Speed Freeks Scrap Piles #1 (January Terrain 2019)

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

Since my copies of Speed Freeks arrived back in November, along with the Mekboy Workshop, I spent quite a number of work lunchtimes and meetings busily scraping and cutting away mould lines and bits of sprue to get them ready to paint. With what amounted to four sets of the terrain, that came to 4 large piles of Scrap/debris, 4 medium ones and 4 small ones. As well as that there’s 4 large Scrap walls, 4 medium and 4 small. Then there’s the actual Mekboy Workshop.

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

That amounts to 25 individual bits of terrain that I’ve slowly been working on, bit by bit, since November. Yesterday, I finally completed the first four of them. The rest are at various stages of completion, from nearly-almost-so-close-to-done, to only clipped off the sprue and still needing to have those mould lines scraped off. With that in mind, I’m going to post them as I finish each “set”. So these are the first ones.

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

There were basically three things I wanted to do with these sets: Did I say two? I meant three. THREE!!

1) Use enough colour to make the small details more distinctive than having them simply be piles of drybrushed silver. I’ve got plenty enough that will be following that scheme later. These have screwdrivers and pliers that you can make out!

2) Paint them so that they easily fit into  ̶G̶o̶r̶k̶a̶ ̶M̶o̶r̶k̶a̶ Speed Freeks, Necromunda, 40k… Fallout, Mad Max, any sci-fi, post-apoc, etc

3) Make each one unique.

Because why not, eh?

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

Having 24/5 pieces to do, and the level of detail that I want to use means it’s taking me a lot longer to get done than a single set, so I’ll be showing the debris piles over the next few days, or week, or however long. Some of the walls have been started, some need to be cleaned up, the Mekboy Workshop is still on the sprue. So for that reason, this project will be another “series”until they’re done. Probably posted with each “set” of duplicated pieces until they’re all done.

Unfortunately, my last can of Testor’s Dullcote ran out just before I sprayed these, so despite the heavy coat of gloss and the satin coat that followed the weathering powders, they’re a little more shiny(ish) than I’d like. I’m still calling them done, though – as everything I finish from here on in (especially scenery) will need that final coat once I get hold of the stuff, which could still be a couple of weeks – and I plan to have a lot more scenery done before January is finished!