Officio Assassinorum: Imperial Assassin (Rogue Trader, 1991)

Officio Assassinorum: Imperial Assassin (Rogue Trader, 1991), Jes Goodwin

Backing up even firther from yesterday’s Vindicare Assassin post is the original Imperial Assassin model from 1991. Armed with a Combi-Weapon that bears more than a passing similarity to the weapon weilded both by the later Eversor Assassin and the various carbines held by modern Adeptus mechanicus models, this guy was rolled in together with some of the earlier Rogue Trader models from the various Adventurers ranges into the nascent Forces of the Imperium category.

Officio Assassinorum: Imperial Assassin (Rogue Trader, 1991), Jes Goodwin

A with yesterday’s assassin, this model is my original dating back from its time of release, and like the Vindicare, it was started but never completed. Even being stripped once and then restarted …and then never completed. As with the Vindicare, the paint job is a homage to the original “official” one, but with the weapon paint and a couple of other things toned down (no need for a checkerboard pattern on this gun in my opinion) – but still retaining some of the nonsensical, like the gem-like knee and elbow pads, the red tassels on the power sword, and the brown straps on his ninja-thongs (flip-flops to you Americans!)

The base deco is a Rogue Trader-era Eldar head that I cast off an existing model using Oyumaru for the mold and Kneadatite for the helm. The angles here aren’t the best, but yes, it’s a yellow helm with black tiger stripes to keep it era-approriate.

This leave me with just the Eversor and Callidus Assassins to paint to (finally) have one of each painted. Then I can move to second sculpts…