MD8 Undead Skull Chucker/Screaming Skull Catapult

Back in my teens, I used to finance many of my Warhammer purchases by commission painting for other people. I got to paint some cool stuff, and bought a hell of a lot of Space Marines (most of which are still unpainted to this day(!) One of the kits I painted for other people was the stuff from the MD8 Skeleton War Machines box set, which was the eighth in the Machineries of Destruction range. As with my old Dwarves, I only ever had a couple dozen of the old Undead models, and sold off most of them back in the day, excepting a few (exactly as with the Dwarves). Since Marouda’s “building” an Undead Army for KoW (as fast as I can paint it for her) and I’ve been following Subedai’s blog for a couple of years, I’ve gotten inspiration for various bits and pieces. Recently, he showed off his Plague Cart, which triggered something in my pea brain and sent me to eBay looking for some of the cool old Undead kits I painted back in the day. While I haven’t been completely successful so far, I’ve managed to get a few pieces at least. Here’s the first of them: The Skull Chucker (also alternately known as the Screaming Skull Catapult before that new TK kit took the name)

MD8 Skull Chucker, Oldhammer Undead, Skeleton War Machines

MD8 Undead Skull Chucker

Yep, there are some “mistakes” and missing bits there.

MD8 Skull Chucker as it arrived.

First and most obviously, the crew are “wrong”, and it’s missing the Skull Ammo Pile. It was sold on eBay with two loaders and a spotter, but not the bonehead who fires the catapult. Still, the price was ok, and shipping from the UK was decent rather than exploitative (both real concerns when you’re here in Australia) so I figured “good enough” and got it anyway. There was a ton of old superglue encrusted on the launcher arm and frame, and the arm was glued slightly up at an odd angle. Also a fair bit of old, old flash and extruded bits of lead to clean up. No big deal though. I used a bit of greenstuff to get a good bond when reassembling, and then noticed that both braces were missing from the kit. D’oh!

MD8 Skull Chucker under repairs.

Now luckily I’d just bought some undead Tomb Kings stuff off a guy locally, and I’d literally just received the bag of bits that he’d “forgotten” (cough) to send out with the other stuff a week earlier. I thought it would be worth checking through to see if there was something appropriate in it that I could use to fix up the Skull Chucker. Now the bits bag was actually filled with cool bits (it was a big reason why I bought his stuff). and it included several of these …banner poles(?) After cutting them down, they turned out to be a great fit, and the socket cutouts with little embossed skulls on the joins worked perfectly as replacement pieces. I should make up a replacement Skull Ammo Pile. It was one of the first things I thought of, but I completely forgot about it until now. Shouldn’t be too difficult, at least.

MD8 Skull Chucker, Oldhammer Undead, Skeleton War Machines

MD8 Skull Chucker – Repaired!

MD8 Skull Chucker, Oldhammer Undead, Skeleton War Machines

They look like they’re supposed to be there, so as fas as I’m concerned, Job’s a Good’un.

For the paint, I stuck to Marouda’s chosen Undead palette. Bone/Black/Brass/Iron with deep Red and some Aqua (verdigris) as the spot colours. My style of painting bone might be a bit bright to be properly realistic but it pops nicely on the table.

MD8 Skull Chucker, Oldhammer Undead, Skeleton War Machines

MD8 Skull Chucker Crew

The crew provided me with some stuff to work on at work last week. I’ll have to prepare some new models to work on for this week’s lunch breaks now. It’s like an extra deadline each weekend. Eurgh.

MD8 Skull Chucker, Oldhammer Undead, Skeleton War Machines, C22 Orc Bolt Thrower, Oldhammer Orcs

Uneasy Allies…

Undead and Orcs. Back together for the first time in a long time. Back in 3rd Edition WHFB, I used to regularly summon Skeletons as allies for my Orc and Goblin army. They often just stood in lines breaking up the line of sight between my Orc units so they wouldn’t kick the crap out of each other via failed animosity rolls. Now that’s something I don’t miss in KoW!

C22 Orc Bolt Thrower

C22 Orc Bolt Thrower – Citadel Miniatures, 1988.

Something from 1988, this Bolt Thrower sat around part painted for more than a decade. Recently I noticed it on the paint desk and decided to get rid of it – doing so in my current fashion by finishing the bloody thing. The crew had already been painted several years ago, so it was really a no-brainer that somehow took me years to figure out. What does that say about me, then?

What does Short Attention Span mean?


So anyway, I finally got it done. Semi-interesting fact: The same bolt thrower was also packaged with Dwarf Crew for a time as a Dwarf Bolt Thrower – sometime after they discontinued the cool-looking (and much more Dwarfy) Imperial Dwarf Bolt Thrower. The thing about this Bolt Thrower is that uncrewed, it’s generic enough to be used with pretty much any army at all. My plan for the time being is to use it (and the Goblin Stone Thrower I also fixed up recently) with the LotR Moria Goblins for the time being, as my 3rd Edition Orc and Goblin army is probably quite awhile away from becoming a force that can hit the tabletop.

C22 Bolt Thrower

C22 Bolt Thrower

It’s far from an “exciting” paintjob, I’ll admit. But then it’s a simple thing made from metal and wood and wheels and spikes. Very utilitarian, and so I decided to reflect that with a very simple and straightforward paint job. I might string the bow one day down the line. But not today.

C22 Orc Bolt Thrower, Iron Claw Goblin Stone Thrower

Orc War Machines, Ready to lay the Smack Down on some Humies. Or Stunties. Or Pointy ‘eaded Elves.

C22 Orc Bolt Thrower, Iron Claw Goblin Stone Thrower

But being Orcs, a disagreement starts between the War Machine bosses.

C22 Orc Bolt Thrower, Iron Claw Goblin Stone Thrower

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

D&D Monster Manual 6: Reaper Bones: Not-Intellect Devourer, Not-Grick

I received my Reaper Bones II Kickstarter stuff a few weeks ago, and while I had a little bit of Buyer’s Remorse at not having purchased a few additional bits and pieces from the campaign, that’s mostly due to having started new projects that things would have worked well for in the time since the campaign ended, and then finally delivered however many months late it was. I didn’t even bother keeping track of that this time around. Overall it’s a solid bunch of models for PVC, and I picked out a few that I thought would make nice, quick painting projects. The first was that Bronze Bull/Brass Bull/”Gorgon” which I asked about recently and just need to finish the final touches on (probably later this weekend). The second and third are these two …thingies.

Reaper Bones 77228 "Cython" (aka Grick)

Reaper Bones 77228 “Cython” (aka Grick)

Reaper Bones 77228 "Cython" (aka Grick)

…don’t worry, it’s only a shower

Reaper Bones 77228 "Cython" (aka Grick)

…and now for your clothes, here’s a pretty flower.

Now, my nerd-background is solidly on the Warhammer/LotR side rather than the D&D side, so when I saw the 03603 “Cython” and 03582 “Mind Eater”, I saw silly-weird Rogue-Trader-esque space aliens, rather than D&D critters, and decided to paint them up in that spirit – somewhat inspired by Cheetor’s Alien Flora and Fauna project (and the fact that they looked like they’d be quick and easy enough). So in the spirit of all that, I thought I’d paint these suckers up.

Reaper Bones 77229 "Mind Eater" (aka Intellect Devourer)

Reaper Bones 77229 “Mind Eater” (aka Intellect Devourer)

Reaper Bones 77229 "Mind Eater" (aka Intellect Devourer)

No relation to the Brain Bugs from Starship Troopers…

Knowing that of course, the things must be some kind of D&D or Pathfinder ripoff, I also asked Tarmor if he knew what these things actually not-are. He informed me that the 03603 “Cython” looks a lot like a Grick from 3rd edition D&D and that 03582 “Mind Eater” is a direct “copy” (ripoff) of an Intellect Devourer from all editions! Tarmor also kindly provided me with a couple of pictures that I then used as paint references. Now that I’ve done the photography, I’ll be adding some Gloss Varnish to the Brain Diner, and these two will be done and dusted.

77228: Chthon, Grick, 77229: Mind Eater , Intellect Devourer, The Mouth of Sauron

The Mouth of Sauron provides Scale.

Since I rarely play D&D/Pathfinder (every few months I play the occasional session run by Orez. I think we’re level 3 or so?) I don’t know when or if these will ever see the table in their “proper” form, much like that not-Purple Worm of theirs (Wow! I just googled “Reaper Purple Worm” and my pic is the first thing in the image search above the actual link to Reaper!)

77006: Great Worm, Purple Worm, 77228: Chthon, Grick, 77229: Mind Eater, Intellect Devourer

A little collection of Reaper’s Not-D&D Monsters

77006: Great Worm, Purple Worm, 77228: Chthon, Grick, 77229: Mind Eater, Intellect Devourer

The Mouth of Sauron provides scale reference.

77006: Great Worm, Purple Worm, Mouth of Sauron

The Mouth of Sauron provides scale for the Great Purple Worms.

Anyway, both figures were reasonably quick and easy to paint, and the various blending of tones was fun and turned out pretty decently as well. Now it’s back to those bloody goblins!

From the Painting Desk #12 – Yet another LotR Goblin Challenge

Well, strictly speaking, I failed the last one of these. Two metal goblins still left, as well as the Dwarf Slayer and Ogre (who didn’t get touched). Between a solid batch of videogaming and friends coming over for some Zombicide – and just needing a bit of a break from painting. So for this week, which I have off work – I’ll be trying to finish those four, as well as several additions by this coming Sunday night:

Yet More Goblins on the WIP desk.

So now the priority queue is:

  1. C23 Ogre Bounty Hunter.
  2. Dwarf Slayer (Finally identified him – he’s a Daemon Slayer circa ’96-97).
  3. Those last two Metal Moria Goblins to be used as Captains and Unit Leaders (Spear, Sword). Perhaps the odd Biggit.
  4. 7 more Metal Moria Goblins for use as above. 4 Bows, 1 spear, 2 swords.
  5. 4 Goblin Prowlers. They’ll combine with the other three to make a unit. Shame I can’t find another one, cheaply.
  6. 6 plastic goblins with sword & shield.
  7. 10 plastic goblins with spears.
  8. Durbûrz, Goblin King of Moria.
  9. Tom Bombadil (GW) and Lady Geneve of the Council of Seven, Speaker of the Far Stars (Red Box Games) – to be painted and used as Goldberry.
  10. Reaper Bones II “Cython” (a Grick from D&D*)
  11. Reaper Bones II  “Mind Eater” (an Intellect Devourer from D&D*)

So… 36 models. The goblins shouldn’t be too hard, but the more individual characters might throw up a bit of a difficulty. I’d wanted to paint something nice on my break as a reward to myself for my recent productivity. Perhaps a Minotaur or the Greek Talos. Instead, I’m going for more goblins. I guess the reward there is getting a ton of them done and out into the War Room as a very quickly put together starter KoW army.

After I finish the above, the remaining (for now) push of Goblins I plan to paint will be made up of Golfimbul, Foot & Mounted; 6 Warg Riders (strictly speaking, Orcs); 18 Wild Wargs with a Wild Warg Chieftain; a possibility of 2 more sprues of these Moria Goblins (24 in total) and several “Hobbit” plastic goblins to use as Shamans, since I’ve been unable to get find any “proper” Moria Goblin Shaman figures for a reasonable price. Same deal, unfortunately with the War-Drums. The problem with all of those is that while they round out the (new) KoW force and also allow some more LotR SBG scenario play, they’re not “half-painted”, and so would all be freshly started models. So the question will be whether I continue to clear the desk, or let these upstarts jump the queue…

…and my plans were to finish Gondor, then start on the Dwarves…

*Thanks to Tarmor for IDing the D&D critters – I’m not especially familiar with the D&D menagerie of exotic monsters.

Wargames Foundry Skeletons – The Hydra’s Teeth, Unit 2: Spear

Wargames Foundry Mythical Greek Skeletons with Spears

The second unit for the Mythical Greek army is the one shown below – made up of Reaper Bones Skeletal Spearmen and the starts of the show – the other half of the Wargames Foundry Greek Mythology Skeletons range. “Children of the Hydra.” Unfortunately, the whole range is made up of only 10 models across two blisters – 4 with spears and 6 with swords. Within that only a few of them look distinctly Greek, so with 6 models needed to fill out the regiment, I decided to look elsewhere rather than order another pack from Foundry (I prefer fewer doubled-up figures, anyway). Their sister unit, armed with swords was finished some time ago, as was most of this unit, but some recruiting issues drew finishing this lot out for longer than I’d hoped.

The metals from Foundry worked out well. I just wish more of them had more explicitly Greek gear. I replaced their metal spears in the end with plastic ones from the Wargames Factory skeleton set. The shield on this guy comes from Little Big Men, and was a real bear to apply. Apparently it may have come from a faulty batch, since the plastic film would just not come off, and destroyed two other transfers in the process/attempts…

Wargames Foundry Mythical Greek Skeletons with Spears, Wargames Factory Skeletons, Warlord Games Skeletons

Wargames Factory (now Warlord Games) Plastic Skeletons join the Wargames Foundry Metal Skeleton.

In the end to fill out the missing two in the ranks, I again turned to the Wargames Factory plastic skeletons. They’re already Greek-themed to an extent, which is great. My only concern was how fine they are, and as such are very susceptible to breakage as wargaming figures – especially with spears sticking up everywhere. Still, with these guys towards the middle it should be fine. Again WGF comes to the rescue of the WGF-dominated unit. In the end, I decided against adding shields to the skeletons bracing their spears – mostly because there was no easy and effective way to attach them that would still look good. A bit of a shame, but c’est la vie.

Wargames Foundry Mythical Greek Skeletons with Spears, Wargames Factory Skeletons, Warlord Games Skeletons

Wargames Factory and Foundry Skeletons fight side-by-side

I went with the one skeleton coming out of the ground to help invoke the whole Jason and the Argonauts thing. A classic from our youth, (even if it was made before many of us were born, it was often shown late on Saturday Mornings here, as well as when VHS arrived.

And now, The obligatory Finished Unit shots:

Wargames Foundry Mythical Greek Skeletons with Spears, Wargames Factory Skeletons, Warlord Games Skeletons, Reaper Bones Skeletons

Wargames Foundry Mythical Greek Skeletons with Spears, Wargames Factory Skeletons, Warlord Games Skeletons, Reaper Bones Skeletons

Wargames Foundry Mythical Greek Skeletons with Spears, Wargames Factory Skeletons, Warlord Games Skeletons, Reaper Bones Skeletons

The Hydra’s Teeth – Spear: Finished!

Wargames Foundry Mythical Greek Skeletons with Spears, Wargames Factory Skeletons, Warlord Games Skeletons, Reaper Bones Skeletons, Reaper Bones Bronze Bull

The Mythical Greek Army begins to take shape.

And finally, an army shot of the Mythological Greeks so far. Not a whole lot yet, but it shows the two units of Skeletons along with the Bronze Bull painted earlier this year.

From the Painting Desk #11 – A Week’s End/Easter Weekend LotR Challenge

After the last one of these helped motivate me to finish a whole lot of (mostly tedious) stuff done in a reasonably fast (for me) timeframe, I’ve decided to go again.

(Slightly NSFW at the end)

This week’s end/weekend project – See if I can finish off these figures by Sunday night:

This Week’s End Paint Challenge

Again I’ve also posted these in a LotR forum’s monthly army painting challenge pledge thing, because they’re almost all LotR models. 8 Moria Goblin Archers that I got half-painted and am ending up giving a full repaint to (already did the bases), and 7 metals that will act as Captains or at the very least, KoW unit leaders. For pleasure, there’s a Dwarven Slayer and C23 Ogre that were both started 10+ years ago which I’ve started doing some work on again lately. Time to get those suckers finished!

If I manage to get these done in time, I’ve got 2 units of cavalry I want to get rid of, since they’re taking up valuable space by being half-painted in one of my cabinets. But that’s my next self-challenge.

Update 1: 8 Archers completed so far…

Update 2: …and five of the 7 Captains/Metals…