Orktober 2017 Finale: Group Shot!

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Orks, Oldhammer, Brian Nelson 40k Slugga Boyz

A quick and dirty post today – Just something fun to show off all of the Orks that I’ve recently painted in a group shot. Da Boyz are certainly back in town! By the time their codex comes out, I’m hoping that I should be well on my way to a small (points-wise) but playable force. I’m quite pleased how well the Orks from such different eras work together as a group. Consistent basing and an overall shared palette/theme really make a difference!

Orktober 2017 #1/WAAAAGH! Pt.5: Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 – Oct 1988)

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 - Oct 1988)

This Ork hails from the second proper wave of Space Orks back in the Rogue Trader days, when they were just transitioning from the RT codes into the “serial numbers” to designate each model. White Dwarf 106 back in October ’88. Today being the 1st of October, 2017 it’s effectively taken 30 years for this guy to get painted!

OK, I’m cheating. I didn’t get him in October ’88. It would have been sometime in ’89, but still

I’ve gone for very much an old-school style palette on him, though probably less bright and garish than some of them. Clothing and armour are otherwise again in earthy tones that still fit with the overall “desert warrior” feel (even though his trousers are in a woodland camo variant)

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 - Oct 1988)

The weapon being worn (but not rusty!) metals and his stahlhelm in bare metal as well. No “WAAAAGH” title for this post, since this guy is a figure I pulled out of my stash to paint for enjoyment rather than one from the still-being resurrected Ork force. So he’ll still be part of the army, but I’m not sure where he fits in yet.

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 - Oct 1988)

As with most Orks of the day, rather than boots, he’s got puttees wrapped around his feet from his toes almost to his knees. This was Kev Adams’ style on the fantasy orcs that he sculpted in those days, and something that directly carried over to almost all of the original Ork line.

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 - Oct 1988)

I’ll hopefully have some more figures up shortly. Unfortunately I’ve still been a bit ill and so more dopey and confused than normal, so I’ve not had much energy for painting, blogging or replying to others’ posts. I photographed a couple of other old-school Orks at the same time as this guy, but the photos were way too blurry to use, so I’ve got to take them again, and that put me off posting anything for about a week since I still needed to crop this guy and the third one and didn’t have the energy/mental constitution for it. Pretty pathetic, eh? I’ve still been looking at people’s stuff though, so if you got a like without much in the way of comments recently, that’s why.