July 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Here’s a post! It’s the July Round-Up. In September. I’m still doing hobby stuff and reading blogs when I get a chance. I’ve just been beaten down by work and a laundry list of life things, all made worse by Delta, incompetent (Scotty) and irresponsible (Gladys) politicians and the subsequent three months of lockdown we’ve had here as a result. So not much energy recently for posting, responding, or even doing much reading of blogs. Sorry!

Anyway, I can’t promise that I’ll be posting with regularity for the time being, but here’s the next one in the queue. I even took these photos on the first of August, but they’ve been sitting on my phone for that long.

In terms of figures, July obviously gets a high batting number due to all of the individual 15mm Afrika Korps Grenadiers on those multibases. It’s the old “does a cavalry model count as one figure, or two?” discussion, really. Since none of it makes a difference to anyone else in the world, I’m going with what works for (and more importantly, motivates) me. Which is especially important when painting nightmarish little 15mm infantry en masse. So that’s counting each indiviually painted Grenadier on foot, but not counting the extra Sherman turrets as *anything* and the individual vehicle crew as part of the vehicles, including the sidecar. So 127 models for July.

Add those to the 197 models I’d completed at the end of June, and we have 324 models at the end of July. I did okay in August as well, though not nearly as extreme as July. I still need to take those photos.

28 thoughts on “July 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up

  1. Cracking stuff as always mate & who cares when this was ‘supposed’ to go out…
    An Azazel is never late… neither is he early… (etc. etc. 😊)
    I hope things ease up for you fellas as you move into spring & summer dude, and I’m keeping my fingers & toes crossed that we don’t lock down here in autumn and winter!

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    • Thanks Alex. At it’s “best” the lockdowns aren’t so bad, in that I still at least have a job I’m able to do remotely, so I’m in no danger of losing my home, starving, etc – but they essentially act as a multiplier when other things go wrong, and then having a whole lot of other things hit one after and stacked on each other is when it gets much more trying…

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  2. A very productive month you had mate. Great to hear from you, and know you are safe and well, even though life is trying to grapple you away, it’s always great to see what you’ve been up to.

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    • Thanks Dave – I actually got a fair bit of stuff done for your challenge as well, though I did fully take advantage of the “vehicles count too” clause much more than originally intended. If it goes to plan, I’ll get to posting those soon as well.

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  3. I’m glad to hear you’re doing okay, I noticed you were a bit quieter recently. Nice round up as always, and I especially like the Black Templars and squid priests. I see GW have a new army box coming for the Black Templars… a box with all of 11 models in it.

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    • Cheers, Dave. I was pretty jazzed to paint some more Templars in their wake, though I did get distracted (for the time being). This box seems much more a “get the characters and codex early in a slight bundle” than an actual proper bundle..

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    • Thanks mate. The next couple of months are going to be pretty rough all around, I think. Hopefully the other states can get their vax rates right up to minimise it all before it breaks in there enough to establish itself (as in NZ)…

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  4. Impressive work, and of high quality. After all, a hobby like this is used precisely to escape from the difficulties of reality and go elsewhere … But we still hope that things will go better when we return! Just a curiosity: what miniatures are those painted in purple and violet at the bottom right of the photos, with the tentacles protruding from the hoods? All the best

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  5. I’m glad you’re doing alright (or as well as one can in adulthood anyway!) and its nice to see some painted minis from you. There is a lot of WWII stuff but I think I see some Cthulhu: Death May Die and Warhammer stuff so a good mix. No pressure to post of course but it will be nice to see you sharing some of your work with us again when you get around to it 🙂

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    • Thanks Kuribo. Not quite Death May Die models, but certainly they’re Cthulhu-inspired models from Shadows of Brimstone. I’ve recently started to mix a small amouint of non-WWII stuff into the paint queue more recently, but I’m also trying to keep focus and actually get a pair of forces done in a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps even to the point of actual completion where you close the book on them and don’t ned to buy or paint anything else for them again!

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  6. Yeah, I keep hearing it’s all getting a bit heavy down your way. Take care mate, my advice is to keep your head down, don’t take on any battles you can’t win and fingers crossed common sense will prevail in the end. As you rightly say these big political dramas always make the personal dramas a bit more difficult to deal with – it’s about time we had a national crisis that made my life easier rather than the other way around! 😉 

    Anyway, great work there on your July output, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you’ve been up to as and when you’re able to show it. Oh and you count finished models in the same way I do – what more proof do you need that you’re doing it the right way? 

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    • Thanks mate – sorry for the belated reply!
      It’s gotten weird now. Vax rates are way up, as are infections and dailty deaths but there’s also a lot of nutjob protests now as well and all pretense of political unity has dropped right away – but then we’ve got the least competent PM I can recall in my lifetime, so it’s no real surprise. I guess this part of Australia has now essentially joined the world. It’s going to be an interesting next couple of years now, certainly.
      Hope you’ve enjoyed the WWII stuff I’ve been doing. It won’t be the exclusive thing I work on, but I see it as being a new permanent part of the mix – at least until I finish them all!

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      • I am very much enjoying the WW2 stuff. 🙂 I need to take a proper look through it all (although I’ll warn you in advance, I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to tanks so there’s going to be a lot of comments along the lines of “Nice tanks” and not much else). I think one reaches a certain point as a hobbyist when one has to get into WW2 stuff (or historicals of some kind at any rate), so far I’ve held out but I’ve got a few mates have been suggesting it lately so I reckon it’ll come for me in the end.

        Needless to say things are pretty weird here too. We’re actually doing ok here on covid (although Europe as a whole seems to be having a tough time of it at the moment) but there’s a lot of fear mongering in the press – after all everyone dying of Covid is a story that sells well – and we’re not exactly blessed with competent politicians either. I think the social and economic impact of another lockdown would be devastating here so fingers crossed they won’t try to go down that road. Either way I think we’re in for a bumpy ride over the winter. Keep safe and healthy mate!


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