Rogue Trader: 4601 Imperial Guard Ogryn Sergeant (Bob Olley, Feb 1989)

Rogue Trader: 4601 Imperial Guard Ogryn Sergeant (Bob Olley, Feb 1989)

The figure I’m showcasing today was painted quite some time ago, and has only been rebased in recent times – so not quite enough work for me top count him as part of my finished figures for this year.

Rogue Trader: 4601 Imperial Guard Ogryn Sergeant (Bob Olley, Feb 1989)

It’s Bob Olley’s Ogryn Sergeant, which to me is the truly Archetypical Ogryn. Not the first Ogryn model, mind you – that particular honour goes to Jes Goodwin’s effort of 1988. Regardless, and despite my own huge preference for Jes’ work over Bob’s, Bob’s Ogryn here remains the most defining figure of the range ever sculpted – and never bettered or even equalled in my opinion.

Rogue Trader: 4601 Imperial Guard Ogryn Sergeant (Bob Olley, Feb 1989)

I originally painted this model back in early 1989, not long after it’s release. It got stripped down and repainted in the early noughties, this time with Auscam fatigue pants to match my Imperial Guard Regiment (who I need to update and photograph sometime as well) and a Māori-style arm tattoo, following my repeated travels to New Zealand.

Rogue Trader: 4601 Imperial Guard Ogryn Sergeant (Bob Olley, Feb 1989)

I blame this figure for starting my long love affair with Citadel’s (and others’) Ogres. I just wish Bob’s later Ogryn efforts (for Citadel, and even for Maxmini) lived up to this figure’s quality, but alas – nothing yet. Perhaps we’ll get lucky one day and Bob will sculpt some more fantasy or Space Ogres to compliment his range of Scrunts (not-Squats)?

Oldhammer Trolls and another ID Request

This time we have another couple of figures started decades ago and finished a couple of years ago. A couple of the old-school Citadel (or Oldhammer) Trolls.

C20 Oldhammer Troll

C20 Cave Troll

The first guy is a C20 Cave Troll. I started painting him in the mid-1990s with the skin tones of a Stone Troll, for my WHFB Orc and Goblin army. Finally finished him 2 or 3 years ago, and stuck him on a slate base from back-to-base-ix

Oldhammer C20 Troll

C20 Warrior Troll

Also from the old C20 range, this guy is known as “Warrior Troll”. No D&D style misgivings about metal armour for him, no indeedy! Also started around the same time as his mate up there, and finished at more or less the same time, when I dug them out of half-painted purgatory and finally completed them.

Oldhammer C20 trolls

C20 Trolls. Two thirds of a unit!

Both of these guys were sculpted by Aly Morrison, who really did quite a good job on the Troll range of the day. I have to say I’ve also liked pretty much all of the subsequent renditions of trolls that GW has come out with over the years. The stone trolls, the LotR-inspired Trolls, the plastic Swamp Trolls… all good stuff. Well, except for the Chaos Trolls, I guess. But I don’t really consider them part of this range, which I’ve mostly thought of as a subset of the O&G one, with a side range of being really useful for tabletop RPGs. These guys will have a new lease of life at some stage when I finish painting their mate, and then convert my old O&G horde over to Kings of War. But working on 5 armies already at once means the Orcs and Gobboes will need to wait a little while.

C20 Oldhammer Trolls

C20 Trolls – the arseward shot!

Looking at them today, the golden yellow-blonde hair does look pretty garish, especially with the bright blue skin, but hell – that’s how I started them, and it’s not something I’m willing to mess up, change or repaint. I’m just happy to have them done. I’ve got their mate on my painting shelf as well. A mid-90’s stone troll who I selected to finish this unit off about three years ago when I finished these two. He’s been partially painted and sitting on my painting shelves ever since… funny how these things work, eh?


And finally, a request to those who read this blog. Inspired by the fast work in finding out the identity of Farendil, Elf ranger so quickly, I’m again asking for help in identifying this guy.

Oldhammer Wizard – seeking his name!

I’ve been looking through SoL a bit, and he’s not a C02 wizard. There’s no pic of the TL2 wizard on SoL, so that’s a possibility – it’s certainly from the right timeframe. He’s not from the DungeonQuest series, or any of the other board games of that time. He’s listed as #19 of the Wizards in the Blue 1988 catalogue, but that group is a mash-up of several previous ranges, and I’d like to find where he comes from originally, and if he had a name as well.

This is actually his second paintjob. I first painted him bright blue and red, with brown hair back in the 1990’s, then repainted him in the 2000’s in the darker blue scheme with grey hair. I don’t intend to repaint him again, just rebase him this time. I figure he looks the part to play the Necromancer that Marouda’s KoW Undead army needs for their next battle, so I’m rebasing him and might just add a tiny bit of edge highlighting.