Anyone want some old Warhammer Miniature Boxes?

I’m cleaning up, and as it happens, I’ve got tons of old (mostly Warhammer and related) figure boxes that I’ve kept since the late 80’s, 90’s through to today. There are too many of them taking up too much space, and so one way or another – they’ve got to go! The photo above is just some of them. Sizes range from the little ones, through to the larger ones that Rhinos and stuff fit into.

Now, I’m not trying to sell them, but by the same token, I’m not posting them around the world for free, either. I’m also not going to spend hours going through each and every box of boxes to make a list so people can select one or two. Sorry, I don’t have that much spare time these days.

What I will do is happily sort them by general theme if people ask for something (ie “marines” “orks” etc) and then send them to interested parties at the cost of postage & packaging. (Warning, Australia Post isn’t the cheapest – by far.)

It would have to be via PayPal “gift” or whatever it’s called, because I’m not leaving myself open to potentially being screwed, nor the entirely trustworthy postal services. Anyone who wouldn’t trust me with some money to send them some empty boxes probably shouldn’t be considering sending me money in the first place.

Most still have their foam insets or plastic bubble-divider inserts. Those are in highly variable condition since I’ve used them to store my models for years until I recently moved a lot of figures to plastic storage boxes from hardware stores. The boxes are mostly in good nick, but they vary from still having the plastic shrinkwrap on them to a bit beaten up, and some have masking tape labels on one side from when I stored my models in them.

I have no idea if anyone or many people would be interested in these, so I’m going to give preference to people I know via the blog, if they want them/any.

If nobody wants any of these, it’s a bit of a shame, but I get it. I don’t have space for the things either! They’ll be recycled in a few weeks. And just to be 100% clear…


Speed Freeks Scrap Piles #1 (January Terrain 2019)

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

Since my copies of Speed Freeks arrived back in November, along with the Mekboy Workshop, I spent quite a number of work lunchtimes and meetings busily scraping and cutting away mould lines and bits of sprue to get them ready to paint. With what amounted to four sets of the terrain, that came to 4 large piles of Scrap/debris, 4 medium ones and 4 small ones. As well as that there’s 4 large Scrap walls, 4 medium and 4 small. Then there’s the actual Mekboy Workshop.

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

That amounts to 25 individual bits of terrain that I’ve slowly been working on, bit by bit, since November. Yesterday, I finally completed the first four of them. The rest are at various stages of completion, from nearly-almost-so-close-to-done, to only clipped off the sprue and still needing to have those mould lines scraped off. With that in mind, I’m going to post them as I finish each “set”. So these are the first ones.

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

There were basically three things I wanted to do with these sets: Did I say two? I meant three. THREE!!

1) Use enough colour to make the small details more distinctive than having them simply be piles of drybrushed silver. I’ve got plenty enough that will be following that scheme later. These have screwdrivers and pliers that you can make out!

2) Paint them so that they easily fit into  ̶G̶o̶r̶k̶a̶ ̶M̶o̶r̶k̶a̶ Speed Freeks, Necromunda, 40k… Fallout, Mad Max, any sci-fi, post-apoc, etc

3) Make each one unique.

Because why not, eh?

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

Having 24/5 pieces to do, and the level of detail that I want to use means it’s taking me a lot longer to get done than a single set, so I’ll be showing the debris piles over the next few days, or week, or however long. Some of the walls have been started, some need to be cleaned up, the Mekboy Workshop is still on the sprue. So for that reason, this project will be another “series”until they’re done. Probably posted with each “set” of duplicated pieces until they’re all done.

Unfortunately, my last can of Testor’s Dullcote ran out just before I sprayed these, so despite the heavy coat of gloss and the satin coat that followed the weathering powders, they’re a little more shiny(ish) than I’d like. I’m still calling them done, though – as everything I finish from here on in (especially scenery) will need that final coat once I get hold of the stuff, which could still be a couple of weeks – and I plan to have a lot more scenery done before January is finished!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #16: Plague Toads (again) (Forge World)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Today – Miniatures! Here’s the final three of my Plague Toads. This trio bringing me to nine painted ones. This batch being the “yellow” ones, following on from the “brown” ones and the “green” ones. And yeah, I know I need to do a new Nurgle army shot sometime soon.

Individual glamour shots of each of the three, though I skipped the profile and rear shots this time. Perhaps I went a bit conservative on the “glow” from their yellow-green eyes this time as well, but I think they still stand up decently.

You can see what I mean about it it here. It’s there, but it’s subtle. Perhaps too subtle to stand out on the tabletop.

Ah well. I’m just happy to finally have the last* of these done finally!

The nine of them, with their colour coding can be used as three distinct units of three, or they can all be put together to make up a mega-sized unit of nine Plague Toads!

*of course, I didn’t say anything about Pox Riders!

Balewind Vortex: January Terrain 2019

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex

Originally released as part of a larger kit towards the final days of WHFB, alongside the Magewrath Throne (that used to sit atop a stack of giant skulls), the two have now been split into smaller kits, and the throne has lost it’s skull-riser. More on that in another post, later.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex

The Balewind Vortex is a simple terrain kit, coming in only 4 pieces. Base, Top and a two-part whirlwind. Or balewind, I guess.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex

Having been fairly indifferent to the concept of The Winds of Magic since they were first introduced in that White Dwarf article, I was happy to basically copy the current box art. I quite like the greenish-shaded off-white look that GW has been using for much of it’s undead since the Return of the King’s Army of the Dead introduced the overall scheme and effect.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex

Slightly embarrassingly, it seems that I ordered another one of these things a couple of weeks ago, before starting on this one, which has just arrived. I don’t know if I’ll be able to care enough about it to give it a yellow-red gradient like the one in the original Warhammer promo box, though – I’ll worry about my options there later!

Dauntless/Diabolical December 2018 – Community Round-Up

Pandora’s Bitz Box Khorneate Renegade Knight

Beginning December’s round-up, we have an absolute fucking beast of a model from Pandora’s Bits Box, courtesy of Krakendoomcool. A heavily converted Khornate Knight. Pandora’s post has a lot more photos, as well as step-by-step shots of the WIP process that it took to get to this point. Well worth checking out, because this thing is Nucking Futs. Oh wait, this is my own blog, so I can swear as much as I like. IT’S FUCKING NUTS!


Westrider’s Ogroid Silver Tower Ogroid Thaumaturge

Next up, we have a nice selection of models from Cascadian Grimdark‘s Alexis West, aka Westrider, who completed an impressive number of both Dauntless and Diabolical characters in December! Starting off, we have the Diabolical Ogroid Thaumaturge from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.

Alexis’ Chosen Axes

There are also two groups of characters – the Dauntless Chosen Axes from Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire, featuring custom-sculpted clothes and boots(!)

Alexis’ Elucidian Starstriders

The final group is a good chunk of the Dauntless Elucidian Starstriders – the Rogue Trader’s crew from the Kill Team supplement.. Rogue Trader. Hopefully we can look forward to seeing the rest of the crew joining their vanguard in the next months?


maenoferren22’s Dauntless December output!

maenoferren22 completed quite a lot of models in December that can be viewed over on his Bogenwald blog. So many, that I’ll whip through them and provide links to each, so that they may be seen in all of their glory.

Ghost Bride, from Alternative Armies. Sir Willorcby, a civilian noble from the Flintloque range, Captain Fredorcson and his lads the Chosen – a kind of Orcish Sharpe troop of individual characters. “Nursey“, an orcish nurse, who looks like she’d fit perfectly into Blood Bowl and has a name that makes me think of Blackadder II and her companions Rogipoos and Jose. Next we have Meriadoc Brandybuck, from the Fellowship of the Ring, some, erm, Undead Engineers, and an Ostarian Hussar Officer.


Wudugast’s Snuggle the Sump-Croc

Wudugast’s Skaven commander.

Wudugast, from Convert or Die has Snuggles the Sump-Croc for us this month, not to mention this Skaven commander. I’d also consider the various Goliath gangers of the Irondogs that he finished in December to be eligible as well. Rather than poking through a month’s worth of Wudu’s posts, I’ll just drop this group shot of the Goliaths in here. I know quite a few of them were completed in December, and they certainly deserve to be seen…

Wudugast’s Goliath Irondogs gang.


Argentbadger’s Trollblood Dire Troll Mauler

Argentbadger of The Bovine Overlord continues his foray into the Trollblood Hordes with his Dire Troll Marauder from, um, Hordes. He certainly gives a strong “Hulk SMASH!” vibe.

Argentbadger’s Satyxis Blood Priestess

Also from Argentbadger, we have the Satyxis Blood Priestess, also from Warmahordes, though this time of the Cryx faction, and maintaining the same pink and black sheme that we saw in her stablemate Barathrum recently. If you like her, go check him out as well. Then join me in pestering AB for some group shots – especially of all those Trollbloods!


mvmattila’s Space Marine Sergeants

mcmattila, of a new possible blog this month, completed a pair of Space Marine Sergeants. The one on (our) left is a plastic reproduction of an old-school metal sergeant model from the 3rd ed.-era Command Squad, and also the sergeant from Battle for Macragge box – And I have to say he’s done an amazing job on both the conversion and the paint.

mcmattila’s Khorgorath of Khorne.

mcmattila‘s other model for this month’s showcase is a Khornate Khorgorath, from the original Age of Sigmar starter box (and now from a pretty good value Start Collecting! set). Once again, it’s an impressive paintjob on this guy! Let’s hope mcmattila is able to start up a blog sooner rather than later, as I’m looking forward to seeing much more of his work!


Faust’s Dwarf Blood Bowl Star Player, Flint Churnblade, flanked by a pair of Blockers.

Faust from Doubledowndice completed one of the final few Star Players for his Blood Bowl Team. Flint Churnblade, so named for his heavy duty chainsaw which he takes to the field with. Not too many more to go now for a fully-complete team of Dwarves. Unless he goes for the Escher first..? Or the hated Van Saar?


Mark Morin’s A9 Mark 1s and M3 Stuart “Honeys”.

Mark Morin, who posts under the tricksy pseudonym of Mark A Morin completed quartet of British 8th army tanks for his burgeoning “What a Tanker” project. Specifcally, two each of the A9 Mark 1 Cruiser tanks, and M3 Stuart “Honeys”. Given what Mark has finished since he posted these four up for Dauntless December and my tardiness of getting this post, um, posted, it’d be remiss of me not to point out his more recent post, containing a hugely impressive British Motor Pool that he’s just up and painted over the last few weeks! Seriously. If you like these four, go check out the baker’s dozen he’s got there.

Here’s a preview. Now clicky the piccie and check out the rest of Mark’s post!


Alex’ paint on an Oakbound Miniatures model that is completely not Nagash.

Alex of Leadbaloony finished this Diabolical figure in December. A reimagining sculpt by Oakbound studios Not-Nagash inspired by on the Mark Gibbons artwork, that is most definitely not the 1990’s most infamous Gary Morley sculpt of Nagash.


Pete S/ SP’s “Hell Cannons”

Pete S/ SP from SP’s Projects Blog, following the “Diabolical” theme of the month, assembled and painted this kit of two Hell Cannons from Ace Models. What are Hell Cannons, you ask? I’ll let Pete explain:

Hell Cannons are the name given to large improvised mortars that have been built by the rebel forces/ Free Syrian Army in the past few years. Consisting of a large metal pipe fixed to a truck axle they fire homemade shell that are mostly made from propane gas canisters. As can be imagined they are not particularly accurate and neither do they have a long range, barely reaching over a mile. A more in-depth  look at them can be found here .

What really stands out to me about these, and especially so on the single-model images on Pete’s blog, are just how realistic the kits and his paint are. If they weren’t base on little squares (or on much larger squares – credit for those bases as well!)  you’d think they were photos of real ones.


Just Needs Varnish’s Paraguayan War rocket launcher teams.

Following the artillery theme, Just Needs Varnish from Just Needs Varnish scratchbuilt (of course) and painted a trio of Paraguayan War rocket launcher teams. Well, he scratchbuilt the rocket Launchers. The teams he painted. Though he did modify their tiny little hats from kepis into shakos before doing so. Some great WIP photos also feature for any budding pyromaniacs who would like to scratch-build their own rocket launcher teams.


Krautscientist’s Nurgle Mob – Plaguebearer, Plaguemarine and Poxwalkers: Keepers of the Eternal Garden

Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt completed a nasty little diabolical quartet, dedicated to Grandfather Nurgle. From left to right, we have a Pair of Poxwalkers, a Plaguemarine and a Plague bearer. PPPP! Or as he prefers, the Keepers of the Eternal Garden. I can’t wait to see how KS grows this warband in 2019!


Dave Stone’s AT-AT

Dave Stone, of The Gamer’s Cupboard has completed a rather epic sized diabolical contribution – an Imperial AT-AT scaled for 28/32mm gaming. I’m not sure if it’s the old WotC one (which was an awesome model for anyone who managed to pick it up) or if it’s from a different source.

Dave’s Kayn Somos

Dave’s Lak Sivrak

Dave also completed a diabolical comrade for the AT-AT, Kayn Somos – a named Imperial Character from the Imperial Assault boardgame, as well as Lak Sivrak, from the famous Cantina Scene in the original Star Wars/EpIV.


The Imperfect Modeller’s “Operation Overlord”

The Imperfect Modeller again came up with more than one diorama this month, and I have to say that he’s really outdone himself. Which is saying something. “Operation Overlord” has been an epic to watch go through the various WIP stages over the last weeks before its unveiling. LED Lighting. Bread in a storefront that looks like actual bread, and sweet narrative throughout the piece. Do yourself a real favour and check it out on his site, and then go through the WIP posts to see how it took shape. TIM has really outdone himself with this one!

The Imperfect Modeller’s “‘X’ Marks the Spot” Diorama.

As much as I’d like to say that TIM‘s next diorama is no less impressive, that’s just not possible to say. With that caveat in mind, I think ‘X’ Marks the Spot is still very cool and tells a story – albeit one that’s not nearly as complex as Overlord. That’s the trouble with setting the bar so high, as I’m sure Pandora is also feeling. Still, as long as TIM can keep outputting models as good as this one, he’s in no danger of disappointing anyone.



Finally, my own Dauntless and Diabolical contributions, posted up last week and shown in much more detail throughout the last month of my blog posting.

Is your own Dauntless/Diabolic December post missing from here? If you left a link in the announcement thread, then it should be here and I apologise. If there’s no link there, then leave one here. I may seen, read and even commented on your post, but I’m damned if I can remember each and every blog post I go through each month!

I’ll be doing a 2018 reflection/2019 aims post shortly. But we’re having a little heatwave here right now, and it’s going to be a bit of a task arraying all of my 2018 models on the table. I’m also pretty tired all the time, but I’ll talk about that when I post that up. In the interim, I’ll be posting more models and scenery – though I’ll give this post 2 days as the many people’s hard work arrayed above deserves some extra time to sit at the top of my page.

MIniature-Friendly Toys #1: Funko Pop Fallout Sentry Bot

Funko Pop Fallout Sentry Bot

Not that I foresee this being a series with a huge number of entries, but I thought I’d throw that number in now, just in case. Anyway, a couple of months ago, I was playing a lot of Fallout 4 (this was before the cluterfucktrainwreck of 76 was released), and while browsing the internets, I saw this thing.

Funko Pop Fallout Sentry Bot

The thing I saw said that it was 6″ tall, and clearly it doesn’t suffer from the massive cartoon macrocephalia that is part and parcel of these collectable figures. True, it’s a little bit SD (super-deformed), but not to the extent that it looks completely wrong if you don’t know the model.

The thing is called a Sentry Bot, as noted, from the Fallout series of games. Here’s how they look in-game, and while you can clearly see that they’ve played with the proportions to make it fit in a little better with their Funko Pop series, it’s still pretty passable for 40k or other tabletop games. This collectable toy can be had for a pretty reasonable price for those of you in the US (I got mine from EBGames Australia for about AU$35).

Funko Pop Fallout Sentry Bot

My size comparison pics are a bit sub-par, I know (sorry I still haven’t built a Knight!), but as you can see it’s a decent size. The stock toy-paint is also decent. You could easily decide to overpaint, touch it up, or just leave it be. (I may touch mine up down the line). I could see this being proxied for a Knight-style “walker” in 40k, or simply used as a terrain piece – park it inside something like a Sacristian Forgeshrine for an objective-based Kill-Team game – even an Imperial internecine one (sabotage the Man of Iron Warbeast before the AdMech resurrect it!) And that’s just 40k. For someone playing a less “strict” sci-fi game of any type, it’ll fit in pretty nicely without looking as obviously iconic and potentially distracting as a Star Wars walker – though for me personally it fits the “DIY/incorporate anything” mentality of early Rogue Trader 40k perfectly.

Anyway, I’m sharing this on my blog today for the same reason that I picked this thing up a month or so ago. Enjoy!

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements: January Terrain 2019

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements

Here’s a trio of models that I’ve had for a very long time. These Forge World turret emplacements had been sitting in my collection unpainted for many years intl 2016 or so, when I started painting them in a military green, with desert setting bases. I was …unhappy with how they were shaping out, so – as so many things end up doing – they just sat uncared for in a box for another couple of years. With my challenge for this month being terrain, I found them and knuckled down to give them the paint that they deserve.

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements

That paint is actually pretty plain. I went with spray-can mid-grey, followed by a bit of a lighter drybrush. Added some German WWII stencilled letters and some Aquilias for decals, then some Vallejo washes – first a mix of dark and mid-grey, then “European Earth”, going for a rain/moisture-streaked look on both. Bases drybrushed in my usual “dark earth” manner. Followed that up with some powder (Dark Sienna) and we’re done.

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements

I’ve avoided edge highlighting, as I like the dark, moody, “realistic” look that they seem to have. Similarly, I’ve skipped giving them a bunch of weathering and chipping that I’d put onto “working” tanks and armoured vehicles, as these are basically static defensive emplacements. The Imperial Grey scheme makes them generic enough to use alongside pretty much any Imperial force,

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements

Amusingly, these models are now so old (and discontinued) that there aren’t any current rules for them. Not even any rules in the 8th edition Forge World Indices. I guess I can use the rules for Tarantulas if I need to, though I’m also the kind of guy who will just use them for terrain as well. Hence their inclusion in this month’s challenge!