Speed Freeks Scrap Piles #1 (January Terrain 2019)

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

Since my copies of Speed Freeks arrived back in November, along with the Mekboy Workshop, I spent quite a number of work lunchtimes and meetings busily scraping and cutting away mould lines and bits of sprue to get them ready to paint. With what amounted to four sets of the terrain, that came to 4 large piles of Scrap/debris, 4 medium ones and 4 small ones. As well as that there’s 4 large Scrap walls, 4 medium and 4 small. Then there’s the actual Mekboy Workshop.

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

That amounts to 25 individual bits of terrain that I’ve slowly been working on, bit by bit, since November. Yesterday, I finally completed the first four of them. The rest are at various stages of completion, from nearly-almost-so-close-to-done, to only clipped off the sprue and still needing to have those mould lines scraped off. With that in mind, I’m going to post them as I finish each “set”. So these are the first ones.

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

There were basically three things I wanted to do with these sets: Did I say two? I meant three. THREE!!

1) Use enough colour to make the small details more distinctive than having them simply be piles of drybrushed silver. I’ve got plenty enough that will be following that scheme later. These have screwdrivers and pliers that you can make out!

2) Paint them so that they easily fit into  ̶G̶o̶r̶k̶a̶ ̶M̶o̶r̶k̶a̶ Speed Freeks, Necromunda, 40k… Fallout, Mad Max, any sci-fi, post-apoc, etc

3) Make each one unique.

Because why not, eh?

Speed Freeks Mekboy Workshop Scrap Debris Piles

Having 24/5 pieces to do, and the level of detail that I want to use means it’s taking me a lot longer to get done than a single set, so I’ll be showing the debris piles over the next few days, or week, or however long. Some of the walls have been started, some need to be cleaned up, the Mekboy Workshop is still on the sprue. So for that reason, this project will be another “series”until they’re done. Probably posted with each “set” of duplicated pieces until they’re all done.

Unfortunately, my last can of Testor’s Dullcote ran out just before I sprayed these, so despite the heavy coat of gloss and the satin coat that followed the weathering powders, they’re a little more shiny(ish) than I’d like. I’m still calling them done, though – as everything I finish from here on in (especially scenery) will need that final coat once I get hold of the stuff, which could still be a couple of weeks – and I plan to have a lot more scenery done before January is finished!

Balewind Vortex: January Terrain 2019

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex

Originally released as part of a larger kit towards the final days of WHFB, alongside the Magewrath Throne (that used to sit atop a stack of giant skulls), the two have now been split into smaller kits, and the throne has lost it’s skull-riser. More on that in another post, later.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex

The Balewind Vortex is a simple terrain kit, coming in only 4 pieces. Base, Top and a two-part whirlwind. Or balewind, I guess.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex

Having been fairly indifferent to the concept of The Winds of Magic since they were first introduced in that White Dwarf article, I was happy to basically copy the current box art. I quite like the greenish-shaded off-white look that GW has been using for much of it’s undead since the Return of the King’s Army of the Dead introduced the overall scheme and effect.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Age of Sigmar Balewind Vortex

Slightly embarrassingly, it seems that I ordered another one of these things a couple of weeks ago, before starting on this one, which has just arrived. I don’t know if I’ll be able to care enough about it to give it a yellow-red gradient like the one in the original Warhammer promo box, though – I’ll worry about my options there later!

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements: January Terrain 2019

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements

Here’s a trio of models that I’ve had for a very long time. These Forge World turret emplacements had been sitting in my collection unpainted for many years intl 2016 or so, when I started painting them in a military green, with desert setting bases. I was …unhappy with how they were shaping out, so – as so many things end up doing – they just sat uncared for in a box for another couple of years. With my challenge for this month being terrain, I found them and knuckled down to give them the paint that they deserve.

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements

That paint is actually pretty plain. I went with spray-can mid-grey, followed by a bit of a lighter drybrush. Added some German WWII stencilled letters and some Aquilias for decals, then some Vallejo washes – first a mix of dark and mid-grey, then “European Earth”, going for a rain/moisture-streaked look on both. Bases drybrushed in my usual “dark earth” manner. Followed that up with some powder (Dark Sienna) and we’re done.

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements

I’ve avoided edge highlighting, as I like the dark, moody, “realistic” look that they seem to have. Similarly, I’ve skipped giving them a bunch of weathering and chipping that I’d put onto “working” tanks and armoured vehicles, as these are basically static defensive emplacements. The Imperial Grey scheme makes them generic enough to use alongside pretty much any Imperial force,

Forge World Imperial Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacements

Amusingly, these models are now so old (and discontinued) that there aren’t any current rules for them. Not even any rules in the 8th edition Forge World Indices. I guess I can use the rules for Tarantulas if I need to, though I’m also the kind of guy who will just use them for terrain as well. Hence their inclusion in this month’s challenge!

Shardwrack Spines: January Terrain 2019

Games Workshop Citadel Death World Forest Terrain Shardwrack Spines

Inspiration-credit for the models in this post goes entirely to Thomas, from High Times on the Eastern Fringe. When GW released their (apparently now discontinued as a standalone set) Shardwrack Spines kit a couple of years ago, my reaction was somewhere between indifference and thinking that they were a bit shit. Over time, I saw a few that looked decent through to good, such as the ones on Sho3box’ blog. Even then, though – I still had no interest in the kit.

Games Workshop Citadel Death World Forest Terrain Shardwrack Spines

Then I saw Thomas’ ones. And all of that changed. I thought his made what I thought was basically a shitty kit look pretty fucking amazing, to be quite blunt. Not too much later, he posted up a tutorial on how he did them, and the wheels started turning. A little while later, I bought two boxes, and then did nothing with them for a year or more. Last year (2018) I got started with the spray cans, but then got delayed for months because I didn’t want to buy two or three pots of Rakarth Flesh to do the drybrushing. Later, the Killzone: Death World Forest box came out with a few more, so I picked that kit up and then got the new ones up to the same point.

Games Workshop Citadel Death World Forest Terrain Shardwrack Spines

After we had some time, Marouda did a Bunnings run for me and matched a close-enough square of Rakarth Flesh into a sample pot of house paint, a couple of tubes of craft paint (white and when normals call “cream” and we hobbyists call “bone”) and then last week, I finally got it going – with Thomas’ instructions as my guide on the PC screen – and a couple of days later, we were done!

Clearly, these are really only of much use for Sci-Fi and Fantasy gaming rather than Historicals or more grounded gaming, but I’m good with that. In closing – thank you once again to Thomas – because of you, I now have a solidly decent-sized set of very spiky terrain. If anyone stabs themselves badly while gaming with them, I’ll be blaming you for that, too!

Mantic Terrain Crate – Barricades and Barrels, Conan’s Chests

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades, Kegs, Monolith Conan Boardgame Chests

My plans to get a ton of exciting Heroes and Villains done in December have had a few large wrenches thrown in the works, and as a result, I haven’t really painted for almost a week. Getting back into it, I decided to work on some simple stuff that had been sitting around in the way on my painting desk – in this case, more Mantic Terrain Crate scatter pieces.

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades

Two different types of barricade – and three of each. I varied the colours just a little in order for them to be a little unique and not just look like clone-pieces. I kept them all to natural, “woody” tones, and this time I varied the crates and barrels a little from the tones I’ve used in previous sets.

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades

Mantic Terrain Crate, Barricades

As you can see, they’re not exactly scales as proper barricades – more in a boardgame scale, if anything. Our model here is Forlong the Fat, one of GW’s “true-ish”-scale, LotR models. Even though he’s positioned behind them and is raised by a slottabase, you van see that they’re not exactly very big as far as barricades go. I’m sure they’ll be fine as generic scatter, though.

Mantic Terrain Crate, Keg Barrels

The other pieces are much less interesting – three larger keg barrels and three sets of triple-keg barrel stacks. Dark wood here, with brassy taps. While the barricades will easily make a bit of extra colour in fantasy wargames as well as dungeon scenery, these keg-barrels are a fair bit more limited. If we ever need to kit out a tavern for a game, we’ll certainly have a well-stocked booze supply!

Monolith Conan Boardgame Chests

Finally, some chests that I made myself finish off, after they’ve been sitting around for 6 months or so. These are from the Conan Miniatures Boardgame, by Monolith. I remember some time ago in the comments, someone (Dagger & Brush, from memory) suggesting that I could paint some of the chests in a set I had in different colours to distinguish the quality of them. Rather than paint the same model chests in different colours, I decided to make these slightly more fancy coffer sculpts a little more fancy in turn when it came to their paint. Baal Pteor, also from the Conan game provides us with our scale in this shot.

I’ll have some real models painted for you all. Soon.

Mantic Terrain Crate – More bits of painted scatter: Treasure Piles and Armour Stacks.

Mantic Terrain Crate. Treasure Piles, Armour Stacks.

A bit of an intermission post today. I’ve already spent a few hours assembling the Community Round-Up post from November, and with luck it’ll be done tomorrow. I’ve got 10/17(18) people’s stuff done so far. Anyway, here’s some (more) bits of simple scatter from Mantic Games’ Terrain Crates. Beregond of Gondor and an unnamed Reiksgard on foot provide us with scale.

Mantic Terrain Crate. Treasure Piles

First up are the treasure piles. Useful for Role-playing, and perhaps games like Frostgrave. I’ve attempted to make them just subtly different from one another, and I’ve painted the odd coin silver in the piles to give them a fractionally less uniform look. Kind of like when you pick out the odd brick when doing a brick wall. Something often not directly noticeable because it looks more natural. I may add some gemstone paints to the armoured breastplate-things in the front middle two. Not sure. Any thoughts?

Mantic Terrain Crate. Armour Stacks. Mantic Terrain Crate. Armour Stacks.

Finally, a couple of more detailed shots of the armour stacks. The PVC is thin and bendy, and my heat-resets didn’t stick. Yes, I could replace them with wire and so forth, but as with many of these things – they’re not worth the time it would take to do so, especially since these took WAY longer for me to get finished than I’d originally intended – about 2 months, when I’d hoped for a weekend – that’s what happens when something is pretty much “meh” in terms of how much it excites me to paint. Adding wire to them would just make all of that even worse and further dragged out. In the end, they look decent with the paint and the decals – and most importantly of all – the bloody things are done!

Mantic Terrain Crate/Star Saga Storage Tanks (Bacta Tank)

An underwheming scatter terrain post today! These two storage tanks were originally started back during (and for) Technical August but not completed. In fact, they’ve sat around annoyingly taking up space ever since, so I finally got them to a (slightly shitty) tabletop standard last weekend. I’d actually fished them out of the tub they’d been sitting in since I lost interest after August, to try and get them done for Mechanical November, but that didn’t work out, either. As part of Technical August’s theme, I tried using transparent paints over a silver base to see what kinds of effects I could achieve, inspired by the Bacta (healing) tank from Star Wars, specifically the Empire Strikes Back. The “water” is gemstone turquoise (or sapphire?) by Warcolours over the silver, while the “empty space” is Warcolours’ transparent white. The turquoise worked …okay, but the white seems to have been a bit of a failure.

Of course. “real” Bacta tanks are filled to the top (and feature adults wearing nappies inside them), but I felt that if I “filled” these to the top then they’d just look like they were painted blue. In the end, they’re pretty rough and not to the scatter terrain standard that I like to adhere to – but at a tabletop gameplay distance they’ll look …fine. Still, experiments by definition can’t always be a success, so I’m just calling these done and getting them the hell away from my painting desk. I’ve still got a few more of these things. I think they’ll be painted grey with some “warning” decals on them. I think those will actually look pretty decent. When I get around to them.