Review: Dungeon! The Board Game

5 Years on, I found this review while repairing some more posts that Photobucket killed. Since the game is still available (it’s had a cover art revamp) I thought it worth re-sharing our thoughts on it. Clicky for the full review.

Oh, and that place in Bentleigh closed down (name was later bought and reopened under new, better management). Karma’s a bitch, eh?

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Something a little different this time. A mini-review of the re-released Dungeon! board game, by Wizards of the Coast. I’d played the original (Jedko Australian Edition) many times as a young’un, back in the 70’s(?), 80’s and 90’s as my older brothers were into D&D briefly back in the day. I’d also picked up the 1989 (giant board!) edition from TSR when it came out, though I may be missing some pieces from that one now.

So when I saw this one for the low price of AU$24 from Games Empire,* I grabbed it within a few days. (2018 edit – it’s $28 now – still worthwhile!)

This edition carries the full Dungeons and Dragons branding on the box, something that neither of the other versions I played have, despite the historical links that both games have. The components and cards have some nice artwork on them…

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Hail, Theoden King!

Just found this rather old post, and presuming that very few of my current followers will have seen these before, I’m reblogging. Remember to click the title below or the “…more text” to see the rest of the post and pics.
…I should find my remaining one of this model and paint it up. Hopefully I can still do as well as this older effort.

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Theoden

This figure was painted late last year, for another charity auction at work. Much the same as the original Savage Orc from the first few posts, in fact. This time, instead of forgetting to take a few nice photos of the finished product, I forgot to take WIP pictures until almost the end of the process, so there was little point in showing them here.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Theoden

For this charity figure, I chose Theoden on foot from the Citadel Lord of the Rings range. I chose Theoden for a couple of reasons – those being that he’s a very nice model, has a nice pose, is a somewhat recognisable character, and because I’d ended up with a spare of the figure (which always helps!) This figure is of course, a metal version, and from before they bundled it together with a non-matching sculpt.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Theoden

When I started preparing the figure, I…

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Bolt Action! 28mm T-34/85 Tank Platoon

The Imperfect Modeller’s post featring his US Willy Jeep got me thinking about my own limited assembly of WW2 plastic kits. I then found that this post was still Photophucked, so I repaired it, noticed it was nearing 4 years old, and decided to shine the spotlight on it again, however briefly.

Since this is a reblog, there are a LOT more photos if you click the link below for the full post.

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Warlord Games Bolt Action T-34/85 The T-34/85 platoon shows off their freehand slogans.

Well, I finished my first official Bolt Action models – a platoon of three Soviet T-34/85s. It took a little longer than I’d originally planned/hoped, since I wanted to get the markings more-or-less right, while still making the models look good. I found some information that the red star was used sparingly, (and that a white star was even used at times) and that individual unit markings were often left up to the company commanders, so after a fair bit of looking around, I decided that the red star added an attractive bit of spot colour to the models, as did the Guards Tank badge. I also added some freehand slogans, which was a lot of fun.

I chose to use freehand for the slogans because I wanted to have something a little more unique than the decals provided, and because I…

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Assembly April: Monthly Hobby Challenge

Diorama created by Michal Tafil. More of his work can be found at

Something a bit different this next month for anyone who cares about these things. Not actually a painting challenge this time – the “theme” of April’s hobby challenge is to build or assemble something. For quite a few of you, this is like second nature, for others (aka me) it’s something I rarely get around to doing much of, since I seem to always be trying to finish off the painting of older models, painting one-piece casts, or working on models that have very little assembly/creativity to them, like building a few Space Marines.

Photo from I would have linked to their article, but my browser says "site not secure", so...

Here are some examples:

  • Build a large kit that’s been sitting around, taking up space for ages. That Dreamforge Leviathan, that Baneblade, that Big Bertha, that Promethium Refinery. (Yep, scenery/terrain is fine!)
  • Kitbash or convert a larger model for an army centrepiece or your mantelpiece.
  • Copy I mean be inspired by another hobbyist’s work and create your own version of something you’ve seen online.
  • Kitbash a cool trooper, or hero, or commander.
  • Finally crack open that Start Collecting!/game-with-models/boxed set/ancient blister pack/zip-lock baggie from eBay that has been sitting around forever and assemble (at least some of) the stuff inside.
  • Create a diorama. (Obviously doesn’t need to have all the painting completed or be fully assembled!)

Too many boxed kits. Possibly.

For those of you for which assembling or kitbashing stuff is second nature and also have some time off for Easter that’s not already pre-filled with commitments, you might want to consider a stretch from what you usually do. Or not. Just a thought. 😉

As always, the open and flexible nature of this thing is designed to fit in with a lot of people might be doing or thinking about anyway – and just give that extra boost of motivation.


I hope to build at least one “inspired by” figure as a hero for one of my armies and also assemble something of decent/centrepiece size that’s either made of resin or plastic that’s been sitting around here for long enough to become annoying. Ideally one each of both resin and plastic, but you know how it goes. But yeah, I’ll personally be happy if I get 2-3 builds done. It’s not supposed to be a chore, after all!

Upcoming Challenges: 

May will be completing Neglected Models again.

June will be finishing Squads/Units again.

July will be paint a centrepiece/cool big thing. Maybe the thing that you assemble in April? 😉

Squaduary 2018 Wrap-Up

Plaguebearers of Nurgle and Wolves

I’d never heard of Squaduary until Westrider mentioned it was a thing in the comments of my post discussing Community Painting Challenges for this year. Since I planned on trying to paint all of my metal Plaguebeaers after finding a stash of 27 of them in my Great Unclean One’s box late last year (with the actual GUO nowhere to be seen), I decided to join in. After all, I planned on painting the things anyway, and so that part was easy – and if the challenge could help to motivate me to get them all done in that time frame, so much the better. So over the course of the month, I managed to get all of the Plaguebearers done, a batch at a time. I’m not sure if Squaduary helped motivate me to get these done, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

I also had a bunch of wolves from various sources that I’d gathered together, and they had been kicking around for ages, getting in the way and generally being annoying. Since models with fur are relatively easy, and Squaduary is a “start-to-finish” type challenge, I decided to try my hand at them as well. Finishing them off a few days ago, after all of the Plaguebearers. For these, I can definitely credit Squaduary for motivating me to get them done.

So my total Squaduary models come to 27 Plaguebearers, plus 9 wolves. 36 models, so not too shabby.

With three (work) days left in February, and half of a Sunday (yes, I’m writing this blog post before the day it goes up and throwing it into the auto-post queue!), It’s time to see what else I can manage to complete for Alex’s Fembruary, and my own Neglected Model February. Now if only I could find my Vallejo Light Grey Wash…

Last Night…

Last night was the first show that New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) has ever run in Melbourne, as part of their very first Australian tour. For those who are wondering “WTF is NJPW?”, they’re the second largest pro wrestling organisation in the World, behind the WWE (formerly WWF, or World Wrestling Federation) but pretty much unanimously considered to be the promotion that has the best actual in-ring wrestling in the world. Obviously lots of the competitors are Japanese, but lots are American, along with many Canadians, Mexicans, Tongan, New Zealanders, British, Irish and so on…

Bad News Fale, Mr Juicy Gambino, Sanada, Evil

A special thank you to Bad Luck Fale for being one of the driving forces behind the tour, and also to the group who I believe were his family, especially the older gent who told us to move forward when they left the show shortly after intermission. (If you happen to see this, Fale – please do pass on our thanks!) We had good seats which became great ones for the final three matches, including the main event.

It was pretty amazing to be able to see so many NJPW stars live, even those who have visited here before. Sanada, Evil, Okada, Kushida, The Young Bucks, Cody, Fale, Juice, Ishii, Suzuki, Jay White, Okada, Omega, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, Lance Archer, Rocky Romero (victim of a “No” chant!) The local guys – and I’m not that familiar with them all yet – acquitted themselves well, particularly Slex, Robbie Archer, Eliot Sexton and Rock.

"Switchblade" Jay White

The show was really cool. I’ve already used amazing in the previous paragraph, but seeing a Meltzer Driver live, Omega vs Okada (for awhile) live, Sanada, Suzuki… well, you get the idea. It was a bloody fun night, and made more special because we haven’t gotten NJPW here before, and it was the first time many of these stars have been in the ring here. We get expensive WWE tours roughly once a year, but it’s not like we can see higher profile guys regularly. The local indy feds have been much better than I expected when I saw my first shows, but we don’t have anything on the scale of RoH, or Progress, or PWG, or even WCPW/Defiant, so it’s a real treat to see the big international names from such a workrate-oriented promotion. Hopefully they made enough to make it worth their while to come back again next year.

Merch was a bit disappointing – they’d sold out of the AU Bullet Club Logo before the show at the outdoor merch stand, and had none left at the end of the show (aside from XXXXXL!) at the indoor merch booth when we were able to access it after the show. The line to see the wrestlers and but merch/photos was huge, and almost all were out of shirts by the time we got there. I did get to shake hands with and thank Kushida, Evil and Sanada, Minoru Suzuki (who felt like a really gentle (!) and humble guy in person in huge contrast to his brutal persona), Ishii (who looked tired and grumpy), and Jay White, who was well prepared with a suitcase full of shirts. We both got AU Lion Mark tour shirts, Marouda got a sleeveless T (and signed) by Sanada, and I got a shirt (and signed) by Jay White.

Photos were $20/photo/wrestler, which was a bit rich for me personally. I’d rather buy a shirt and have it signed than take two photos. Bring more merch next time so I can spend more!

Here are a couple of photos that are actually good (though to be fair, he had a better view! ;), by Digital Beard Photograpy – go check his social for more!

Anyway, that’s it for this Professional Wrestling tangent. Tomorrow, back to the models!