When I finished off the Mentor Legion Dreadnought a couple of weeks ago, I took some pics with it alongside the Iron Warriors Dreadnought/Hellbrute. While I was out there, I also took a few snaps of my completed Loyalist Dreadnoughts together. Here’s a couple of the better ones.

I guess I should do another for (probably all three) of these chapters, but I probably feel like doing some more variety first. Both additional forces and maybe even (finally) cranking out a Contemptor or two…

Dreadtober 2017 Completion #2: Mentor Legion Dreadnought


Today we have the second (and last) model I finished for Dreadtober 2017.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Castraferrum Dreadnought, Mentors, Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Edition Dread

When I restarted on this model for Dreadtober, most of the basic work was already done. Long done in some parts, and then piecemeal during the various times I’ve tried to make myself complete the model over the years, but it had been a real albatross for a long, long time. My Dreadtober work, then – was a bit of final cleaning up, shading, highlighting, de-skittling parts of the model, and then of course adding in the iconography. There are some Easter Eggs here for those who recognise them as well.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Castraferrum Dreadnought, Mentors, Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Edition Dread

The model is the old, 2nd edition Metal Space Marine Dreadnought with a Plasma Cannon converted from the Multi-Melta and a metal Space Marine Plasma Cannon, because none of those parts existed when I built this model – not even the resin Plasma Cannons from Forge World. The arm is magnetised, and all that metal is why it droops a little. I’ll add back in a little bit of blu-tac which will reinforce the magnet enough to hold itself up for long periods

Mentor Legion Space Marine Castraferrum Dreadnought, Mentors, Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Edition Dread

The Mentor Legion were my second “proper” Space Marine army, following my Rogue Trader Ultramarines and the mess I made of them when the latter part of 2nd edition hit – which I will discuss some other day. I started the Mentor Legion when 3rd edition came out. “New Edition, New Army” wasn’t really a thing back then – certainly not as a marketing term, anyway – but it’s what I chose to do at the time.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Castraferrum Dreadnought, Mentors, Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Edition Dread

One of the things that put me off from finishing this model for the longest time was the lack of Mentor Legion transfers or Iconography available. Back in the 1990s, when I used a Mac (G3/233), I created a transfer sheet with Mentor Legion decals, along with many Aquila, and all sorts of other icons that would be very useful for wargaming. I purchased a sheet of decal paper, and ran it through my Inkjet. Looked amazing. After a wait to allow it to dry, I then sprayed it with a fixative as the instructions stated, and it ran and was ruined. And that was the end of that until the 30th of October 2017 when I finally tried again. Because I really wanted to add the chapter number (888) of the Mentor Legion to the model.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Castraferrum Dreadnought, Mentors, Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Edition Dread

Of course now, in my home office, I have a really quite good quality colour laser printer. I’ve had unused decal sheets for a few years, but again – it took the completion of this project and the deadline inherent with “Dreadtober” to get over that particular hump. I also had some 3-d printed “owl” icons made by a nice fellow on Shapeways. I’ll update the post in a few days with his details once my next order has been sent as GW has been a bit litigious with this sort of thing lately and I’m a bit tired of things I like that aren’t really enforceable being ruined by C&D’s from big corporations lately.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Castraferrum Dreadnought, Mentors, Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Edition Dread

The rear-facing number on top of the sarcophagus was inspired by police and similar vehicles that do the same. It’s not really at a proper aircraft recognition size, but it still looks decent. I’ve gone for a “Dreadnought number” rather than using the company number of my Mentor Legion. Mentor Legion, I should point out – circa White Dwarf 98/ – as distinct from the red-raptor headed “Mentors” that they kind-of retconned the chapter into, though with such little detail that it doesn’t matter. I consider them a successor chapter, or perhaps a sub-chapter in my own head-canon. I might write it up one day, or perhaps not. Either way, there’s so little written about them post-WD98, and what came later is contradictory enough that there’s plenty of Tabla Rasa space there, so I’m sure I could write up some fluff that incorporates it well enough and would probably make more sense.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Castraferrum Dreadnought, Mentors, Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Edition Dread

So there we are then. I guess I’ll need to get to work on the rest of the unfinished Mentor Legion sometime soon enough, but I’ve got other stuff to clear out first before I re-start that project in earnest. It might even be a 2018 one.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Castraferrum Dreadnought, Mentors, Rogue Trader, 40k 2nd Edition Dread, Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Chaos Marine Dreadnought

We’ll finish with a shot of the pair of Dreads that Dreadtober motivated me to finally complete. Both finished, finally. After so many years. It feels bloody good to get this pair of monkeys off my back.

Some new Distractions

So, here’s a quick, low-quality picture of my Mentor Legion that I’m in the process (kinda) of updating. Well, I built some extras for the squads and half-built some others. I need to find a bunch of right arms with bolters for some of them. I also need to find a decent brush for basecoating the green on the newbies…

Wow. That is one shitty picture. I’ll get some better ones a bit later. I actually found the custom decals that I made years ago yesterday featuring the original Mentor Legion icon. Unfortunately, I tried to seal them on the sheet with hairspray back in the day, and it caused the ink to run horribly. I just wish I could find the original photoshop file, but it was done so long ago it may even be on my old, old Powermac G3. Which is in storage at my parents’ place somewhere. I should find it, salvage whatever files on it are worthwhile and recycle it. Hmm…

Here’s the Studio Miniatures Zombies, the assembly of whom was how I spent a lot of my day.

So.. it’s also 2 weeks later since John said he’d post out the missing half of my order after getting in contact with Stuart  just before Christmas (when he initially said he’d send them out “tomorrow” – i.e.: before Christmas). They asked me to confirm my address. I did so, and asked them to confirm what they’re sending out. I didn’t get a reply, and that was the last I heard – No German Zombies yet.. Once again, pre-paying for product via crowdfunding results in sterling customer service. I probably won’t order anything from Studio Miniatures again. I’m getting a bit tired of shitty customer service. Their reasoning for sending the wrong stuff was that Indiegogo didn’t register the increased pledge – that’s because they sent me a PayPal invoice, and also managed to ignore the instructions for which figures I wanted that I sent both through email and their survey… in order to make sure they didn’t get it wrong(!)

I’ve started assembling the civilian zombies, and they are indeed very slight in stature, though their proportions are okay. They’re noticibly smaller than even the Mantic ones though. With only 4 rather bland torsos and pretty much the same for arms (6 pair) they’re not a real interesting set of zombies. I’d have been much happier if they were a little bigger, which would have made the parts cross-compatible with Mantic zombies and perhaps others. (without going anywhere near GW’s zombie scale)
The detail level is.. well, there’s not a lot, but at the same time they’re very small. The heads have basically no detail on the sides, being so tiny. Some don’t even have ears. Out of the 8 heads, only one is partly skeletal, which is a shame. Most of the others could be used for scruffy living people. I think a bit more variety would have made the kit a lot better, but as a cheap set they appear alright, though you could very easily use the kit for the living homeless. The resin heads are far, far better than the standard ones in the plastic kit, but then again, after these are drybrushed and dipped, I’m not sure who would be able to tell the difference on any but the construction helmet head.

The hardest part is the tedium of scraping off the (small) mold lines on every component. Hopefully I can finish the assembly in a couple of days, then I can start the basecoats and maybe get them dipped by next weekend. If I’m lucky…

I’ll also put together some size comparisons compared to other ranges’ figures (like a Space Marine). I’ll also try and take a shot comparing them to the figures in Last Night On Earth and Zombies!!!

There’s some good pictures and size comparisons out there with:


Sprue Shots

Lots of other Zombie ranges

In other KS news, Sedition Wars is apparently in the midst of shipping. Dreadball is here and I haven’t had a chance to QA the figures. Stonehaven is here and I haven’t had a chance to QA those either. Bombshell updated again today and seems to be coming along. Red Box appears to be having more delays on fulfilment from Trollforged but is pressing on, bloody-mindedly with his next KS starting any day/hour now. (I’m doubtful mine will arrive before his second campaign finishes).  Trollforged’s own KS seems to get snippets of updates via their own forum or Facebook or some shit. Not via the actual backer update system, but it’s still supposed to be a way away. I got another little box of new Dredd figures from Mongoose and I still wonder why they haven’t sent out the pre-existing sculpts/models? Haven’t heard anything for a couple of weeks from Reaper, Dreamforge or Mantic (Kings of War) since before Christmas.

More annoyingly…

Bruno Galice of the Pirate Goblins hasn’t updated his page since the end of October, or even commented in the comments section for 29 days, when he said that he’d get photos up “this weekend” of the bases and painted miniatures “next week“. Also that he’d gotten the figures in hand and that he’d start shipping the figures “early next week” and that “there won’t be a box” as “the printer went out of business with my money.” Which sounds awfully inspired by what happened to McVey/Mantic. Anyway, clearly the shipping promises were bullshit. Anyway, 29 days since he’s made any communication to his backers, and it appears that he spent New Year’s Eve at some renfaire, but no Facebook communication to his backers either. You stay classy, Bruno. Good luck getting the Pirate Dwarfs funded after this.


I don’t feel like Bruno set out to scam his backers. I do feel like he may have gotten overwhelmed, not budgeted properly (or used the money that he had in hand for other purposes, like paying the rent and electric bills, wine, etc. With 141 backers and if he’s spent the money on other things, this might be the reason that nothing appears to have been sent out or received.

Hm, I did intend to write this up without adding a Kickstarter rant, though I guess it comes to mind naturally since I’m putting together some figures that came from Indiegogo, and wondering when I might actually get the other half of the figures, and being annoyed at the lack of a reply to my followup email from Studio – which brought to mind “hey, whatever happened with those goblins?” and in turn me checking up to see what the latest was – which turned out to be bullshit, and in turn, the latter half of this post.