchased resin piece. Probably cost between AU$10-15 back in the day. It’s a slightly rough cast, and I think it’s an old piece from Armorcast – or possibly Forge World – not the current GW-subsidiary, but the US-based company that produced 40k-scaled Epic stuff back in the 1990’s. It’s a slightly rough paintjob on a rough cast of a rough terrain piece, but it’s good enough for most tables. I went with blue-grey because Necromunda, and as you can see, I wasn’t quite sure on what happens to the orientation of hazard stripes on certain things. Not sure what the iron sights on the pipes are in aid of, either.

Once I get past the batches of fantasy figures and terrain I’m working on right now, I may well wander down to the local hardware store and pick up some plumbing fittings to create some new and better-quality variations on this theme. Maybe some more exhaust ports like the above?  The traditional outflow pipe into a small pond of toxic sludge? There’s an endless supply of clichés to mine, after all…


Kit-bashed Generator

Kit-bashed Generator – Rear View

This generator is made of an old broken toy part that many of you have probably already recognised – yes, the Hoth Generator from Empire Strikes Back. It’s from an old, old Micro-playset that was a bit broken and busted up from many play hours as a kid (and was second-hand and incomplete when I got it) The main body is made of two audiocassette cases glued together, the box on the side is a random part from a model kit, and the control panel on the front is a thumb switch from a kids’ flashlight. Some flyscreen mesh and a rectangle of card over the top to finish up. Mounted the whole thing on some MDF, then add paint and a couple of decals to finish.

Daemonette Statues, Imperial Fountain

A quick update today. Just a couple of pieces of scenery to share. These three pieces were all done at least 10 years ago, so it’s really a back-catalogue update.

First up, a couple of Daemonette statues. Once again, these are based on some Scotia Grendel (hey guys, send me some free stuff!) scenery. Back in the day I collected my Space Marines and Imperial Army Guard and whatnot as armies, but I also tended to grab anything else that took my fancy just to paint – much as I do today, really. Most of my Chaos figures of the day were procured just to have them, and since I wasn’t a serious WHFB player (outside of my Dark Elves, then Orcs & Goblins), I wanted other figures to be individuals, as I noted in the last post with the Fleshhounds.

So what to do with doubled-up Daemonettes?

Turn them into scenery, of course!

I took a couple of the Grendel pillars, jewellers-sawed a channel out of the tops of them, then glued the model tabs in there with Araldite.

Daemonette of Slannesh. Oldhammer.

Daemonette Standing Stone Statues – front.

Daemonette of Slannesh. Oldhammer.

Daemonette Standing Stone Statues – Rear.

I painted them with pink highlighted into white, and added blue marbling-style veins to them. I thought the pastel look worked for Slaanesh, and yes, there’s a conscious subtext there as well. The bases were originally done in green flock, but several years later when I changed my basing style to the dark brown I painted over it, added the static flock, and also glued a bunch of soft seashells around the edges of the base. I felt that they had the right soft, pastelish, smooth, sensual look to them to fit in with the Slaaneshi scenery as offerings made by the chaos tribes.

More recently, I added the flowers to the bases, to add a little more interest to them. And besides, who said everything Chaos touches needs to be blighted wastelands?

Italieri Fountain, 40k style.

The back side of that Italieri fountain.

This one’s as simple as hell. While perusing a model store years ago I saw this cheap Italieri kit on the shelf. I thought I could use it for scenery, and bought it. One simple assembly, four old-school Space Marine Banner tops (you could easily do the same with easily-available brass etch these days), and a quick base coat and drybrush followed by some thinned down orange paint for rust streaks and you’re golden. And yes, it’s still available today. What I especially like about it on current reflection is that it’s still generic enough (even with the Aquilas) to be used in Historical or Fantasy gaming. Simple, cheap, effective and good looking.

Like me.

Ok, so I’m not as good looking as the fountain.


Realm of Chaos: Let Slip the Hounds of Flesh!


One of my favourite Daemons of the original Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness series, and a series of models that I still think have never been usurped by later revisions. Some elements of these original models have been bettered in other ranges of course, and their odd front-and-rear-torso assembly didn’t always work out that great, but they’re still miles better than the later lizard-headed and scaled models that GW released (and seem to keep on releasing as Flesh Hounds. No Juan Diaz-style Daemonette revisions for the hounds, nor any well done return to the original concept like the plastic Bloodletters have had. We’ll see what happens with them in the future, but for now, these are the definitive Flesh Hound models.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Flesh Hounds of Khorne

This was the first unit I photographed with my new (homemade) light box. Some of the highlighting in the photos seems a lot more high contrast than is on the models in hand. I think the solution to that will be to learn how to use a better camera down the line. Not something I have time for right now, unfortunately. So something for the future. Perhaps next summer break?

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

The second foursome of Original Fleshhounds.

With the exception of the one model, painted in 1989, the rest of these were painted sometime between 1996 and 2006. I know that’s a pretty huge range, but it’s the best I’ve got. I know they weren’t painted while I was living in one place, and they were painted before I moved into another place, two moves later. 2014 gave them a clean-up from the dust, some touch-ups and restoration. And maybe a bit later, some use!

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Flesh Hound of Khorne. My original 1989 model with pretty much his original 1989 paintjob.

I originally had only one fleshhound. This guy. He’s been rebased and had some minor touch-ups over the years (mostly from chips) but it’s at least 90% original still.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Skull-headed Flesh Hound of Khorne.

It was many years after I got and painted my singular hound that I managed to get any more. Probably a decade, really. This one was a figure that I always really liked. The skull-headed model. From the days before skulls seemed to be quite so prevalent in GW’s models.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Plague-headed Flesh Hound of Khorne.

Not my favourite of the models. The plagued head never really did anything for me, but I’m still quite happy to have another of the original variations in my collection.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Bloodletter-headed Flesh Hound of Khorne.

A simple conversion that I’d always envisioned. I was trading some old, rare RT-era models (Space Zoats, etc) to get a few more fleshhounds with this guy, and had mentioned what I hoped to do with another of the models. When it came time to make the trade a few days later and he bought the models around, he’d very nicely taken the original head off the Flesh hound to keep for himself and added the half-bloodletter (that was also part of the original agreement). I was a bit too easygoing (and young) back then around Christmas 1995/Jan 1996, so I don’t recall if I challenged him on it. Really though, the pettiness of it still sticks in my craw. Fat neckbearded motherfucker in his 40’s living with his mum’s house somewhere in Keilor.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Two-headed Flesh Hound of Khorne

One consequence of my having assembled my set of 8 hounds over several years is that I also purchased incomplete models with a view to converting them to “fullness”. This is one such model, who I recapitated with a pair of twin head(s) off one of the original Chaos Hounds.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Scorpion-tailed Flesh Hound of Khorne.

Another model that was damaged when I got it. This hound had his tail broken. I replaced it with a scorpion tail. This tail either came from a later-era Chaos Hound, or from that terrible all-metal multipart chaos spawn kit that GW came out with which was mostly just useful as a source of tentacles and things.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Uncornverted Flesh Hound of Khorne.

This one has the same head as my original model. As can be seen across these models, I painted them all to be individuals rather than as a unit. I still like to individualise a lot of my models these days, but I tone it down a little bit. All of my old-school Ogres and Trolls and such will still be individualised, but, say, the grunts in a block of Elven Infantry? Nope, sorry.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Shouty-headed Flesh Hound of Khorne.

This one came glued together with something like araldite. (2-part resin epoxy). Rather than breaking it apart and using something a little more sane, I just painted it instead, resulting in a pretty awful mid-section transition. While I could strip and break down the model and start again, it’s not a favourite head sculpt or anything, and it’s good enough for the table. He’s a middle-back-rank figure if ever there was one. Note the garish green ruff. mmmmm… individuality. Not something I’d go with if I were to paint it today, but on the model it still kinda works. Kinda.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

Flesh Hounds Ranked up in 2×4.

I guess at some stage I’ll have to figure out how to use these in the Abyssals force in Kings of War. Due to only having eight models (the sacred number of Khorne) and not wanting to change the number in this unit, even if I’m ever lucky enough to get hold of more of them, I’ll probably have to create a custom multibase-tray for them, as the KoW unit will probably work in multiples of 5 beasts or cavalry or whatever these end up getting proxied for.

Realm of Chaos, Oldhammer Warhammer Flesh Hounds

A line formation of Flesh Hounds.