Reaper Bones 44021: Maggotcrown Bonesack #Monstermarch5 (C.Lewis)

Reaper Bones 44021: Maggotcrown Bonesack

Another intro here from Azazel – Mostly I’m pointing out that this is the second one of Marouda’s Models for the Month of March. This here is Maggotcrown Bonesack, and I think it’s one of the better models produced in Bones. I’ll discuss why and the model itself a little more at the end of the post…

Marouda – This one, I cant quite remember how I attained it exactly. Azazel was showing me the model and saying how easy it would be to paint and described the process of different shades of flesh and making the hands and feet purple a well as the flesh around the stomach tear. Anyway I ended up painting him along with the Iguana and large model (yet to be revealed). It was fairly painless to paint except for a couple of things.

Reaper Bones 44021: Maggotcrown Bonesack

I almost had a painting disaster when Azazel left the pot of purple undiluted wash next to me and I covered the whole model in it, I didnt realise it was to use on specific areas very sparingly. Luckily I showed Azazel my work as soon as I had done it for praise, and he ran to the sink to wash off the purple ink. So the model was reset and after he was dry I could apply the ink under the arms etc. Azazel has been showing me painting mistakes he still makes, like stuffing up teeth, but how they can be easily fixed. Azazel painted the teeth in the stomach area as this was too fine/small for me to paint. With the very fine detail work I have been giving everything a go and doing what I feel comfortable with, but I find myself almost going cross eyed trying to be careful and neat with the painting. I found this model a lot more fun and easier to paint than the iguana.

Reaper Bones 44021: Maggotcrown Bonesack

Our Modern and Fantasy heroes show how easily this model crosses genres.

Azazel again – Sooooo yeah. This was a model that I wanted to paint myself for both Swordmaster’s Monster March and Ann’s “Neglected But Not Forgotten” painting challenges, and while I was prepping it by compelting the process of pinning it top the base and adding sand to one of the worst of the GW Shattered Dominion bases, someone seemed very interested in it. Not wanting to discourage Marouda, even though I’d wanted to paint it myself (like the Iguana!) I instead guided her through the process, and did things like demo ways to apply paint, contrasts, etc – and also ended up doing the finely detaily bits – and also the base in my usual style. So in the end it was a bit of a collaboration, and this obviously explains why it looks like one of my figures. Once Marouda gets more reps in, I’m sure she’ll develop her own style, but let’s face it – there are worse people to be tutored by than I – turns out I’m good at teaching! 😛

Anyway, the model. It’s a good size and a versatile enough sculpt to be used for a lot of things in my opinion. Undead Ogre. Chaos Spawn of (probably) Nurgle (I mean, that is –or was- a human who has been seriously punished by something!) It could be used as an Abomination in Zombicide, an Science Experiment Gone Awry, an Alien Virus… quite a lot of options for this one. So Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, Pulp. A very versatile model for such a disgusting mess. I also like the fact that it can easily read as either male or female, and between the shape of the breasts and the very slight and subtle vagina dentata it’s got going on, that’s my own personal read of the model. (And yeah, If it was completed earlier I’d have submitted it for Fembruary, as well. After all, females can be monsters, too!)

Reaper 02337: Malvernis Inquisitor

One of the great things about this little miniatures community we have is that we’re not just another Warhammer or 40k group, and that there’s a diverse group of people with diverse interests and areas of knowledge. Here’s a model that I simply have no idea about. I bought it well over a decade ago as part of that set of D&D/RPG models I’ve been painting and posting slowly. Of course, back then I cut down the integral metal base and put it on a round 25mm, and so even when I recently found it and applied a healthy dose of fucking finish this thing to the model to it, it didn’t matter that I cut off the last vestiges of the metal base, since there were no manufacturers’ markings left on it anyway. So if you recognise this model (I couldn’t find it on Reaper’s site) please let me know what it is, so I can edit this post! 🙂

Now, while I say fucking finish this thing, I should point out that this one wasn’t a simple matter of adding the details. The whole model was painted in an ugly drybrushed shade of grey, so counting the rebasing, it’s really been a complete (re?) paint. Though I’ll admit, it’s a pretty simple scheme. The Yin-Yang symbols are decals, by the way. I wanted them perfect, and while I enjoy the old freehand, I’m not at the point of perfectly circular circles. It’s still an awkward model, but, you know, done is done!

Big thanks to reader Mr Gavin who identified the model as Reaper’s Malvernis Inquisitor, sculpted by Bobby Jackson – with a name like that I guess it makes sense why my search for “monk” was fruitless when trying to find the model.