Vikings, Sextán ! Viking Book Three Complete – Viking Raiding Party Group Shot!

Remember “Army April“? Remember how I never managed to get a simple group photo of a force for my own bloody challenge that month, even allowing for the delay into June before I got the thing posted? Yeah, well this is the thing I wanted to do but never got around to in a timely fashion. Anyway, enough talk from me. This post is all about the photos. Moreso than usual, even. Enjoy!

Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army Miniature Viking Army

The photos do suffer a bit from the poorer lighting that I have on the table. Well, the lighting is fine for gaming and such, but lesser quality than the light box for these larger-scale shots. There are still a ton more Vikings to paint, of course – still a fair few more metals before I get to the plastics-without number. But the 50+ I now have here cover me pretty solidly for SAGA, as well as give me a few units should I get around to playing Kings of War anytime soon, either the Historical version or as Viking Allies for my Fantasy Dwarves.

Either way, I do need to get hold of a Knight Models Thor, though!

Terrain and Neglected Models: June 2019 Community Painting Challenge – Community Round-Up

mcmattilaminis’ Silverlions Stormcast Retributors

mcmattila of mcmattilaminis completed a trio of Stormcast Retributors in the colour scheme of the Silverlions. As always I’m loving the clean, defined look of mcmatilla’s work, as wellas the subtle touches of colour on their armour.


Krautscientist’s final two Black Orc Blockers from the Orkheim Ultraz

Krautscientist from the Eternal Hunt completed the final pair of players – in this case a couple of Black Orc Blockers – from his Orkheim Ultraz Blood Bowl Team.

Krautscientist’s completed Orkheim Ultraz Blood Bowl Team.

This also served to complete said team, and so we’ve also got a group shot of the completed team and support personnel. Until he adds more, at least… If you click the link, you’ll see clsoe-ups of each team member, and depending on your familiarity with Blood Bowl models, you may also notice that each and every team member is a conversion. Very impressive!

Krautscientist’s Orkheim Ultraz gobbo extras

With the omentum gained from completing the last two Orcs for the team, Krautscientist also completed a pair of grots for the team. The “assistant” grot, overburdened with a ton of junk counts as a neglected model, while the camera-grot isn’t neglected, but shares the photo anyway.


Dave Kay’s Neglected Beastman and Wood Elf

Dave Kay from Scent of a Gamer completed a pair of old-school neglected Warhammer models. In this case, a Realm of Chaos-era beastman and a 5th edition Wood Elf Scout Standard Bearer. Both models look fantastic, and while Dave isn’t playing either Wood Elves or Beastmans these days, I’m sure they can have a use for roleplaying or boardgames or just being cool shelf-models.


Patrickwr’s Chaos Marauder Horseman

Patrickwr, from Comrade’s Wargames completed the final, holdout Standard Bearer model from a unit of Chaos Marauder Horsemen. Patrick noted how it only took him over a decade to finish the unit this guy belongs too, which, sadly I can only sympathise with so well. The upside of it all is that now that he’s completed, Patrick has a pretty sweet looking completed unit to game with!


John’s Scratchbuilt Buildings.

John of Just Needs Varnish has built and completed a pair of buildings that look like commercial products. No, they’re not from Sarissa, et al. He scratch-built them from card and matchsticks and so forth. Again.


Pete S’ African Huts.

Pete S /SP from SP’s Projects Blog completed multiple projects this last month – the first being this trio of rather charming African Huts obtained from a poster on The Wargames Forum who created and cast them up.

Pete’s Compound.

The second of Pete’s terrain projects for June was this Compound made from 3d prints courtesy of Maenoferren. Bloody nice work, if you ask me!

Pete’s modular sewer pieces.

Finally, Pete wraps up his submissions to the June Terrain Challenge with these modular sewer set pieces from Ainsty Casting. Looks like some nice little pieces to integrate into a larger board.



Finally, my own challenge models for June were pretty reasonable in the end. A bunch of scatter terrain and also a bunch of models that had stuck around for well in excess of 6 months before completion are now all finally out of the queue and off to infinite storage time. If you want to see more of them, just check yesterday’s post!

Is your own Terrain or Neglected June Challenge work missing from here? If you left a link in the announcement thread, then it should be here and I apologise. If there’s no link there, then leave one here. I may seen, read and even commented on your post, but I’m damned if I can remember each and every blog post I go through each month! Broken links, etc – just bring it to my attention and I’ll also fix them up ASAP.

Terrain and Neglected Models: June 2019: Personal Round-Up

So I’ve finally got June’s stuff posted and photographed. Here’s what I got completed in that last month. A few figures, and once again scatter terrain comes to the rescue in helping me get to my personal sub-challenge of at-least-one-model-per-day-of-each-month.

Not all that many models, really. Only 9/12 28mm humanoids, one monster, and a foursome of 20mm dudes and pair of their vehicles.

Then of course, a bunch of “faceless” for want of a better term pillars and trees, capped off by a pair of slightly more interesting scenery/spell models.

A decent number of those models (most of ’em, really) do count for one or other of the two July Challenges.

The scatter stuff all counts for the terrain aspect, though I didn’t manage to finish any of the actually interesting pieces that I have WIP (and have been WIP for months, now).


More interesting (to me, anyway) is the amount of this stuff that genuinely counts as Neglected, for that aspect of the challenge. I’m happy to get this handful of little monkeys off my back and into the finished pile.

By the end of May this year I was up to 180 completed models. June gave me another 46/49 (if we double-count those herders and make some people angry) 😉 so at the end of June I’m up to 226/229 completed models for 2019!

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers #3 & Kübelwagen – Battlefront Miniatures (Neglected Model June ’19)

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers & Kübelwagen - Battlefront Miniatures

We’ve got the next few models from my finally-getting-completed DAK force today – if I wasn’t so behind in my posts and I was able to post things as I finished them, these might have had two distinct posts, but it ain’t so – and as a result you get a two-fer.

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers

The first thing on show are four more “marker” models. This time they designate “run”. And as such, I used teeny models of widdle mans doing a run. Kawaii! amirite?

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers

This leaves me with only four more to go. The final four were only started in their most basic form, and so I’ve done their bases and have yet to get started onto their proper paint. Then I’ll be done with that particular little side project of markers.

15mm Flames of War DAK Kübelwagen - Battlefront Miniatures

Next up we have a paif of Volkswagen Kübelwagen – which if you’re not familiar with them, were to the German forces of WWII what the Jeep was to the Allies.

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers - Battlefront Miniatures

I don’t fully remember what their use or role was/is in in Flames of War, something to do with officers or command or some such no doubt, but I also figure it’s not that important right now. Once I get the army painted, and maybe even an Opposing force for them, then I’ll worry about pointing out the army, learning to play again, all that sort of stuff…

4th Edition WHFB Night Goblin Cave Squigs and Hunters/Herders (Kev Adams) (1993, 2003?) (Neglected Model June ’19)

Kev Adams Squigs, Squig Herders.

What? Who’s 5 editions behind? No, you’re 5 editions behind! What 26 years late? Speak up, sonny, I can’t hear you!

Kev Adams Squig Herders.

Remember all that discussion on how many models/figures the DAK multibased models count(ed) as? Take a look at these, then! At this point we’ve clearly got 6 complete figures, produced as three models. How many will I count them as? I might do a 3(6) for them. Seems fair enough, I guess. Just look at them, though. Look at the pair in the middle! What’s worse is I’ve still got a set of three to paint. Three bloody gobboes all as one (assembled, but multi-part) model.

Kev Adams Squig Herders.

I based them on rolled-edge 50mm bases because I didn’t want to go with square “horse” bases, 40mm rounds looked too small and 60mm ones looked way too big. I didn’t have any 50mm bases at the time, but regardless, the rolled-edge ones seemed to give the figures a large enough base for the gobbos and their hunting spears while also not too much empty ground.

Aside from that, I’ve had these Herders for quiiiite a long time as alluded to above, and they’ve been slowly worked on and mostly-neglected for so much more than a decade. That gets worse, in it’s own way as well. See those 16 Squigs? Yeah, two of them are from a later release wave, with a different sculpting style – I bought 1 blister of those. The others are elsewhere in the case of the third squig, and not painted in the case of the gobboes, but aside from that…

Kev Adams Squigs

…hese squigs have been properly finished to the point where you see them here since sometime in 2013, and they’ve never been seen on the blog until right now. You see, back in those days, I really didn’t show a model off until the unit it belonged to was completely finished. I’d basically never ever show single models if I thought they should be part of a unit. Just finish the unit, and show them off then! Yes, they’ve been done for 5 years but I haven’t shown them at all. At this point, I think you can see the flaw in that little system…

Kev Adams Squigs

If it were a “complete some units” month, they’d all count as part of the completed units (I’ve just shoved them all together up top), though not as models completed this year. Because they weren’t. So having said that, the Squigs don’t count towards the month’s total, nor do they get to be in the wrap-up posts nor the year’s-end post. But they do get to see the light of day here, and in this case, it’s enough!

Kev Adams Squigs

Now I just need to figure out where to store them all now that they’re unified and ready to roll! Maybe they can even meet the table as part of an AoS Warcry Gloomspite Gitz force, made up of old-school Night Gobboes?

Shadows of Brimstone: Wasteland Terralisk (Neglected Model June ’19) + Contrast Paint Experiment #3

Shadows of Brimstone: Wasteland Terralisk, Citadel Contrast Paint

Another of the larger-but-simpler models from Shadows of Brimstone today. It’s the Wasteland Terralisk! Unlike, well, quite a lot of the other original Brimstone models, this one is not bad at all. (You should see the trio of garbage Brimstone models I just finished! – Well, you will after I finish June’s stuff…)

Shadows of Brimstone: Wasteland Terralisk, Citadel Contrast Paint

The other thing of note is that this one is painted largely with GW’s new Contrast Paints. The model is really in four main painting “Sectors”, which made it ideal for playing with Contrast. The tentacle-tongue, the soft(?) underbelly, the carapace & claws, and finally the base.

Shadows of Brimstone: Wasteland Terralisk, Citadel Contrast Paint

The base was painted in the traiditional manner, with a coat of sand for texture, since the sculpted texture was weaksauce, so don’t worry about that. The Tongue was Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience. One coat of Contrast Volupus Pink over Wraithbone Primer, and that was it! Perhaps not quite as nice as if I’d used my normal techniques, but for something like a tentacle-tongue, well, this isn’t a mile off what I might try, and it was much, much faster! The Underbelly was done with Contrast Aggaros Dunes – and again just a matter of painting the stuff on initially. After it was fully dry, I gave it a light drybrush with a sandy ochre colour.

Shadows of Brimstone: Wasteland Terralisk, Citadel Contrast Paint

The carapace, face and widdle claw-arms were similarly done with Contrast Snakebite Leather over the Wraithbone primer. I first darkened the tips of the claws before applying the contrast. For the face, I painted the “skull-face” section with Contrast Medium first, and then bleneded the Snakebite Leather down into it. I did this in order to preserve the skull face and have it be a bit lighter, to keep it as the focal point of the model. Once the Snakebite Leather had dried, I drybrushed all of those areas with a very pale sand/off-white colour. Following that, I went and re-darkened the tips of the claws as well as the spiniest part of the back carapace by carefully drybrushing with black. Teeth and Eyes I painted in the traditional manner.

I only took colour inspiration from the box art in the most coincidental way this time. This was because KS backers didn’t get a box (we got a sprue in a plastic baggie) and because I didn’t look for the artwork as I wanted to play with the Contrast Paints once I finally pulled my finger out and started painting it. (It’d been assembled and primed for …fucking ages.) Good thing, too, since the artwork colours are …rather basic.

Shadows of Brimstone: Wasteland Terralisk, Sand Crabs, Citadel Contrast Paint

Scale Shot Provides Scale.

I took some video with my phone of the process, though I’m not sure if I can be arsed editing it together, cringing at my own voice, or posting it up on the You Tubes, but either way, the text here tells the story ina  reasonable manner. Ultimately, the Contrast paints worked really well on this model, one that is entirely organic shapes with decent enough detail. On models like this (and stuff like dinosaurs, etc) these paints will really shine. Could I have done better painting tradtionally? Sure, I really think I could have. Would I have bothered? I honestly can’t say if I’d have put enough effort in to do so, though. Being completely honest, this model had already sat for more than 6 months with no movement, but the Contrast Paints’ arrival were what got me motivated to get the model painted. Sure, being a test subject was part of that – but so was “I wonder how fast I can paint that sucker and still have it come out decent”. With these paints, the mst painful part of the model was the base!

Mantic BattleZones …staircase? (June ’19 Terrain Challenge)

Mantic BattleZones, House Escher Necromunda Original

Yep, well, it’s not the world’s most exciting terrain piece, but it’s something with solid use, both in terms of gameplay as well as making table setups look a bit more …right. As you can see, they’re quite good for practical use. Those Escher models are also the old-school metals, so as long as the figures can balance towards the middle of their bases, they should be right due to the design of the stairs allowing for bases to “nest” underneath them.

Mantic BattleZones

It’s a simple combination of two “triangle” pieces, as well as two “stair” pieces, glued side-by-side to make the staircase a little wider and more accessible to 32mm and 40mm bases. It was a bit of an trial piece to see if I should do more of the same type of thing

Mantic BattleZones Mantic BattleZones

Here it is alongside the Mantic Bunker I completed a couple of months ago. Because of the fairly small footprint, it can also be placed on top of other pieces to connect them to even higher levels, which I think will become more useful as I complete more pieces of scenery. I’m not sure how many more of the staircase pieces I have, and as I said, this did take two of them. So… Whattaya think? Should I put together another couple of these, or should I save the parts for more permanently integrated terrain pieces?