Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #12: Sammy the Snail

This cute little fella is a random thing that ended up in my figure boxes. I don’t remember when or where or who it came from. It’s basically a life-size snail. I suspect that it was one of those little shelf knick-knacks in soft-ish pewter that people put on their shelves or whatever, and I can only guess that it came from my mum.

Since I’ve been painting the Nurgle Daemon stuff lately, I decided to get it done, finally. It’s not quite a Beast of Nurgle in stature (unless it’s a puppy!), so I figure it can be used as a non-combat familiar model. Maybe an Objective marker occasionally. Something to follow the GUOs around or put amongst the Nurgling bases like a protective guard dog for them. I could even use it as a Plaguebearer in a pinch.

It took longer to paint than you’d expect. Mostly in my dithering around on the shell colours and patterns. In the end what I settled for isn’t perfect, but it works and is good enough.

Here’s a size comparison shot with a Plaguebearer, so as you can see, Sammy makes for a pretty large familiar.

Rogue Idol of Gork (or possibly Mork): Forge World/Warhammer Forge (Monster March ’18)

Rogue Idol of Gork (or possibly Mork): Forge World

Here’s my final entry for the Monster March painting challenge being run by Swordmaster over at Path of an Outcast. As I noted yesterday when I posted up the giant Burrower, I had to shelve the idea of getting that Dracoliche and Bone Giant finished this month when I got sick, and so turned to a pair of models that didn’t need quite as much finesse to paint. The first was of course the Borrower, that I shared a couple of days ago. That one was painted start-to-finish, by virtue of being a rather simple model.

Rogue Idol of Gork (or possibly Mork): Forge World

This one, while equally a big bastard, is actually a lot more complex. Or to put it another way, allows for more of a complex paint job, while still keeping it rather simple. You could easily get away with a straightforward spray black/grey and drybrush the hell out of the thing, and end up with a decent looking model. I tried that initially, but it didn’t do it for me. Or more precisely, I didn’t think it was appropriate for this model – for me, anyway. More on that a little later.

Rogue Idol of Gork (or possibly Mork): Forge World

I originally picked this thing up several years ago with a thought to using it in Kings of War, using a “Giant” Profile or some such and running it alongside my Orcs. As such, I’d planned to give it a square base and so forth. I actually started to paint it in December, with a thought to using it as a personal “Stretch Goal” for Painting Decembuary, but given how December turned out, it didn’t get finished, and then just sat around for a couple of months, occasionally having a bit more done to it before I put it aside again. I had it based on a large oval base at one point, as I think that’s how the reissued version from Forge World comes, but I wasn’t entirely sure at the time, and so ordered a bunch of large bases from Reaper. When they arrived in April, I wrenched him off the oval and glued him down to the large circle, and it slowly took shape from there.

Rogue Idol of Gork (or possibly Mork): Forge World

On not wanting to keep the paint simple, I have a rationale – See, this model is a great big expensive chunk of Forge World resin. If I’m going to (yeah, foolishly) pay that sort of money for a single model, then I want to make sure I’m really doing it justice. There are a whole lot of glyphs carved onto the model. Some of the original studio paintjobs pretty much ignore them, but the current Forge World paintjob overdoes the colourfulness of the model, if not the glyphs. With this in mind, I painted them with thinned-down transparent paints from Warcolors, and finished them later by drybrushing my top-layer stone colour over them to make them stand out a little less and give them an old, worn look.

Rogue Idol of Gork (or possibly Mork): Forge World

After all of the rock painting was done, it was time to sort out the sculpted-on moss. I really hate sculpted-on moss. It tends to look shitty if painted. (The moss on the new Forge World studio example is positively glowing). So you’re left with pretending that it’s stone and ignoring it, painting it green and trying to ignore how bad it looks, or trying to do something with it by covering it – which is what I’ve done before and attempted again here. I’m not 100% sure if it’s the right choice, but it looks better to me than the other two options (that happened to be stages on the path to this.) Now he looks a bit like Moss Man from Masters of the Universe. So… hrm. So yeah, I wish they would skip the sculpted-on moss.

Rogue Idol of Gork (or possibly Mork): Forge World

The plan was to post this guy up yesterday, but it was close to midnight when I got the last of the flock onto him, as it took several applications. The stuff then had to dry, and, well, you get the idea. Easier to let it dry properly and then post him up in the morning. In the end, thanks to this painting challenge, I’ve gotten motivated enough to finally finish this model, giving me a second large beastie worthy of the moniker “Monster March”. There aren’t really any easy 40k stats for him (maybe a Greater Daemon without wings or spells?) but he’ll be usable in both Kings of War and Age of Sigmar. Right when I get around to playing either of them again.

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #11: Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Devout Tormented

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Chronopia Devout Tormented

Time for some March Posts, finally! This pair of model has been showcased before when I first completed them – the Leech in October 2014 and the Tormented in July 2015. The leech is one of three figures from the Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawlers kit that I picked up bout 15-20 years ago. The big dude is probably unfamiliar to most readers, being a Devout Tormented from the Chronopia line of the mid-late 1990’s. Chronopia was essentially Heartbreaker’s take on Fantasy Skirmish following on from the Success of WarZone. It came in a two-pack with a resin-metal demon-centaur… thing that had some awful connection points.

Scotia Grendel Dungeon Crawler & Chronopia Devout Tormented

Originally the leech had no specific purpose aside from getting the thing painted. You know the sort of thing – generic D&D-ish monster for RPGs and narrative miniatures gaming and such that never actually gets used. The Tormented was originally to be a Daemon Prince in the first version of my Nurgle Chaos Cult force, that I sorta created based on some 3rd-4th edition rules (Lost & the Damned). In the current force the leech will be a Beast of Nurgle (I don’t care that the model’s physical profile is radically different – just compare the GW Beast models over the years!) and the Tormented will make a decent Chaos Spawn – in profile/stats at least. Think of him as a Daemon Prince that’s failed Papa Nurgle in the worst way and has been cursed to continue serving his Patron in such a state. You might have thought Khorne would be more appropriate – but just look at that horn. He’s gotta be Nurglesque! And the viscera fits as well.

My first take on a Nurgle Cult force.

While neither of these models has an outstanding paintjob or anything, I’m happy enough with what they are – a pair of decent looking older models that have had the smallest amount of touch-up, and have been rebased onto higher-lipped bases with some rocks and tufts added to them in order to make both figures fit in better with the Nurgle Daemon force – so they now both have a home.

That’s good enough for me!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #10: The Army So Far (End Feb ’08)

So this is the state of the army now, two months into 2018. Four packs of Plaguebearers, two Beasts of Nurgle, 1 Daemon Prince of Nurgle (represented by the original GUO), 1 Great Unclean One and Mamon the Transfigured. I’m not even going to worry about “proper” points at this stage, but it comes to a Power Level of 54 for 8th edition 40k, so we’re getting towards a decent sized force – though a ton of those points come from the Great Unclean One.

Khorne Bloodreaver + my #Fembruary 2018 Round-Up

This model is a kitbash using parts from the Shieldwolf Sheildmaiden boxed set, along with selected parts from some of the Khorne Bloodreavers kits. The story behind this kitbash is pretty simple – I wanted to create a female model that could be used as a Champion of Khorne for our games of Gorechosen. After all, there’s no reason that women can’t also be blood-crazed psychopaths, right? It pisses me off that so many people still just default all female worshippers of Chaos to Slaanesh. Because women just = sex, right? Fuck off with that shit! Since this model was started months and months ago, and then sat there neglected, she’s also another Neglected Model February success story. Go me!

It was a bit of a pain in the arse to put together now that I think of it, and I needed to cut down a Space Marine shoulder pad in order to cover the right mess of a join underneath while trying to maintain reasonable proportions. Of course, she has huge arms and rather slight legs, so while I’ve tried to draw some attention away from this with the shackles and cape, we can just use the “skipped leg day” trope there for a bit of a laugh. I mean, it’s Khorne, amirite? I originally planned to overpaint the brass of her helm and pauldron with clear red (not BFTBG) to give them a nice lacquered look, but I left them as-was after the last varnish. I can always go back to the model and redo them, but I’m not so sure. Same applies to applying some fresh blood to the axe – worth doing if the armour is left brass, but not if it’s a lighter wet-look red.

The whole Fembruary thing of Alex’ has got me thinking though – about representation of female models in our hobby, most specifically GW’s portrayal of them over the years, since I’m most engaged with GW’s IP. Now, don’t SJW me here, because SJWs and MRAs can both fuck off and die in the same car fire as far as I’m concerned. I just believe in equality, regardless of <whatever>.

Now, before I keep going, I’m well aware of manufacturers like Stonehaven (I’ve got a bunch of their dwarves – both female and male) and obviously, Bad Squiddo (along with Hasslefree and so on and so forth). But I’m going to talk about the Big Dog here, Roman Reigns Games Workshop.

Speaking from my own personal opinion, I don’t think Games Workshop/Citadel’s portrayal of female in miniature form is actually the worst, and while it’s far from perfect, it’s a lot better than others. Both Corvus Belli and Reaper seem to be a lot further down cheesecake town than Citadel’s own output. But still, the main issue they have from my own perspective is that most of GW’s female models tend to fall into one of two tropes – either Joan of Arc or The Bangles.

Models that are Joan of Arc are the single (or few) female model amongst an army of men. There are lots of examples – current-situation Celestine is like that. Nominally a Soriritas, as far as available models, it’s just her and the Gemini twins readily available, so she’s a Joan. Any number of other female magic users across other armies, particularly elven armies and Brettonia deleted forces also fit this trope. 40k lore also drops this from time to time, with the odd random female Inquisitor or Lt. Mira from the Space Marine videogame. Shadowsun from the Tau empires seems to be the only female Tau with a model. Likewise, Helga Longplaits, who I just posted up is another strong example of that. She’s cool and everything, but she’s also one of …I dunno? Five? Less? Female Dwarf models that Citadel has put out over decades compared to the hundreds of male dwarf sculpts. I mean, I can’t think of any other female dwarf models off the top of my head besides the joke figure of Dwarf Cheerleader for Blood Bowl back in 2nd or 3rd edition. I’m sure there’s been another joke female dwarf like a bar wench or some such, but I can’t think of any other female dwarf warrior types. There might be a couple, but I can’t think of any.

And sure, WHFB is rooted in both historical gaming and Tolkien, and neither of those were exactly overflowing with female warriors, but then this is fantasy, and current year argument is actually a good argument for a bit more representation. What kind? I’ll get to that a bit later.

Khorne Bloodreavers. One Male, one Female, both badass.

The other trope that GW’s female models fall into I’ll call The Bangles. (I chose The Bangles because they were more than “a girl group”, being actual musicians and songwriters rather than a manufactured group put together via auditions and management.) This is the “All-female” unit, that can be anything from the metal-bikini-clad Witch Elves to the armoured Sisters of Silence or Sisters of Battle, to Sisters of the Thorn, to… well, you get the idea. Escher, anyone? And yes, I know that these units have existed historically, and even exist today.

An entirely female #Fembruary

So what’s my beef? Well, I’d just like to see GW do better. It doesn’t mean all-female armies, nor all-female units or more female heroes in male armies. I’d actually just like to see more mixed units – which for some reason very rarely seems to be a thing. 40k’s Elves, the various Eldar (Aeldari) forces are actually better than most armies here across the board. Their varied units such as Guardians, Wyches, Hellions, Kabalites, Scourges, feature both male and female torsos and heads – though being elves, a number of the bare heads can be seen as androgynous enough via their sharp, fine details to work for males or females.

…and with the month’s Plaguebearers. Some of which are undoubtedly female and others male, but I’m not looking underneath to figure out which ones are which!

So where are these mixed units in non-elf armies? The closest thing I can find are the Plaguebearers, which I posted and wrote about at the start of the month, along with an interesting discussion in the comments of that post about the background as it relates to them. It doesn’t mean I want the mono-gender units (of either type) removed, or that everything needs to be integrated. I’m okay with Loyalist Astartes still all being male in the lore (unless you want to kitbash some females, in which case, go right ahead) but I could certainly see the Heretic Legions incorporating female recruits. More obviously, I’d like to see female models become a normal thing in baseline troop units, across both 40k and AoS. There are, what? Two female Stormcast models with one being a special character and the other being a Shadespire model (despite female Stormcast apparently being pretty common in the lore, and the argument of “they all wear the same armour” kind of fell apart when they released Stormcast with very different proportions.

I’m also totally fine with Witch Elves and their bikini armour. You won’t see me out there with a placard telling GW to cover them up. They’re currently still rolling out the Daughters of Khaine sub-faction made up of all that was vaguely Witch-elfy from the WHFB range with some shiny new toys, but from what I’ve seen of them, I’ll probably buy the whole bloody range. (See what I did there?)

But really – how about some Imperial Guard Infantry? Tau Fire Warriors? Chaos Cultists? It would just take some heads for some of the lines, because as the new Star Wars films have proved – armour doesn’t need to incorporate huge boob-plates (and yes, I will DIY my own instead of waiting, I have a couple of batches of the aforementioned Statuesque heads waiting for when I get back around to the IG). I’m okay with Orks and Orcs just being themselves, and Necrons don’t need boob-plate.

And of course, some mixed gangs for Necromunda. Just like the “Grendel” gang I used back when the original game was released.

In 1995.


Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #9: 3rd Wave Plaguebearers (Again!) (2001) 3rd Wave Plaguebearer Command (2007). #Squaduary Painting Challenge Success. #Fembruary Painting Challenge Success.

3.5 Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle Command 2007

If you’re sick of Plaguebearer posts, you’re not alone. I’m sick of them myself. The good news then is that this post represents the last of all my metal Plaguebearers painted and completed. Sure, I’ve got a ton of plastics to paint up at some stage, but since I ain’t touching my plastic kits until ALL of the older metal is done, we have a reprieve.

2nd Wave Plaguebearer of Nurgle 1995/6, 3rd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 2001

2nd Wave Plaguebearer of Nurgle 1995/6, 3rd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 2001

I’m sure they’ll still feature in some other posts. I should do an “Nurgle Daemon Army-so-far” post sometime soon and I’ll do a personal Squaduary wrap-up in the next few days, though I still need to put the final, finishing touches on the Wolfpack first. I’ll do the same for Fembruary, though that will be closer to the end of the month, or even the first weekend in March, since the month ends on a Wednesday and then I’ll need a few days to photograph and then write up a blog post. And of course, there will be my final February wrap-up post encompassing everything I got finished this month, but after that I can only see them turning up in batreps or subsequent “Nurgle Daemon Army-so-far” posts as the force continues to build up.

Realm of Chaos Lost and the Damned Original Oldhammer Plaguebearers Kev Adams, 1991, 2nd Wave Plaguebearers of Nurgle 1995/6, 3rd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 2001, 3.5 Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle Command 2007

Here they are, united with the original batches of “green” Plaguebearers.



Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #8: More 3rd Wave Plaguebearers (2001) 3rd Wave Plaguebearer Command (2007). #Squaduary Painting Challenge Success (Again). #Fembruary Painting Challenge Success (Again).


2nd Wave Plaguebearers of Nurgle 1995/6, 3rd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 2001, 3.5 Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle Command 2007

Okay. We’ve had the Green Plaguebearers and the Tan Plaguebearers, it’s time for the Brown Plaguebearers. As with the last Plaguebearer post last week, the batch is made up of a mixture of the 3rd wave metals, with a couple of 2nd wave metals, and the shitty 2007 3.5 wave command trio.

3.5 Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle Command 2007

3.5 Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle Command 2007

I already shared my opinion on these in the last Plaguebearer post. Suffice to say, if you think these look okay, then I’ve managed to successfully slightly polish a trio of turds. That and we’re looking at them from their most favourable angles here. The pointing finger was missing from the Champion/Plagueridden, so I used a “bone axe” hand from a Shieldwolf Mountain Orc as a replacement.

3rd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 2001, Aly Morrison

3rd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 2001, Aly Morrison

Since posting up the previous batch of Plaguebearers, I’ve found that not only did Aly Morrison sculpt these 3rd Wave models (which are a mixed bag – my favourite three are above) and those embarrassingly awful abominations of a command group, but he also sculpted the original Great Unclean One, which stands as a timeless classic (to me, anyway). Talk about an uneven resume.

2nd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 1996, Aly Morrison/Colin Dixon

2nd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 1996, Aly Morrison/Colin Dixon

Here’s a pair of 2nd Wave Plaguebearers. I never liked these compared to the originals, or even the 3rd wave models. They always struck me as a series of unnecessary resculpts. In that they looked quite close to the originals, while still being noticeably inferior. I always assumed their main reason for existence was because Kev Adams had moved on (or been moved on?) from GW. Not sure if that’s true or not, but this range still seems to me to be one of the more redundant series of models ever released. Sculpts are by either Aly Morrison, Colin Dixon, or both, depending on where you look, as I’ve found them both individually credited for this range as well as “and-credited” for this range.

3rd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 2001, Aly Morrison

3rd Wave Warhammer Plaguebearers of Nurgle 2001, Aly Morrison

I ended up with an awful lot of that hunched-over Plaguebearer, so here’s a pair in brown along with a friend. The overall palette and techniques for these guys was pretty much identical to the tan and the green, just with a different base colour, hightlight and shade for the core flesh. The discolourations, tentacles, horns, bone, wounds, etc were all done in the exact same way, which will unify them nicely with their fellows I think.

As with the last set of Plaguebearers I painted, I’ll call this another completed submission for Alex’ Fembruary Painting Challenge 2018 as well as the Squaduary Painting Challenge. I’ve still got a few more Plaguebearers to show (I finished them concurrently with these ones), so now I can shift painting gears a little and try to finish some other models before the month ticks out. I’ve still got that pack of 9 wolves that I’d like to complete for Squaduary, as well as the Dark Elf Sorceress and the Escher to complete for a more traditional set of models for Fembruary.

And then there’s the two Ork Nobs that are all I need to complete their two Mobs.

Of course, the “to paint” list is endless, but it’s good to have the next few targets decided on…