Heartbreaker Were-Rat Champion (Chaz Elliot) (Jewel of July ’19)

Another model from the depths of time that are known as the mid-1990’s today – we have the third of the Not-Skaven Models previewed in my AK Interactive Primer Review post alongside the Tim Prow Pair.

Heartbreaker Were-Rat Champion, Skaven, Chaz Elliot

I really like this sculpt, though I did get totally blocked for a couple of months by the difficulty of figuring out a colour scheme for him. Specifically, I could not figure out how to paint his robe. Eventually, I got to a knuckle down point and was still struggling when inspiration came – one night after finishing up with painting and such, I thought to have a look through the Skaven Battletome for AoS, and saw this deep green scheme on some model, and after seeing it, I knew what to do. The next day, his skirt was painted, and a day or two later the model was finally complete! I even snuck a little touch of Wudagast Yellow onto the model.

Heartbreaker Were-Rat Champion, Skaven, Chaz Elliot, Ratman Leader with pistol, Ratman Champion with mechanical hand, Tim Prow

Here’s the “finished” shot of the three not-Skaven. The counterpoint to the primed shot of the three from my AK Interactive Post. Done!

My next rats will be the pair from Silver Tower. After that, I plan to Bring the Lead Out again!