Sector Mechanicus #6: More Thermic Plasma Conduits

More Thermic Plasma Conduits, today – I meant to get this post up yesterday, but working from home sometimes means that I need to be working and then going shopping for food when I can rather than taking those last few photos and posting up on the blog, so they’re here now. I am however, writing up both today and tomorrow’s posts, as I photographed the final bits for tomorrow’s post that I finished on Monday night. The plan so far is to take a pic of all the terrain I painted in July and August together later today for a personal round-up pic. It’ll also then mean I can put the stuff away because it’s completely overwhelmed the area I use for temporary storage.

With these pieces, I found that after the previous pipes I put together, I had a bunch of damaged section end-caps leftover. I initially decided to cut one normal pipe seciton in half and make a pair of cut-off pieces, but then following that I wanted to make a pair of damaged sections that were the regular length of a “normal” pipe to give me some extra versatility on the tabletop. The two half-pieces worked out nicely, but I was left with another couple of end-cap offcuts from the longer damaged pipes, so I used some of the extra end-caps and the the offcut end-cap on the final piece to create a slightly-longer than normal “X-intersection” of pipes that still wasn’t so extreme so could just add length if needed, OR provide a full T or X-intersection. As a little bonue, I also painted all of the little lights on the broken sections in red, because a broken pipe is probably bad…

Once again, this one goes up for Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge! One last post of painted stuff tomorrow, then the collection on Sunday.

Mantic Terrain Crate Lookout/Observation Platform

Mantic Terrain Crate BattleZones Lookout/Observation Platform

The next decent-sized bit of terrain I’ve finished this month is this …Lookout, or Observation Platform. I stole the build concept from someone else’s construction that I had found from some random GIS. Sadly, I’ve lost the page so I’m unable to give the original architect their credit right now, but if I ever see it again, I’ll edit this post and drop it in. The reason I really liked the look of it was, essentially, the flexibility it offers.

Mantic Terrain Crate BattleZones Lookout/Observation Platform

This is why I once again decided to go for a dark green – so it could fit into either a battlefield or industrial setting role – though I brought the shade up a little. I think it’d also work for post-apoc settings, though for that a bit more paint chipping and wear would probably help, though I’ve added a bit of that kind of weathering regardless.

Mantic Terrain Crate BattleZones Lookout/Observation Platform

I added the lambda/chevron decals to it as well to give it a small visual tie to the Sedition Wars barricades I painted several years ago. I figures since they both had dark green paint in common, and I wanted to use some more decals to add a touch of interest to this piece. Sure, the shade of dark green is quite different, but, you know, close enough. 😛

Mantic Terrain Crate BattleZones Lookout/Observation Platform

The other decals I used were of course Roman numerals inside a yellow circle, from the many Ultramarines/Space Marines decal sets. Again, combined with the dark green it creates a small visual consistency link to the Micro Art Studios Outpost Vents I showed yesterday. (Or in the background of the pic up top!) And yeah, I had some lighting issues today for this one. Due to the size of the thing, it didn’t fit in my light box properly, and so due to the placement of lights for the gaming table, I had a choice of dark front barriers, or a dark platform. So I kinda went with a mix in the end.

Once again, I’m submitting this for Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge but . With one day left of August, I’ve got another 2 posts worth of terrain for it already ready to go up over the next two days, plus depending on how productive I can be tomorrow, another 4-6 posts worth of terrain that are thaaaaaaat close to being finished before September. Plus a personal round-up post. Gonna be a busy day tomorrow!