Realm of Chaos – The Death Guard #4: Poxwalkers #8-13 (Contrast Paint Experiment #12.2)

Nurgle Poxwalkers, Zombice Green Horde Orc Abomination

I’ve completed the next six Poxwalkers. At this point I need to either find the missing parts from the two other sets I’ve clipped off the sprue, just use the parts I have and go all Wuduast in converting them lightly and get another set ready, or put them aside entirely and sort out a new set and not lose the parts this time. Here they are alongside the Zombicide Orc Abomination from the other day – all the Zombie-ish figures from May’s painting all together, and also shows how well the Abomination would fit in with the Poxwalkers in my Nurgle force, as well as obviously with a Fantasy Undead force.. This works as a scale shot for the Abomination.

Nurgle Poxwalkers

For their clothing I’m trying to keep it reasonably logical – at least for those that are wearing clothing or regognisable scraps. In this case it means work pants that match the ones used in the initial bunch, some scraps of a lab coat, and a pair of white over-pants that looked to me like PPE.

Nurgle Poxwalkers

I added a little bit of bloodstain to the PPE pants, as well as some trails on the maggots. These really are brilliant sculpts across the board, with subtle details to the point where you can sometimes see that the maggots are supposed to be underneath their skin or clothing. When I see these, I tend to paint them as though they’re on the outside, since the detail is so subtle it just won’t be seen at all otherwise. Though I certainly appreciate it being there.

Nurgle Poxwalkers

The poxwalkers that wear more nondescript clothing like loincloths have just continued to get the dark green ones. No point going bright or too different with them, the way I see it. I went more “crusty” with the rust effects on this batch, though I’m sure they’ll still fit in just fine with the first ones.

Nurgle Poxwalkers

The rear view of them. I’m not being as creative as Ann is with them all being individually painted – nor as I noted earlier – Wudugast in converting and kitbashing each model – but varying them by each small batch is a happy enough compromise for me.

Nurgle Poxwalkers

And lastly, a group shot of my Poxwalkers so far. Not too bad so far, but there’s still a ton more of them to go…

C27 Beastmen: Hogman (“Autumn” July-Aug 1985)

C27 Beastmen: Hogman (Sept 1985), Oldhammer

Today we’re looking at a really bloody ye olde model here. A C27 Beastman from 1985. “Hogman is his name, and …well, for the past many years, being an old broken piece of junk in a box has been his game. The model had been painted once, probably close to 30 years ago, and even then not to the best of my ability since it’s a rather wonky sculpt, and since then the spear blade had broken off and it was basically just a nothing model.

C27 Beastmen: Hogman (Sept 1985) , Oldhammer

So naturally Marouda saw it and picked it out to be a model for me to paint. First thing was to repair the speartip, with a donation from an OOP plastic skeleton, and then to repaint as needed, so he got a new cloak, new claws, new leather straps and touched-up flesh. The crudely-sculpted fur is a bit of a lost cause, and the feet are also very crudely sculpted – not much more than impressions in some blobs. Funny how the head is clearly so much better than any other part of the model. I suppose the cloak is competently done. Still, I guess we have to allow for the fact that the model is just a few months shy of 35 years old. Wow.

Now that’s some Oldhammer.