Blood Rage Expansion Models: Fenrir and Werewolf

Blood Rage Expansion Models: Fenrir and Werewolf

We’ve started playing Zombicide again recently, taking up from where we left off sometime in 2021. The idea being to have a full playthrough of all of the 1st Edition content which will eventually culminate in cracking open the 2nd Edition Kickstarter and playing that. It just seemed a shame/waste to not play through all of the huge amounts of ZC1 content first – both paid for as well as the many free scenarios on their website – even though we’ve played through the initial campaign(s) a couple of times at the very least, we’ll be going all the way this time – and when we take an inevitable pause here and there – we’ll just note down where we were and what comes next. What does all this have to do with these models? Well, in the boardgame shelf, nestled right behind where I’ve been sitting are some boxes of boardgame minis. Mixed in behind a bunch of Zombicide stuff are a few models from Blood Rage – another Kickstarter game I’ve not yet painted. When I saw the Werewolf in its little box in there it looked like a quick and easy win, so given how shitty a year 2021 has been, I allowed myself a little “Treat” on Dec 27th – to try and get it finished in a day/overnight. When that worked, I got out the Fenrir model the following day and did it again, completing it on Dec 31st – my last completed model of 2021.

Blood Rage Expansion Models: Fenrir and Werewolf

As you can see, the Werewolf is a nicely sculpted model, but also a simple model in a… I’ll be generous and call it a straightforward sculpt. It’s a bit reminiscent of a “T-Pose” from digital art and games, to be honest. The artwork depicted him as the typical GW-esque bugg white dude with fur glued onto him, but I went for a dark brown instead as I prefer my werewolves covered in at least some fine fur all over – think of a cat, or a horse, or one of the many, many breeds of shorthaired dogs.

Fenrir was a slightly different proposition. I know what you’re thinking – and yes, this model is clearly a rip off (or at least a homage) of Games Workshop’s Space Wolves home planet of Fenris, and their many original ideas about wolves in space with names like Freki and Geri and all the rest, like Lukas the Trickster and many others. Even Marvel/Disney has ripped them off – amazing that GW hasn’t sued, but then they’re renowned as a company that’s not particularly litigious when others use ideas from their Warhammer IP, so I guess it fits their character – even when they make a ton of bank off of GW’s back, like all that Tolkien stuff with their derivitave versions of WHFB’s Aelves and Duardin.

Anyway, black wolf is black – ar at least a number of shades of dark grey….