Star Wars Imperial Assault: Wookiee Warriors

Star Wars Imperial Assault Wookiee Warriors

A nice, simple update today – just a pair of Wookiees from Imperial Assault. This pair work as a pair of player allies in the game in the campaign game, or a pair of troopers in the “vs” Miniatures Rules. We haven’t yet used them in any context, but I imagine they’d be rather nasty in melee.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Wookiee Warriors

There’s not a great deal to discuss here. After rebasing onto 32mm round bases (which they still manage to overhang in that pose) The paint was an interesting exercise as I wanted to create some interesting fur tones with some depth and variation, while making them distinct from one another as well as from Gaarkhan and …any other Wookiees I may have been painting at the time. *cough*

So I’m pretty happy with how that turned out. More practise on things like fur variation is never unwelcome for model painting, so there it is!

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jyn Odan (Technical August ’18)

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jyn Odan

Today’s post is the last of the three player character models that we have been using in the Imperial Assault board game. No relation to Rogue One’s Jyn Urso of course (you just keep recycling those EU names, FFG!)

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jyn Odan

Of course this model is probably my least favourite of all of the Imperial Assault player character models – mostly because of the pose which is awkward at best but also because of the tiny small fine detail that just did not come out that well in the soft PVC of the model.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jyn Odan

Given all that I’m not too concerned that the final painted figure is not perfect. I actually attempted in the end to try and give her face and eyes a slightly Asian (or half-Asian) look. It’s certainly Trickier than changing a skin tone, I’ll tell you that! I think it came off more effectively on the actual model, but to be honest, it’s so small that I do have to point it out. And yes, I can see that the artwork could represent a whole gamut of Earth’s ethnicities, but this is the best that I was willing to put the time in for on such a small, awkward model. (ie, getting it noticeably better would be very difficult and involve more time and care than the figure is worth…)

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jyn Odan, Fenn Signis, Gaarkhan the Wookiee.

Just to cap off here is a picture of her alongside the other two player characters that we have been using – Fenn Signis and Gaarkhan the Wookiee. Now all three companions are complete – just in time to play the last two (or is it three?) scenarios (two, I think) – probably tonight or Friday. And yes, then all three of them will be retired for new characters as that will be the end of the existing campaign. Barely seems worthwhile in a way, but what are you going to do?

Edit – I’m also going to call Jyn here a submission for Technical August, since painting Orange is the kind of nightmare I usually try to avoid, and it’s awkward as all hell. She’s also my first attempt at a (sort of) Asian or part-Asian face that’s not attached to like, a Ninja or Samurai-type figure. That I can think of, anyway.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Fenn Signis

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Fenn Signis

So I’ve finally gotten a second one of the player-character models from Imperial Assault completed. This one is the guy I’ve been playing, “Fenn Signis”. I’ve rebased him on a Sedition Wars tech base – I’m not going to do that for every figure, but for the Player Character models and some of the named heroes it seems fair enough. And it does fit Fenn quite well here.

Colours are simply based on the artwork for the character, so while it’s more brown than I’d normally go for, I’m trying to largely keep to the art in most cases here.

Speaking of “Fenn”, I of course recognised that the name was taken from/inspired by “Fenn Shysha“, a Mandalorian warrior from one of the old Marvel Star Wars comics. How did I know this? Because I was a huge Star Wars EU nerd? Not exactly. When I was a kid, I saw the comic that featured Fenn Shysha. This one:

Now if you were a kid. Actually, nevermind being a kid. Let’s just say that you saw this comic cover regardless of your age – who would you assume the main story is about from that cover art? Yeah, too bloody right. Imagine my disappointment when the cover art, lifted from a promotional still of The Man Himself has nothing to do with the character you’d expected.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Fenn Signis

Anyway, enough of my bitching. The main point here is that I’ve finally finished this guy, and now two of the three PCs have proper models. Just one to go – Pyrowave is playing as Jyn Odan (aka Girl Solo, and she’s not that far from being completed. We’ve got three missions to go in the initial campaign before we have to retire these characters, so fingers crossed I get Jyn completed before we have to retire these three in favour of a new trio of PCs!

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jawa Scavenger

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jawa Scavenger

More Star Wars today, though it’s actually an official figure – the Jawa.

If you’re feeling underwhelmed by a post featuring a single, tiny model then imagine how I felt when I opened up the package to find a single, tiny model rather than three or even two of them! Yeah, I know that “Scavenger” is singular, but still…

The figure is pretty much this still in mini form.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jawa Scavenger

A pretty straightforward paintjob really. I painted the robes with a mix of darker browns and more ruddy browns, in homage to my old Kenner Action figures when I was a child. I also painted the webbing belts with darker browns so they’d be a little more differentiated. The Ion Blaster was painted in dark grey with dark metallic highlights.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jawa Scavenger

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jawa Scavenger

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jawa Scavenger

The base was done with GW’s Agrellan Earth crackle paint, and then drybrushed up to lighten it. I wish I could try to claim this for the Technical August challenge, but I’ve been using this stuff for awhile, so I can’t even fool myself into considering it valid. 😉

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Imperial Probe Droids

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Imperial Probe Droids

Today’s post is all about Imperial Probe Droids.

Regular visitors to the Bitz Box will be aware that I painted up a single Imperial Probe Droid from Imperial Assault last month. The reason I didn’t paint all three is because, well, all three of the Probe Droids were broken, right out of the IA box – one had one leg broken off it’s base, the next had two, and the third.. well, you see the pattern here right? Yep, it was broken completely and clear off it’s base. I contacted FFG, who were kind enough to send me out …a single replacement Probe Droid.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Imperial Probe Droids

So I contacted them again, with a bit of an “ahem – all three are broken, but you replaced only one.” – and resent the original photos. No problem, they said that they’d replace the other two, and in the interim, we started playing, and as the Probe Droids appeared to be a unit type that was turning up in every scenario, I painted that one model, so we could at least represent the elite with the proper model rather than with a T-800 Terminator model.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Imperial Probe Droids

Fast forward some time, and the others finally turned up, and I’d been thinking about mounting the broken ones on flight bases, which (I believe) Alex Faust also suggested. So last week, once Jewel of July was over, I got cracking on all five of them.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Imperial Probe Droids

Pretty quick to paint, all up. I ended up painting the secondary lights on them in different gemstone colours in order to differentiate them on the table. The Elite of course having the main lens in red rather than black.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Imperial Probe Droids

A few small details on them in burnt orange. I hadn’t noticed those details from the films, but all official models and statues of them from Kotobukiya, Sideshow and everyone else seem to have the markings, so I can only assume that they’re on the original screen-used props but didn’t end up visible in the films. The final shot here shows the five additional Probe Droids reunited with the originally painted one, along with an Emperor’s Royal Guard to provide scale.

In a way, I think the formerly-broken ones actually look a bit better, raised on their flying stands, though they are also a lot more fragile in a way, held on by that little peg.

I know I’m way behind on replying to comments here and keeping up with other people’s blogs. I’ll catch up when I can. Lots on IRL, especially with longer hours at work right now.


Star Wars Imperial Assault: AT-ST (Jewel of July)

A few days ago, Pandora’s Bitz Box painted up an AT-ST. Deciding immediately to rip him off, I quickly cleaned, assembled, sprayed and painted my own AT-ST.

Well, that’s not entirely true. In fact, it’s a load of bollocks. I cleaned up the sculpt over a couple of weeks at work during my breaks, assembled it a week or so ago. Attempted to murder my gaming group via poison gas (so I’m told) 2 weeks ago by spraying it in the yard while they were in The War Room, setting up an IA game, and then painted it over the course of the following 2 weeks, forcing myself to complete it last Saturday morning. With both Marouda’s model as well as my own for Morikun’s contest needing to go up before the end of July, and my own challenge being about completion rather than posting (and a rather well-received rant, inspired by IRO), the AT-ST got bumped – and then Pandora’s AT-ST appeared!

As with a lot of the Star Wars stuff I’ve been painting recently, I looked over Sorastro’s YouTube guide for ideas before getting fully stuck in. I’ve never met or interacted with the man, but he’s a talented painter and an amazing resource for anyone planning to paint Imperial Assault, or any of several other board games’ figures.

I kept my walker a bit lighter and not as heavily weathered as Sorastro, but there’s still a fair bit of weathering, muck and grime across the model, with more concentrated on the feet, legs and undercarriage as well as the back and underside of the “head”.

Now that I’ve finished this one, I need to paint up the General Weiss AT-ST, which I just finished cleaning at work a couple of days ago (somehow, I missed one of the legs!) And then get started on the AT-DP from Heart of the Empire..

As I haven’t yet started on a single Stormtrooper at this stage (WOTC Prepaints are doing the job nicely while I work through other models), it’s left to the Emperor’s Royal Guard to provide scale and ground-level security to the Empire’s Light Walker. I should paint some Adeptus Custodes next to a Sentinel and have them do a face-off!

Star Wars Imperial Assault: IG-88 (Jewel of July ’18)

Star Wars Imperial Assault: IG-88

Here’s one for the books. I painted IG-88 last week, but still needed to varnish it when we played Imperial Assault this weekend. We happened to draw IG-88’s side mission, and so used the WotC prepaint model as a proxy. We succeeded in the mission, defeating IG-88, and thereby removing IG-88 from the campaign. Sunday I got to varnish the model. So… now it goes on the shelf. 😡

L-R: Dengar, IG-88, Boba Fett.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: IG-88 Star Wars Imperial Assault: IG-88

Star Wars Imperial Assault: IG-88

Star Wars Imperial Assault: IG-88, Gaarkhan

IG-88 and Gaarkhan reenacting a scene from last weekend’s game.

IG-88 is a pretty simple model, and was a quick and easy paint. Once again, I checked out Sorastro’s YouTube painting guides for ideas and used his “OSL glaze” concept, giving IG-88’s left side a subtle red shade and it’s right side a subtle blue shade – just to add some interest in what would otherwise be a pretty plain model (even though I tried to oil-stain it up a bit as well!)