A quick update….

Hey guys, sorry I basically dropped off the face of the planet. I’ve been …tired.

A few things happened – as you (probably) know, through 2019 and especially the latter half, I was becoming more and more stressed and overwhelmed in general (mostly due to agency bullshit around looking after my dad), and work, and so needing to do round-ups, well, the extra pressure didn’t help. Also, becoming more socially isolated as some regular friends seemed to drop off the face of the planet and never returned calls. Still, even as I stopped posting, I was still managing to get some painting done, though I was too burnt out to photograph, write posts and all that.

At the end of the year, the day before the anniversary of my mother’s death 2 years ago, Marouda and I took my dad out to a (pre) Christmas lunch. Not because of the proximity to Mum’s passing, but because he didn;t get to go to a different Christmas lunch, so we were making it up to him in a way – As we were leaving, Marouda got a mis-text from a “friend” who I paint kits for having a big old complain that I was taking a long time for this one kit he wanted done, even though I’d spent at least 2 12-hour Saturdays just weeks before with his (adult) son painting his kits together – a mix of doing stuff and mentoring on how to do other stuff. There was even the word “fucking” in there.

So I rang him, and basically gave him both barrels a number of times. I also used fucking as pretty much every second word. It felt fucking good, as well.

Then I didn’t paint again, until a couple of half-arsed scenery sessions in Jan/Feb, and that’s pretty much where I am now as far as painting goes. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft instead, because it takes less effort and occupies my brain in a way that painting doesn’t. Painting works as a zen thing, and I can listen to music or podcasts and think. WoW is constant problem-solving, so that occupies my mind in a much fuller and “immersive” way.

Then the fires hit. I’m in Melbourne, so I wasn’t directly affected, though it was weird seeing the smoke haze so heavy across the summer, and seeing things like Gyms and pools close. Still, seeing people pull together was heartening, and things like Vic Minis’ bushfire relief appeal was something that was able to bring a smile to my face.

Those friends I mentioned before? I even called them in early Feb to try to figure out what was going on, but basically got deflected and again, they never called back. Still don’t know what the deal is there, but whateverthefuck at this point. If people want to be like that, and I mean so little to them that they can’t initiate a call or even return a call over the span of months – then I’m essentially left with picking from two choices – either keep calling people who don’t call back or bother to call us at all which to my mind basically just morphs into crawling/begging – or essentially saying fuck ’em – and writing them off.

It’s not a hard choice. It’s basically been made for me. No prizes for guessing the correct one.

But now there’s something even more important than my butthurt feelings. COVID-19. While Marouda and I aren’t old enough that we’re in the danger zone, and we’re pretty healthy after a year of regular gym and healthy eating (not that anything is a guarantee), my father is in a whole lot of the high-risk categories. Over-70, diabetes, heart issues, emphysema, history of strokes and a couple of mini-heart attacks. If he gets it, he’s fucked. He’s really only got us to care for him, and naturally I’m in a job that exposes me to sick people all too often, and one that the Government seems to have no intention to allow remote work anytime soon. So I need to try to isolate him as much as possible (no more catching the fucking bus to the fucking supermarket, dad!) and also supply him with food, water and companionship. While working in a petri dish.

Hoo fucking ray.

So like I said. World of Warcraft>Painting for me right now.

Oh, and the fridge died today. Had to rush to get a replacement and got super lucky to have a guy willing to deliver it same day (on a Sunday afternoon) for an extra $50 cash. Replacing it wiped out our cash on hand though – but I guess it’s better than having it die in a month when the country is much further in the shit and things like whitegoods are no longer readily available.

Stay safe guys, and look after your vulnerable ones as well. I’ll still read and/or comment from time to time, but I don’t know if I’ll be painting much in the next while – hopefully I’ll see you on the other side of this.

Yong Out!

It’s Bloggerin’ Time!

Now that I’m (briefly) getting a chance to catch my breath before work goes into mental overdrive as we plummet to the end of the year, I’m trying to sort out and catch up on a few things. yes, the Community Challenge roundups for the last three months are now in process, I need to clean up the War Room (again) so I can take some Army-In-Progress Photos like I planned to but didn’t do for Army August, I continue to unfuck my blog from the stink of Photobucket (All my old Zombicide Posts are now Free! – Go Check ’em Out if you’re interested!)

I mean, I don’t mind paying for a service, but I won’t be extorted, so you know, fuck em.

Anyway, I also want to clean up some of the blog links I have, and obviously I need to remove the dead links, and the ones to blogs that haven’t been maintained for many months or even years now, and those whose bloggers have disappeared from the face of the planet entirely.

I also intend to remove those blogs that I don’t have any interaction with, and whose authors don’t have any interaction at all with this blog. Unfortunately, the WordPress/Blogspot divide does cause a rift between the communities (and I hate the lack of a simple “like” option for Blogspot) but such as it is, that there are many bloggers based on one side of the fence who make an effort on the other. So it is what it is, but I see little point in linking on my page here to bloggers who don’t interact here or with myself. Unless, you know, I’m keeping the link there for my own reference.

The upside of this, and the reason I’m posting this instead of just getting shit done behind the scenes like we all usually do – is that I figure it’s also time to update those blog links. So if you’re someone who is a part of this community, don’t already appear on my blog links on the sidebar, and would like me to add you, then let me know. I’d also ask that you add a link to this blog on your own. If you’re already on the sidebar, it’d be cool if you could add me if you haven’t already. Oh, and I’m also happy to add links to people in the book review circle that us painting/gaming geeks have crossed over with.

Obviously any of you who wish to update your own links with one another can thrash (or thresh) that out with one another in the comments here or anywhere else you’d like to.

Reaper 50153: Berkeley, Zombie Survivor

Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

A kind of random model today. This was one that Marouda and I picked up from a gaming store a few years ago because it looked cool on the peg. Then it naturally sat around for a long time, before evventually being opened, started, and Neglected for …I dunno. A couple of years?

Anyhow, I found it recently, and so stuck it amongst the masses of models on the painting desk, and there, it stood. Still neglected as I worked on other models. A couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling much on the models I was working on, so I asked Marouda to pick out a couple of models for me to finish from anything on the table (with the caveat that I can always say “nope, not painting that one right now” if I don’t like the choices). The two that she picked were Berkeley, and one other model that’s still WIP.

Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

Pretty straightforward model, all things considered. I went for a nice triad of main colours with red for the hair, white for the top and blue for her jeans. A couple of shades of brown for her other kit for a more realistic overall look compared to a lot of the Warhammer stuff. In particular, I’m really happy with how her jeans came out (especially in hand). I was in two minds about adding tattoos, since the model’s arms are really fine, and I didn’t want to muddy them up. On the other hand, she looks like she’d have some ink, so I compromised and kept it to a couple of really subtle, part-hidden ones on her person. I wanted the chainsaw to be realistic, and wanted to go for orange for the plastic casing rather than use red or yellow. That’s also where I used some Contrast paint as well with thinned Gryph-Hound Orange over VMC Light Orange. For me, this is how I see the most use of Contrast paints working for me. After I was happy with the orange, I had to figure out something to do with the chain cover, since the plain off-white looked boring, so it was google time to find a brand that fit, since the names I’d most likely use have their own standard colours (Stanley uses Yellow, Bosch uses green.. that sort of thing). I found Echo, and they also use a font that I was able to reasonably replicate at that scale, so that’s where the branding came from.

It wasn’t until the model was completed that I actually noticed that the long strip of torn denim hanging from her leg to the ground that kept annoying me was in fact, a dismembered zombie hand. At that point I wasn’t willing to clip it off and have to repaint the mess it’d make of part of her jeans, so yeah. Long strip of ripped denim. Just unsee it! 😉

Blackstone Fortress: the chaos marines

I loved what Dave Kay from Scent of a Gamer did with his Blackstone Fortress CSM so much that I had to reblog it. It also makes it super easy for when I want to paint my own Alpha Legion, so I can crib the method from him! 😉

Scent of a Gamer

The chaos space marines are some of the more fearsome foes of Blackstone Fortress. When it came to paint them I knew I wanted them to stand out somehow. I came across this instagram painting guide and decided to give it a go. I’m happy with how they came out

Blackstone Fortress, chaos space marines

The craft store metallic paint actually worked nicely. It was a pleasant surprise to even find it here in Australia, where the same brands aren’t always available. It worked as promised. Often craft store paints lack pigment so they don’t cover miniatures well and tend to streak. This metallic was fine though.

I used regular paints for every other part of the model, and I’ve deliberately left their bases black for now.

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Humble Book Bundle: The Horus Heresy 2019

Sprues and Brews spotted this and I thought some people might be interested in a pile of 40k/Horus Heresy e-books for cheap.
(Well, the humble email was in my email inbox, but Matt Crowther already did a nice write-up, so kudos to him!)

Sprues & Brews

Fan of the Horus Heresy? Well Humble Bundle have an awesome offering up today with a collection of books from the Black Library The Horus Heresy series!

If you haven’t done a Humble Bundle before, the general idea is that there are multiple levels with each offering more goodies as you go up the tiers – but essentially you can choose how much you pay! You then choose where your money goes split between Games Workshop, Humble Bundle or to charity with this month’s selected charity being Extra Life / Children’s Miracles Network Hospitals

Here’s what you can get for each tier:


This is an awesome chance to get a massive selection of Horus Heresy goodies for £12 all in!

Pick up this collection today over on Humble Bundle!

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Quick update.

Q. Where’s the Community Round-up for January, you slack bastard?

A. Dad’s been in hospital again. Hopefully he comes out tomorrow or Monday. Blog posts will resume shortly afterwards. No need for “best wishes” and such – I know this little community well enough to know that they’re there whether they’re written here or not. 🙂

I’ve done a bit of reading and commenting, but haven’t felt up to post writing or photographing stuff, so hopefully next week I’ll be back up & running and can finish my January posts (just 1 to go, then my round-up, then the community one).

Warburton – let me know a way to contact you so I can send you the box list and we can sort out me sending them to you! (got the boxes of boxes down from the top shelf the other day)


Anyone want some old Warhammer Miniature Boxes?

I’m cleaning up, and as it happens, I’ve got tons of old (mostly Warhammer and related) figure boxes that I’ve kept since the late 80’s, 90’s through to today. There are too many of them taking up too much space, and so one way or another – they’ve got to go! The photo above is just some of them. Sizes range from the little ones, through to the larger ones that Rhinos and stuff fit into.

Now, I’m not trying to sell them, but by the same token, I’m not posting them around the world for free, either. I’m also not going to spend hours going through each and every box of boxes to make a list so people can select one or two. Sorry, I don’t have that much spare time these days.

What I will do is happily sort them by general theme if people ask for something (ie “marines” “orks” etc) and then send them to interested parties at the cost of postage & packaging. (Warning, Australia Post isn’t the cheapest – by far.)

It would have to be via PayPal “gift” or whatever it’s called, because I’m not leaving myself open to potentially being screwed, nor the entirely trustworthy postal services. Anyone who wouldn’t trust me with some money to send them some empty boxes probably shouldn’t be considering sending me money in the first place.

Most still have their foam insets or plastic bubble-divider inserts. Those are in highly variable condition since I’ve used them to store my models for years until I recently moved a lot of figures to plastic storage boxes from hardware stores. The boxes are mostly in good nick, but they vary from still having the plastic shrinkwrap on them to a bit beaten up, and some have masking tape labels on one side from when I stored my models in them.

I have no idea if anyone or many people would be interested in these, so I’m going to give preference to people I know via the blog, if they want them/any.

If nobody wants any of these, it’s a bit of a shame, but I get it. I don’t have space for the things either! They’ll be recycled in a few weeks. And just to be 100% clear…