WIP it!

Haven’t had much of a chance to take new photos or paint anything this week, so this update is a bit of a blast from the past.

The first pic is some kind of Warzone/Mutant Chrionicles figure. I can’t remember what this guy is exactly, but he’ll fit into a Nurgle-themed chaos cult/Lost and the Damned force well enough, so that will do him, if I ever get around to building and fielding such a force. I’m showing him today because I had the photo handy, I think it’s a nice looking paintjob, and I wanted to have some colour in this update by having at least a finished figure included.

These are some early assembly/WIP pictures of my Iron Warriors figures, some of whom are finished and shown here (bottom half of the page). Just a mixture of plastic Marine, Chaos Marine, Khorne Berserker kits with metal components from the Iron Hands and Iron Warriors kits.

The Warsmith’s (on the right) head is from a Noise Marine, and his Thunder Hammer/Power Weapon is from a Chronopia figure, with some guitar wire added. The champion is just a kitbash of metal and plastic parts, but I think he looks effective. I should pull my fist out and finish these figures someday!