July 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Here’s a post! It’s the July Round-Up. In September. I’m still doing hobby stuff and reading blogs when I get a chance. I’ve just been beaten down by work and a laundry list of life things, all made worse by Delta, incompetent (Scotty) and irresponsible (Gladys) politicians and the subsequent three months of lockdown we’ve had here as a result. So not much energy recently for posting, responding, or even doing much reading of blogs. Sorry!

Anyway, I can’t promise that I’ll be posting with regularity for the time being, but here’s the next one in the queue. I even took these photos on the first of August, but they’ve been sitting on my phone for that long.

In terms of figures, July obviously gets a high batting number due to all of the individual 15mm Afrika Korps Grenadiers on those multibases. It’s the old “does a cavalry model count as one figure, or two?” discussion, really. Since none of it makes a difference to anyone else in the world, I’m going with what works for (and more importantly, motivates) me. Which is especially important when painting nightmarish little 15mm infantry en masse. So that’s counting each indiviually painted Grenadier on foot, but not counting the extra Sherman turrets as *anything* and the individual vehicle crew as part of the vehicles, including the sidecar. So 127 models for July.

Add those to the 197 models I’d completed at the end of June, and we have 324 models at the end of July. I did okay in August as well, though not nearly as extreme as July. I still need to take those photos.