Flesh Tearers Space Marines Assault Squad (Squad: March ’18)

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Assault Squad

Here’s another squad, finally completed. I dug these guys out of a figure case several months ago and have been slowly plugging away at them pretty much ever since. I’d completed them except for the Jump Packs in January, so with the squad-based focus this month, I was able to get motivated to finally finish them off!

My Flesh Tearers take a few deviations from the official scheme. This is because these models were initially planned to represent an option for me to use them as either a Blood Angels successor chapter, or as a models that could be used in a Khornare/World Eaters Chaos Marine force (probably as Khornate Raptors). The models are built from a mixture of what was readily available back in that 2005-2008 time period, so Tactical Marine, Assault Marine and Khorne Berserker parts. I think they work just as well (or better) with the black chest and bone aquila.

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Assault Squad

The skull-helmet is a Khorne berserker helm with the “bunny ears” trimmed off. The bare head is the one with the canines, that I figured would work well enough for a non-Blood-Angels-handsome vampire or a chaos marine. The Power fist is from the 2nd Edition chaos close combat sprue. The loyalist purity seals were added later.

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Assault Squad

This squad all feature metal “Death Company” shoulder pads from the 2nd edition metal box set from the Codex: Angels of Death release in 1996, so I’d had them for quite some time before this. When I originally planned this dual-use force out in 2005 or 2006 or whenever it was, I wanted to use metal shoulder pads for chapter icons, in much the way I’m now using 3D-printed icons. Because I value consistency for Marine models. The Saltire (cross) on the pads was to be part of the Chapter Icon, rather than something to represent the Death Company. These guys got the saltire with skull, another squad type would get saltire-only, another squad type would get skull -only. Of course, in the intervening decade, I’ve forgotten the entire system I had worked out, so I’m simply calling the Saltire-with-Skull an “Assault” designation.

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Assault Squad

Despite the use of Melta Guns being (briefly) removed as an option for Blood Angels in the 8th Edition index, they’re back in the new Codex, so they’re legal again. (I’d have just used them anyway.) I had some fun with the barrels experimenting with a nice heat discolouration look on the barrels.

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Assault Squad

Another change from the initial models was a change to their Jump Packs. With new products available, I swapped out the original “two thruster” backpacks with these ones which tie them in more strongly with many of the Blood Angels models – particularly the Sanguinary Guard.

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Assault Squad

Chainaxes obviously have no standard place in a Blood Angels force, though they’re very much a weapon that is in character for the Flesh Tearers. In friendly games, I’ll just use the stats taken from the Khorne Berserker entry, and should it ever be an issue, they can just be fancy-looking chainswords instead.

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Assault Squad

The eventual plan for the Flesh Tearers is for them to be combined with the “proper” Blood Angels as a combined Sons of Sanguinius army. I’m going to completely ignore GW’s rather arbitrary rules on which heroes can influence which troops and eventually paint all of my metal BA characters in their own livery – as well as Gabriel Seth – and simply use them together as one. In the meantime, I do want to get the Flesh Tearers to a 2+1 stage on their own before doing the same with the Blood Angels, and them combining the two. I’ve got a Rhino/Razorback in progress that I picked up off Nerdfest on Dakka, and also a hero in progress. So hopefully those both get finished in the next couple of months so I can then begin on the second FT squad (Tactical, probably) and then take it from there!

Assembly April: Monthly Hobby Challenge

Diorama created by Michal Tafil. More of his work can be found at afv-diorama.blogspot.com

Something a bit different this next month for anyone who cares about these things. Not actually a painting challenge this time – the “theme” of April’s hobby challenge is to build or assemble something. For quite a few of you, this is like second nature, for others (aka me) it’s something I rarely get around to doing much of, since I seem to always be trying to finish off the painting of older models, painting one-piece casts, or working on models that have very little assembly/creativity to them, like building a few Space Marines.

Photo from www.scalemodelguide.com. I would have linked to their article, but my browser says "site not secure", so...

Here are some examples:

  • Build a large kit that’s been sitting around, taking up space for ages. That Dreamforge Leviathan, that Baneblade, that Big Bertha, that Promethium Refinery. (Yep, scenery/terrain is fine!)
  • Kitbash or convert a larger model for an army centrepiece or your mantelpiece.
  • Copy I mean be inspired by another hobbyist’s work and create your own version of something you’ve seen online.
  • Kitbash a cool trooper, or hero, or commander.
  • Finally crack open that Start Collecting!/game-with-models/boxed set/ancient blister pack/zip-lock baggie from eBay that has been sitting around forever and assemble (at least some of) the stuff inside.
  • Create a diorama. (Obviously doesn’t need to have all the painting completed or be fully assembled!)

Too many boxed kits. Possibly.

For those of you for which assembling or kitbashing stuff is second nature and also have some time off for Easter that’s not already pre-filled with commitments, you might want to consider a stretch from what you usually do. Or not. Just a thought. 😉

As always, the open and flexible nature of this thing is designed to fit in with a lot of people might be doing or thinking about anyway – and just give that extra boost of motivation.


I hope to build at least one “inspired by” figure as a hero for one of my armies and also assemble something of decent/centrepiece size that’s either made of resin or plastic that’s been sitting around here for long enough to become annoying. Ideally one each of both resin and plastic, but you know how it goes. But yeah, I’ll personally be happy if I get 2-3 builds done. It’s not supposed to be a chore, after all!

Upcoming Challenges: 

May will be completing Neglected Models again.

June will be finishing Squads/Units again.

July will be paint a centrepiece/cool big thing. Maybe the thing that you assemble in April? 😉

Meet Dave (the Evil Overlord)!

Khorne Hellbrute/Dreadnought – built by Dave, painted by Azazel.

Regular readers will remember that awhile back I painted a Khornate Dreadnought (Hellbrute) for an old friend called Dave.

Ku’gath Plaguefather by Dave

Well, I finally managed to track him down recently, and while he’s not a blogger, he is still converting, kitbashing and modelling and has a home over on Deviant Art, under the name “Davidtheeviloverlord“.

Obliterator by Dave

Nurgle Vindicator by Dave

I thought I’d throw Dave an internet shout-out and share some of his work here with a pointer to his pages. Here are a couple of his creations.

Mangler Squig by Dave

To see a lot more of Dave’s work, head over to his DeviantArt!

Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard – Lord of the Rings: SBG (Squad: March ’18)

Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Lord of the Rings: SBG

Here’s a group of models that I’ve completed leading into last weekend. Some were finish-offs and a few were start-to-finish paintjobs, though the scheme for Uruk-Hai Bersekers is pretty simple.

Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Lord of the Rings: SBG

Berserkers are mostly flesh-toned, so that’s pretty straightforward. Then dark metal for their helms and greatswords, a bit of chain and dark metal – and done!

Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Lord of the Rings: SBG

Ah, and of course some Blood for the Blood God (aka Clear Red) after varnishing down the front of their torsos and a bit of mess on the helms.

Saruman the White and Gríma Wormtongue. Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Lord of the Rings: SBG

The eight that I’ve just finished are enough to be considered a unit in their own right, but adding them to the previous six gives a pretty strong unit of 14 models (or two of seven, or…)


Saruman & Grima Wormtongue – Lord of the Rings: SBG

Saruman the White and Gríma Wormtongue. Lord of the Rings SBG

Today I have a pair of heroes (well, villains) from the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Middle Earth SBG series. They were both painted several years ago but for some reason they’ve never been photographed and shown here on the blog. We have of course Saruman the White and Gríma Wormtongue from Games Workshop’s range.

Saruman the White and Gríma Wormtongue. Lord of the Rings SBG

Pretty straightforward paintwork on both of these, simply influenced by the films. They make a nice pair of models.

I haven’t had much of a chance to play SBG in some time now, though Wargamer Eric has had several posts about the Battle Companies variant of the game that has gotten me interested in playing some “warbands”, so it might be something on the horizon for the near future as I’ve since picked up the book.

Mentor Legion #8 – Plasma Gunner (Tactical Squad III-3)

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marine Plasma Gunner Mentors

Another part of Tactical Squad III of my Mentor Legion here today. The squad Specialist, armed with a Plasma Gun. I tend to paint the plasma coils in coppery tones rather than glowing, since they can’t always be charging or firing.

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marine Plasma Gunner Mentors

I’ve posted him up individually rather than holding him back mostly because I’m wanting to get all of March’s models posted on the Blog before the monthly round-up. I’d typically have held showing this guy back until I had a few more done.

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marine Plasma Gunner Mentors

The model is a very simple conversion – it’s a second edition Plasma Gunner with the head carved off and a 3rd edition helmet (with neck!) dropped into the hole I carved out and oriented in the direction of the weapon. Since I had to literally saw the head off a metal model and then use a drill to hollow out a collar, I’ll call this one a conversion rather than a kitbash.

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen & Marcus (Squad: March ’18)

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen, Marcus

Yesterday, in my Ape-X post, I mentioned that I had been painting some Gorillas for DUST. These were actually started quite some time ago. Following on from the successful speedpainting of 30 Axis Zombies from DUST in January 2014, I rolled straight into the boxes of Axis Gorillas that I had sitting around. After all – the zombies were easy to do, so how could gorillas (almost entirely furred) be anything different? Fur’s easy to paint, after all!

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen

Alas, It didn’t work out. I got a mental block on two of the aspects of these models – gorilla skin and the “silverbacks”. So they sat there, then got pushed to the side, and eventually ended up in a tub of half-painted models, forgotten forever.

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen

Until this month’s challenge, obviously. They’ve not been a priority to get out and paint at any stage in the interim, since DUST isn’t a game that has gotten much gameplay here, despite it looking like fun. While I’ve been aware that they’re sitting there, even to the point of naming them in the “things I should try to get done this year” post from January, I’d even forgotten about that. So yeah, while rooting around in the tubs, I saw them, and basically had one of those “fuck it, I’m getting these done so I can get them out of here” moments.

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen, Marcus

At some point, I’d also cracked open the Operation “SeeLöwe” box and added the Kampfaffen hero, Marcus to the horde, as well as Reaper’s Ape-X, which I’d gotten in one of their Bones Kickstarters. Because why not? Marcus isn’t technically part of the squad, but I think he fits in just fine with the overall post as he’s supposed to be used with the grunts. Ape-X just makes for a thematic extra, though he obviously doesn’t have any rules in DUST (there’s probably some homebrew ones out there, though!)

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen, Marcus

Anyhow, I did my usual thing of checking some photo references for animal skin and hides and then just made myself do what was needed to finish them off. It wasn’t a lot of fun, but it wasn’t that hard. Now they’re done, and if I ever need a cohort of cyber-gorillas for anything, they’re right there and waiting. Marcus had a little bit of extra detailing, so I tried to make him a little more visually interesting by picking them out with some colour in what is otherwise a very drab set of figures.

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen, Marcus, Reaper Bones 80001 Ape-X

To finish up, I thought I’d throw in a shot of all the DUST Kampfaffen  Gorillas with their buddy, Ape-X thrown in for good measure. 🙂