Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards #1 (February Terrain 2019)

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

Today I have the first three terrain pieces from the Nightvault Arcane Hazards set – yes, I’ve finally painted some Shadespire Models! (sorta!) Actually, this post may have gone up a week or so ago, but I forgot to take the “group” shot above, so it had to wait until after I got back out again to take some more photos.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

My starting this set was directly inspired by seeing what Alexis West aka Westrider had done with some of her set. Yep – the same ones that were featured in the Community Round-up for January a few days ago. Seeing them done up by another hobbyist as opposed to the box or GW webpage can often make models feel more achievable to paint, and often get me off my arse to paint and finish them.

Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Arcane Hazards

As you can see, I went with a scheme that has a little in common with what GW did with their box art, but also fits in directly with the Balewind Vortex that I painted a few weeks ago. I figure a lot of my “undead-ish” terrain will have elements in common with these. I also did some experiementing with a new metallic blue spray that I picked up recently, as well as another (failed) experiment with those Gemstone colours – just look at the rough, gloppy texture of the paint on the flat of the pyramid when the light hits it!

Ah well – better these than a Dreadnought or something like that!

As for the February Paint Challenge that these are a part of – I have been and will be working hard to get the community round up done much more quickly this month, so expect it around the 9th or 10th – basically the weekend after the first full week of the month to allow people to get their stuff finished in the next hours, and then get them posted up on their own blogs.

Oh, and Alex – hold the presses for Fembruary, yeah? I’ve got a little over 4 hours left to finish the model I’m working on! 😉

40k 3rd Edition Starter Set Ruins (February Terrain 2019)

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

How excitement! Yeah, I know. These aren’t the most impressive or exciting pieces, but they’ve been hanging around for years unpainted, so I managed to finally get them done and into the terrain cupboard. These actually aren’t the originals from my own 40k 3rd Ed set – I did actually get those done a few years ago.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

Instead, these came from a batch of second-hand models I got years ago, along with other bits and pieces, including a crashed Aquila Lander missing it’s tail fin. I still need to finish my first one of those first, though (didn’t get it done in Jan of Feb).

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

Being models that I got in a more or less random box is also why some of the pieces were mismatched and (in some cases) missing, so I decided to also build these based on making slightly different corner combinations to the “proper” ones. (And patched the corners with putty!) At this point, years ago, the idea was still to paint them in the same manner as my existing (grey) ones.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

At some point – last year, I think – I sprayed them in a cream/bone colour. The idea now being to paint them to go with a more arid or desert-y table. At that point, they got forgotten about again for several months until this challenge got them out. As it happened, these were the perfect kind of models to paint while Dad was in hospital again. Simple on so many levels, but an achievable task.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

Since then, the Sector Imperialis terrain has been released, with the “showcase” pieces being in a similar colour, so I decided to press on with them, and also use them as test pieces for my own take on that style of scheme to – in turn – help me decide how to paint my Sector Imperialis stuff.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

The paint then was done in a “quick and dirty” manner. Sprayed (gloss) cream from the hardware store. A few details picked out, such as the exposed bricks under the plaster and the grates. The whole lot was then drybrushed with a bone/off-white. Next up was an all-over wash with Vallejo Model Wash (thanks to Dave Kay from Scent of a Gamer for the heads-up on this stuff existing!) followed by a wipe-off while it was still wet, to get that combo wash/stained effect.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

In the end, I have another 5 pieces of smaller-but-modular terrain that are generic enough to again fit into many genres and timelines. I think that they look pretty decent in the shot above with the LotD moving across them. They’ll look even better with other terrain around them in a proper gaming situation!

On an unrelated note, Leonard the Cat appears to have truly gotten a big head due to all of the recent attention!

Squad: March! + Gender-Ambiguous Model Painting Challenge 2019

Ok, we’ll go with the second one first, because a lot of you are probably thinking something along the lines of “What the actual fuck?” I’ll explain:

Since my father’s been in hospital a lot recently, and we’ve had to be constantly calling the place and visiting him daily when he’s in there and now rather frequently that he’s out, I (rather unsurprisingly) haven’t been able to concentrate fully on things like painting models or actively blogging. So over the last few weeks I’ve been working a lot more on simpler things, like terrain (Feb challenge, at least) rather than more intricate models for the most part, that would fit into things like Fembruary, Squaduary, or Alex’ AoS Tale-of-Gamers thingy. (Though I’m getting close on some of those, finally!)

So one of the things I’ve been working on have been the Werewolves from Shadows of Brimstone. While working on them, I considered submitting them for the Fembruary challenge, since they’re gender-ambiguous if you actually look at these models (no bulging pecs, nor any wolf-cleavage) Of course, “female werewolves” in this hobby typically look like the female Wolfen from Confrontation, since a lot of people need those visual markers (wolf boobies!) and everything else they just assume to be male. Since my similar submission of some Plaguebearers last year wasn’t exactly considered fully kosher, I put the idea aside.

Then, a little over a week ago, I was painting more of the werewolves, and also noticed that I was also working on some other simple figures – some beavers, some droids and some mummies. I then realised that these models all share one similarity. They’re all effectively gender-ambiguous or genderless. After all, women were also mummified back in the day, so I don’t think the lack of boobs or long flowing hair on these emaciated undead figures means much. The werewolves? Well, there’s no visible “coin purse” located on the back end of them. Beavers? They’re small furry critters. Droids? Well… robots.

I mean, theoretically, these could all be submitted for “Fembruary” (well, perhaps not the droids). Though that might be taking that point a bit too far. But then I got to thinking….

We’ve had dual-mode months so far for January and February. Why not add in March as well? My planned challenge was for squads – Squad: March!, as we had last year. Why not throw in a second option as well for these models? What with all of the backlash about female models lately – why not do a little something that makes people question their perceptions that almost all of their models are male?

So – aside from Squads, this month is also for models that have an unknown gender, an ambiguous gender, an asexual gender, models that are androgynous, or those with no gender.

Pictured: Low-hanging fruit.

But.. “What kind of model qualifies for this?”, I hear almost no-one ask. I’m glad that you asked!
Well, to start with, forget any ideas about it only being about Daemonettes and champions of Slaanesh, because while they do qualify, they’re also the low-hanging fruit of this exercise.

Just look at the models that you might have in your collection, take out the ones that are obviously male, and then take a look at the ones that people just usually assume are male. Heavily-armoured and especially the closed-helmeted models, both fantasy and sci-fi, but particularly the sci-fi ones. Could there be a dude OR a chick in there? Then that works.

Let’s turn for a moment towards animals. Now some (like lions) will have obvious physical markers, and some models might have a sculpted scrotum. Others (especially horses, but also cats and dogs and such) could be either. Take this to the next tier, and all manner of fantasy creatures, mounts and monsters could be either.

Now I’m going to go Warhammer for a minute and look at some specifics there:
Daemons – aside from Slaanesh – is that Plaguebearer a boy or a girl? What about that Pink Horror? Of course, some are distinctly “male” in their daemonic physiology – such as various Bloodthisters and Bloodletters and Lords of Change through the years, but then the point here is to think about the Fleshhounds and the Beasts and the Juggernauts. You might consider some could be male or female, and others might be completely genderless.

Hot Dude or Sexy Babe under those robes? Your guess is as good as mine! (but probably neither hot or sexy!)

The Adeptus Mechanicus as pretty much an entire faction – Priests & Magi of all tiers, Skitarii, Sicarians, Securarii, Secutors – not to mention the actual battle-servitors or robots!

Of course, the recent Star Wars film “Solo” introduced the concept of droids with “Female” personalities. Of course, that same film had Lando banging his female droid, so I’m happy to entertain the former (while /facepalming at the terrible execution), but also look at things like Astromech droids as genderless and consider units like Imperial War Droids to be solely concerned with their important and rewarding jobs of killing and oppressing than being droid-bros down at the droid-gym. (droid-fistbump!) Hell, the recent-er films have shown Stormtroopers of both genders under that armour, and they look identical with their lids on. (By the way, if you can’t handle girls in your Star Wars and think I’m part of some new Millennial PC agenda, feel free to fuck off elsewhere! #SWfansince77 )

For “Squads”, we’re not all playing Warhammer of whatever type here – so I’m happy for a “Squad” to be made of three or more models of a similar type – and yes – that also includes tank and vehicle platoons of three or more. And if you look at the models in most of the photos above – most of them fit neatly into both categories…

That’s pretty much it. If you might be interested, you’ve got a little under a week for thinking about it before the challenge starts – though if you’re keen there’s also no reason you can’t be working on your models. Because it’s only about completing models in March! 😉

Oh, and I’ll throw some more examples below so you can see just how broad a challenge option it is – if you just think about it.

Terrain & Centrepiece Models Paint Challenge January 2019 – Community Round-Up

Eve Winterfang, from The Twitter has submitted a rather impressive centrepiece model for her debut challenge model – a Renegade Nurgle Knight known as Lief Percival Breckenridge and his Knight, Aegir. One day, I’ll manage to assemble a knight of my own after seeing so many of them look so good, month after month after month!


Buck Surdu’s Sarissa Precision Peel Tower

Buck Surdu of Buck’s Blog completed this impressively sized Peel Tower by Sarissa Precision. And yes – each of those many floors are able to be separated and played in! Visit Buck’s post to see more!


Maurice Micklewhite’s Bramble patches

Maurice Micklewhite from The Mosquito on the Tenth Floor scratchbuilt a set of Bramble patches for his tabletop adventures. Made from MDF and rubberised horsehair, as well as model foliage, he’s turned some otherwise unpleasant materials into a model representation of the kind of area that most of us would find unpleasant to be traipsing about in!


Sunfire’s Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought.

Sunfire, from Rhoda’s Reach has completed both a centrepiece model – the above Contemptor Dreadnought of the Death Guard Legion. Ancient Praeferox here has magnetised weapon options, featuring the Assault Cannon that we see here as well as a Multi-Melta.

Sunfire’s 3D-Printed Power Generators.

Sunfire also 3D-printed this pair of Power Generators for the scenery aspect of the monthly challenge. They’re pretty cool looking, though we’ve really only got the doors to judge scale with. We’ll have to request some with-model shots alongside them as well at some stage. 🙂 Sunfire’s blog is a newer one, with some nice stuff on there – particularly if you’re a fan of the Horus Heresy or the Death Guard, so go check out what he has to show!


Dave Kay’s Reaper Bones Green Dragon.

Dave Kay, of Scent of a Gamer completed this Green Dragon from Reaper’s Bones line, specifically from the Bones III Kickstarter campaign. Dave tells us that the model is very big and towers over infantry and cavalry, so I’m sure we’ll get another look at it in future.


Wudugast’s large Sector Mechanicus terrain piece.

Wudugast, from Convert or Die has built and painted this large and rather impressive looking piece of Sector Mechanicus terrain, as part of his own ongoing “Mean Streets” terrain project.

More of Wudugast’s completed Mechanicus Terrain pieces.

Not to rest on his laurels at that point, though – Wudugast also completed several other pieces – a Thermic Plasma Regulator, a small ruin from the original Manufactorum kit, an Ork barricade and an Escape Pod. They can all be seen in much more detail via the link above.


Pete S /SP from SP’s Projects Blog started the month’s challenge in 6mm, with a variety of piecesStorage Tanks, a TV Station with removable antenna, a Police Station and a pair of Portacabins from Leven Miniatures. To this, he adds a pair of “nodding donkey” pumpjacks from Perfect 6 Miniatures.

One of Pete S “Two Sheds” /SP’s sheds.

Pete S /SP’s Telegraph Poles

Following this, Pete scaled up to 20mm with a reworked plastic shed and a nice set of laser-cut telegraph poles. I’m sure the poles could work well in a variety of scales, and even have a place on his Necromunda table.

Pete S /SP’s Necromunda Terrain

Speaking of… Pete next scaled up to 28mm by also having a bunch of terrain done in 28mm scale – in this case, a bunch of nicely detailed Necromunda pieces.

Pete S /SP’s Dug-in E100 tank.

Finally, Pete completed the month with this dug-in tank, specifically, a German E100. To me, dug-in tanks very much fit into the same ground(!) as my own Imperial Turrets, so I’m good with calling this a terrain piece – especially since it can easily be used in that manner. Besides, an E100 on it’s tracks would easily be a centrepiece model anyway! Certainly a ton of output from Pete in January!


Krautscientist’s Daemon Primarch Angon with Display Base

Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt completed a bit of both aspects of the month’s challenge – finishing a Forge World-style display base for his converted, customised Angron, Daemon Primarch model using the Shattered Aquila terrain piece along with some more sacrificial Ultramarines. Making an incredibly impressive piece even more impressive!


Thomas’ Tzeentchian Daemon Prince, Thonarash the Netherking

Thomas, of High Times on the Eastern Fringe continued his Tzeentchian theme of past months with his unique Daemon Prince, Thonarash the Netherking. Built from various bits and pieces on the base model of the Avatar of Khaine from the Dark Elf/Witch Elf/Daughters of Khaine faction’s Cauldron of Blood model. the creation of this model is also chronicled over a series of posts on Thomas’ blog.


Patmcf’s Medieval Castle

Patmcf aka Model Man Pat from Pat’s 1:72 Scale Military Dioramas completed a rather epic project in January – a Medieval Castle. As you can see from the picture above (and I encourage you to check out the others on his blog post!) – it’s not simpy a castle kit, but a moat with water effects applied, a drawbridge and gate, as well as some of the area around the fortification. It’s one epic piece, and although it will eventually be turned into a diorama piece, it’s definitely the sort of thing I’d love to game on and around as well!


Mark Morin’s DAK Tiger I

Mark Morin, of the Mark A Morin blog continued with his recent drive to paint all of the tanks, by completing a tiny centrepiece for his DAK force, nominally for What a Tanker – the Tiger I. While this model looks impressive enough on it’s own merits, Mark also completed an additional 16 tanks and armoured vehicles to pretty much create an instant German Motor Pool for WWII gaming.


mcmattils’s Imperial Objective Markers and Scatter Terrain.

mcmattila of newly-minted blog, mcmattilaminis has opened January with some very nice pieces, including a set of Imperial Objective Markers and Scatter Terrain. He’s also got some equally-nicely painted stuff up there that’s not terrain based, so I urge you to go check it out!


One of Faust’s scratch-built bulkheads/walls.

Faust’s Necromunda Terrain in action.

Faust from Doubledowndice completed a WHOLE LOTTA pieces for Necromunda that can be used as shipping containers, walls, bulkheads, and general industrial-style terrain. Made from balsa, other bits and plastic panels from various Robolog and Mantic scenery pieces, he’s achieved a nice variety within the uniformity of the dimensions of the blocks. As you can see above, they also look very effective on the tabletop!


Justneedsvarnish’s Forest

John, AKA, Just Needs Varnish from Just Needs Varnish put together a series of modular forest pieces that are suitable for pretty much any genre of wargaming. The trees just sit atop the bases, so that they can be moves around for unit bases, or reorganised, or just placed separately while the stumps add detail and interest.


Pandora’s Bitz Box’ Tyranid Toxicrene

Pandora’s Bits Box, from the Krakendoomcool blog brings us a lovely centepiece model in this Tyranid Toxicrene. It’s quite a brightly coloured beast, and it’s clearly showing what it thinks of drab paintjobs by the Raven Guard marine being crushed beneath it’s clawed hooves.

Pandora’s Bits Box’ Promethium Forge

Not one to skip any part of a challenge, Pandora’s Bits Box also completed this Promethium Forge as a submission for the terrain part of the month’s challenge. To take it a step further, he’s magnetised many of the sections, and so they can be set up in a myriad of ways on the tabletop. Check the post to see some examples. I might have to rip that idea off for myself…


maenoferren22’s “hill”.

maenoferren22 of Bogenwald seems to have just been taking the piss for January’s challenge.

maenoferren22’s completed “grave hill”.

Oh, wait. He turned that mass of expandable foam into this rather lovely piece. A Grave Hill, to be a centrepiece of his graveyard.

maenoferren22’s hillocks.

maenoferren also created some smaller hillocks, as well as having a few pieces that didn’t quite make the end-of-January Deadline. Hopefully, we’ll see them in February, then?


Alexis West’s Inquisitor Daemon Huntress

Last but not least, we have Alexis West, aka Westrider from Cascadian Grimdark, who completed this Daemon Huntress model from the Inquisitor game released by GW, way back in 2001. It’s an impressive piece, in the 54mm scale that the game used – and I have to admit that I’ve not seen this particular model before, either. Certainly a lovely job on a very cool model – and a great way for Alexis to have started off 2019!

Alexis’ initial batch of Shadespire Terrain

On the scenery front, Alexis got stuck into making her games of Shadespire and Nighthaunt more visually appealing with several pieces from the Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Terrain from the recently released set.

Alexis’ additional pieces for Shadespire – painted last year it turns out!

These were quickly followed by this mix of pieces from other sets to find a home in Shadespire – A Statue Head and Crypt Casket from the Shattered Dominion set, Soulsnare Shackles from the Endless Spells and even a pile of rubble repurposed from a Dreadfleet piece. – edit – Alexis has since clarified that these were painted last year, but only shown on her blog for the first time in January. So I’ll leave them up here anyway, since I already did the work of compiling the photos and adding the links. :p

Alexis’ Ryza-Pattern Building Ruins

Alexis also completed this set of Ryza-Pattern Ruins. She’s chosen to paint the two sides of the walls differently in order to give boan an exterior and interior look to the pieces. What brings them up and beyond for me is the fact that she also took the time to pick out the smaller detailed parts of the kit.


Finally – here’s my own stuff, posted up last week and shown in much more detail throughout the last month of my blog posting. Ok, the Orc and Plague Toads aren’t quite centrepiece models, but I forgot to take more photos at the time, so that’s what we get.

Is your own January Challenge work missing from here? If you left a link in the announcement thread, then it should be here and I apologise. If there’s no link there, then leave one here. I may seen, read and even commented on your post, but I’m damned if I can remember each and every blog post I go through each month! Broken links, etc – just bring it to my attention and I’ll also fix them up ASAP.

As regular readers know, I’ve had a bit of family health stuff to take care of recently, which has put a pretty huge damper on my posting. I’ll be posting more of my models and scenery soon, as well as putting up the Announcement post for February’s challenge (a little later, than usual, I know – sorry!) – I’ll still give this post 2 days as the many people’s hard work arrayed above deserves some extra time to sit at the top of my page.

Pimp My Kickstarter: Shieldwolf Forest Goblins

Today is basically a PSA-type post about Shieldwolf’s latest KS project – which is for Forest Goblins. Sure, there are potential stretch goals down the line for Sci-fi Goblins/Grotz and “regular” goblins, but the meat and potatoes of this campaign should be viewed as plastic forest gobboes.

It’s worth pointing out that – yes, I am generally on friendly terms with Shieldwolf, they haven’t asked me to post this – and certainly haven’t paid me in money or product. I’m blogging about it here because to me, it’s a rather worthwhile project that I’ll be backing, but as a smaller company they can benefit from that little bit of extra attention that my blog posts can bring. As opposed, to, say, Mantic or CMON. Criticism of these renders over on Dakke have been that the spear and sword blades look a bit too big – and although I can see that, I don’t think they’re excessively out of line. SW’s fluff reason for this is because they’re mostly looted weapons, from the other races in their bespoke fantasy setting.

After checking, I can confirm that the four torsos shown above with heads attached do have them permanently attached, and the join for the forth body appears to be flat rather than a ball joint. Both a bit unfortunate – and I admit, I can’t understand why they would have made either of those decisions. Well, maybe the heads are attached because of sprue space? The stuff I tend to see from Renedra (who usually do SW’s plastics) isn’t nearly as efficient with sprue space as GW has become, so maybe it’s a limitation there?

Not dealbreakers, but definitely a shame in my opinion.

The prices aren’t overwhelmingly amazing – it’s not a Mantic/CMON campaign. In fact for me, getting my GW stuff direct from the UK – these models come to a price after shipping that’s pretty much on parity with GW’s current Night Goblins – or a little more, if I’m to be honest. (Because fuck GWAU’s local pricing!) So, with no real price break aside from the resin heroes or later stretch goals being effectively freebies – as with some similar campaigns, I’m backing based on some questions to ask myself:

Do I really want these? Would I buy them if they were at retail? Am I willing to pay a year in advance to help them get made? And how much am I willing to pay for them?

The short answer – for me at this stage, is 2 boxes for US$50+shipping. If the Not-Gretchin unlock, I’ll revisit it then. But 50 Night Goblins for what’s going to end up being AU$100 or so is plenty for me right now.

So there we are. If you’re interested in this, go check it out. If not, then simply go on with your browsing and await the next post in a day or two. 🙂

January 2019 – Terrain & Centrepiece Model Challenge: Personal Round-Up

At the end of the month, I ended up with 45 pieces completed in January. While my personal focus was on scenery, the second challenge was for “centrepiece” models – of which I have a good five that I had hoped to get stuck into and hopefully to complete at least a couple of them. In the centrepiece aspect then, my own effort was a resounding fail. (Plague Toads are cool and all, but they’re not centrepiece models!) Still, on the Scenery front, I did manage to finish 42 pieces, and while – again – I didn’t finish all I’d hoped to, it’s still a reasonable outcome.

I was especially happy to finally paint the Ruined Watchtower, and to finally complete the Battlescape and the Imperial Turrets. The Ork debris piles started off as a lot of fun, but eventually became a slog. Ah well. More terrain to come for February. I’ll get the Community Round-Up done ASAP – though it’s usually a few solid hours worth of work to compile, so it might not be until the weekend, so there may be a February model or two posted up first…

I also forgot to take some extra photos as I often do when the round-ups take up more space, as they do here – so in lieu of that, here’s Leonard instead!

Army Battle Bridge Set (January Terrain 2019)

So, we brought Dad home from the Hospital again on Friday afternoon, and so a life returns somewhat to what passes for “normal” these days, I spent a bit of time yesterday trying to catch up on people’s blog posts. Today I’ve been out in the shed taking some photos, so that I can bring January to a close and then move onto February’s stuff.

Back when Amazon US still delivered to Australia, I picked up four 2-packs of “Army Battle Bridge Set” – which are basically from the “PVC Toy Soldier” genre – since they were (reasonably) cheap – at least by Australian Standards. So in January, I finally got around to painting them. Pretty simple overall – I did three in bare (rusty) metal and two more in my custom “Necromunda Blue” spray. And then rusted them up a bit, too using washes and powders. I also edged four of them with some hazard stripe decals that I printed off, for more Necro-feels.

And here they are, as I’d use them. The new Sector Mechanicus terrain is very nice and all, but there’s always a place on my table for simple ramp-bridges that can be placed between any suitable elevated pieces. I need to finish off more of those! These also have the added benefit of being able to fit in with pretty much any game from WWII through moderns through to post-apoc and at a variety of scales – rather than looking like they really only fit into the 40k-verse.

This concludes my (belated) January posts. Next up will be my personal round-up, and then I’ll get the community round-up done as soon as I can…