Savage Orc Shaman (1995, Alan Perry) (Awesome August + Alex’ Tale-of-AoS-Gamers Challenge)

Savage Orc Shaman, 1995, Alan Perry, Bonesplitterz, Savage Orruks

Today’s model harkens back to my first model of this year as well as an earlier challenge of 2019 that’s kinda fallen by the way. This Savage Orc Shaman (Bonesplitter Orruk Shaman?) is a model I started quite awhile ago (as always) and is now finally complete, and as a slightly fancy model, I’m ok with calling it an Awesome August submission. Another of the 1995 models aculpted by Alan perry, this is one of the range of models that took the Orky template refined by Kev Adams and kept it going strong until Brian Nelson came along a little later and cranked their savagery up to 11.

Savage Orc Shaman, 1995, Alan Perry, Bonesplitterz, Savage Orruks

I’m pretty happy with him, really. It took a long time to get done, but wasn’t one of those pain in the arse-type models. If anything, it took a long time to finish because I didn’t want to screw any part of it up. I guess, it’s also quite busy with various bits of Orky bling, so the body paint also had the potential problem of messing the figure up by making it unrecognisable, so I went somewat minimal in the end. I’d think Shamen would be caked in the stuff, if we’re being more realistic, but when has Warhammer ever been about fussing over not being realistic enough?

That’s about it, really. Look forward to me hopefully getting a few more of the actual Boyz from this range painted, maybe for Squad-friendly September, if I can manage it…

Necromunda ’95! – My first pair of Delaque Gangers completed. (Alan Perry, 1995)

Necromunda 1995, Delaque Gangers, Alan Perry

Yes, really. You guys know that a huge proportion of my collection is from the 1990’s, and I’m only now getting around to painting/completing a lot of it. What can I say? I’ve been slack until the past few years. It has meant a ton of Neglected Models to work through, though – hence why that particular challenge crops up so frequently. Anywho, these models are from the original Delaque range. I don’t think I ever got the boxed gang set, rather I picked up either a blister or two of the loose gangers or got these in a secondhand sale/trade from the others in the necro group back in the day. I do have the entire Heresy Miniatures set of Not-Delaque, though. So one day I’ll add to the painted numbers. These were both painted to be part of the Grendel gang that I ran (more on that in a future post), though neither of them were ever actually completed until this last month, more than a decade on.

Necromunda 1995, Delaque Gangers, Alan Perry

The fellow on the left has what some reader may recognise as the flag of Cameroon on his back, with the Grendel-eye pattern overlaid. This is because I started painting this guy while watching Cameroon play in the 1998 World Cup, and liking their team and flag, so decided to incorporate it into the model. So… 20 years almost to the month for this one from start to finish. As a July 2019 model, he’s also got a little Contast Paint on him as well. I went over the mid and light-browns of his torso leathers and his shotgun’s wooden furniture with one of the contrast paints to see what would happen. It looks alright, and shows that they can be used similarly to washes over colours, with a slightly more subtle shading effect than the usual Agrax/Strong Tone.

That’s it for today!

WAAAAGH! Pt.19: Gretchin Grot Loaders/Splatta Kannon crew (Alan Perry, 1994?) (Neglected Model June ’19)

Gretchin Splatta Kannon crew, Alan Perry

Another pair of half-painted Grots got completed last month! This pair come from the Splatta Kannon model, which I have around here somewhere, and if I ever do find it, I’ll endeavour to get that completed as well. This pair were sculpted by Alan Perry, who did quite a good facsimile of Kev Adams’ style with these two.

Gretchin Splatta Kannon crew, Alan Perry

Their rear views are pretty unexciting, and the photo shows the cloth that they’re wearing overly-contrasted (no Contrast Paint on these two, though!) The rationale for their clothing being so plain is because I want them to fit in with the overall “desert scavenger” look that the rest of the force has, though I also feel that the Orks would have taken all of the camoflague cloth for their own clothing, leaving the grots with the plainer stuff…

Ork Kannons, Mantic BattleZones Bunker

For now, both artillery pieces will have to make do with a pair of crew – like they used to have – rather then the five(?) each that they have now. Here’s a shot of them, sans artillery bases on the Mantic BattleZones Bunker I finished a little while ago.

Ork Kannons

And to finish – the glamour shot of both crew-so-far with their Kannons, finished in May!