40k 3rd Edition Starter Set Ruins (February Terrain 2019)

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

How excitement! Yeah, I know. These aren’t the most impressive or exciting pieces, but they’ve been hanging around for years unpainted, so I managed to finally get them done and into the terrain cupboard. These actually aren’t the originals from my own 40k 3rd Ed set – I did actually get those done a few years ago.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

Instead, these came from a batch of second-hand models I got years ago, along with other bits and pieces, including a crashed Aquila Lander missing it’s tail fin. I still need to finish my first one of those first, though (didn’t get it done in Jan of Feb).

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

Being models that I got in a more or less random box is also why some of the pieces were mismatched and (in some cases) missing, so I decided to also build these based on making slightly different corner combinations to the “proper” ones. (And patched the corners with putty!) At this point, years ago, the idea was still to paint them in the same manner as my existing (grey) ones.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

At some point – last year, I think – I sprayed them in a cream/bone colour. The idea now being to paint them to go with a more arid or desert-y table. At that point, they got forgotten about again for several months until this challenge got them out. As it happened, these were the perfect kind of models to paint while Dad was in hospital again. Simple on so many levels, but an achievable task.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

Since then, the Sector Imperialis terrain has been released, with the “showcase” pieces being in a similar colour, so I decided to press on with them, and also use them as test pieces for my own take on that style of scheme to – in turn – help me decide how to paint my Sector Imperialis stuff.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

The paint then was done in a “quick and dirty” manner. Sprayed (gloss) cream from the hardware store. A few details picked out, such as the exposed bricks under the plaster and the grates. The whole lot was then drybrushed with a bone/off-white. Next up was an all-over wash with Vallejo Model Wash (thanks to Dave Kay from Scent of a Gamer for the heads-up on this stuff existing!) followed by a wipe-off while it was still wet, to get that combo wash/stained effect.

40k 3rd Editon Starter Set Ruins

In the end, I have another 5 pieces of smaller-but-modular terrain that are generic enough to again fit into many genres and timelines. I think that they look pretty decent in the shot above with the LotD moving across them. They’ll look even better with other terrain around them in a proper gaming situation!

On an unrelated note, Leonard the Cat appears to have truly gotten a big head due to all of the recent attention!

24 thoughts on “40k 3rd Edition Starter Set Ruins (February Terrain 2019)

  1. I’ve always liked those ruins, and was kind of disappointed when they were discontinued. They look great in the off-white like you’ve got them here, and I may have to repaint mine similarly.


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  2. Great work on these. I really enjoy the two-tone colour scheme that highlights the brickwork separately from the rest of the masonry. Looks class.

    I think these things came out about 2 years after I got into the hobby for the first time, so they spark a little bit of nostalgia in me for sure! Looking back, I guess these and the jungle trees that came out at the same time represent GW’s first baby steps into a brave new world of plastic scenery after years of cardstock firebases & bastions – kind of incredible to think of how far scenery kits have come in that time.

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    • Thank you. Often just picking out the little bits of detail (without going too crazy) can really bring a piece of terrain to that next level over leaving it all grey (or whatever).
      The Jungle Trees! I still have those! On the sprue, even… 😡

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  3. Yep that colour is an excellent way to set it apart from the usual gray blaa of most Emperium you typically see! Awesome stuff! Plus Leonard deserves it! Being a very cute cat is hard work ;P


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