3-D Printer? One on the horizon? Check this out!

Sort-of a reblog here, but something worth sharing with the community. It’s actually an older post from Geek and Sundry dating from May 2016 that I’ve just seen a week or so ago.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that there are a ton of free designs up for grabs. Or to repeat G&S’s headline:


Zombie Beholder. Image Credit – Miguel Zavala

So anyway, I’m not trying to steal G&S’ clicks. So if you’re interested, go have a look at their article and then on to Shapeways to download the patterns for that day when you finally get a 3D printer, in case they’ve been taken down by then.

The Black Rider – Citadel Miniatures Mounted Witch King of Angmar

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Witch King of Angmar, Nazgul, Nazgûl

The Black Rider flung back his hood, and behold! he had a kingly crown; and yet upon no head visible was it set. The red fires shone between it and the mantled shoulders vast and dark. From a mouth unseen there came a deadly laughter.
Old fool!” he said. “Old fool! This is my hour. Do you not know Death when you see it? Die now and curse in vain!” And with that he lifted high his sword and flames ran down the blade.
– Gandalf’s encounter with The Witch-King of Angmar in The Return of the King, The Siege of Gondor
Citadel Miniatures Mounted Witch King of Angmar, Nazgul, Nazgûl
This model of The Witch King was one of the many that sat around half-painted for a measure of years before finally seeing completion at the end of one of my occasional bouts of focused “Just finish that effing thing!” a couple of months ago. With the chaos that has been happening lately, it took sometime to be photographed, and time again before being cropped, and now, finally posted. These were actually the photos I was working on when I noticed the hard drive beginning to fail a couple of weeks ago, as they weren’t saving first time and easily.
Citadel Miniatures Mounted Witch King of Angmar, Nazgul, Nazgûl
 As with the others that I’ve painted previously, I’ve taken some liberties – the Witch-King’s steed here is dark brown rather than black, and I’ve also added the beaten copper to the horse’s icon, both in an attempt to add some visual interest to what could have been a more accurate, but far more boring paint job. Similarly, I’ve used weathering powders mixed with matte varnish to add a dirty effect to the bottom hem of his robes.
Citadel Miniatures Mounted Witch King of Angmar, Nazgul, Nazgûl
This leaves me with 5 more “basic” mounted Nazgûl to paint in order to represent The Nine in games of SBG and whatnot, though naturally, I have a couple of mounted extras – because that happens when you buy large collections on eBay, plus the foot versions, and a fell beast or two, and also most (all?) of the “Named Character” versions of the Nazgûl that Games Workshop came out with late in the SBG’s pre-Hobbit life, because BUY THESE MODELS. To be fair, though, they’re overall a nice batch of models and as any regular reader of this blog knows by now, owning unnecessary models is kinda my thing.
Citadel Miniatures Mounted Witch King of Angmar, Nazgul, Nazgûl
 Obviously, this rather proud king has uses in any official LotR games, particularly the Strategy Battle Game, but he’ll also serve in the Undead Army for Kings of War (as a Vampire Lord) until such a time as my Mordor Army has sufficient figures painted to be up and running independently of the rather generic Undead force. (His not-quite-finished self can be seen in those pics, too!)
Citadel Miniatures Mounted Witch King of Angmar, Nazgul, Nazgûl

D&D Monster Manual 1: Purple Worms – aka Reaper Bones 77006: Great Worm

My latest Blast from the Past. And okay, it’s not more than 5 years old (close to 4 this time) but still, it’s not been seen by the majority of people who now browse my blog, and I’m still very pleased with how well these came out. Might even be time to try and paint that Space Marine finally…

Azazel's Bitz Box.

There’s a bit of discussion about at the moment, regarding how Bones is not a great material for certain figures, and can be a bit of an unpleasant material to work with for some people. While I’d agree that it’s far from perfect, it works out really well for certain figures. I bought this pair of Pre-KS Bones over a year ago, but they got put to one side for most of that time when I had to pack up to move, then move, and unpack and so forth. Recently I finished them, and finally we had some decent light, so today they got photographed. There’s a bit of mould line that I missed on one of them. Noticed it when it was too late, and I didn’t want to butcher my paint in order to fix it. You barely notice in person, anyway. Mostly pictures in this update, so…

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Vikings, Åtta!

So I’m back. It took the better part of a week to back up and replace the hard drive (still have my Steam folder to add to the external HDD backup). I’m feeling better in relative terms in that I’m over what I believe was the flu, and am down to more general, low level winter cough and cold misery. The more important family health stuff is ongoing and slow, but will hopefully work out to 100%, though there’s a couple of months on that road yet before it’s done. Thank you to all of you who left comments in the previous post, and apologies for not having replied individually.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

These figures mark the beginning of “Book Two” of my Vikings. Cannon’s ones are all now done, so we’re onto the Vikings that I’ve actually purchased myself. These three are from Wargames Foundry, and are in fact the old 1986 Citadel F8 Vikings “Oldhammer!” that Bryan Ansell moved across from Citadel to Foundry back in the day. I picked up two of the packs awhile back (VNS001, VNS004) and skipped the berserkers and archers for now.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

These three are the first of the next sixteen. I should have some more up shortly if I can get back to regular updates without any more roadblocks coming up.We’ll see how it goes, I’ve still got a ton of older posts to repair…

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

Finally, the shields. This trio is pretty simple, though I do like the yellow/white/red one. I may reuse that particular pattern on another shield or two as I move through the rest of the metals.

Technical Difficulties….

It never rains, but it pours.

Aside from a bunch of rather nasty family health stuff that I haven’t been writing about here, and getting pretty bloody sick myself (possibly the flu?) and only recovering a week ago, though I still have some niggling issues. My trusty Logitech G500 mouse also died last week after many years of service while I was getting stuck into the repair of my site from the Photobucketpocalypse (paying for WordPress, and moving forum post images to Imgur) and doing my best to keep updating with new content.

So then my main “work” hard drive started to die.

Not my C drive at least, but the one with all of our photos, all of my MP3 files, my Steam & GoG installs, my Humble downloads. Oh, and all of my wargaming and hobby files collected over the last decade or so, as well as my Blog photos for this thing – including all of my archived photos that I was using to rebuild the blog.

I was lucky enough to notice early, since my music the other morning was acting oddly, even after a reboot – and the photos I was working on (cropping and resizing) for the update for a couple of days ago weren’t really saving properly.

The good news is that I do back my stuff up. The bad news is that I do so when I remember, so the last time the gaming and music and photo files were backed up was in 2014 and 2015. I hadn’t realised it was so long ago. So 2 new HDDs later, and I’m in the process of backing my stuff up to the new External drive, and once that’s done, I’ll install the new internal and copy everything across to that as well. Then I can start chasing the dead/unreadable files down (which I’m logging as I go), and doing simple things like getting Steam to check/repair various software installs.

Since I also have to go to work, I see this taking (at least) a week. I’m also typing this on Marouda’s machine since I don’t want to do ANYTHING else but back up files on my own machine. No other apps or programs to distract it from the most important task at hand.

So I’ll still be reading when I can, but I won’t be posting until (my computer at least) is back to normal.

Unless we end up with a bunch of Project-Log WIP posts with photos taken from my phone…?

See you in the comments!


Aethiopian Pegasi – or Winged Unicorn.

Another Blast From the Past!
I’ve been slowly working my way through and fixing up posts that Photobuckey Phucked, in a combo of working backwards and picking the ones off the “Top Posts” sidebar (because it means people have tried to look at them but they’ve been broken), and I’ve noticed some of them are
a) Still pretty cool.
b) More than 5 years old – so most people who follow the blog now won’t have ever seen them.

So based on that, and the positive reception to the Noise Marine Champion I (re)posted some pics of back in March, I’ll be doing a bit of reblogging of old stuff, on “off” days when I wouldn’t have had any new content anyway.

So here we go…

Azazel's Bitz Box.

While trying to find the proper name for this thing, I found a link that describes it as an ancient Greek beast, which makes some sense. Regardless, this miniature is an old Grenadier Miniatures figure, that luckily remains in availability via Mirliton these days. I’m not sure who the sculptor is, as I can’t find that info anywhere. I painted this figure as a gift to my wife, and according to the message I painted on the base, I finished it on 17th Nov, 1996. Nothing like that to make me feel old!

Grenadier Miniatures Mirilton Winged Unicorn Aethiopian Pegasi

Grenadier Miniatures Mirilton Winged Unicorn Aethiopian Pegasi

Grenadier Miniatures Mirilton Winged Unicorn Aethiopian Pegasi

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Vikings, Sjau!

This is the final post of my first “book” of Vikings – those given to me in bare-lead form by Mr. Cannon from work, who has just taken on another job and somehow managed to duck both a planned painting day and a series of SAGA (and possibly Frostgrave) encounters (admittedly, due to some family health issues on my end). I’ll catch up with him again, but it might not be until September.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Gripping Beast SV01b Viking Warlord, Eureka Miniatures, 28mm Vikings


Anyway, I thought a group shot was apt to cap off the collection that he generously gave to me (forced me to take them, actually!) I’m thankful though, as I’ve enjoyed painting them and have now gotten into my own collection of metal Vikings that may have otherwise just sat around forever in the leadpile. I say may. Let’s be real. They would have.

The next Vikings to be shown will be “my” Vikings, as I wanted to completely finish all of the ones given to me first, out of respect for the gesture.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Gripping Beast SV01b Viking Warlord, Eureka Miniatures, 28mm Vikings

I also got a new Samsung phone, so I’m trying to work out if the camera on my phone is better for this miniature photography gig than my Nikon. It seems a little grainier, but with better overall focus. I’ll probably have some dual-photos in the next few posts as I clue it out and see how they look online and what others think…