Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards #3 – Complete! (February Terrain 2019)

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

Right at the very end of February, I managed to complete the final two pieces of the Nightvault Arcane Hazards. As in, this means that I actually managed to complete the whole box, assembled and painted. Holy shit! How did that happen?

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

The last two pieces are these – the fallen (Nagash?) skull-monument piece and the double-shattered pyramids with the ghostly ectoplasm-stuff running in-between them. I’m not super happy with how the ectoplasm turned out, but I have to say, it’s good enough for me at this point. I am pretty happy with how the sandstone-looking shattered Nagash-skull came out, though.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

Still, another pair of pieces that will look good on a WH:Underworlds board, and also (mostly) fit into various Warhamer or Fantasy gaming tables.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

I also realised that I never posted any scale pics with any of these, so I added in a couple of models to rectify this oversight. As you can see, they’re movement blockers rather than LoS-blockers, but that’s fine. They can certainly add some character to a battlefield!

Morathi: Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress (Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997) #Fembruary 2019, Neglected February 2019

Morathi Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997

Today’s model is also my slightly-delayed submission for Alex at Leadbaloony’s Fembruary 2018 painting challenge. Originally, I’d hoped to get a few other models done in time as well, but with how February turned out, I’m actually quite happy just to have finished off Morathi to a this standard.

Morathi Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997

Of course, there’s a new pair of models for Morathi these days, as in AoS she currently leads the Daughters of Khaine faction. But never mind those – I’ll get to them when I get to them! This model originally had a rather ornate head to the staff, but as I didn’t like it, I chopped it off around the time I bought this model and simply replaced it with a skull from a plastic skeleton kit. Morathi might not look “dressed for battle” with more than a touch of cheesecake but to me she gives off a nice “Maleficent” type vibe, and she’s clearly powerful enough to dress however she likes…

Marouda, today.

As well as Alex’ challenge, I’m also dedicating this Fembruary model to Marouda, who is both a mentally strong woman as well as one who has been becoming physically stronger as the weeks go past (we’ve been going to the gym regularly since late last year, but more on that in a later post). She didn’t know why I wanted to take this photo, either. 😛

Morathi Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997

The palette I’ve chosen for Morathi is around the overall scheme that I’m doing my Dark Elves in, which is to say a lot of Turquoise and Aqua, with use of the blues and greens to each side. I’m also going to call this model the beginning of another AoS Skirmish warband, and shoehorn it into Alex’ other group project as my only other painted Dark Elves are limited to a pair of Assassins and a pair of Bolt Throwers that lack crew. Warbanding them up a bit more seems like the perfect motivation to getting a few more of these models painted!

Now, to get on and paint some Skaven! (wait, what?)

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards #2 (February Terrain 2019)

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

The next couple of terrain pieces from the Nightvault Arcane Hazards set today. The Throne and the brazier. Once again, I’ve gone for schemes that broadly fit inbetween the box art and the Balewind Vortex.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

The Skull Throne (no relation to Khorne’s Skull Throne) is done in a similar way to the Boz Art version, though I’ve used drybrushing instead of an airbrush for the effects. Paints used were a mix of blues, greens and turquoise shades, with two glazes of green to finish the effect, before picking out the armrest skulls and the latticework.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

Originally, the plan was to finish this piece in satin after the more protective gloss coat, but I thought it looked more interesting and a little different as gloss, so I left it there. The odd looking white marks on the latticework were a spray varnish side-effect, and have since been fixed with paint and paint-on varnish.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

The brazier’s scheme is pretty much the same as the Balewind Vortex. I guess this is how I’m doing a lot of the Undead stuff now – Turquioise Stone and flame in an Eldritch Green. I considered OSL on the skulls, but then thought it might just look messy. It’s something I need to practice and learn sometime – but not right now.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

The other side looks pretty much the same as the first, but it’s a nice little piece of terrain for any fantasy game, I think. It’ll work pretty easily as a Chaos-y piece in 40k as well. I have actually finished the final pair of them, but haven’t taken the photo of them yet, again due to the current heatwave and not wanting to go out into the War Room to take more photographs. Because Hot.

So expect them in the next few days. Speaking of same, I finished the replacement base for my Fembruary model yesterday as well, so when it’s cooler (tomorrow is forecast for high 20s instead of high 30s today), I’ll get out there and do another round of photos – so hopefully she’ll be up tomorrow!

Savage Orc Boyz #1 (Neglected Model February + #Squaduary + Alex’ Tale-of-AoS-Gamers Challenge)

Savage Orcs, Savage Orruks, Bonesplitters, Oldhammer, Midhammer

Here’s my next few Savage Orcs. They’re a mix of the Alan Perry Orc models from ’95-96 and then the later batch released in ’98 – though to be honest they were probably all sculpted around the same time by the look of them. I’ve (naturally) got a whole lot more of them to get to and through, but these at least are now finished. The shields are taken from the current range of Savage Orcs/Orruks and with a tiny bit of cutting and drilling have been made to fit these older models. Being from the mid-late 90’s they’re not considered “real” “Oldhammer”, but being 20 years old, they’re still far from new!

Savage Orcs, Savage Orruks, Bonesplitters, Oldhammer, Midhammer

Obviously and firstly, they’re Neglected Models. They’ve been sitting, basecoated (badly, by someone else) in a Chessex case since the early 2000s at best until very recently, when they got taken out of there and basically redone from scratch – including new bases – simply using the old basecoat as a coloured undercoat because if I stripped them, I’d never get around to painting them. Secondly, they’re a small unit that I managed to actually complete – and so Squaduary – because why not?

Savage Orcs, Savage Orruks, Bonesplitters, Oldhammer, Midhammer

And thirdly, Alex (of Leadbaloony) has a small challenge-type thing of his own. Well, a couple of them, but these Orcs aren’t here for Fembruary.

So I’ve decided to attempt to jump on board with Alex’ Tale-of-AoS-Gamers challenge, but as with all of these things that aren’t my own, I’ve had to bend and bastardise the rules to make it fit me, but them’s the breaks!

The ‘rules’ of the project are as follows:

Build & paint 100ish ‘renown’ points in Feb (to include our Generals), and 25ish renown per month thereafter, up to 250 pts. This should equate to a manageable 3ish minis per month.

I’m going to use the Shieldwolf Mountain Orc hero that I painted only last month as my hero for the Bonesplitterz/Savage Orcs. He would count as a Savage Big Boss at 120pts, but that’s the closest that particular faction allows for a melee hero.

So for this month, instead I’m going to add to that 5 Savage Boyz @12pts ea = 60pts

I’m also tried to do something similar with a second force that has only a couple of models done – but I failed to get the hero model done. We’ll see if I can catch up next month. There’s also a third faction, that I might actually be able to swing (again, with minor cheats) if I stop typing and get back to painting…

The warband must be from a faction we don’t currently collect. Ross and I chose the faction for each other, with me getting Daughters of Khaine, and Ross getting Sylvaneth

Given that I had only that one Savage Orc painted, and only three “troop” models from that second faction, I’m going to call it “close enough” on both, here.

Set in a common realm, (realm tbd), based & modelled accordingly

I’ll be using my standard basing – keeps them consistent with the rest of my fantasy collection. Though to be fair, I probably won’t be playing against Alex, Ross or Wudugast anytime soon, so it doesn’t really matter here

Push the modelling & painting – AoS28 style, crazy conversions, grim-dark, etc.

Uh…. maybe not with the modelling, outside of duplicate models. I’m very loathe to cut up non-duplicate old classic metals after all – especially unless it’s going to be necessary to represent something special. Paint on the other hand.. I’m keen to continue the body paint of my orcs, and maybe see if I can find something interesting to do with the others with the brush.

Lowest cost possible – beg/borrow/steal, freebees, scratch build, re-use, etc.

Dipping into my existing collection of unpainted and neglected models here is a given.

Narrative rather than competitive warbands – named characters, backstories, etc.

I’m not really one for writing background fiction for my models, though I do often name heroes and units – and more importantly go for models that are background-friendly as well as fun and interesting to paint over “competitive”.

Savage Orcs, Savage Orruks, Bonesplitters, Oldhammer, Midhammer, Shieldwolf.

And here they are. So far.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards #1 (February Terrain 2019)

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

Today I have the first three terrain pieces from the Nightvault Arcane Hazards set – yes, I’ve finally painted some Shadespire Models! (sorta!) Actually, this post may have gone up a week or so ago, but I forgot to take the “group” shot above, so it had to wait until after I got back out again to take some more photos.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

My starting this set was directly inspired by seeing what Alexis West aka Westrider had done with some of her set. Yep – the same ones that were featured in the Community Round-up for January a few days ago. Seeing them done up by another hobbyist as opposed to the box or GW webpage can often make models feel more achievable to paint, and often get me off my arse to paint and finish them.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

As you can see, I went with a scheme that has a little in common with what GW did with their box art, but also fits in directly with the Balewind Vortex that I painted a few weeks ago. I figure a lot of my “undead-ish” terrain will have elements in common with these. I also did some experiementing with a new metallic blue spray that I picked up recently, as well as another (failed) experiment with those Gemstone colours – just look at the rough, gloppy texture of the paint on the flat of the pyramid when the light hits it!

Ah well – better these than a Dreadnought or something like that!

As for the February Paint Challenge that these are a part of – I have been and will be working hard to get the community round up done much more quickly this month, so expect it around the 9th or 10th – basically the weekend after the first full week of the month to allow people to get their stuff finished in the next hours, and then get them posted up on their own blogs.

Oh, and Alex – hold the presses for Fembruary, yeah? I’ve got a little over 4 hours left to finish the model I’m working on! 😉

Ruined Watchtower: January Terrain 2019

Not a GW kit for a change, today’s terrain piece is a ruined watchtower. I can’t tell you who produced it, though – as I picked it up quite a few years ago now in a job lot with a whole lot of other bits and pieces.

Speaking of pieces, it was in several until I finally assembled the thing earlier this month, with this month’s challenge and the good spraying weather finally motivating me to finally get the thing done!

It went together simply, if not easily – with some drilling and clipping needed to get the pieces together. The different segments don’t fit together perfectly, but they’re close enough so that it can be difficult to notice.

Once again, the sheen from several layers of varnish combined with a lot of lights belies the more matte appearance that it has in person. It looks almost like flowing mud here! What can I say? My lighting options for larger pieces are pretty shithouse! It’s kinda hard to see, but I’ve attempted to have the orientation of the grass on the tufts “flow” with he contours of the model, as the whole thing has a pretty windswept look to it.

That big section where it looks like it’s fit together extraordinarily badly is part of the sculpt – it’s intentional – rather than being the result of my terrible modelling skills. I’ve mounted it on an inexpensive wooden teapot stand to give it a nice sturdy base, and rather than trying to bevel it to the ground or try to paint the edges in an awkward (to me) brown so it “fits in better” with my table surfaces, I just went full fuggit and gave it a similar black rim as I do with many of my bases. I did roughly sculpt some simple flagstones in the ground, giving the indication of a small path that may or may not continue on the battlefield surface.

The scale of this model seems a bit smaller than most “heroic” scale models. Here we have it with a few Heroes of Men from the LotR range, with their slightly smaller scale showing the sizing. True historical models would be a touch smaller yet, so would fit in even more nicely with the tower. I also thought our friend The Imperfect Modeller would appreciate how close this almost gets to a proper diorama! I’d just need an appropriate figure to put in Gandalf’s place there, and a pin to hold them there on!

FInally, as a point of contrast, I thought a couple of more modern-scale AoS Bloodbound figures (ok, one is at least 50% Shieldwolf) would be a nice counter to the above – as you can see, it’s still very much usable for Fantasy of pretty much any stripe. And the number of times that Space Marines have fought their foes over terrain that resembles Terra’s ancient medieval castles must be beyond count!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #16: Plague Toads (again) (Forge World)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Today – Miniatures! Here’s the final three of my Plague Toads. This trio bringing me to nine painted ones. This batch being the “yellow” ones, following on from the “brown” ones and the “green” ones. And yeah, I know I need to do a new Nurgle army shot sometime soon.

Individual glamour shots of each of the three, though I skipped the profile and rear shots this time. Perhaps I went a bit conservative on the “glow” from their yellow-green eyes this time as well, but I think they still stand up decently.

You can see what I mean about it it here. It’s there, but it’s subtle. Perhaps too subtle to stand out on the tabletop.

Ah well. I’m just happy to finally have the last* of these done finally!

The nine of them, with their colour coding can be used as three distinct units of three, or they can all be put together to make up a mega-sized unit of nine Plague Toads!

*of course, I didn’t say anything about Pox Riders!