Mentor Legion #9 – Scout Squad (Armoured April ’19)

Mentor Legion Space Marine Scout Mentors

Today I have the final five of last month’s models – a squad of five Space Marine Scouts from the Mentor Legion (aka Mentors). As with my previous entries in this army, I’ve used the original/old school livery, though in the case of these models that’s limited to their chapter badge being the “Owl Face.”

Painting Scout Space Marines for me is always a divergent project of sorts, as the common practice of painting them just like their parent chapter, maybe with off-white cloth parts just doesn’t make sense to me. For scouts, at least. With that in mind, I prefer to use camo schemes, along with muted tones, and then throw in a bit of ridiculousness because Space Marines. In this case, it’s the clean, bone chest aquilas, the bits of non-dulled metal scattered across the models along with the teal of their shotgun shells and such (red would have been a little too much!) Oh, and that rope on the sergeant’s hip. Naturally, I was obliged to paint “Geordi LaForge’s” visor in gold.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Scout Mentors

Here’s a little focus on their Chapter Icons, along with a slightly better look at the camouflage pattern used on their armour – inspired by the classic US Woodland.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Scout Mentors

Last shot has a couple of the scouts – a Sergeant and a Neophypte alongside a Tactical Sergeant. Now, I just need to actually, finally complete one of those Tactical Squads to modern rules compliance!

The Others: 7 Sins – Gluttony Faction Completed! Also – Nurgle’s Children 2019 #18: Proxy Plaguebearers of Nurgle

The Others: 7 Sins - Gluttony Faction

Today we have a completed boardgame faction. Not quite as impressive as a finished army, but hey, 8 figures fits into that same kind of size as a squad, or a (smallish) Necromunda gang or Bloodbowl Team. The biggest appeal(s) of the 7 Sins factions was that I could probably get them from none to done pretty quickly – and in that process – clear a box from my boardgame shelves as these will obviously have to go on a painted model shelf or at worst a figure case rather than residing in a giant box.

The Others: 7 Sins - Controller of Gluttony

Here’s the controller. Pretty much a woman dressed for the business end of a bondage session, including a complete lack of pants, who got his by the tenticular bloaties. She doesn’t seem to have really noticed much, though.

The Others: 7 Sins - Controller of Gluttony

Usually, a model like this would get its own post pretty much right after I completed it, separate to the Abominations – but since we’re playing catch-up this month for April’s models still – we’ll do the whole lot in one post. Not that this particular figure is in any way amazing or deserves it’s own post based on the sculpt or paintjob, so it’s all good. She ain’t the Avatar in terms of impressive models. that’s for sure!

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Gluttony

Here are the Abominations of ̶N̶u̶r̶g̶l̶e̶ Gluttony (sorry, don’t know how I got confused there!) As you can see, Adrian Smith’s Vagina Dentata obsession rears its head once again on the head-parts of these little mini Great Unclean Ones. We don’t just have a “leech mouth” here, as there are some pretty clearly-shaped labia on show. I mean, if the model design on these was more of a one-off, sure. You could say it’s in my mind, but when you see a pretty consistent leitmotif throughout a range, then smoke usually means smoke…

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Gluttony

The rear ends of these guys is much more “traditional” Zombie-Nurgle, as you can see. Not that I’m claiming that Nergal is a wholly-original creation or anything, but GW has codified a bunch of aspects of the whole “plague demon” thing pretty well over the past few decades, and these fit in there pretty well from the designs of a former GW artist.

I just thought I may as well throw in a box shot for this faction here again – what with it being the completed faction from the box. Dunno if I’ll ever play the actual game, but that wasn’t a strong consideration when I purchased it as a set of “should be able to proxy these in the Warhams” models.

The Others: 7 Sins - Gluttony Faction

To finish, here’s a size-comparison shot, so you can really see how the controller is very slight (maybe she’d fit in well with Eivor?) while even the Abominations are just a little undersized from what I’d assumed (and hoped) that they’d be to fit in with my Plaguebearers. I mean, they’ll still work and I doubt anyone outside of a GW store or officially-sanctioned GW-tournament would complain, just not quite as well as I’d hoped.

WAAAAGH! Pt.14: Gretchin Grot Loaders/Big Gun Kannon crew (Brian Nelson, 1999) (Neglected Model May ’18)

Gretchin Grot Loaders/Big Gun Kannon crew, Brian Nelson

I’ve had this pair of metal grots for quite a few years now, bought in some sort of eBay transaction that I can’t even recall, probably alongside (one of the) Ork artillery pieces I have floating around here. They’ve also been sitting around on my painting desk in various states of slightly-started for the better part of about two years now. Recently, this meant that I noticed them and set to completing them, as part of the recent spate of getting a bunch of neglected models done, regardless of the “official” months’ challenge.

Gretchin Grot Loaders/Big Gun Kannon crew, Brian Nelson

So I did just that. Over the course of a day or two or three, this pair of gretchin went from bases done and a messy green all over their bodies to done and now, finally, out of the way. of course, I still need to complete a weapon for them to crew. And I’ve got three or more of those. And of course, in the current rules, those weapons are crewed by five gretchin each. So… there’s still a bit of work to do there, and no doubt you’ll see these little fellas again when I start to get those done. For April’s activities, though – this is as far as I got!

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero (Armoured April ’19, Discount Gorechosen Revisited)

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

It’s been a good while since I started this guy – with the intention of using him as a proxy model for Vexnar the Reaper in our games of Gorechosen. Why a proxy? Simply put, I wanted to get in some proper practice before starting in on the rather expensive and very nice “official” models that came in the box. Similar to the previous proxy model I’d painted, but with a slight *cough* delay between models.

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten this guy done. And while he fits nicely enough into Armoured April, the impetus was just as much seeing it on the desk and just making myself get the bloody thing finished.

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

I’m pretty satisfied with how the model came out overall. The only real thing that bothers me is the teeth on his skull-helm look a little like a comedy moustache from a distance at time, which is probably not what The Blood God intended. There’s a slight conversion going on here, in the form of a weapon swap. He’s had his Katar-shield replaced with a hammer from one of the plastic Dwarf kits – it works both as a direct reference to Vexnar – armed with an axe and warhammer – and as a piece of looted war booty. After all, if you’re going to use a warhammer stolen from a foe, a dwarven hammer is the way to go, right?

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero, Champions of Khorne

As a final little thing, and a shout-out to all Science-guys from Germany, I have a shot of most of my main Khorne Champion-types from the last couple of years. Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Review: AK Interactive Hobby Sprays – Black Primer, White Primer, Protective Varnish

AK1011 Fine Primer White, AK1009 Fine Primer Black, AK1015 Protective Varnish

Something a little different today, but something I think that will (or should) be worthwhile to the wider hobby community.

For the longest time, I’ve been searching for a Matt spray varnish that actually gives a good, proper Matt finish. Like many others, the best I’ve come across to date has been Testors’ Dullcote. So a little while ago, when looking to replenish my stocks of Testors, I found that the place I decided to buy from, also stocked a number of sprays from AK Interactive, which is one in the long and storied line of companies that star painter, Mig Jiminez has been involved with. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find ANY user reviews of these products on the internet at the time. What else could I do? I bought one of each to try ’em out!

Now at this point in time, I’ve only tried three of them. AK1011 Fine Primer White, AK1009 Fine Primer Black, and AK1015 Protective Varnish. Once I’ve tried a couple more of the ones I picked up, I’ll review those as well. All three of these cans came with an additional nozzle, or a “fine diffuser for better paint application”.

First up:

AK1011 Fine Primer White

AK1011 Fine Primer White. 

All I can say is WOW. This turned out to be the best White Primer I’ve ever used. No joke and no mistake. It went on smooth and opaque. It dried quickly. Where coverage was spotty (due to my spraying angles) the followup sprays to pick up the missed areas went on just as well, and the overlapping areas did not have any issue with clogging. I’ve had no issues with my spray distance (as I’ve had with Army Painter sprays, which are special snowflakes with regard to their spraying distance). I’ve done a fair few figures since the ones photographed above, including a variety of PVC figures, and the stuff is a dream.

My previous favourites in white were Gunze Sangyo/Mr Hobby Mr Surfacer or the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. Both are still fine(!) products, but the little cans are quite expensive, while the large, full-sized can of AK comes to about half the price for the same high (or maybe better) quality primer. All three crap all over the Krylon I’ve used in the past.

When I get a chance, I’m going to place another order (for me, it’s only available via mail order) and stock up with a half-dozen or so more cans of this stuff as I only have the one, and it’s going down as it’s now been my first choice in white. That’s how much I like it.

I haven’t tried spraying Reaper Bones figures, because they suck when trying to prime them.

I haven’t tried the fine diffuser nozzle, since I prime in batches.

AK1009 Fine Primer Black

AK1009 Fine Primer Black.

To save a bit of time, I guess you can look over my thoughts on the White Primer above. The bar with other black primers is a bit higher than with white, which is so often a bit problematic, but yeah, this stuff wins once again – beating out Tamiya, Gunze and Krylon (the Krylon black is better than the Krylon white). It’s perhaps a little more obviously satin than the white, but you can still see how smooth it is on the trio of off-brand Skaven above. As with the white, it’s easy to paint over, has excellent coverage and is once again my first go-to for any models I care about.

I’ll be getting a half-dozen cans of the black at the same time I stock up on the white.

AK1015 Protective Varnish

AK1015 Protective Varnish.

After such a pair of glowing reviews, I wouldn’t blame you at all if you were expecting similar here. Sadly my experience here was not positive at all – especially since this was the product that led me to finding and purchasing the others.

Let’s just take a snippet from the description on the official website:

Special varnish to protect your models and figures if is needed a constant manipulation. Developed for Wargamers. Ultra resistant and with the best adherence. The paint is a synthetic varnish that cures in a short period of time.

Uh huh. Sounds good, right? Developed for Wargamers, even (if I’m allowed to call myself that!) Well, what they fail to tell you, on the website; on the can; anywhere at all is that the stuff dries with a high gloss finish. You know, just like all wargamers want on their figures. Imagine my delight when I sprayed some models with this stuff, expecting it to dry with a nice matt finish, and found them an hour later still looking like they were freshly misted with water. Sorry, but you don’t get an example pic of those models, since they were quickly sprayed with a proper, matte varnish.

So yeah. More disappointment than you can imagine – especially after trying the two primers. While I’m sure the stuff works well enough for a solid protective coat, that’s hardly anything special – especially since my local hardware store sells two types of high-quality, fast-drying, non-yellowing gloss sprays (enamel or acrylic based – take your pick!) for half the price of this stuff. Not happy, Jan!

*Disclaimer: No part of this review was paid for, sponsored or in any way influenced by anyone. I purchased all of the above products at full retail with my own funds.

The Others: 7 Sins – Abominations of Wrath (Proxy Flesh Hounds of Khorne)

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Wrath

Today’s post features another half-dozen figures completed in April, too late for the Gender-Ambiguous model challenge or the Squad: March challenge – and certainly not something I can count for Armoured April. No matter – done is done, after all – and that’s ne’er a bad thing…

I’m not sure what the “official” paint scheme for these is supposed to be, but let’s face it – I gave (and give) zero fucks about the lore of this particular box of miniatures with a game shoehorned onto it. When I first saw them on the Kickstarter page, I had the very thought that stayed with them to conclusion. Proxy Flesh Hounds of Khorne.

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Wrath

Once in hand, I decided I wanted to give their clearly-inspired-by-the-Xenomorph(s)-from-Alien(s) noggins a good dose of recognition towards their progenitors. This is one of the things that took awhile, and delayed their completion into the following month. Eventually, I went with several fairly transparent layers of black over the red, sort-of blending into the main red of their bodies. To complete the effect, the foreheads were finished in gloss, mixing into gloss-satin, and eventually the satin-matt of their bodies.

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Wrath

There’s a bit more definition in the red in hand, but I’m apparently not great at photographing reds, and I didn’t want to go too far into either orange nor pink for the highlights. Besides, these models are fairly nice, but not exactly amazing either, so they’re not the kinds of models I’m going to agonise over too much. I think they look pretty fit for purpose, and so I was good with calling them done at the point you can see them here.

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Wrath

Unlike so much of the rest of Adrian Smith’s “The Others: 7 Sins” work, there’s not a lot of overly sexual imagery in play with these models. You might be able to argue a subtle bit of vagina dentata with their mouths (especially the open ones with unlocked & spread lower jaws), but at least it’s a bit more subtle here. Of course, if you know of the origin of the cranium shape of Giger’s Alien, there’s something to be said there as well, and I don’t for a moment expect someone like A.S. to be unaware of that. So I guess it’s not so different, after all. At least if you know what you’re looking at… (and wait till we get to the next batch of the models from this particular game!)

I’ve still got the controller to finish for this little faction to be complete. Unfortunately, he looks like Discount Hellboy to me, and so isn’t exactly inspiring, sitting there on the desk with some basecoats applied…

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew – Battlefront Miniatures

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew

Do these count as 2 models? That’s what they are, after all! This pair of tiny dismounted crewmen came from some pack or another of FoW models, many years ago and were individually based to serve as markers, before such things were commercially available. I think they were for “crew shaken” or “vehicle stunned” or some such (it’s been a LOOOoooOng time since I played FoW) – basically, the idea being that when an armoured vehicle was “stunned” for a turn, I’d put one of these little guys next to it to represent that the crew had bailed out temporarily.

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew

So far, so uninteresting. I know.

Anyway, when Marouda and I had a muckabout game of TANKS! a few months ago (how time flies when life is shitful), I got out my old, half-finished DAK army for FoW and we used one or two of the tanks. I think I used the Tiger I as a Panther. I also got these two out, and they were used as counters. I think. Anyway, they ended up out, and seeing how simple that they are, they got transferred inside to the painting desk so they could be ignored inside instead of in a figure case outside. Cut to me actually noticing them recently, and re-realising that they could be finised with probably only a few minutes of work. So I (finally) did that.

Scheme was simple. Basic DAK-desert-y clothing & boot colours, and a black Panzer Corps jacket and beret for one of them. I should probably dig out some more of the little markers I made for things like pinned and dug in and whatnot and finish those too. Small wins are almost always worthwhile…