WarZone 1st Edition: Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator – TG9696PB + Contrast Paint Experiment #6

WarZone 1st Edition, Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator, TG9696PB

Another of my old and neglected WarZone 1st edition models completed. This one is a Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator (yes, I had to look it up). This one had pretty much been sitting for years, with only the skin and metal basecoated. While the sculpting is technically quite adept, the overall design of the model is basically pretty shithouse. Which pretty much gives the simple and straightforward explanation of why it took me so long to get back to, and also why it’s still easily available today for not much money.

WarZone 1st Edition, Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator, TG9696PB

I think my initial motivation for starting to paint it was to use it as a Chaos Spawn-type thing in the first iteration of my Nurgle force, which was to be a Lost the the Damned-type army. Anyhow, it’s now finished. The final motivation being to just knucle down and get the fucking thing off my painting desk. I kept to the cow-brown aesthetic and just highlighted the flesh so it could pass for either oily/sweaty skin or a kind of horse-fur-sheen, and pinked-up some scarred tissue around the edges of the metal implants.

WarZone 1st Edition, Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator, TG9696PB

“Buff Dudes” goes a little off the rails.

Given the size of it, I suppose I could theoretically use it as an Obliterator proxy in the right kind of Chaos force, but for now, it’s just another hunk of painted lead off my desk and out of the backlog. I don’t hate the model. The sculpt is odd and badly-proportioned and it’s a bad design, but it’s got a dorky charm to it somehow. I’m also good with my paint on it. Nothing amazing, but a solid, decent paintjob, and about as much as the model deserves. As with a lot of my current models, there’s some use of thinned Contrast paint used in the shading of the musculature, on the horns, teeth, hooves, etc. I find that used like this it gives a bit more control than using a traditional wash, and the outcome is quite decent.

Necromunda ’95! – Underhive Scum with Autopistol and Plasma Pistol (Michael Perry, 1995)

Necromunda 1995, Underhive Scum with Autopistol and Plasma Pistol, Michael Perry, 1995, 72937/1, Grendel Genral Vlado

I have another Necromunda model for you today. This one is a model that was entirely completed back in the 1990’s, which explains why there are the number of bright primary colours on the model. Still, it’s not a bad looking paintjob, and so based on that I’ve only touched up and rebased the model – so as a “renovation” it still counts as a model “completed” this month by the way I count my progress (basically, Am I happy to call it “finished” by my 2019 standards?)

Necromunda 1995, Underhive Scum with Autopistol and Plasma Pistol, Michael Perry, 1995, 72937/1, Grendel Genral Vlado

The sculpt is clearly designed as an “ex-Goliath”, if you look at the queues – though my paint (even with a few too many colours used) is based on a character from the Grendel Tales comics – Grendel General Vlado, from Devils and Deaths, written by Darko Macan and illustrated by Edvin Biuković.

The similarities that the model had to the character’s appearance with the hair and braids, along with that physique were too much to pass up. Honestly, though – if I were to change anything, I’d just turn the knife scabbard from blue to brown, the red coils on the plasma pistol to copper and the underside to black/grey, and probably change the pale straps on his greaves to a darker brown. Not the biggest changes, and in context, I’m happier to have just touched up the model and left it with the original scheme.

Reaper 50153: Berkeley, Zombie Survivor

Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

A kind of random model today. This was one that Marouda and I picked up from a gaming store a few years ago because it looked cool on the peg. Then it naturally sat around for a long time, before evventually being opened, started, and Neglected for …I dunno. A couple of years?

Anyhow, I found it recently, and so stuck it amongst the masses of models on the painting desk, and there, it stood. Still neglected as I worked on other models. A couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling much on the models I was working on, so I asked Marouda to pick out a couple of models for me to finish from anything on the table (with the caveat that I can always say “nope, not painting that one right now” if I don’t like the choices). The two that she picked were Berkeley, and one other model that’s still WIP.

Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

Pretty straightforward model, all things considered. I went for a nice triad of main colours with red for the hair, white for the top and blue for her jeans. A couple of shades of brown for her other kit for a more realistic overall look compared to a lot of the Warhammer stuff. In particular, I’m really happy with how her jeans came out (especially in hand). I was in two minds about adding tattoos, since the model’s arms are really fine, and I didn’t want to muddy them up. On the other hand, she looks like she’d have some ink, so I compromised and kept it to a couple of really subtle, part-hidden ones on her person. I wanted the chainsaw to be realistic, and wanted to go for orange for the plastic casing rather than use red or yellow. That’s also where I used some Contrast paint as well with thinned Gryph-Hound Orange over VMC Light Orange. For me, this is how I see the most use of Contrast paints working for me. After I was happy with the orange, I had to figure out something to do with the chain cover, since the plain off-white looked boring, so it was google time to find a brand that fit, since the names I’d most likely use have their own standard colours (Stanley uses Yellow, Bosch uses green.. that sort of thing). I found Echo, and they also use a font that I was able to reasonably replicate at that scale, so that’s where the branding came from.

It wasn’t until the model was completed that I actually noticed that the long strip of torn denim hanging from her leg to the ground that kept annoying me was in fact, a dismembered zombie hand. At that point I wasn’t willing to clip it off and have to repaint the mess it’d make of part of her jeans, so yeah. Long strip of ripped denim. Just unsee it! 😉

Reaper Bones 77116: Colossal Skeleton (Jason Wiebe) (Awesome August ’19)

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

Today I have the first of (and maybe only? we’ll see how the month pans out) my submissions for this month’s Model painting challenge – the Colossal Skeleton from Reaper Miniatures’ Bones line. I think it was from their first Bones Kickstarter, but frankly I can’t be arsed to check, as at this point it hardly matters. This model was a nightmare for me (no pun intended) due to the rather horrid properties of the Bones Material, going sticky over time along with ill-defined details. The model is actually heavily based on a metal counterpart, though given the need to glue and join something like that together, I can only imagine it also being a nightmare as well, albeit of a mostly different sort.

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

I started this large, skinny fellow a couple of years ago – which you can easily spot by the use of the Square base – based as he is for Kings of War and Marouda’s Undead Army. So why did he take so long to get done? He’s mostly bone, isn’t he? After all, that’s easy enough to do..

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

Well, the issues I had with the model were a combination of the bone layers becoming rather tacky early on in the project, as well as all of the fidldy little details scattered across the model. The problem with those details is that most of them are pretty well ill-defined and simply …mushy. I found that particular combination rather off-putting, and despite any number of challenges over the last almost-a-year by now, from Dreadtober, Neglected Models, Jewel of July, Monster March… and on and on, I never could get more than a little of him done. In the first few days of this month however, after going to bed, I had a feeling come over me that I would finish the model that weekend. And so, somehow, I did just that.

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

In my little epiphany, I knew that I needed to break down the model into managable chunks. Good thing he was an unassembled multipart model, then – so legs and base, torso with head attached, and two arms. And then I worked on the fucker for most of the two days in my spare time. And it somehow worked – at the end of the weekend, he was done. And varnished both with Reaper’s own brush-on and AK Interactive’s matte. Somehow it’s also not sticky or even tacky. Yet.

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

A scale shot, along with some of his little (aka regular, human-sized) mates.

So now, after at least a couple of years, this big bastard is done, and I’m actually quite happy with it. My problem with him now becomes where to store it, especially since the Undead Army is already overflowing their shelf. Ah well, there are worse problems to have in life.

Now, the next question will be if I can get another awesome model done for August, or if it will remain with just the one completed for the challenge. Either way, it’s mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned.

Blood Bowl: Nobbla Blackwart – Goblin Chainsaw Wielding Loony Star Player

Blood Bowl, Nobbla Blackwart, Goblin Chainsaw Wielding Loony, Star Player

Back in the second edition of Blood Bowl (and maybe the first?) we had players who could be Chainsaw Wielding Loonies. When third came around, these were codified into an initially limited series of Star Players, and Nobbla Blackwart was one of these. This model was originally started back in the 1990’s, though he’s never been used on the field. For many years, he’s sat in my Blood Bowl figure case, nothing if not Neglected. I’d hoped to complete him finally last month for Jewel of July, but that didn’t happen – however, I did finish him off finally last week! Oh, and I’m not sure what’s happening witht he visor slits in the photo… it looked fine in hand last time I looked, but it appears rather …odd here.

Blood Bowl, Nobbla Blackwart, Goblin Chainsaw Wielding Loony, Star Player

I considered whether to give him chipped and worn armour – however my Orc team has pretty unscuffed armour and kept his the same as I haven’t yet decided if I will do a complete revampo of each figure to dirty them up and add wear to their gear (which I might ..or might not do). When it came to the player number… I realised I really hadn’t considered it. But then, what number would a Star Player who was also an Insane Goblin with a chainsaw tend to choose? (And think would be hilarious!) I asked myself “WWB&BHD?” and the answer revealed itself.

Here’s the original Star Player Card from 3rd edition. I haven’t yet played the newest version, which is pretty much an updated, refined version of 3rd, so I’m not sure if these rules and stats would still aply to old Nobbla. Can’t hurt putting it up as a comparison, though! Come to think of it, I’ve actually got at least two of those original 2nd edition Chainsaw Wielding Loony models.


Necromunda ’95! – Plastic Starter Set Goliath w/Shotgun

Necromunda 1995 plastic Goliath ganger

How should I start the posts featuring August’s models? Wy not with the first model completed in August? This model is (was?) an original Necromunda pack-in Goliath, who I trimmed off the mohawk and added a couple of pouches. I also painted some scarification marks/brands around his eyes and on his shoulder. The Mark of Grendel. I’ll write some more about that in a later post, but it’s something you’ll see in some form on most of my 1990’s Necromunda models.

Necromunda 1995 plastic Goliath ganger

So why is he here? Well, new base means newly finished to 2019 tabletop standards. I decided not to do anything further (a little touch-ups aside) as I want to preserve this guy mostly as-is for the time capsule element. There’ll be more old Necro-use models coming soon, with a variety of more and less modern work done on them in the days to come…

July’s Models/Jewel of July 2019: Personal Round-Up

Overall completed models for July ’19

Pretty tired at the moment, hence the lack of updates over the past few days. I did just get out to the shed to take a few photos, though – so at least I can wrap up my own July Painting as well as what I finished for Jewel of July this year – and shit! I’ve just remembered that I still have forgotten to weathering powder the bases of those bloody trees!

Completed Jewels of July '19.

Not as many finished for the Jewel challenge as I’d hoped, but then I’ve still been busy with any number of RL challenges, so once again – it is what it is – and my outcome wasn’t terrible by any means, so while I’m not super-please, I am at least ok with it in the end. Once again though, the month ends with a pile of models still on the desk that I’d hoped that the month’s challenge would help me to complete.

Rather amusingly, almost every model completed in July would have qualified for a Neglected Model challenge as well. That’s been an unstated (here, at least) thing in the back of my mind since December/January – for me to try and get as many of the neglected models I’ve accumulated over the years done as possible this year. I’d hoped to get all of the models that I’ve started and abandoned done this year, but it seems that’s more than a bridge too far. Maybe if I didn’t also have to work or have other responsibilities and interests, but that ain’t happening anytime soon!

Hm.. looking through, though – everything here was actually neglected except for three models. The trees had nothing done to them besides cleanup and spraying, but that had all happened more than a year ago. The rubble piles were also primed months ago. The dragon statues hadn’t had anything done to them previously, but they kinda fit due to where and how they were stored. But given that I’ve always considered “assembled, primed and then abandoned” as “started” for the purposes of Neglected model challenges… the only ones with less than that on the clock would be those terrible Dark Stone Brutes, who ad been clipped from the sprue and then forgotten about until I decided to use Contrast experiments to also knock them out quickly.

In the end, I just managed to get over my monthly target in July, with a total of 36 models. Thank goodness for meaningless scatter and simple boardgame terrain! I guess the lesson here is that this minimum-1-per-day-per-month sub-challenge I’ve had for myself is a good way to keep a constant motivation to get all those little bits of scatter terrain that we gamers tend to accumulate done. Add these to my previous month’s total of 229/232, and I’m up to 262/265.

The weather here is also shitful right now (I feel sorry for people who have to work outside in this – shoutout to IRO!) and spraying (priming, varnishing, mid-paint protective coats) are just out of the question right now, so the next few updates will be the one August model that I got varnished before the weather turned, and a couple that will look pretty much identical once they’re sprayed… Jewel of July Community Round-Up won’t be until next weekend at the earliest. As stated earlier, I’ve been fucking exhausted lately – so it’ll be done, but in good time. 🙂