WAAAAGH! Pt.11: 40k Ork Slugga Boyz – Autumn Platenenmuster Style #2

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

So here’s the next trio of Orks. As I stated in the previous Ork-Post, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with how the Autumn Platenenmuster camo from the video guide came out, and while I was poking around the internets, I found another method detailed on Warlord Games’ site, which provided me with the basis for what you see here.

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

I haven’t attempted to minimise the size of the dots in the camo pattern here – instead going for a slightly larger size that suits these particular models.

Quite different, as you can see in this comparison shot – and distinct enough so that I can use both on my Ork force going forward in order to keep up that variety of camo patterns across their “uniforms”. This leaves me with only 7 more Orks left to go from this 500 (or 600?) point combat patrol force that I started in 2005. Two Rokkits, one Big Shoota, two Nobz and a Warboss. Plus a squig, and a whole lotta grots. The grots are well on their way, but need to be rebased to match the Orks… (groan!)





WAAAAGH! Pt.10: 40k Ork Slugga Boyz – Autumn Platenenmuster Style #1

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

Yeah, more Ork Slugga boyz. That’s how it works, I guess, when you’re painting a horde army yet wanting to make every model pretty unique. Once again we have a mix of Fantasy and 40k Ork parts that built these four. Several of these were painted black, and it looked decent, but… I was thinking that I should probably save the black (and black camo types) for the Kommandos and similar elites.

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

So they sat again in limbo while I tried to figure out how to paint them. Who should come to my rescue but Warlord Games – in one of their recent newsletters on the 2nd November, they featured a tutorial video by The War Gamer on painting German Plane Tree Autumn Camo. After a few days I got around to watching it, and decided it looked distinct enough from what I already had – and importantly – distinct from the green Ork skin, so worth giving a shot, especially since I picked up the full range of Army Painter paints recently, so I had all of the colours.

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

As you can see, it worked out… reasonably well. Not as nice as I’d hoped – and my concerns about the washes muddying the detail indeed came to light. Still, it looks decent, and so I’m happy enough with it. I also found another method to paint the same camo, also on Warlord’s site – which I have been using on the next batch of Orks. Finished soon (probably).

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

In some fairly pleasant news, after painting these four, I’m almost down to single digits on the number of Orks outstanding from my initial combat patrol force from 2005. Of course, that includes the Nobz and Warlord, so they’ll take a little longer. And not counting the grotz…  and then there’s plenty more Orks to paint after that!  But them ones following will be “new” ones joining the force, and some more Oldhammer Orks. Maybe I should get onto the Diggas I started back in the day and get them finished before starting a whole lot more new stuff?

Warhammer 40k Ork Slugga Boyz

A note to Ann – this is what I mean by washes over the top muddying up the camo (there’s an actual pattern under there). Still, these guys were essentially following the directions for a recipe, and I was taught the first time that you follow the recipe for something quite new, to follow them precisely – and then very it to taste the next time. Funny, the other guide from WLG has resulted in a pattern that looks NOTHING like this, despite them both being for Autumn Platenenmuster…

Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18

I’ve talked about Painting December recently, which was a thing I did a couple of years ago when I decided to paint up a couple of the larger, more impressive models that I’d collected over the years – which just get pushed aside because I often have a bit of a mental block when it comes to painting things larger than “human” sized. So my plan this year is to “Revive” it, and paint some of the larger, more impressive models that I’ve had sitting around for years.

When I brought it up, a few other people indicated interest, and so – hey, why not make it a bit of a community thing for whomever wishes to participate.

So here’s the “rules” for anyone who wants to join in:

It would be a nice thing to paint something new/different/interesting/cool over the Christmas/Summer/Winter break. Something that works as a centrepiece model of some kind.

  1. ++++EXPUNGED++++
  2. Nothing smaller than an AoS hero or Ogre-sized model – I’m looking to have fun doing the kind of centrepiece models I don’t usually allow myself to work on due to the backlog.
  3. ++++EXPUNGED++++
  4. No Scenery – either Big pieces or Scatter terrain – I’ll usually work on these sorts of things over summer anyway and I’ve got a few of each part done, but they’re separate things to this “project”.
  5. ++++EXPUNGED++++
  6. ++++EXPUNGED++++

If you’d like to play too, you can skip stipulations 1, 3, 5 and 6, but bear in mind this isn’t about building models, it’s about painting them – and getting at least one model completed from start to finish, not including assembly. (Maybe we can do Building April or something later?)

You can start (and complete) assembly anytime you like, including before you get started or the challenge officially begins. When does it begin? I’m glad you asked!

It begins in December.  You set your own exact start date.

Ideally when you start to get some time off so you can settle down and relax a little and enjoy some painting time. It concludes at the end of January. If that gives you enough time to finish a cool model – that’s bloody awesome. If it gives you enough time to finish a half-dozen cool models – even bloody better!

My own work this year doesn’t close up until 22nd December, so that’s probably going to be my own “official” start time, but I’ve been assembling, and I’m even allowing myself to base coat from a spray can before I “start”.

If you’d like to participate, then just drop a note in the comments. Make sure to smash that like button, share and subscribe! Hit the notification Bell so you can.. oh wait, I’m not an annoying YouTube vid. So yeah. Just leave a note in the comments, and Ill put together a “home base” post with links to participants blogs. Also let me know when you officially start doing stuff, as I’ll do “round up” updates every so often. Maybe/probably/hopefully once a week over Dec and Jan.

And yes, I’m setting myself a pair of Nurgle Daemons as my own personal target. The Great Unclean One from 1997 that has been sitting in my lead pile since 1997 and the much more recent Forge World Nurgle Daemon Prince known as Mamon Transfigured. If I’m successful with this pair, there are a few older models I started but never finished (Be’Lakor, Marauder Giant, Rogue Idol) and plenty of others not yet touched.


When I finished off the Mentor Legion Dreadnought a couple of weeks ago, I took some pics with it alongside the Iron Warriors Dreadnought/Hellbrute. While I was out there, I also took a few snaps of my completed Loyalist Dreadnoughts together. Here’s a couple of the better ones.

I guess I should do another for (probably all three) of these chapters, but I probably feel like doing some more variety first. Both additional forces and maybe even (finally) cranking out a Contemptor or two…

Calth-based Fallen Dark Angel.

Fallen Dark Angel

Something both familiar yet new today – it’s another Fallen Dark Angel, though this time it’s the first (almost) entire model I’ve made from my Betrayal at Calth stash. At this point I think I’ll put together two squads of Fallen – one made of old-school Rogue Trader-era metal models, and one made of more modern plastics and resins – clearly, this guy is the test model for the latter group.

Fallen Dark Angel

The shoulder comes from Forge World’s Horus Heresy Dark Angels add-ons. Yeah, the chapter icon should be dinged and shipped as well, but I took some artistic licence here to leave it looking old but undamaged. I’d potentially use some other parts, such as the Forge World DA torsos and helms amongst the squad as well.

Fallen Dark Angel

I have a concern that there’s just too much chipped armour on this guy. I think it’d be fine if he was not wearing a helm, because then we’d still have his head as a focal point, but with him wearing the helmet – even with the eyes and the old-school stripe there, it disappears a little – at least in these photos. It could be poor photography, I guess?

Fallen Dark Angel

This squad will be loaded up with a bunch of combi-weapons and/or special weapons. I haven’t decided between plasma or melta yet, and I need to check the rules again to see how many they can take. In my mind I see this particular group being aligned to The Emperor, if not The Imperium, so unless they’re fighting Dark Angels, they won’t be teaming with my Chaos armies. Well, maybe against Xenos, but only with not-chaos-chaos, such as Iron Warriors. Not bloody Death Guard or Word Bearers.

Fallen Dark Angels

Here he is, alongside his Oldhammer brethren. As can plainly be seen, he towers above these older models – I must say – not helped at all by the fact that every one of them is rather hunched over for some reason.


Pegasus Hobbies Technobridge

Another scenic post today – Pegasus Hobbies’ Technobridge.

Pegasus Hobbies Technobridge

I picked this up quite awhile ago, got around to assembling it awhile ago, and then when we had a brief run of good weather several weeks ago I was finally able to paint it. Warm to hot weather is what I tend to need to get me motivated for any kind of scenery project, mostly so I can take things outside and spray them, and also because drying time is much improved. Box shot is taken from Pegasus’ website. I literally recycled the box (which I had kept for all this time) a week before I took these photos. Ooops!

Pegasus Hobbies Technobridge

I wanted it to look weathered and worn, so after the first spray coats of gunmetal and then a mid-silver, I played around with Vallejo Rust Washes, Orange paint and Pledge One Go floor wax (didn’t work out so great), drybrushing and a couple of different weathering powders.

Pegasus Hobbies Technobridge

I also wanted to emphasise the direction of years of traffic on the bridge, so I used a tissue (hi-tech modelling tools, here!) to “pull” the half-dried grime across the panels along the length of the bridge, creating a directionally weathered effect.

Pegasus Hobbies Technobridge

Here’s a scale shot, so you can see roughly how big the thing is. I didn’t have any vehicles ready, but it could easily fit a single Land Raider, but it’s just a bit too tight to fit two modern Rhinos side by side – you could probably fit a pair of original RT-era rhinos next to each other, though.

Pegasus Hobbies Technobridge

Unfortunately, the thing is too large for my light box, so this was the best I could do to see the sides of the thing once complete. Overhead light is obviously much stronger on the table. While this can easily be considered sci-fi/40k/Necromunda scenery due to its Industrial look and feel, those same design factors actually make it pretty appropriate for a lot of modern settings as well. This is A Good Thing.

Small Scenics: Objective Marker and Teleport Homers

40k Objective Marker

I’ll lead this post off with an objective marker that I just completed. It’s actually the previous base that the Mentor Legion Dreadnought was based on, before I pried it off for a fresh start. I considered prying the dead Chaos Marine off it as well, but then figured that it would be easier and probably more effective to just glue some more crap down to the base – so it received a munitions crate and a half-buried barrel, courtesy of some of the recent GW basing and terrain kits.

40k Objective Marker

I’m in two minds as to whether I should add some tufts to fill in some of the empty space. I don’t mind it looking a bit more sparse and generic. Anyone have any opinions on that?

40k Objective Marker

I’m also thinking that perhaps I should rim the base – either in black or brown so it’s consistent. Maybe go over the dirtied-up crate with some dry pigment? Hm…

Then again, I could well be overthinking a small, fairly insignificant bit of table fodder.

40k Objective Marker

Some 40k figures to provide with a fuller sense of scale. I’m sure it’ll all end well with these three on site.

40k Teleport Homers

I’ve also done these Teleport Homers recently-ish, so I thought I’d throw them in here. More or-less one at a time as I’ve found them on sprues and amongst other junk, just copying the same scheme, and varying the colour of the lights – just in case I ever use them for anything and need to  distinguish them from one another. I guess I could even use them as objective markers from time to time, especially since Terminators don’t actually need them anymore in 8th edition.

40k Teleport Homers, Black Templar Terminators

Here are some RT-era Black Templar terminators doing their rendition of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” Again for scale. (And I guess, context?)