“Dug-In Tank Hull” Mostly-Scratchbuilt Scenery

"Dug-In Tank Hull" Mostly-Scratchbuilt Scenery

Another simple piece of scenery today – again one I built many years ago but never actually completed at all, until now, finally. (There’ll be more of that sort of thing soon – hopefully!)

"Dug-In Tank Hull" Mostly-Scratchbuilt Scenery

Back when I was in my twenties, I used to purchase hobby supplies not only from the place that sold Warhammer and D&D and such things, but also from the model stores that sold trains and armour kits and planes and the like. While in these places, I’d always check out what sort of cool aftermarket parts were on sale from places like Verlinden with an eye to what I could do with them. This tank hull was one such purchase, and before too many years had passed, it was combined with some heavy card (which later buckled, as you can see), some DAS modelling clay, sand of two types and some Tamiya sandbags to turn it into a dug-in tank hull piece of cover-scenery. I did have to add an internal step from balsa so the models located inside the turret-hole could look out and theoretically aim their weapons!

"Dug-In Tank Hull" Mostly-Scratchbuilt Scenery

It was roughly painted. Well, I say painted, but it was basiucally not much more than base coated by modern standards. I added some Vallejo mud texture putty to fix up the crappy texture that the coarse sand patches had left when contrasting with the fine sand. Repainted the hull entirely, and then gave it a simple weather, some chips and rust. Highlighted and shaded the dirt, and went over the sandbags in a similar manner. Added some tufts and some slate to make it look a little more “lived in”. It’s a bit outsized for “proper” historical play, but would work well in more casual games and obviously any Weird WWII settings – much the same applies to it’s place in moderns, and as with the piece from the other day as well as the others I’m still working on, it fits in with all of the sci-fi and post-apoc, settings just fine.

Even though the base is still a bit wonky, it’s now another finished piece, and another entry for Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge!

13 thoughts on ““Dug-In Tank Hull” Mostly-Scratchbuilt Scenery

    • Thanks Dave. It’s been sitting on the table just off to the side annoying me for the last couple of months as we’ve played the D&D games, so I brought it in so I could get rid of it!

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    • Thanks Mark – as ever, you’re way too kind but it does bring to mind the very valid point that if I’d finished it anywhere near when I started it the weathering would be a whole lot simpler and less effective.

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  1. This is a really cool piece of terrain! It has a lot of character and should make any board feel like it is a real battlefield. I’ve seen some old Verlinden stuff on the market and it looks to be quality even with its age. You were smart to keep an eye on the modeler’s products as I’ve raided some of their stuff with great success as well 🙂


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