A Trio of Reiksgard

As I typed this post up, I became aware once again just how random my output is. This is a result of too many models and a short attention span when it comes to painting. There’s always something new and shiny that has caught my attention and taken it away from whatever I was already painting. Combine this with a propensity to regularly buy more models off eBay and other second-hand sources, and I’ve got way too many half-painted models sitting around. Now that I’m trying to engage with finishing these things, and only rarely allowing myself to start new models (mostly those that fit into an existing project, like the Moria Goblin Shamans and Captains that I found the other day) it seems that my output is even more random. Especially since I’m posting things as I finish them much more frequently, rather than holding them back for months or years till something is “finished” (though I’m still doing that [i]as well[/i] – at present with the plastic Moria Goblins that are waiting on their commanders.)


For the past year or more, I’ve had a smallish pile of these guys taking up space on my paint desk. Bought from someone, somewhere at some stage (or eBay) they’ve taken up space for several years in their badly-half-painted original form. When I started getting into KoW, I planned to paint them properly, but was discouraged by the fact that I only had 10 of them (even my truncated units take 12 models) and worse yet – they’re a mix of 2-handed swords and 1handers with shield. I’ve wanted to flesh them out into two full units for some time, but the prices of Reiksgard on Foot on eBay are, frankly, ridiculous. Well, this weekend, I finally had enough – I spent far too much on two lots of them (though both reasonably priced by comparison to the usual), and decided to knock a few of them out.

To start with and for ease of painting, I chose three identical models – and beyond that, I chose three without shields. Started on them Friday evening, finished them Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday the varnish was dry. Probably worth pointing out that I did a lot of other things over the weekend besides just paint these. Mostly work-related. Yay.

I went with red stockings since it’s easier to highlight/shade than Black or White and more visually interesting. Also, I’ve got about a million Warriors of Minas Tirith in Silver plate armour with black leggings, and so I wanted to do something different, and a bit more “Warhammer”. In short, they’re nothing especially special, but they’re neat and they’re done – quickly.

This also marks the “official” start of my Empire Army, which I’ve been collecting on and off for a couple of years now. I can’t see myself rushing into them, but as I finish a unit here and there they can naturally ally to others in KoW. Gondor would appear to be a natural first stop. Or perhaps one of my Basilean armies…

D&D Monster Manual 3 : Treeman/Treant – aka Reaper Bones 77184: Spirit of the Forest – Speedpaint!

So I’ve been browsing over at The One Ring forum again lately, and one of the cool things the community over there does is have a monthly little painting competition for LotR models. The January theme was “Monsters” but, you know, January is over – but I found the Feb theme of a unit of models to be a little off-putting (I’m better with individuals, generally – and especially with start-to-finish stuff). Then yesterday afternoon, a thought hit me – grab out an appropriate monster of some sort from the pile of unpainted Reaper Bones figures I have from the Kickstarter, and speedpaint it as a personal challenge. I knew that it wouldn’t be winning the TOR comp, but if I managed to finish it, I’d have a pretty cool prize anyway – a decently tabletop standard finished model for wargaming – KoW being the current hotness (even though I have a couple of completed Ents anyway.)

So I took a look through, disregarded several dragons since it was already 6pm on the 30th of Jan and heat-straightening dragons wasn’t something I felt like doing, and eventually found this guy – Good enough for an Ent or Huorn!

My "Proof" pic for TOR.

Basecoating with Citadel Mournfang Brown Base.

Glued Down.

It turned out to not be a fun easy mini to paint, but pretty horrible, with ill-defined “what the hell is that supposed to be?” “details” all over it. It’s not going to win any prizes – over on TOR or anywhere else, but I was at least on track at the end of the first night for a half-decent tabletop model by the end bell.

Paint finished. Just needing the base and foliage.

I considered OSL for the eyes, but decided against it. I wanted to keep it a little more subtle for this model. I went with green Entish eyes over red Huornish ones.


Here we go. I’m just happy I managed to get this guy done in about 28 hours from baggie to finished – and most of that being drying time from washes, inks, glue and varnish. Thanks to this comp, I now have another model for the table, and since I can be as slow as all hell to paint, this is a very good thing.

In the end I ended up going over a lot of the sculpted (and painted) details, since these details were so soft and often ill-defined. Things like the inner-joint areas of the model just being putty that was dotted for “detail”. I’ll take the static grass look instead!


Baby Got Back???

No more photos Left! Geddit? Left! /sigh