Jewel of July – Extended through August. Plus a Sextet of Reiksgard Foot Knights with Greatswords

Reiksgard Foot Knights with Greatswords

So the main point of this post is to let our little community know that the Jewel of July painting challenge has been extended through to the end of August this year. Why? Well, I’ve been pretty preoccupied with some real life business in the last almost-three weeks that have kept me from working on the more finely-detailed models in my collection (remember, there’s usually a lag – sometimes a decent sized one between when things get finished and when they get posted up.) Anyway, this has meant that my main focus has been on simpler models that don’t have the amount of fine detail or require the same amount of care – so D&D boardgame models, terrain pieces (which dovetail nicely with Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge!) and even simple-paintjob simple models like these.

There are only three models left on “The Tray”, but two of them require fine tattoos, and one requires some cardboard cut, patterning and gluing and painting and… well, they’ll all three have to wait a litlte bit longer. I’ve also got a pair of models picked out as my “Tray Finished: Reward” models, but I haven’t been able to do much on those either. Hopefully the extension to August will let me get something more apt completed for The Jewel of July. I mean, the Assassins and several other models can count, but I’d also like to do something specifically for it as well.

Anyway, we have here six more identical Reiksgard models. I found a bunch of them, with many needing to be stripped in a baggie, and these ones were first in line. They were destined for Tray #2 regardless, so I’m good with having painted them already. They took less than 25 hours for the paint once I got going (after stripping, basing, adding sand – all of which were done awhile back in June). I do still have even more Reiksgard to paint, though at least the others are different poses…