Neglected Model May ’18: Community Painting Challenge

As with February, May’s Community Challenge for whoever is interested in participating will be “Finish a neglected model”. Simply complete a single model (or more if you want) that you started painting at least 6 months ago, but still sits unfinished.

This challenge is designed to be Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience. Last time we did this, ten of us managed to finish a figure or a few that had eluded completion for a significant amount of time, and by doing so, de-clutter the world’s collection of half-painted models by at least a small amount.

So if you’re keen for it, no need to sign up. Just pick a model that’s been neglected and during the month of May, make it into a completed model. If you’d like to be included in the wrap-up at the end of the month, it’s very helpful if you post a link in the comments section of THIS post, so everything is in one place when I go to stitch it all together.

And if you want some inspirations, just go and check out February’s wrap-up page!


Review: Dungeon! The Board Game

5 Years on, I found this review while repairing some more posts that Photobucket killed. Since the game is still available (it’s had a cover art revamp) I thought it worth re-sharing our thoughts on it. Clicky for the full review.

Oh, and that place in Bentleigh closed down (name was later bought and reopened under new, better management). Karma’s a bitch, eh?

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Something a little different this time. A mini-review of the re-released Dungeon! board game, by Wizards of the Coast. I’d played the original (Jedko Australian Edition) many times as a young’un, back in the 70’s(?), 80’s and 90’s as my older brothers were into D&D briefly back in the day. I’d also picked up the 1989 (giant board!) edition from TSR when it came out, though I may be missing some pieces from that one now.

So when I saw this one for the low price of AU$24 from Games Empire,* I grabbed it within a few days. (2018 edit – it’s $28 now – still worthwhile!)

This edition carries the full Dungeons and Dragons branding on the box, something that neither of the other versions I played have, despite the historical links that both games have. The components and cards have some nice artwork on them…

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Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #12: Sammy the Snail

This cute little fella is a random thing that ended up in my figure boxes. I don’t remember when or where or who it came from. It’s basically a life-size snail. I suspect that it was one of those little shelf knick-knacks in soft-ish pewter that people put on their shelves or whatever, and I can only guess that it came from my mum.

Since I’ve been painting the Nurgle Daemon stuff lately, I decided to get it done, finally. It’s not quite a Beast of Nurgle in stature (unless it’s a puppy!), so I figure it can be used as a non-combat familiar model. Maybe an Objective marker occasionally. Something to follow the GUOs around or put amongst the Nurgling bases like a protective guard dog for them. I could even use it as a Plaguebearer in a pinch.

It took longer to paint than you’d expect. Mostly in my dithering around on the shell colours and patterns. In the end what I settled for isn’t perfect, but it works and is good enough.

Here’s a size comparison shot with a Plaguebearer, so as you can see, Sammy makes for a pretty large familiar.

Hail, Theoden King!

Just found this rather old post, and presuming that very few of my current followers will have seen these before, I’m reblogging. Remember to click the title below or the “…more text” to see the rest of the post and pics.
…I should find my remaining one of this model and paint it up. Hopefully I can still do as well as this older effort.

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Theoden

This figure was painted late last year, for another charity auction at work. Much the same as the original Savage Orc from the first few posts, in fact. This time, instead of forgetting to take a few nice photos of the finished product, I forgot to take WIP pictures until almost the end of the process, so there was little point in showing them here.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Theoden

For this charity figure, I chose Theoden on foot from the Citadel Lord of the Rings range. I chose Theoden for a couple of reasons – those being that he’s a very nice model, has a nice pose, is a somewhat recognisable character, and because I’d ended up with a spare of the figure (which always helps!) This figure is of course, a metal version, and from before they bundled it together with a non-matching sculpt.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Theoden

When I started preparing the figure, I…

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Vikings, þrettán! Viking Book Two Complete

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

Finally, I’ve finished these metal Viking models. These are the final five of my Perry-sculpted Wargames Foundry rebadged 1986 Citadel F8 Vikings. This little group  also completes “Book Two” of my Vikings. “Book One” can be found here. They were intended to be the last of the models I completed for Squad: March, but it didn’t work out that way. Because Shields.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

The last time I finished any of these Perry/GW/Foundry Vikings was actually last August, so these guys have been siting around partly done for a bloody good while there – so these monthly challenges are definitely working for me in terms of helping to motivate me to finish off stuff that’s been sitting around.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

The “money shot” for my Vikings – the freehand shields.

Unfortunately, getting sick for over a week with this throat -> chest infection really messed up my painting plans for last month, and now I’m just tired and grumpy all the time as I work my way through the endless cough that it left me with.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

“Book Two” of my Vikings, finally completed!

I’ll get some larger group shots of my Vikings done soonish. For now, enjoy the “Book Two Complete” shot, and I’ll get a full-group shot of all of them together at some point in the near future. I’ve selected the models for “Book Three”, and so far I’ve cleaned up the metal castings, primed and based them. Now they just need to be painted. 😡

Bolt Action! 28mm T-34/85 Tank Platoon

The Imperfect Modeller’s post featring his US Willy Jeep got me thinking about my own limited assembly of WW2 plastic kits. I then found that this post was still Photophucked, so I repaired it, noticed it was nearing 4 years old, and decided to shine the spotlight on it again, however briefly.

Since this is a reblog, there are a LOT more photos if you click the link below for the full post.

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Warlord Games Bolt Action T-34/85 The T-34/85 platoon shows off their freehand slogans.

Well, I finished my first official Bolt Action models – a platoon of three Soviet T-34/85s. It took a little longer than I’d originally planned/hoped, since I wanted to get the markings more-or-less right, while still making the models look good. I found some information that the red star was used sparingly, (and that a white star was even used at times) and that individual unit markings were often left up to the company commanders, so after a fair bit of looking around, I decided that the red star added an attractive bit of spot colour to the models, as did the Guards Tank badge. I also added some freehand slogans, which was a lot of fun.

I chose to use freehand for the slogans because I wanted to have something a little more unique than the decals provided, and because I…

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March 2018 YDT Painting Goal Reflections.

Now with this being the third of this year’s Monthly round-ups, and given that it marks the first quarter of the year, I thought it might be a good time to look again at my year’s painting goals as listed during January:

1. Paint and finish some 2+1 marine forces/bump up existing small groups to this as a minimum.
Black Templars, Celestial Lions, Fallen Angels and Deathwatch, though I have another one on the go right now, and plans (oh dear, the plans) for several more. I’d also count finishing my 2006 Ork force in there.

Celestial Lions have gotten one squad as have the Flesh Tearers (“the one on the go” that I referred to). Both need a second squad and something like a Vehicle and/or a Dreadnought still. My 2006 Orks still need their Warboss and Grots to be completed. No more Fallen Angels painted yet, nor Deathwatch or Templars.

2. Reinforce the existing 40k armies. Specifically, both Minotaurs and Iron Warriors need some proper reinforcements.

I’ve naturally got specific plans for this and that, but nothing done, bar a Captain for the Minos. I need to get cracking a bit more on both of these. With some luck, I’ll get a squad or more finished here.


3. Sort out the stuff that’s painted but needs reorganisation to be playable in 8th edition. I’m very much thinking of my Imperial Guard here.

No movement here. Yet. I just need a bit of time and space to sort this out.

4. Finish more of the stuff I started but never finished. There’s a unit of Elves just waiting on three models to be done to be completed. There’s a unit of DUST Gorillas, a unit of Undead, some Mordor Uruks, Arbites, Savage Orcs… It’s bloody exhausting to think about how many started-but-abandoned units I still have.

February and March’s challenges have made some solid headway on a few of these. The DUST Gorillas are done, I’ve done some work on the Undead (2 units, it seems!), Mordor Uruks are done, Arbites are untouched, and I’ve done some work on the Savage Orcs. Seems like the Squad: March challenge got me working on some of the “neglected squads”. No bad thing, I guess – as it gets more of the started-but-not-complete stuff done and out of the queue and out of the way.

5. Complete all of my metal Dwarf Slayer models.

I’ve done a bit of work on a few that live on the desk, but nothing really significant, and nothing completed.

6. Complete all of my metal Viking models.

I managed to almost-complete the last of the Foundry Perry Ex-Citadel models I picked up a couple of years ago – though that was technically now, in April – pics next post. I’ve just primed Still tons more untouched, though.

7. Get a Nurgle Daemon army up and running.

This is essentially done. Well, up and running, at least. It’s pretty basic still, and there’s a helluva lot to go. I ideally want to finish my metal Nurgle Daemon models this year at the very least, and am making myself do so before I start on the plastics. I’ve got plans to add more to them in April, should things go well.

8. Get a Grey Knights army up and running.

Ain’t nothing happening here yet.

9. Get a second Chaos Legion force up and running.

Ain’t nothing happening here, either!

10. Skirmish forces & small miniature boardgame models updated/ready to play. Necromunda, Shadespire, Blood Bowl, Gorechosen, SAGA (aside from Vikings)

A few Necromunda models finished, and a few Vikings, another custom for Gorechosen, but not much more. I should do a little Shadespire project.

11. Two small opposed forces for Bolt Action.

Still ain’t nothing happening here yet.

12. Then there are unfinished terrain pieces, projects like the Graveyard and the Mighty Fortress, and scatter scenery, and…

And yet again, nothing here. I did spray that bunker-y building in a custom Necromunda Blue, but haven’t done anything since. A couple of scatter pieces just finished, but again, not much.