Morathi: Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress (Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997) #Fembruary 2019, Neglected February 2019

Morathi Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997

Today’s model is also my slightly-delayed submission for Alex at Leadbaloony’s Fembruary 2018 painting challenge. Originally, I’d hoped to get a few other models done in time as well, but with how February turned out, I’m actually quite happy just to have finished off Morathi to a this standard.

Morathi Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997

Of course, there’s a new pair of models for Morathi these days, as in AoS she currently leads the Daughters of Khaine faction. But never mind those – I’ll get to them when I get to them! This model originally had a rather ornate head to the staff, but as I didn’t like it, I chopped it off around the time I bought this model and simply replaced it with a skull from a plastic skeleton kit. Morathi might not look “dressed for battle” with more than a touch of cheesecake but to me she gives off a nice “Maleficent” type vibe, and she’s clearly powerful enough to dress however she likes…

Marouda, today.

As well as Alex’ challenge, I’m also dedicating this Fembruary model to Marouda, who is both a mentally strong woman as well as one who has been becoming physically stronger as the weeks go past (we’ve been going to the gym regularly since late last year, but more on that in a later post). She didn’t know why I wanted to take this photo, either. 😛

Morathi Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress, Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997

The palette I’ve chosen for Morathi is around the overall scheme that I’m doing my Dark Elves in, which is to say a lot of Turquoise and Aqua, with use of the blues and greens to each side. I’m also going to call this model the beginning of another AoS Skirmish warband, and shoehorn it into Alex’ other group project as my only other painted Dark Elves are limited to a pair of Assassins and a pair of Bolt Throwers that lack crew. Warbanding them up a bit more seems like the perfect motivation to getting a few more of these models painted!

Now, to get on and paint some Skaven! (wait, what?)

23 thoughts on “Morathi: Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress (Chris Fitzpatrick, 1997) #Fembruary 2019, Neglected February 2019

  1. Looks good, now you need to get the new one and have them battle it out to determine who’s the real Morathi!

    And yeah, I totally see Morathi as someone who’s arrogant* enough that she’ll wear the cheesecake armour and such as a statement of her power and a challenge to those who dare oppose her.

    Also, Holy Mother of Ludicrous Shoulderpads, Batman! Was she trying to make it look like she had wings?

    *Or maybe that should be “confident”, since she actually does have the power to back it up.

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    • Yeah, I have the newer pair in their box in the Pile’O’Shame. Still a lot more neglected and old stuff I want to get painted and out of the goddamned way before I break into that series of kits, though.
      It really does look like Fitz was channelling a lot of “witch” and “sorceress” archetype images when sculpting this, and the shoulders are probably proxy “bat wings” as well, I’d think.


    • Thanks Dave. I wanted to keep the reddish stuff very dark and subtle, so it went to the pale ochre/yellow to provide the contrasting “pop” on this miniature.


  2. Heh, when I saw the model’s face, I instantly thought about some Disney character – Maleficent is probably spot on! I’m not a a huge fan of most old sculpts, but your paintwork is as impressive as always!

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    • Thank you, and yeah, there’s some wonky proportional stuff on this one, and it’s not Fitz’ greatest facial sculpt, but I still like this one anyway. 🙂


  3. Brilliant mate – your colour scheme works a treat, and that mini is just too cool. She might be a bit cheesy, but she screams ‘badass baddie’, and the subtle work on the staff helps to tone it down a bit.
    Kudos to Marouda for the gun-show! It’s so hard to get in (and stay in) shape, and I always have massive respect for people that do.

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  4. Great paintwork, especially the colour selection. The miniature does rather feel like it belongs to a different era (of really large heads and hands) but you’ve done it justice. She’s going to look pretty tiny next to the new Morathi though!

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  5. Morathi is beautiful. Good choice on the skull addition, really gives her a mood that tells a story. As for Marouda, very impressive. I thought you Aussies had all your guns confiscated? Hers are also impressive – don’t cross her!


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  7. They may be occasionally wonky, but I have a soft spot for those old Chris Fitzpatrick sculpts, especially since his Dark Elves and Dark Eldar were so similar in style! Morathi really has that Maleficient look, well spotted! And while the model has a certain clunkiness when seen from a modern perspective, there was a time when she was just about the apex of female sculpts in GW’s catalogue.


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