The Jewel of July 2018 – Community Round-Up

Ellen’s Idoneth Deepkin Eidolon

Kicking off this month – The Jewel of July we have:

Ellen, from Lavender Miniature Painting and Tabletop Gaming with a miniature that is so large that it barely qualifies as such, and is also more Turquoise than Lavender, but we’ll forgive that. We have the Eidolon of Mathlann – Aspect of the Sea model from Games Workshop’s new Idoneth Deepkin (Deep Sea Elves) range for Age of Sigmar.


Ann’s Yellow-Moldy Poxbringer

Ann from Ann’s Immaterium completed this nasty looking Poxbringer which features quite a lot of colourful and shiny maladies, including a new one – the rather disgusting looking Yellow Mold on it’s pointy-arm. There’s some nice close-up shots on Ann’s blog. Make sure you’ve just finished a full, meaty meal before checking it out. 🙂


Alexis West’s Keeper of Secrets

Cascadian Grimdark‘s Alexis West aka Westrider completed a pretty bloody impressive conversion of a Keeper of Secrets, known as Danglethrust Sinhammer. I spy a Verminlord in there as well as a number of other parts. Alexis also proves that it’s not all that difficult to “jump the fence” and participate in a WordPress-based hobby challenge, even when your own blog is on Blogspot! 🙂


Marouda’s Fimbrethil, Entwife.

Marouda, who (rarely) posts here on Azazel’s Bitz Box completed her first model in over a decade – Fimbrethil, Entwife by Mithril Miniatures. Hopefully she continues to put paint to brush.



Krakendoom Cool’s “Horny Toad” Nurgle Helbrute.

Krakendoomcool‘s Krakendoom Cool created a Nurgle Helbrute “Horny Toad” based on the trailer for the 40k PC game Inquisitor: Martyr and with Emeralds as his Jewel inspiration. Using the Boxed Helbrute as a base, along with any number of additional parts (including the venerable Space Crusade Assault Cannons). A pretty nasty piece of work!


Pandora’s Bitz Box’ Norris Thing/Possessed Marine.

Krakendoomcool‘s brother-in-arms on the same blog, Pandora’s Bitz Box came up with two models this month. First up is the Norris Thing/Possessed Marine, inspired by John Carpenter’s classic horror film

Pandora’s Bitz Box’ Imperial Assault AT-ST.

Pandora’s Bitz Box‘ second submission is a rather impressive model in a very different way – the AT-ST from Star Wars: Imperial Assault.


Warbringer’s Magni Warbringer, Techmarine of the Salamanders.

Warbringer, contributor on the Krakendoomcool blog completed this Salamanders Techmarine homage to …himself! And a pretty sweet job he’s done on it, too – especially when you see the work that went into creating the model before brush met paint.


Mark Morin’s Cavalry Squad of Power Armoured Frinx, riding Glyptodons. Because OF COURSE they are.

Mark A Morin completed a project with a long tail. Figuratively more than literally, though you probably don’t want to be swatted by one of these – it’s a squad of Power Armoured Frinx on Glyptodons. One of these models  would have been well enough for July, but, well, you know Mark by now…


Alex’s Kal Jericho and Scabs

Alex of Leadbaloony finished a few figures that fit the Jewel of July categories this month. Hero(?) of the Underhive, Kal Jericho and his offsider, Skab. He’s done a great job on these classics of the original Necromunda.


The Imperfect Modeller’s Indiana Jones Diorama.

The Imperfect Modeller came up with not one, but three dioramas this month. Pretty insane. The first is a Reaper model nominally called “Jack Harrison”, but we know who it really is – Indiana Jones! In this model, it looks very much like Dr. Jones is negotiating the jungle on the way into the temple in the opening scenes from Raiders…

TIM’s Kelainen Darkmantle, Evil Wizard.

TIM also dipped his toe into the genre of fantasy, beginning with another Reaper model – Kelainen Darkmantle, Evil Wizard. I’m not sure if that bottle contains something magical, something really malodorous or is about to be used as a magic grenade. Perhaps all three?

TIM’s “Fantasy Island”

TIM’s third submission for the month (I know they didn’t go up in this order!) is the aptly named “Fantasy Island“. An amazing looking piece that also features a Nienna, a Reaper Elf ranger near the waterfall’s edge. This piece conjures up images of much fantasy art through the years, but personally reminds me of Nagrand, in World of Warcraft – as it is very reminiscent of that particular lovely looking place where I spent quite some time back in the day. TIM has used quite a few new and advanced techniques to create this masterpiece – but you’ll have to visit his blog to see how he did it!


Backtothehammer’s Garagrim Ironfist…

..and his Wood Elven Waystalker

Backtothehammer has completed more than one submission this month – firstly, Garagrim Ironfist, son of Ungrim Ironfist and then in the same post, his second Wood Elf Waystalker, making the left and right hand of Haldrin Stormlight. The twin deaths.


Thomas’ Aramis the Skullstalker.

Thomas of the High Times on the Eastern Fringe has created a truly awful thing. Aramis and Skullstalker. You really need to visit (and fully read) the post to appreciate it in full. I’ll say no more here.


Cousin Nalesk’s submission for the month.

Cousin Nalesk from Elucubrationsursidees completed this figure, the Christmas figurine from 2006 by Freebooter Miniatures, featuring some lovely NMM on the cloak’s embroidery. This served as his contribution for Jewel of July as well as his entry to the Competition celebrating the 1,000,000th visit to The Temple of Morikun blog.


Caseyrog’s Chaos Minotaur for BloodBowl.

Caseyrog from Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones completed this Forge World BloodBowl Minotaur.

Mr.White’s Terrorgheist and Ghoul King.

Mr.White, also from Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones completed a Terrorgheist for July. He’s done some great conversion work incorporating Stormcast armour and shields to represent their particular delusion.

Jason’s Volturnos, High King of the Deep.

Finally, Jason from Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones painted up Volturnos, High King of the Deep, for his Idoneth Deepkin army, giving us a second Sea Elf for the month’s contributions. I particularly love the transitions he’s used here on the Seahorse’s scales and underside.


Wudugast’s Skaven Warp-Lighting Cannon.

Wudugast from Convert or Die has turned out a rather impressive Jewel for the month. A Skaven Warp-Lighting Cannon! His ever-growing horde of WHFB Skaven now have another (centre)piece of heavy artillery to smite their foes with.


Sfjy’s Knight Castellan, in all its imposing glory.

Speaking of Heavy Artillery, Sfjy of Sigmund Freud is Judging You has completed the largest model yet for the month: An immense Knight Castellan. Sfjy painted the panels using the Greenstuffworld Chameleon paints, achieving those really nice, varied metallic tones on the model’s carapace. If only my challenges could motivate my own self to paint something this impressive!


Just Needs Varnish’s custom Panzerjäger V Ausfuhrung A Kobra.

Just Needs Varnish from his eponymous blog built and painted a custom prototype WWII Panzer. Called the Panzerjäger V Ausfuhrung A Kobra (Tank Destroyer Type 5 Mark A Cobra), he based it on a spare Panther hull, some Marder bits, and of course – plasticard.

Just Needs Varnish’s Brummbär.

JNV also turned out another pretty cool model in July, this Brummbär that has had the skirts added from another kit. but seemed adamant that it wasn’t special enough to be considered a Jewel. I personally disagree (and I’m sure most if not all readers here would, also) – and if I’d painted it, I’d certainly be counting it. So in line with JNV’s request, it’s not officially a Jewel, it’s just visiting this post.


Krautscientist’s The Hound, Enkidu Lance, XII Legion 4th Assault Company.

Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt completed an extensive conversion of a Knight Armiger, turning it renegade and creating The Hound, Enkidu Lance, XII Legion 4th Assault Company. Aside from the arms being modular, the carapace is also removable, showing the pilot inside along with his detailed console. Very cool, indeed!


Argent Badger’s Carrion Emissary.

Argent Badger of The Bovine Overlord completed this Carrion Emissary from Malifaux – part of the Resurrectionist Crews. I don’t know much (anything) about Malifaux, but I know a cool model when I see it – and this one certainly qualifies.

Argent Badger’s Anna Lovelace.

Argent Badger also showed off Anna Lovelace, also from Malifaux. An interesting combination of elements – steampunk, anime-bookish and also with a vicious-looking bladed tonfa. Quite the interesting contrast between the delicate pink of her top and the militaristic Battleship grey of the armoured bell-skirt.


EJ Henries’ Night Lord Renegade

EJ Henries of Malefic Design completed this converted Night Lord Renegade, armed with a (Deathshroud?) Power Scythe. Quite a nice build that I’m inspired to rip off be inspired by one day…


Imperial Rebel Ork’s Bruiser and Bully.

Imperial Rebel Ork has submitted Bruiser and Bully, a pair of characters from his immense SkyRaiders project, more specifically from the Junkers faction. If you’d like to know more, and which one is Bruiser and which one is Bully, them I’m afraid you’ll have to click the link and let IRO explain..


Redboarwiiingers’ Blood Bowl Ogre.

Redboarwiiingers from his self-titled blog painted up this cool-looking Blood Bowl Ogre for his human team. I only happened to see the post today (Mid-August) so it’s a good example of why I need those links!


Finally, my own contributions, which can be seen in slightly more detail via their individual posts over the last month, or collected in yesterday’s post.

*Obviously, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have accidentally missed someone despite my best efforts, so if that’s you, please know it was unintentional – just reply to this post with a link to your model post and I’ll edit you in quicksmart.

50 thoughts on “The Jewel of July 2018 – Community Round-Up

  1. Such a cool collection of models this month. A few I’ve seen as they’ve been posted (I went on a bit of blog subscription bender after the last challenge), and a few I missed! So I’ll definitely have a good comb through this later to check out the other gems. Well done everyone for the contribution!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Wow – that’s a lot of excellent contributions this month! Quite a few I’d missed too, the great benefit of gathering them all together here is that it helps the likes of me keep track of it all 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Great stuff. Thanks for compiling it for us. I’ve seen a few of the models but not all of them. So these round up posts really help out.

    The one standout contribution for this challenge must be Ellen’s Aspect of the Sea, rightfully place at the top of the list. Truly amazing.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Everyone has their own level and amount of experience here, so don’t feel intimidated. They’re not competitions, they’re challenges – for each of us to challenge ourselves to do whatever the theme of the month is. It’ be great to have you join in a future challenge. August might be ideal!


  4. Wonderful work everyone! Such an awesome variety of miniatures. It’s too hard to pick a favourite

    Thanks again for organising this challenge Azazel! Now to figure out what to do for this months challenge…

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Wow I’m blown away by all the submissions this time round. Very hard to pick a favourite but I think Pandora’s possessed Marine wins for me. Well done to everyone though. Amazing!! Thanks Az Man (Godfather of the Hobby) for putting out the challenges but also for the cool roundups.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. Well done everyone they all look amazing!

    As someone looking to dip their toes (and possibly other body parts) into Slaanesh I really appreciated Alex West’s greater daemon conversion. Also Pandora’s Bits Box’s AT-ST as it’s my favorite sci-fi vehicle of all time.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Alexis, not Alex. If you have to shorten it, it’s Lexi. Sorry, I’ve just known too many people I really didn’t like who went by Alex, and it’s kind of sensitized me to that variant on my name.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Probably just a muscle-memory/typo, I’m sure. – or getting your and Alex’ names confused while typing?
        It wasn’t “Al” at least. 😉


  7. A lot of people really brought their A-game this month. Really cool to see them all together like this. And yeah, Ellen’s Eidolon is definitely the best choice to headline. Thanks for organizing these!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Very welcome, Alexis – Ellen’s contribution really shows how the right background can enhance a great model – and she’s chosen about the best background that you can for that centrepiece model!


  8. Thanks as always for putting this together.
    Top marks to Ellen for making us all jealous with the beach shots. Alexis for the colours in that conversion. Mark M for the sheer effort involved in those models, mind blowing. My favourite is probably Fantasy Island but it’s difficult to pick from so many great pieces.

    Liked by 2 people

      • I understand that, this community has definitely inspired me to improve my game. Going back to a model I wasn’t happy with or even highlighting, wouldn’t even have been on the cards a year or 2 ago.. The support and tips given, combined with the friendliness of everyone is second to none and that combined with the quality and uniqueness of the mini’s/posts is why I keep coming back. Ok that sounded a bit too gushy but I’m sure you get the sentiment.

        Liked by 3 people

      • I like that, tho. It pushes me to accomplish things I wouldn’t otherwise have managed. I probably would have just called my KoS done without the last layer of highlights if it hadn’t been for this, and I’m really glad I did, because the results were totally worth the effort.

        Also, it gets depressing when the great stuff I see is all Golden Daemon or pro work or whatever. There are a variety of experience and skill levels here, but everyone still turned in some very nice work, and I can look at mine mixed in with all the others and think “Yeah, it does fit in here. I can do some really good work.”

        Liked by 3 people

    • No worries mate. I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to squeeze together the monthly themes with stuff that you’re working on anyway (most of the time, at least). 🙂


  9. Wow, what a post. Well done to everyone who took part in this challenge, and to Azazel for bringing us all together from around the world. It’s hard to pick favourites, but I think I’d have to give the top two to the Eidolon and the Keeper of Secrets; both fitting jewels for July.

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Amazing see all these minis in one big post (thanks Azazel!). I see a lot of good effort went into these, with several people pushing their painting skills. Truly amazing that some people cranked out not just one jewel, but several! Awesome work all around!

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Again, I think every single model here is a Jewel to be sure. I’m amazed at all the work – truly quality stuff. Nice to see all the variety and genres too. To each and everyone who posted, I’m so happy to have seen your work. I’m Floored, especially by the conversions. And I still love the Brummbar…

    Thanks Azazel, well put together and nice write up. Glad to be bringing my Old School stuff to more folks, though you do know I needed a squad? (One glyptodon a squad does not make says the old ones…) 😎

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, it’s nice to see such variety of games and genres. As much as I love 40k, it’d have a bit too much sameness if it were only people’s painted space marine models or something like that (just a bit, though! 😉 ) No problem on the squads, Mark – I did the same thing with the undead golem-ogre-thingies!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeap. I need to get back to units soon. I can’t remember what next month’s challenge is supposed to be. I’ll have to check to see if it’s neglected models or finishing units. Not that it makes an immense difference when I have so many neglected squads to finish off…

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Great round-up mate – thanks for running the challenge, for curating it, and for inviting me to take part! There is some amazing work here, and I’m honoured to be included 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • No problem, Alex. The criteria was pretty broad, so you could have easily also included the kroxigor and the skulljacker if you’d liked. Hope you’re able to hook projects that you’ll be working on anyway into some of the upcoming months! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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