Jewel of July – Extended through August. Plus a Sextet of Reiksgard Foot Knights with Greatswords

Reiksgard Foot Knights with Greatswords

So the main point of this post is to let our little community know that the Jewel of July painting challenge has been extended through to the end of August this year. Why? Well, I’ve been pretty preoccupied with some real life business in the last almost-three weeks that have kept me from working on the more finely-detailed models in my collection (remember, there’s usually a lag – sometimes a decent sized one between when things get finished and when they get posted up.) Anyway, this has meant that my main focus has been on simpler models that don’t have the amount of fine detail or require the same amount of care – so D&D boardgame models, terrain pieces (which dovetail nicely with Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge!) and even simple-paintjob simple models like these.

There are only three models left on “The Tray”, but two of them require fine tattoos, and one requires some cardboard cut, patterning and gluing and painting and… well, they’ll all three have to wait a litlte bit longer. I’ve also got a pair of models picked out as my “Tray Finished: Reward” models, but I haven’t been able to do much on those either. Hopefully the extension to August will let me get something more apt completed for The Jewel of July. I mean, the Assassins and several other models can count, but I’d also like to do something specifically for it as well.

Anyway, we have here six more identical Reiksgard models. I found a bunch of them, with many needing to be stripped in a baggie, and these ones were first in line. They were destined for Tray #2 regardless, so I’m good with having painted them already. They took less than 25 hours for the paint once I got going (after stripping, basing, adding sand – all of which were done awhile back in June). I do still have even more Reiksgard to paint, though at least the others are different poses…

28 thoughts on “Jewel of July – Extended through August. Plus a Sextet of Reiksgard Foot Knights with Greatswords

  1. Great work on your Reiksguard, they all have a good level of detail on them. No problem on the extension, if it helps finish those projects you want to get done, also gives me more time to finish a couple of bits I want to do for it

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    • Thanks Dave. Given all that’s going on right now, another month to (hopefully) get a “reward” model or two painted will be useful. I didn’t manage to get anything done for my similar December challenge last year. At least your scenery challenge is giving me plenty of impetus to keep getting things doneat the moment, as my next few posts will show…

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    • Thanks mate. Things aren’t so good right now, but it’s not yet time to talk about it. I am able to spend a lot of time working on simpler models though, so scenery pieces fit perfectly – and it keeps my mind occupied. Hopefully in August things will come up a little and I’ll be able to paint more of ym detailed models again.

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    • Thanks Alex. Grinding it out has been the order of the last few days, as the upcoming identical-model scatter posts will bear out in a few days. The Reiksgard ween’t so bad, though the next batch will also need shields and have bare faces, so a little more tedious…

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  2. Looking good, man!
    Been working towards the finish line on my first tray over here these last couple days too.
    Finishing that off feels like s fitting deadline on coming up with a blog name and get a place of my own to show the results off!

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  3. No complaints from me either about extending the challenge time! I think I’ll be able to finish a couple of bikers by the end of July, but with the extra month I’ll likely build and paint the third one as well. And hopefully something else too!

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  4. Those look great – I struggle with multiple identical models (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned about a billion times) but done right they have a nice visual punch, and you’ve definitely captured that here. Good news on the challenge deadline being extended too – I’ve got one day off between now and the end of the month and no chance whatsoever of finishing the knight in time, next month should give me the breathing space I need 🙂

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    • Yeah, on most models it bothers me as well, though on more uniform ones like these as long as it visually works, then I’m not as worried. These guys have a look like they’ve been trained to hold their weapons in a certain way, so they’re just advancing in a very particular, albeit uniform manner.
      Hopefully the extra month lets you get the knight done! 🙂

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  5. Great group of Reiksguard. Simple and effective.

    Looking at submitting my “small” group of elite Aztecs ( 17 Jaguar Warriors, 3 vets, and a warrior priest) for the challenge as they are not technically line infantry. If not ok, understand, and will have more for August.

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