Terrain & Neglected Models Paint Challenge February 2019 – Community Round-Up

Model Man Pat’s Completed Medieval Castle Diorama

Kicking off this month’s dual-mode challenge of Neglected Models and Terrain, we have Patmcf, aka Model Man Pat from Pat’s 1:72 Scale Military Dioramas brought this piece to final completion in February – The Medieval Castle. While at first glance you’d be entirely forgiven for asking “Hang on, didn’t we see this one before? Last month, actually?” the difference here is that Pat has turned what was essentially an impressive piece of scenery into a fully-blown diorama, with the addition of several dozen painted models – giving a great deal of life to the complete work, as you can see a number of small mini-narratives taking place across the breadth of the scenic piece. I strongly encourage you to check out Pat’s blog on the links above to see much, much more of this work.


Dave Stone’s Chaos Soulgrinder

Next up is Dave Stone, from The Gamer’s Cupbard blog and his impressive Chaos Soulgrinder. Dave also sculpted the disgusting, green phlegm attack coming from the Daemon Engine’s maw. Nice. I mean, ugh.


Ann’s neglected Nurgle Poxwalker

…and another!

Ann, of Ann’s Immaterium completed another Poxwalker for the Neglected Model challenge. The first one marked fourteen of twenty, and then the second Poxwalker of the month took her horde to fifteen, so the end of this mob of poxies is close to hand now…


Backtothehammer’s Citadel Wood

Backtothehammer from his eponymous blog, Backtothehammer painted up this lovely and vibrant looking Citadel Wood in what he claims was only two nights(!) I know I get a lot of models done, but when I see something this big that looks this good done in such a short space of time, I’m still amazed and jealous!


Mikko’s straight walls…

…and his corners and rubble end-pieces.

Mikko,of Dawn of the Lead is (finally) on board for a challenge – welcome mate! He’s completed some walls and corner pieces from Fenris Games’ “Rubble City” range.  While Mikko says that some of them were finished awhile back, he’s picked them up again and retouched them – so it totally counts (I do this all the time with older models). I feel that the grime and subtle coloured shading on them makes them look incredibly realistic.


Argentbadger’s Trio of Trolls

Argentbadger, from The Bovine Overlord finished an impressive neglected trio of models from the Trollbloods faction of Hordes. A Troll Bouncer, looking suitably brutal to have the title of “bouncer”. A  Troll Impaler. (If you ask me, he could be called a Whale Impaler.) And finally, a Troll Axer. Who carries a very big axe. No doubt, for axing things it doesn’t like. So many angry blue trolls….


mcmattila’s Stormcast Liberators – five with Hammers and five with Swords.

mcmattila of mcmattilaminis has finished off two sets of Stormcast Liberators in his Silverlions scheme. The first five are armed with Hammers while the second five are armed with Swords. I feel like I’m selling them short if I leave it at that, so I’ll just recommend that people take the time to check out both posts for more detailed shots of both sets of models. Your eyes will thank you!


Sunfire’s Vengeance Knights Primaris Marines

Sunfire, from Rhoda’s Reach has completed a pair of Primaris Space Marines in the livery of his Vengeance Knights chapter. These Neglected Models originally came from the Dark Vengeance starter box. I’m not sure how many more await us, but I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of their force!

Sunfire’s Zone Mortalis Walls

Sunfire didn’t stop there, though – also completing some scenic items for the other half of February’s challenge. Specifically, some 3D-printed walls and tiles to be used with Zone Mortalis and Necromunda (and I presume anything else that needs some sci-fi walls!)


dave2718’s Neglected Helldrake

dave2718 from Faith&Steel completed a rather impressive Neglected Model this past month – a Chaos Space Marine (and probably also Daemonkin, in a few days) Helldrake. I have to say that I have one of these kits, and given how complex both the assembly and painting looks to be, I haven’t even considered starting on it. More credit then, to Dave for getting the thing done!


Mark Morin’s destroyed Panzer IV-D

Mark Morin, of Mark A Morin did something around Tanks for the February terrain challenge, making excellent use of a mispacked Panzer IV from Battlefront Miniatures by turning it into a destroyed and burnt-out wreck of a Panzer IV. I especially like the damaged running gear scattered across the base

Mark Morin’s Blast Markers.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Mark also put together a foursome of smoke/blast markers, built around some LED tea lights. Instead of typing more, I’ll just say look at them!


The Imperfect Modeller’s “Mad Jack”

The Imperfect Modeller from The Imperfect Modeller completed “Mad Jack”, The Lighthouse Keeper. This completed piece, with the model from Artizan really qualifies for both of the February challenges, as we have both a Neglected Model as well as a terrain piece. While a simple piece in many ways, the composition is nonetheless quite evocative and effective.


Wudugast’s Neglected Escher Gangers.

Wudugast, from Convert or Die completed some figures to do double-duty across a couple of challenges, with the four Escher models shown above featuring not only here as a quartet of Neglected Models, but also in Alex’ Fembruary 2019 Painting Challenge (go check that out, if you haven’t already!) It was actually Wudu’s write-up here that prompted me to show off Marouda’s growing assets in my own Fembruary post the other day – so thanks for that, mate! 😉


Pandora’s Bits Box’ Genestealer Hyprid Aberrants

Pandora’s Bits Box, from the Krakendoomcool blog completed the above five Genestealer Hybrid Aberrants for his Neglected Models. I admit, I didn’t realise that Tooth and Claw was 6 months out already, but that’s how quickly life passes by with GW’s rapid release schedule right now, I guess! The highlight on these ones for me is the lovely blending on their skin tones.

Pandora’s Crashed Aquila Dropship.

Of course, Pandora also completed something for the terrain component of February’s challenges – that being the Crashed Aquila Dropship from the 4th Edition “Battle for Macragge” 40k Starter set from 2004. The funny thing about this kit is that both Krautscientist and myself also attempted to get this kit completed over the past couple of months, but neither of us managed to get them done yet. Ah well, there’s always the next terrain month – or anytime before then!


Just Needs Varnish’s Scratch-built 20mm Cottages.


Just Needs Varnish from Just Needs Varnish created a number of terrain pieces. From scratch, of bloody course! First up are a pair of cottages (WIP pictures included on his post) and then something even more impressive, a large bridge piece that looks to me like it could be one of those premade MDF kits that are all the rage these days. Once again, John’s ability to scratch-build models that look like commercial kits manages to astound me.


Alexis West’s Neglected Models.

Alexis West, aka Westrider from Cascadian Grimdark, completed quite a few Neglected Models over February. With a full squad of 10 Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrids in the front, joined by two pairs of civilians/crew types. One pair of GW Imperial Guard Crew models, and also a pair of female Spaceport Crew from Statuesque Miniatures.


Pete S /SP’s Ruined European House

Pete S /SP from SP’s Projects Blog completed this amazing looking Ruined European House. An Airfix 1/72(ish) kit, Pete has done an outstanding job of turning a standard kit into something that will really be a highlight on the table for his 20mm battles, with the addition of interior details, rubble and so much more.

Krutscientist’s HeroQuest Heroes

Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt has gone old-school for his Neglected Models in February, by beginning a cool little project – painting the entire set of models from the original 1989 HeroQuest Boardgame with his 2019 painting skills. First up we have the four player-character heroes.

Kroutscientist’s HeroQuest Orcs

KS rapidly followed this up with a HeroQuest-sized horde of Orcs.

Krutscientist’s HeroQuest Undead

And then, Krautscientist turned out a very impressive three sets of Undead from the game. The Zombies, Skeletons and Mummies. I have to say that especially on these sculpts, KS’ excellent paintwork really shows that these thirty-year-old sculpts really still hold up well today. It’s going to be amazing to see the whole game painted up, and at this rate it won’t be long!

(Each set of 3+ models will also qualify as a “unit” for the March Challenge, as well!)

Spalanz’ Grey Knights Captain.

Finally, we have a carryover from January’s Challenge (which I’ll edit into that post later) – Mark Griffiths aka Spalanz from Spalanz completed this Grey Knights Captain as a centrepiece model. I missed it at the time because it wasn’t posted as a link on the WordPress, and then I thought I remembered it, but couldn’t find it posted on his blog when it was time to assemble the Community Round-Up. I spotted it the other day, on Twitter, so I’m adding it in here, today.

27th May – time for some edits!



There was a note from WSTZ – James in the comments to include “Harry Badsaw” in the next round-up. But without any links. Now I didn’t twig that WSTZ was Wyrdstones and Tackle Zones,, nor that Harry Badsaw was his neglected model from the same month. I’d asked WSTZ to leave a note in the comments for the inclusion of his model, and he’d done so a week or so later – but without a link – by which time I’d forgotten about the whole thing (and let’s face it, I’d never have remembered the model’s name). I’ve just seen it again now and googled “Harry Badsaw”, which took me to the blog, and then I was able to put two and two and the other two together and figure out what was going on…. this is why giving me the links are SO important!


Wyrdstones and Tackle Zones’ Harry Badsaw, Orc Thrower

So, from James, of Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones, we have the Blood Bowl Orc Thrower, Harry Badsaw. The conversion is pretty seamless really – I’d never have picked it, and I own the Wuurzag model it’s based on!

And now, finally, I’ve added in my own February models. So there they are, in all their gory glory!


Speaking of… is your own February Challenge work missing from here? If you left a link in the announcement thread, then it should be here and I apologise. If there’s no link there, then leave one here. I may seen, read and even commented on your post, but I’m damned if I can remember each and every blog post I go through each month! Broken links, etc – just bring it to my attention and I’ll also fix them up ASAP.

44 thoughts on “Terrain & Neglected Models Paint Challenge February 2019 – Community Round-Up

  1. Great round up mate and I’m sure it took quite a while to do so many thanks, particulalry with what else you have on your plate right now. Blown away by the number of entrants and the high standard which seems to get higher every time. If only I was younger and could keep up! Some new names to me on here as well so some homework to be done in terms of checking out other blogs.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was a bit of a slog to put together, but I did a bit of it a couple of weeks ago before the month had ended, so that was a huge help. A bit more over the last few days, and then about 3-4 hours today. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, sometimes!

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Thanks Azazel, looking forward to see you collection from February all together. Even though i’ve been keeping up with your work its always so impressive seeing it collected together.

    Such a cool collection here, including a few new people’s work to follow! I’ll be surprised if I finish my androgynous beastie for the next challenge but I’m trying. A third or the way though the month already though! 😥

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m trying to get the last of February’s stuff photographed now. Along with a few of March’s models, too. Then I can write up and queue up a few posts and chill for a few days…


      • Oh wicked. I don’t think there is any way my current project will be ready for March. I forgot I’m on holiday next week so I think I’ll try to squeeze in a different Androgynous mini the week after. It’s good to have the motivation to get heirophant started though which is the whole point of the challenges!

        Looking forward to your post then and seeing the start of your March entries.

        Liked by 2 people

      • All good, mate. Just get done what you can. 🙂
        Took a bunch of photos again yesterday, but naturally, there was some stuff that appears to have disappeared into a black hole, and other stuff I simply forgot as I’d put it away for some reason, so I have to go have a “round 2” this evening for the group shots.


  3. Excellent stuff all around. Thank you yet again for putting these together and giving us some extra motivation to get these various projects finished off!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Good work everyone! I count 15 participants, plus Azazel’s own stalwart efforts (probably outstripping the rest of us combined) so it’s great to see how this community challenge is expanding.

    Thanks, of course, to Azazel for doing all the work to collate everyone’s contributions.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Many thanks to Azazel for putting in all the work collating all the entries into one place.
    So many great entries again this month and some very large pieces as well, great to see it increasing each month

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yeah, I think scenery challenges will have to make guest appearances a few times each year, as people seem to find them useful, going by the amount of pieces showcased in the last 2 months!


  6. Azazel you rock the hobby world! Amazing stuff from every contributor, and just some beautiful stuff (even the phlegm). Thanks for including me, thanks for collecting, and thanks to all the contributors. WOWOWOWOW!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Your completed castle and surrounds and inhabitants are bloody amazing, Pat – make no mistake. I’d certainly more than welcome you to participate as often as it works out for you. Your projects are pretty large in general, though – so I think it might more often work out to what you’ve got started that could use a kick to help you finish it off!

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Great stuff here, but a freakin castle?! Wow. Also really love those HeroQuest minis that KrautScientist has been doing. That brings back some seriously warm, fuzzy nostalgia. Of course, our minis were never painted, and wouldn’t have turned out half as good if they were.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Once again, a sizeable chunk of the gray piles of shame has been turned into beautiful, finished models. Great effort from everyone, and thanks Azazel for taking (a lot of) time for compiling these posts every month!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Welcome, mate – it’s good to provide a little showcase for people’s finished models, and by varying the challenge each month while still keeping it pretty broad, it prevents it from becoming completely samey and boring and “whatever”-ish.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks mate. I haven’t heard of Harry, but he should post a link in the thread for the next round up. Or even in this comment section if he did something for February? Happy to include him, but I’m not going hunting for people as it takes me enough hours to put these things together as it is. 👍


    • Edited it and fixed – without the link, I didn’t know who Harry was – I assumed he was another blogger as I didn’t recall the name and didn’t pick up that it was your BB character’s name.


  9. I know I say this every month but, once again, it’s a real treat to see so many cracking miniatures gathered together – and to see how far these challenges have spread. As ever I end up spotting loads of things I missed when they were first posted, or discovering entirely new blogs. These days it seems like a lot of people go to twitter or instagram for a quick fix of hobby inspiration so it’s great to see how these challenges have linked up and promoted the hard-working bloggers of the world. Cheers for the shout out too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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