Rogue Trader: Squat Trike (Michael and Alan Perry, April 1989)

Rogue Trader: Squat Trike (Michael and Alan Perry, April 1989)

This model is one I’ve had for a very long time, and is one of the remaining vestiges of the Squat detatchment that was part of my first Imperial Army/Guard force, that I sold as a teen to get the cash to buy my first Amiga Computer. It’s not something I regret as such, as I got a lot of use and enjoyment out of that computer, as well as it having probably been an important part of what has gotten me to my current professional position, but you fucking bet I wish I could get hold of those models again today.

Rogue Trader: Squat Trike (Michael and Alan Perry, April 1989)

The paint here is actually a re-touch of my 2nd-edition-era re-tough of my original 1989-1990-ish Roghue Trader paintjob. I went over pretty much everything this time, making the tyres a dussty grey rather than the black shaded to blue that they originally were, redoing the padded flak armour from green and brown to the current brown, changing the boots, gloves and jacket to black leather, highlighting the helmet and bike parts a little more from the 2nd-edition Red I gave them, and then glazing with red to enrich the colour which had gotten a bit desaturated from the highlights. His lasgun got repainted from having bright red furniture to copper, still giving it a touch of colour but removing the gaudiness and the distraction that the red caused. Similarly, the shoulder studs went from bright yellow to silver.

Rogue Trader: Squat Trike (Michael and Alan Perry, April 1989)

There is a little bit of very old freehand on the model that I left untouched. A rune of sorts on his helmet, shoulder and headlamp. It might be similar ot Khorne if you look at it a certain way, but it ain’t Khorne! I’d like to get more of these, but they’re like gold-played hen’s teeth, sadly. I do at least have a tiny stash of original Squats on foot that I kept from that sale – which clearly I need to get off my arse and paint!

…and yeah, I only spotted that touch of paint on the bottom of his nose from repainting his beard after taking these photos – it’s been fixed now!

Drong the Hard (Colin Dixon, 1998), Imperial Dwarf Command Standard Bearer (Michael/Alan Perry, 1988)

Drong the Hard (Colin Dixon, 1998), Imperial Dwarf Command Standard Bearer (Michael/Alan Perry, 1988)

A pair of Dwarves from different eras today – a Dwarf General model from the late 90’s, repurposed as the named Character “Drong the Hard” in the 5th Edition Grudge of Drong campaign alongside a “proper” Oldhammer Imperial Dwarf from the late 80s’.

Drong the Hard (Colin Dixon, 1998), Imperial Dwarf Command Standard Bearer (Michael/Alan Perry, 1988)

Both Dwarves have been painted in the blue with yellow trim scheme that I’ve used for my Warhammer Dwarf Clan’s livery since the late 1980’s. They’ve been given more modern shields to help tie them in with Queen Helga, who was also featured in the Grudge of Drong campaign.

Drong the Hard (Colin Dixon, 1998), Imperial Dwarf Command Standard Bearer (Michael/Alan Perry, 1988)

Banner this time is simple paper, painted with PVA for durability, and, obviously, paint. The Hammer & Anvil device is copied from a series of shields found on older Dwarves (initially the Marauder line). The runes are taken from one of the many GW publications that features a phonetic translation from runes to sounds made via the Roman alphabet. I’ll leave it to anyone who is particularly interested to work it out.

Drong the Hard (Colin Dixon, 1998), Imperial Dwarf Command Standard Bearer (Michael/Alan Perry, 1988)

Both the runes and Hammer & Anvil device are freehand jobs, which is why they’re not as perfect as the devices on the Viking banners I completed recently. On a model this big, though – they work well enough for me!

Drong the Hard (Colin Dixon, 1998), Imperial Dwarf Command Standard Bearer (Michael/Alan Perry, 1988)

I haven’t actually read the Grudge of Drong scenario, and aren’t too bothered about it, so I decided to paint Drong as a bit of a world-weary but still dangerous Warrior-General. (or Warrior-King. Whatever he is). Either way, I wouldn’t want to be in the way of that hammer!

Drong the Hard (Colin Dixon, 1998), Imperial Dwarf Command Standard Bearer (Michael/Alan Perry, 1988), Queen Helga Longplaits

For the final pic, I decided to pose the two of them alongside Helga, as the two heroes obviously fit alongside one another, and the Standard is painted to be one of their supporting players.

April ’20: A few final Models, Personal Wrap-Up and Ann’s Paint the Crap You Already Own final.

So here’s the final wrap for my April, haivng returned to painting again. After taking my pics, I’ve realised that for the various criteria I’ve left some things out and included a couple of things that shouldn’t be there. However, I really don’t want to go out there and take more photos since it’s a bit of a chaotic nightmare of models, so I’m calling them good enough because I’m not dragging all that shit out again just for two or three photos…

Reiksgard Foot Knights 1995/6, Michael Perry

These two Empire models are from back when that force still had Reiksgard Foot Knights, and are from the 1995/6 Catalogue, sculpted by Michael Perry. I’d have given them their own post but I’m out of time for April and besides that, I found another one of this sculpt (and a couple of friends) aftyer finishing this pair, so once they’re all done I’ll give ’em a post of their own in a week or so when everything is done.

I also finished this pair of industrial pallets, from the 40k 3rd edition-era Battlefield Accessories set. These took years (like.. 13-15 years) to finish simply because I decided to paint industrial stipes on the edge, got halfway through one of the two (despite the yellow being finished on both), and thought “fuck that” – so they ended up sidelined, packed away, in tubs of half-painted stuff and so forth for years. Sometime ago they got spotted and ended up on the painting desk, and then after awhile (again, years maybe?) I saw them a week or so ago and just fucking finished them. In, like, way less than an hour. So…. yeah.

Then there’s the Slaaneshi Champion, who was on a different shelf and so missed out on being included in either my own Month’s wrap-up photo as well as Ann’s challenge photo, despite being the first figure I finished for that challenge this month. So well done, there.

And finally in terms of Ann’s Paint the Crap You Already Own challenge there are the first models of any sort that I completed for it. The Wizkids Cages. Which also missed out on the photo because they were put aside in a storage tub.

Oh, and then there’s the two models I painted for Ann’s March challenge, that were both finished at the start of April. These two aren’t part of Ann’s April challenge as they went in for March’s, but being completed at the start of April in that small window they should be in my own personal round-up for the month. But you know, they were on a shelf alongside the Chaos Champion above and so also missed the photo(s).

The problem with my compilation this month has basically been that I haven’t finished cleaning up the War Room, which is in a fucking state, and as I slowly burnt out last year without doing round-ups there are several of last years’ months worth of models scattered around on pretty much every available flat surface (including the space I usually use as my monthly staging area) that have to be 1) photographed and 2) put away somewhere, despite the room being such a fucking mess (and I’ve run out of shelf display space, in case that part wasn’t obvious..) So it’s like one of those puzzles where you need to move some pieces but have ot move some other pieces before you can move the pieces that you want and the pieces all need to go somewhere and….

Oh, does anyone know what this model is exactly? I’ve had it for many years, and it’s a VERY old Citadel model, it’s got a slotta at the bottom of it that was useless for info (and it’s been based now for ages, and I’m not prying it off to see if it says anything new). It looks similar in a lot of ways to one of the C28 Giant Demons by Nick Bibby from 1985 or so. I’d like to paint it, but before I start it’d be interesting to see what it was supposed to be and find out if that gives me any particular inspiration for it.

oh, that’s a 40mm base, as well. It’s quite large for a model of that era.

I’m not 100% sure if Ann (or anyone else) are running painting challenges this month (May) so I’m going to treat it as a personal “Neglected Models” month and try to keep on finishing more stuff that’s been sititng unloved and unfinished for months or years rather than starting new models (with only a few exceptions). If Ann or anyone else do run a challenge, I’ll just pivot as much stuff as I can/feel like that’s already neglected towards that theme. You can feel free to play along at home from your isolation bunkers as well, but I won’t be doing any wrap-ups or anything else like that. Well, not for awhile, but I do intend to run “Jewel of July” again this year. You have been warned!

Necromunda ’95! – “Catachan” Gangers with Lasgun; Meltagun/Flamer (Michael Perry, 1993-4)

Jungle Fighter with Lasgun 1 0437/2, Jungle Fighter with Melta-gun 0437/6, Necromunda 1995, Michael Perry, 1993-4

Here’s the final pair of the metal Catachan models used in my original Necromunda gang. Like the previous pair of Necro-Catachans, this pair was also designed to represent two versions of the same gang member. In this case, a ganger picked up the “specialist” (from memory) skill which then allowed them to use a special weapon (funny, dat!) At this point in time, I don’t think the metal Catachan with flamer was yet released – as the metal IG model ranges of the time each had some of the special and heavy weapons, yet lacked the full range – and so this meant that the closest I could come up with and use was the Meltagun. Either that or I thought that the Flamer design of the day – when seen on humans as opposed to Marines – looked a bit shitty. Because that would also be accurate.

Jungle Fighter with Lasgun 1 0437/2, Jungle Fighter with Melta-gun 0437/6, Necromunda 1995, Michael Perry, 1993-4

If you look at the weapon itself, it looks “close enough” to be used as a flamethrower. To really drive the point home, I did some 1995-level conversion by adding the fuel tank backpack, shoulder straps made from thin card and a fuel line cable from copper wire. His backup lasgun was added to the backpack, in the same way I tended to do with all my Necromunda heavies.

Jungle Fighter with Lasgun 1 0437/2, Jungle Fighter with Melta-gun 0437/6, Necromunda 1995, Michael Perry, 1993-4

As with the last pair, these guys were pretty much painted – though in a 1995 sense. I did touch up a small amount of damage, rebase them entirely, and then repaint a few of the more garish elements – toned down the guns from superbright blue, repainted the fuel line from lime green to striped black and yellow. I mean, we still have forms of all four primary colours here. Just two of them are less eye-meltingly bright now. I did decide to leave the pants in their original state. I’m also not quite sure what that red camo is supposed to blend into, but I digress – just think of them as “fashion” fatigues, the likes you’ve probably seen around at some stage.

While nothing especially outstanding, and still way more garish than I’d do them today, I’m happy to see this pair updated and once again – fully table-ready, 20 years later.

Necromunda ’95! – “Catachan” Gangers with Lasgun; Autopistol and Chainsword (Michael Perry, 1993-4)

Jungle Fighter with Lasgun 4, 0437/1, Jungle Fighter Sergeant 1 0437/4, Necromunda 1995, Ganger with Lasgun, Ganger with Autopistol and Chain Sword, Michael Perry, 1993-4

Yeah, I liked using Catachan models in my Necromunda gang. Here’s another (two) of them – in fact this was the first of the Catachans to be used as a ganger (the Blue Camo dude from last week was actually the last of them). From memory, the first of these two models was the model with the Lasgun. I think he may have picked up some close combat skills, and despite GW telling us back then that we needed to keep our models WSYWIG, there was no way I was going to chop up or otherwise fuck with my models once they were finished. I did have a suitable model to turn the guy into a Close Combat specialist, though – so I simply got a Catachan Sergeant and gave him a pistol swap. The Chainsword was probably just a regular sword. I can’t recall, but it was close enough in my estimation and nobody ever complained – so all good (remember – these were the days before a wide range of easily accessible plastics!)

There is a little 1990’s “conversion” at work here on the “Sergeant” model, since he originally had a headband and an eyepatch, so I carved the eyepatch off and carved an eye into the face of the model with a scalpel, and turned the headband into a bandanna by carving the top of it (and his hair) down. I also swapped out his bolt pistol for the Autopistol (from the metal Necromunda Weapons sprues of the day).

Jungle Fighter with Lasgun 4, 0437/1, Jungle Fighter Sergeant 1 0437/4, Necromunda 1995, Ganger with Lasgun, Ganger with Autopistol and Chain Sword, Michael Perry, 1993-4

I’m pretty sure in later campaigns, the CC-oriented model was used to designate a juve starting with CC kit, later graduating to a full ganger and the right to carry a lasgun. I’ve got a vague memory about him having the sharpshooter skill as well (was that the name of it?) so it could be that the rifleman was painted first to be that ganger after picking up that skill in the first campaign and the CC happened in the second – and then the juve use in the third. I can’t recall – we played a LOT of Necromunda back in those days – and it was fucking glorious!

Shout-out to Ara, Jared, Matt, Ange, Brad, Aman, Josh, Dave and the rest of the gang from those days who will never see or read this.

These two models were fully painted, but needed touch-up and paint repair from wear and tear over all those games, as well as entirely new bases, so they still count as “completed” because renovations to 2019 standards have always still counted. While they’re entirely suited to tattoos, these two won’t be getting them as they’re also time capsules from 20 years ago, and besides, they’d need to match perfectly for when I use them as the same guy as opposed to twins, or clone-brothers, or very close gym-bros. Just one more rep! You can do it, brah!

Necromunda ’95! – “Catachan” Ganger with Shotgun (Michael Perry, 1993-4)

Jungle Fighter with Lasgun 2, 0437/3, Necromunda 1995, Ganger with Shotgun, Michael Perry, 1993-4

Another Neglected Necromunda model from my gaming days in the 1990’s completed and on show for you today. This guy is a simple conversion of a metal Catachan Jungle Fighter model with his lasgun removed and replaced with a shotgun body and barrel, as well as having had all of his hair and bandanna carved off. As the gang I ran back then was based more on the idea of actual gangs where each member is an individual, rather than the “West Side Story”-uniform-type look of the official Necromunda gangs, I also took that opportunity to use whatever miniatures I damn well pleased. I’ll post up more about it at a later date – once I have more of them completed, but this concept allowed me to have a gang where the members were both male and female. The unifying aspect was having some form of Grendel markings on each model – often tattoos, sometimes scars, sometimes face paint/makeup as well as markings on their gear or weapons where applicable.

Jungle Fighter with Lasgun 2, 0437/3, Necromunda 1995, Ganger with Shotgun, Michael Perry, 1993-4

So the use of this guy from the Catachan range simply followed that ethos. Of course, when the last campaign ended, so did my motivation to paint those models, and so many of them have sat in an uncompleted Neglected Limbo for about 2 decades now, only to be dug out of the same old Chessex case and completed now. No other special notes here – he’s justa  model that’s finally been completed! Trying a new colour here for black tattoos. I think it works a lot better than the dark blue I’ve always used, and I’ll start using this a lot more, though the Slayers will have to remain with the blue for their own internal consistency. Unfortunately this particular tattoo looks a bit messy in the photos, mostly due to the shaded musculature underneath it that leads to too many colour variations in a too-small area. This is why the Reaper Chainsaw woman didn’t get arm tattoos. I’m going to have to try to experiment on painting “sleeves” that don’t simply look like muddy dark green arms, which is gonna be hard, since that’s how they end up looking from a distance in real life – you need to be up close to appreciate the details…

Necromunda ’95! – Underhive Scum with Autopistol and Plasma Pistol (Michael Perry, 1995)

Necromunda 1995, Underhive Scum with Autopistol and Plasma Pistol, Michael Perry, 1995, 72937/1, Grendel Genral Vlado

I have another Necromunda model for you today. This one is a model that was entirely completed back in the 1990’s, which explains why there are the number of bright primary colours on the model. Still, it’s not a bad looking paintjob, and so based on that I’ve only touched up and rebased the model – so as a “renovation” it still counts as a model “completed” this month by the way I count my progress (basically, Am I happy to call it “finished” by my 2019 standards?)

Necromunda 1995, Underhive Scum with Autopistol and Plasma Pistol, Michael Perry, 1995, 72937/1, Grendel Genral Vlado

The sculpt is clearly designed as an “ex-Goliath”, if you look at the queues – though my paint (even with a few too many colours used) is based on a character from the Grendel Tales comics – Grendel General Vlado, from Devils and Deaths, written by Darko Macan and illustrated by Edvin Biuković.

The similarities that the model had to the character’s appearance with the hair and braids, along with that physique were too much to pass up. Honestly, though – if I were to change anything, I’d just turn the knife scabbard from blue to brown, the red coils on the plasma pistol to copper and the underside to black/grey, and probably change the pale straps on his greaves to a darker brown. Not the biggest changes, and in context, I’m happier to have just touched up the model and left it with the original scheme.