Kings of War: Vanguard – Battlefield Objectives Runestones/Standing Stones

Mantic Games Kings of War: Vanguard – Battlefield Objectives Runestones/Standing Stones

I did manage to paint a small amount of actual terrain in August – I managed to leverage Dave Stone’s Season of Scenery Challenge enough to get me to finish this set of 12 Runestone/Standing Stones/Menhirs. I painted them in greys and then added both browns and greens via both paint and weathering powders to give them some visual interest by representing dirt, moss and other outdoorsy muck

Mantic Games Kings of War: Vanguard – Battlefield Objectives Runestones/Standing Stones

Or perhaps they’re better described as two sets of six? Here you can see both sides of each of the three sculpts. The interesting thing is I can’t for the life of me remember where they came from. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that they came from a Kicjstarter, especially since they’re made from PVC. It’s the pretty good PVC that CMoN tends to use, rather than the cheap, sticky, garbage PVC often used by Mantic or Reaper, but I’m still not sure where they came from. I did check the campaign pages for HATE, Blood Rage and even Mantic’s Terraincrate, but couldn’t see them in any of those, which doesn’t mean I didn’t just miss seeing them… but if you recognise these, please do let me know in the comments and I’ll be able to amend the post title. 🙂

edit – thanks to Kuribo who recognised them from Mantic’s Kings of War Vanguard Kickstarter – so they’re Terrain Crate-adjacent. Here’s the current bundle that they’re available from at retail.

Mantic Games Kings of War: Vanguard – Battlefield Objectives Runestones/Standing Stones

My Vikings are a tad inaccessable to me at the moment, so Kirashi kindly helped me by grabbing some Barbarian types to pose with the stones and provide scale. As with a lot of other scatter, these are pretty versatile for use in both fantasy and historical games, as well as the more fantastic side of sci-fi, such as 40k… There’s a little more of August’s stuff to post up yet, which I should get done over the next week or so.

Mantic Terrain Crate Temple: Fountain

Another quick one today – and another pair of terrain bits I started just before last month’s Terrain Challenge by Dave Stone concluded – but completed a little late, in the first days of this month – a pair of Fountains from Mantic’s Terrain Crate Temple set. (And yes, I got two of the sets). I was originally going to paint them differently, but decided to go identical so they can easily be used on the same table. These will be pretty versatile – they work for historicals, fantasy, moderns, and sci-fi – as our lovely spokemodels here illustrate. Hell, I could even see these in a trashed urban area in something like Fallout 3 or 4….

Two posts in the same day? Yeah, I don’t like doing it this way, but I want to catch up rather than have the September posts run halfway through October (like August did to September). As it is, there’ll still be a few into October. Why not combine lots of stuff into fewer posts? I used to do that, but I like each thing to have its own post mostly because it makes things a ton easier for me when I go back looking for specific posts and/or models, so I’ll combine stuff from the same lines or that work thematically closely, but these fountains don’t play well with the mechanical whatsit from the previous post, so they each get their own…