Melbourne City Wrestling

“Impressive” Indi Hartwell vs “Riebell”.

I haven’t been doing much hobby painting or gaming in the last week. Lots of cleaning up and painting small bits for my friend Carlo, and helping sort things out for my Dad. I did manage to pick up good seats for the New Japan Pro Wrestling Australian Tour when they come to town in February, though – so that’s a good thing.

So on Friday, we happened to look around online and noticed that MCW had a show the following evening, so we decided to go and check it out. MCW is a small(ish) local indie fed, though they have been around for a few years now, and have brought out international talent including Will Osperey, Marty Scurll, Bad Luck Fale, and most recently, the IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, who you will probably know of if you’re a wrestling fan who watches stuff outside of WWE – and if not, all you need to know is that he’s pretty much unanimously agreed to be one of the three most talented wrestlers in the world today – between Kenny Omega, AJ Styles and Okada.

“Slex” holds Robbie Eagles vertically for a good 10-15 seconds or so before completing the suplex from the middle turnbuckle.

Anyway, none of the international stars were in attendance last night. The performers seemed to be well-known in the local scene, but this meant that I really had no idea really who any of these people were. I had heard of “Slex”, as he was the guy who Okada wrestled, and also one other guy – “Mr Juicy” Gino Gambino who competed briefly in the New Japan Rumble through his relationship with Bad Luck Fale. Who also (sort of) inducted him into Bullet Club at a local show last year.

Since this was my first show at this promotion, I had no idea who anyone else was – who the babyfaces or heels or tweeners are, or what their characters, gimmicks or finishers were. Most of them managed to get that across reasonably well. The matches ranged from pretty meh, through to surprisingly good. Match of the night was the main event for the Intercontinental Inter-Commonwealth (what?) Title, which ended in a disappointing clusterfuck finish, and the women’s match. Not a bad night in the end, so we bought some merch from a couple of the wrestlers as souvenirs of the night and to show them some support.

Tomorrow: Back to wargaming stuff.

2018 Painting Targets

Notsomuch a reflective post on 2018. I think I’ve covered that already, but something with aims for this coming year.

Black Templars Space Marines Crusaders, Terminators RTB09

1. Paint and finish some 2+1 marine forces/bump up existing small groups to this as a minimum.

By this I mean small forces of Space Marines – 2 units of infantry, plus a leader and something cool, like a dreadnought, tank, flyer, etc. This at least makes them playable or easily allied to other armies. Right now, forces which I’ve shown that still need to be bumped up to this level are Black Templars, Celestial Lions, Fallen Angels and Deathwatch, though I have another one on the go right now, and plans (oh dear, the plans) for several more. I’d also count finishing my 2006 Ork force in there.

Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine Army

2. Reinforce the existing 40k armies.

Specifically, both Minotaurs and Iron Warriors need some proper reinforcements. Even more specifically, there are two vehicles for the IW that have been staring at me for years, as well as another squad that I prepared the figures for and another hero model. Then there’s that mass of Tactical Marines for the Dark Angels I’m working on.

3. Sort out the stuff that’s painted but needs reorganisation to be playable in 8th edition.

I’m very much thinking of my Imperial Guard here.

4. Finish more of the stuff I started but never finished.

Aside from the stuff above, much of which fits into this category, there’s a unit of Elves just waiting on three models to be done to be completed. There’s a unit of DUST Gorillas, a unit of Undead, some Mordor Uruks, Arbites, Savage Orcs… It’s bloody exhausting to think about how many started-but-abandoned units I still have

5. Complete all of my metal Dwarf Slayer models.

There’s a few that got started but are sitting on the desk, but also a fair few that need start-to-finish attention. It’d be nice to have them all done, bar the plastics.

6. Complete all of my metal Viking models.

Exactly what I said about the Slayers, though there’s more metal Vikings untouched than there are Slayers.

7. Get a Nurgle Daemon army up and running.

What’s that? Decembuary? What’s that? Chaos Daemon Codex in a week or so? I guess I better get this show on the road, then…

I have no Grey Knights even started as of yet, nor any photos of their boxes handy, so here is a cat wearing a party hat.

8. Get a Grey Knights army up and running.

Daemons? Where? Better get the Grey Knights on the case!

9. Get a second Chaos Legion force up and running.

Death Guard? Thousand Sons? Black Legion/Sons of Horus? Word Bearers? So many choices, so little time to paint!

10. Skirmish forces & small miniature boardgame models updated/ready to play.

Necromunda, Shadespire, Blood Bowl, Gorechosen, SAGA (aside from Vikings)

11. Two small opposed forces for Bolt Action.

We’re talking in the 2+1 kind of size here, but we’re getting to a lot of figures I’d like to paint at this point.

12. Then there are unfinished terrain pieces, projects like the Graveyard and the Mighty Fortress, and scatter scenery, and…

The problem with having hobby ADHD, too many projects and periods, and gigantic wishlists like this of course is that there’s simply not enough time to do it all. I’d also like to exercise more/sort out a heavy bag/go to jiu-jitsu regularly, watch more quality TV shows that everyone else seems to always be talking about, watch more wrestling (notably New Japan and RoH) and go to the odd local indie show, play (and finish) more video games, play more boardgames, play more miniatures games… In short I have too many hobbies and not enough free time. Unfortunately, needing to work and the tiredness, and at times exhaustion that it entails puts a damper on all of this, so we’ll see what I can do.


A New Year…

For what are obvious reasons to any regular reader, I didn’t post a “Merry Christmas” last week, and I’m not really up to a “Happy New Year” one either. Not that I wish a shitty time on anyone, it’s just… well, you know.

For much the same reason, I’m not really up to doing a whole big reflection post for 2017. (Fun fact – I started one for 2016 and never finished it – it’s still sitting in my drafts folder, half-written!)

However, I’ll do a simpler one. I do keep track of what I paint each year – have done so for a few years now, and for what it’s worth, this year was my most productive yet. Of course, my list counts each individual bit of scatter terrain (like boxes) as a figure, but then, so a Dreadnought is only one figure by the same token. With the resurrection of Warhammer 40k via 8th edition, I got a lot more 40k stuff completed this year than… ever before, though I still got a reasonable number of Fantasy and a few LotR models done as well.

Anyway, here’s the list for 2017:


1x Viking Musician
2x Viking Daneaxe
1x Foundry Viking Berserker
1x Stonehaven Female Dwarf Thief
1x Stonehaven Female Dwarf Warrior
4x BFSP Dwarf Musicians—> 4th January
Day 4
10 Models


4x BFSP Dwarf Leaders
2x BFSP Dwarf Standards

—> 5th January
Day 5
16 Models


40x Dragon’s Teeth/Tank Traps
30x BFSP Dwarf Warriors

—> 6th January
Day 6
86 Models


11x Legions of Steel Nightmares
3x BFSP Dwarf Cannon
10x Conan Wolves
5x Conan Barrels

—> 16th January
Day 16
115 Models


12x Sedition Wars Sci-Fi Crates
12x Sedition Wars Barricades
16x Renedra Tents
1x DUST Drop crate

—> 24th January
Day 16
156 Models


4x Mantic Mars Attacks Street Signs
1x Oldhammer Orc
3x Iron Warriors CSM

—> 11th January
Day 42
164 Models


4x Mantic Mars Attacks Benches
2x 4th Ed Orcs
3x 4th Ed Orc Big’Uns
1x Heartbreaker Orc

—> 23rd February
Day 54
174 Models


3x Marauder Dwarf Slayers
1x Zoat
1x Stonehaven Dwarf
1x Dwarf Runesmith
1x Heartbreaker Black Orc/Big’un

—> 24th February
Day 55
181 Models


2x Viking Axemen
2x 40k Booby Traps
1x Ruin Objective Base
1x Bones Fountain
2x Dark Elf Assassins
1x C15 Orc “Cyclops” (1985, Perry)

—> 4th March
Day 63
190 Models


3x Oldhammer 3rd Ed Orcs
2x Black Templars
1x Marauder Goblin MM30/3a
1x Witch King Mounted

—> 9th March
Day 68
197 Models


2x Oldhammer 3rd Ed Orc Crew
1x Black Templar
1x Black Templar Standard
1x Ninja
8x Iron Warrior Legacy models
2x Marauder Dwarf Slayers

—> 11th March
Day 70
212 Models


2x Oldhammer Nick Lund Black Orcs – Standard & Musician (renovated)
1x Bones Hydra

—> 23rd March
Day 82
215 Models


16x Uruk-Hai Siege Ladders
4x Uruk-Hai Bombs
8x Confrontation Ruined Walls

2x Empire Flagellants
1x Marauder Dwarf Slayer
6x Descent V1 Hellhounds
1x Descent Hellhound Unit Base
1x Moria Dead Dwarf Scenery

—> 8th April
Day 98
254 Models


2x Marauder Dwarf Slayer
1x Giant Slayer Musician
1x Giant Slayer Standard

—> 15th April
Day 105
258 Models


1x Askosha Croc-Man
1x Bloodbound Bloodreaver Champion
6x RT Black Templar Terminators
1x Ruin Objective Base
2x Giant Slayers

—> 14th May
Day 134
271 Models


12x Legion of the Damned (renovated)
12x LotR Harad Abrakhân Guard
8x Vikings (Cannon)
1x Runestone
1x Fallen Dark Angel
6x RT Black Templar Terminators
1x Jokaero
1x Space Wolf Wolf Base

5x Space Wolf Wolves (basing upgrade)*********

—> 11th June
Day 162
318 (313) Models


—> 30th June
Day 181
318 (313)*** Models <—————– check photos and newish models
3x Foundry Perry Vikings
8x Dark Angels Assault Marines (rebased)
7x Dark Angels Tactical Squad 3 (rebased)
7x Dark Angels Tactical Squad 4 (rebased)
2x Russian Alternative Chaos Dwarf Berserker Slayer-heroes
—> 1st July
Day 182
345 (340)*** Models
8x Foundry Perry Vikings
1x Callidus Assassin (rebased)
—> 20th July
Day 201
354 (349)*** Models
2x Black Templars
—> 22nd July
Day 203
356 (351)*** Models
5x Dark Angel Tacticals
—> 4th Aug
Day 216
361 (356)*** Models
7x Ork Boyz
2x Dark Angels Assault Marines
1x RT Dark Angels Librarian
5x Minotaurs Devastators
—> 19th Aug
Day 231
376 (371)*** Models
7x Ork Boyz
1x Fallen Dark Angel
5x Minotaurs Devastators
—> 3rd Sept
Day 246
389 (384)*** Models
3x Ork Boyz
—> 10th Sept
Day 253
392 (387)*** Models
1x Minotaurs Apothecary
1x GM Slaver Ork
1x Asmodai
3x RT Orks
1x Narik Dreygur
1x RT Fallen Angel
2x Obliterators ****** (upgrade)
1x Dark Apostle ****** (upgrade)
7x IW Plaguemarines
6x Ork Slugga Boyz
1x FW IW Dread
1x IW Warsmith
—> 27th Oct
Day 300
418 (-8 = 410)*** Models
4x Ork Boyz
1x Calth Dark Angel
1x Objective Marker
1x Mentor Legion Dreadnought
1x Technobridge
1x Pine Bunker (Update)
3x Teleport Homers
—> 19th Nov
Day 323
430 (-8 = 422)*** Models
5x Deathwatch Squad
2x Mentor Legion Primaris Lieutenants
—> 31 Dec
Day 365
437 (-8 = 429)*** Models



The Epilogue

As was expected, Mum passed away late last week. Fortunately, Marouda, my father, my sister and myself were able to be there for the final moments of her passing.

I’ve been doing lots of the paperwork since then, and trying to keep as busy as possible to avoid the cracks showing, though the grief and rage bubbles just under the surface. Just got to keep it in check.

I’d like to thank everyone who posted kind thoughts and messages to the previous post. I haven’t read them yet. I tried, but it was too difficult – and I’ve got to keep those emotions under control while there’s work still to be done! I would like to especially thank Orez and Pyro, who have been here, helping myself and Marouda with distractions and also helping us to help my dad.


I’ve been doing a little bit of painting since finishing the Lions, and managed to finally do the finishing off on a small squad of Deathwatch (Irony!) that I started a decade or so ago, putting the final touches literally minutes ago. I’ll try to get them photographed and have a “normal” post up in the next day or two.



Review: Urbanmatz’ 6’x4′ Snow Territory Game Mat.

Just going to reblog this post, despite it being from January this year, it’s a pretty detailed review with lots of pics, and it took me forever to restore the over 30 photos from the Photobucketpocalypse just now. I’m sure some of the newer readers would enjoy it.

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Warning, Pic HEAVY! – Also, most pics can be clicked for larger versions.

Recently, at the end of 2016 I placed an order for three gaming mats from Urbanmatz, based in the Czech Republic. There was a delay on one of the mats I ordered, as it was out of stock for a few weeks, though Martin was kind enough to offer me a freebie Snow Territory mat, which he explained had some yellowed stain marks on it. I gladly accepted the offer, and am reviewing the mat now, with the noted discolouration noted and allowed for. I recently reviewed their 6’x3′ Space Mat along with the Fantasy Flight 3’x’3′ X-Wing Starfield Mat.

Urbanmatz' 6'x4' Snow Territory Game Mat.

Once again, the Urbanmatz mat is on neoprene (mouse pad material) and is quite nice. I wasn’t sure what to expect when it was offered, and while I was secretly hoping for a 6×4, was…

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Dark Angels Space Marine Scouts – 1998 Metals

I wouldn’t usually reblog something this recent, but given I’m completing and showing pics of my resurgent Dark Angels right now, I thought it was still appropriate. Clicky the link below for DA scout photos!

Azazel's Bitz Box.

These figures are part of the fourth wave of Space Marine Scouts, released in 1998. The first were the initial two models, followed a year or two later by the second wave – an expanded range in the same style. With Advanced Space Crusade came the Scouts who dressed like a weird combination of Landsknechts and the previous designs (with clown colours to top things off). Then these guys were released, with the first Space Wolf Wolf Scouts being released shortly before, and acting in many ways as the prototype/sketch book pages for these.

If you browse the Stuff of Legends page for these figures, you’ll notice that no actual bolter-armed model exists in the line. This is why I’ve got a squad armed with shotguns. With no bolter-armed models available, these guys could be (and were) alternately armed with Bolters or Shotguns, as appropriate to the game being…

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