Minotaurs Space Marines – IX Squad: Devastator (2 Section)

Taking a brief diversion from Dark Angels (still need to finish their Tac Sergeant – hopefully later today!) – but instead I have the Bolter half of a Devastator Squad for the Minotaurs. Once again, with luck I’ll finish the heavy half of the squad later today, but with poor weather for spraying in general, work tomorrow and so forth, it’ll likely be a few days at best until I can get them photographed and posted up.

Minotaurs Space Marines - IX Squad

As with a lot of my Minotaurs, I’ve added in a few third party components here, which today are all from Anvil Industry, who are one of my favourite suppliers of unofficial bitz. Two of the marines have scopes added to their bolters while once again I’ve sprinkled in a couple of Anvil’s “Spartan” helmets. The tabard is also from Anvil, though they’re currently OOP for some reason.

The other additional parts are of course Forge World’s Minotaurs shoulder pads that look pretty impressive as always. My only gripe with them is that some of them seem completely inappropriate for the left shoulder pad. I did finally come up with a solution for that, which I’ll post up a bit later on.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short update, and hopefully I’ll have more from both the Dark Angels and the Minotaurs ready to show and ready to go very soon!

Dark Angels Librarian Gadreel, 2nd Octavius Crusade Company.

Dark Angels Librarian, Rogue Trader, Warhammer 40k

Today’s model is another Dark Angel. One that is – once again – a long, long time in the making. The model itself is one of the original Space Marine Librarians from 1990-1 – right around the time of the “Death Eagle Marine” variants, and like those figures, sculpted by Mark Copplestone. This particular fellow is imaginatively titled “Librarian with 2-handed Force Sword”. As you can see, he’s had a late-Rogue-Trader-era/2e Metal Jump Pack strapped (pinned!) to his back, allowing him to get stuck right into his foes.

Dark Angels Librarian, Rogue Trader, Warhammer 40k

Again mirroring the Death Eagle Marines, his helmet is a proto-MKVII helm underneath the psychic hood.

Dark Angels Librarian, Rogue Trader, Warhammer 40k

The trim comes from an old Epic transfer sheet, though he took a shelf dive at some stage and so one corner had to be repaired with paint. In the original small, DA force that I built in the past his job was (obviously) to join the Assault Squad and give them a more hefty punch in close combat. The transfers on his jump pack symbolise his twin allegiances to both the Dark Angels Chapter as well as the Inner Circle/Deathwing.

Dark Angels Librarian, Rogue Trader, Warhammer 40k

After sitting about 3/4 complete for a good decade or so, he’s now finally complete and likely to purge the Emperor’s enemies while hunting the Fallen.

Dark Angels Librarian, Rogue Trader, Warhammer 40k, Assault Squad

I mentioned earlier the plan of running him alongside the Assault Squad, so I snapped a shot of them together. They’ll be coming to the table soon!

Dark Angels: 2 Section, 4th Squad (Tactical), 2nd Octavius Crusade Company.

Recently over a couple of posts I shared the 3rd Squad (Tactical) of what I am calling the 2nd Octavius Crusade Company – which is my Dark Angels army that I am rebuilding for the latest edition of Warhammer 40k. Today I’m sharing 2 Section of the 4th Squad (Tactical). The (Veteran) Sergeant of 1 Section is still a WIP on my desk – once completed, I’ll also post up 1 Section and the whole-squad pic.

The Corporal of this squad was originally a regular Sergeant. Back at the time I first started building these models, one would pay extra for a Veteran Sergeant who had an extra attack and was able to take additional wargear. In the current rules, Marine Squads just come with what would once have been called a Vet Sgt as standard, so I’m re-designating my non-Vet Sgt to a Corporal who will act as a section leader, and have also built a pair of Corporals for 3rd (already seen) and 7th (coming soon) Squads. When built, I gave him an Auspex scanner, which was purely decorative for awhile, then had rules, and now is back to being decorative. Shrug. I did bother to give it some detail, though.

The heavy weapon of 2 Section is a Missile Launcher, once again it comes from the 1993 Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition starter box set.

The other troopers in this section are all 2nd Edition Marines armed with 3rd edition Bolters and 3rd edition …arms. Two of the three were painted in my recent push to get this squad up to 10 men.

Finally, the section image. I’ve spent all day working on the sergeant to complete the other section and therefore the entire squad. One of the most fiddly figures I’ve painted in a long time, but I’ll complain about him more when I’m showing it – hopefully in a week or so since it’ll be dependant on the weather being nice enough for another coat of spray varnish and then having time to cure – and then the basing, and then the photography…


Dark Angels Space Marine Scouts – 1998 Metals

I wouldn’t usually reblog something this recent, but given I’m completing and showing pics of my resurgent Dark Angels right now, I thought it was still appropriate. Clicky the link below for DA scout photos!

Azazel's Bitz Box.

These figures are part of the fourth wave of Space Marine Scouts, released in 1998. The first were the initial two models, followed a year or two later by the second wave – an expanded range in the same style. With Advanced Space Crusade came the Scouts who dressed like a weird combination of Landsknechts and the previous designs (with clown colours to top things off). Then these guys were released, with the first Space Wolf Wolf Scouts being released shortly before, and acting in many ways as the prototype/sketch book pages for these.

If you browse the Stuff of Legends page for these figures, you’ll notice that no actual bolter-armed model exists in the line. This is why I’ve got a squad armed with shotguns. With no bolter-armed models available, these guys could be (and were) alternately armed with Bolters or Shotguns, as appropriate to the game being…

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Dark Angels: 7th Squad (Assault), 2nd Octavius Crusade Company.

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad.

Assault Squad Terath is the third of my Dark Angel squads that I built back during 3rd edition Warhammer 40k. Originally 8-men strong, I’ve recently painted an additional pair of models to bring them to full strength for 8th edition.

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad Sergeant, 3rd Edition Death Company

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad Sergeant, 3rd Edition Death Company

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad Sergeant, 3rd Edition Death Company

The Sergeant is originally from the second range of Blood Angels Death Company figures, specifically #5  – These were created via Mike McVey’s sculpting of additional details over the top of Jes Goodwin’s plastic marines, recast into metals. I chose him as he was clearly an assault-style marine, was different to the one (or two) “standard” Assault Sergeants of the day, had some bling and was easily armed with whatever I wanted due to separate arms. I gave him a Power Fist and Bolt Pistol/Combat Shield Combi, which I decorated with the Company badge.

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad, 40k Second Edition, Plasma Pistol

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad, 40k Second Edition, Plasma Pistol

The “special” weapons of those squad are a pair of Plasma Pistols. My next Assault Squad (for whichever Astartes force) may well have a bit more variety in it in terms of Flamers and Eviscerators, but like most all of my “resurrected” squads, these guys remain armed with what they were armed with originally.

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad

The Squad Corporal is one of the two models I built and painted recently. In game terms he’s identical to the troopers in the rest of the unit. In the event that I (or anyone else playing them) decides to split the 10-man Squad into 5-man Combat Squads, he’ll be the one to lead them. No functional difference of course, but the model follows the lore – which is how I like to do things. He’s built from a mix of plastic Marine Vanguard and Assault parts with a metal DA shoulder pad and a Templar “knight” style head.

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad, 40k Second Edition

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad, 40k Third Edition

The troopers are made up of two trios of figures. First there’s the 2nd Ed Assault Marines with 3rd Ed arms and weaponry, and then there’s the 3rd Ed Assault Marines, using Tactical (standing) legs in order to fit in better with the 2nd Edition models. (And to free up some running legs for the “charging forward” element of 3rd Squad!) The central figure with the 3rd ed helm is the second of the 2nd edition metal Sergeants released, with a headswap to a plastic marine. He would have been the squad Corporal, except I preferred to incorporate the metal shoulder pad as well as the pad with the nameplate, and both in black – and I didn’t want to mess with this figure beyond rebasing him as he was completed back in the day and I’ve always been quite happy with him. The second of the figures painted to bring this squad up to 10 men is one of the 2nd Edition metals above. If it’s not obvious which model it is of the three, then I’ve done my job of making the new guys fit in with the old.

Dark Angels Space Marine Assault Squad, 40k Third Edition

Hunting the Fallen…


Legion of the Damned #4: Sgt. Centurius and Legionnaire.

Legion of the Damned, 2nd Edition, Sgt. Centurius

Somewhat recently, I showed off my Legion of the Damned models, updated for 40k 8th edition on nice new scenic 32mm bases. When I took that series of photographs, I somehow forgot(!) to take pics of Sgt. Centurius and the above Bolter Marine. They were residing on a separate shelf at the time, and it was some time before I noticed, let alone got back to take the photos with this pair.

Sgt. Centurius in this case was not painted by myself, but by my friend, Matt F. He was lucky enough to get one from a friend in GW when they were released as part of the “Apocalypse 100” celebration of Games Workshop’s 100th store worldwide, back in March 1996, with rules in that White Dwarf. Of course, there were no GW stores in Melbourne at that time, so for almost all of us, we were SOL. I think Matt was mostly interested in it as a painting exercise, so having done that he was kind enough to pass it on to myself, as I played LotD.

Centurius’ offsider here is another Blood Angels Death Company marine, added to the squad because of the sculpted skulls and scrolls on his armour. (Imagine that! a time where you had to actively seek out Marine models that had some extra skulls and bling on them!~) The flaming-skull shoulder pad is of course freehand. 🙂

The only changes I’ve made to Sgt. Centurius over the years have been to rebase him to fit in with my models (twice now) and replace the plastic backpack with a metal Legion of the Damned one.

The skull-design on the Legionnaire’s MKIV Corvus helmet is also freehand. Corvus helms are my favourite mark for painting Legion of the Damned models. The shape and extra space really lend themselves to the design. The Aquila is a transfer, originally just a white outline, I overpainted it with the shading and details. He has 2nd Edition marine arms and a 2nd Edition Boltgun, which has probably now been retconned into being a Phobos-pattern variant. Pretty chunky!

Unfortunately, Sgt. Centurius today suffers today from being an unavailable figure of a named character from a previous edition of the game. Meaning that there are no rules for him or the Animus Malorum (the skull he he holds aloft) , and barring a remake of him in plastic (Slambo!) there will not be rules for him in 8th edition. With that in mind, I’ll have to “Kitbash” some rules for him, based on the other 8th edition Marine and LotD profiles for use in friendly games here. We’re currently using Power Ratings anyway in a friendly-rather-than-exploitative-way, so niggling over a few points isn’t going to be an issue. I’ll do the same with the Librarian when I finish painting him. Yes, LotD had a full army list – in White Dwarf 224 (August ’98).

To cap it all off, we have a group photo of all of my completed Legion of the Damned models. I’ve got a couple more classic Rogue Trader models on the paint desk to join them one day sooner or later, and once they (and a bunch of the other unfinished Power Armour on my desk) are done, I can look at some of the later “proper” LotD models.

Dark Angels: 2 Section, 3rd Squad (Tactical), 2nd Octavius Crusade Company.

Here we have the newly-raised second 2 Section of 3rd Squad. Having previously been a seven-man squad, it necessitated the addition of three more models to being the unit up to legal 8th Edition. The first of these is the Corporal. I know that officially Corporals aren’t a thing in 40k, but then, Lieutenants were missing for 20-odd years before magically reappearing a month or so ago! The Corporals in my marine forces are the guys who run the other combat squads – usually the fire support bit. I’m giving the Dark Angels Corporals a metal should pad with a simple, embossed chapter badge, and black pauldrons.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k

This corporal is one of the three new builds for this squad – MkIV legs and helm, MkVIII torso, MkVII arms, a DA Backpack and a Tigrus pattern bolt gun. I wanted to give him a look of being a bit special with the archaic armour and weapon, yet tie him to his Sergeant via the MkVIII torso with its distinctive gorget.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k

The Heavy Bolter trooper is one of my originals from this unit and one of the older models available in this form factor, the metal-plastic hybrids. So his arms and backpack are (heavy) metal on 3rd edition plastic legs and torso. Having washers underneath the bases of models like this is very necessary for their stability. He has the shouty “sergeant” head from the 3rd edition sprue as I felt it looked cinematically appropriate for a nutter advancing while firing a hip-carried heavy machinegun

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition

These three marines include the other pair of models added to the squad. The central model is one of the originals. The two flanking him here are 2nd edition Tactical marines. Since the rest of the squad is old-school and minimally-blinged, what better models to use in it than 2e Tactical marines. I have given them more modern arms and bolters – because frankly outside of a specific use, the chunky arms and bolters from those days just don’t work for me these days and those older base models look just fine with them.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition

Here we have 2 Section of 3rd Squad. Prepared to hunker down and give their brethren supporting fire so they can advance, or join them in the forward advance as needed.

Finally, the entire squad with both sections combined. Rebased, reinforced and ready for battle in Warhammer 40k 8th Edition. To find action on the table very soon if all goes to plan…