Cheeseburger the Bear (Reaper Bones 77494: Dire Bear)

Here’s a model that I randomly found in a baggie of Reaper Bones models from one of their Kickstarters. I believe I pulled it out at the same time I found the Carrion Worms, so it’s been sitting around for a couple of months now, having a little bit done to it every so often.

The fur had actually been done for some time, and the model just kept getting shoved out of the way from one spot on the desk to another, until I was doing the basing on another trio of models last weekend, so I grabbed the bear to do it’s base at the same time.

So a couple of days ago I saw it there, and decided to finish it off. A couple of hours later and the fur was finished, claws and muzzle and mouth and eyes painted, matt painted on and some tufts added. Anyone who has played Far Cry 5 will understand why I’ve called this bear Cheeseburger (though it also makes me think of the ROH/NJPW Wrestler).

I’m pretty happy with how Cheeseburger’s face turned out. It’s the first time I’ve painted a realistic Black Bear’s face (albeit on a simple Bones model), and it was quite a bit of fun.

In gaming terms, it’s a pretty flexible model. Obviously there’s a place for it in Roleplaying Games, but also anything scenario based, such as Historicals, Fantasy, even some sci-fi. There’s also potential for use in any army (again, especially Fantasy and Historical) that has animal or beast handlers – even 40k could work here – Dark Eldar/Drukhari Clawed Fiend, anyone?

I’ve only just considered that I could have made an awful pun and titled this post “Bear-ly Legal”, but on second thought while puns like Who Let the Dogs Out, etc are fin and fun, Bear-ly Legal might attract the wrong kind of crowd via searches. 😉

It does remind me of an amusing and wholly-unrelated anecdote that I’ll share here. Back in the mid-90’s when I used to play The Warhams with a regular and fluid group in a store in Melbourne’s CBD, there were a couple of other younger, 20’s guys who were also into wrestling, as I was. One evening we were talking about one particular guy lending me a pair of videotapes that he’d gotten hold of. One called Hardcore Heaven and the other called Barely Legal. We were discussing how good they were supposed to be (I’d heard of them, but not ever seen them). Another guy who overheard the discussion warned us that we needed to “be careful” with stuff like that. After a minute or so, we explained to him that we were talking about a different Hardcore Heaven and Barely Legal than what he thought we were on about. We were of course talking about Extreme Championship Wrestling’s first two PPV events. You’re welcome.

Oh, and here’s a size shot of the Big Guy. Pretty happy with how this one turned out, especially given that it’s a Bones model with soft detail and weird, difficult mould lines. The good news at least is that while both of those do stand out a bit in these oversized photos, they’re not really an issue for the model in hand.

Vikings, þrettán! Viking Book Two Complete

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

Finally, I’ve finished these metal Viking models. These are the final five of my Perry-sculpted Wargames Foundry rebadged 1986 Citadel F8 Vikings. This little group  also completes “Book Two” of my Vikings. “Book One” can be found here. They were intended to be the last of the models I completed for Squad: March, but it didn’t work out that way. Because Shields.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

The last time I finished any of these Perry/GW/Foundry Vikings was actually last August, so these guys have been siting around partly done for a bloody good while there – so these monthly challenges are definitely working for me in terms of helping to motivate me to finish off stuff that’s been sitting around.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

The “money shot” for my Vikings – the freehand shields.

Unfortunately, getting sick for over a week with this throat -> chest infection really messed up my painting plans for last month, and now I’m just tired and grumpy all the time as I work my way through the endless cough that it left me with.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

“Book Two” of my Vikings, finally completed!

I’ll get some larger group shots of my Vikings done soonish. For now, enjoy the “Book Two Complete” shot, and I’ll get a full-group shot of all of them together at some point in the near future. I’ve selected the models for “Book Three”, and so far I’ve cleaned up the metal castings, primed and based them. Now they just need to be painted. 😡

Who Let The Do- Oh, wait. I’ve used that joke twice now. Here are some Wolves. (#Squaduary 2018)

So here we have a bunch of wolves that have been sitting around since roughly forever, that Squaduary finally motivated me to git’r’done. (That’s a word, right?) I’m not going to try to claim this one as a Fembruary post, though.

These wolves come from at least three manufacturers, and possibly up to four or five. Like a dumbass, I didn’t take proper note of what was stamped in their bases before gluing them down to the Warlord Games pill bases. I think some are either Ral Partha or RAFM. Or perhaps both? And possibly some of them once belonged to a non-citadel goblin chariot of some description.

They’re painted quite simply, and unlike on Conan’s wolves, I didn’t go all-out on trying to make their fur layers stand out, or mixing in of brown into the greys, or a lot of facial markings.

There are definitely at least a couple of different sculptors’ work here, even before we get the the final two (more interesting) wolves. I seem to have forgotten to photograph one of them in a glamour shot. Ah well. It’s still in the group shot.

These two are the ones with a bit more story. The finely detailed wolf is a Mithril Miniatures Warg that I purchased back in the early 1990’s. I wanted to use this more impressive wolf for a goblin hero riding a wolf. From back when Warhammer heroes and warlords and generals rode pretty much the same beasts as their troops did. Clearly, that particular kitbash model never got completed.

The rough-as-guts wolf with the cartoony snout is one of the few remaining models that I still have from my brother’s collection. It’s a Warg from Minifigs’s Lord of the Rings line. It’s a Large Wolf from Minifigs Mythical Earth line. So this figure dates back from 1977.

Finally, a size comparison shot, so these wolves can be seen alongside a Conan Wolf, a Space Wolf Wolf, and a Space Marine. These wolves will mix pretty easily into any game that needs wolves really. From fantasy to historicals to role-playing. Maybe even Space Wolves something something. I’ll probably make them a MDF unit base or two for Kings of War, though I haven’t played that game in an age now.

Vikings, Tólf!

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Big Bragi, Dvalin Hardaxe, Stealthy Elbegast

It’s been a while coming, but I’ve finally finished a few more of my Viking models. These three come from Wargames Foundry, specifcally from the VIK056 – Svavas Warrior Heroes set. The other three from this particular blister have all been allocated to other …duties. One a berserker, one a shieldmaiden and the other… a personality that will be shown later (once finished!) All three of these vikings are well dressed, so I see them as veterans who have amassed a certain degree of wealth over the years from raiding, bodyguarding, trading, or some combination of all three. As such, the palette features rich colours, some painted-on embroidered details, and their bling is painted in richer colours then Iron and Silver and I also wanted to emphasise their wealth with some nice shield designs. Especially since Foundry kept sending me plain shields whenever I ordered their vikings instead of the nice embossed ones they show on their site.

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Big Bragi

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Big Bragi

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Big Bragi

Bragi is my favourite of the three, with a bit of a Brian Blessed feel to him. Though less insane than Sir Blessed. His shield features a double-headed dragon (Double Dragon?) Across both Bragi and Dvalin, I decided to play with using the same three-colour palette and shield pattern (quartered) to create very different shields.

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Dvalin Hardaxe

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Dvalin Hardaxe

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Dvalin Hardaxe

Dvalin is really nothing special as a figure, but he’s got enough bling (the cape, really) to make him look a little important, so he also got a fancy shield design. In this case, a Norse knot-style serpent.

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Stealthy Elbegast

Wargames Foundry VIK056 - Svavas Warrior Heroes Stealthy Elbegast

Finally, Elbegast looks a bit dorky in my opinion. The bullet-head conical helmet combined with someone having stolen his moustache just makes him look a bit dorky to me. Still, his iron shinguards and fur-edged cape still indicate wealth to me, so here he is!

Next post will (probably) be a Decembuary Update!

Vikings: Book Two so far…

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

With so much of my focus lately on getting my various years-old Space Marine forces updated to the point of simply being legal to play with in the new edition of 40k, my Vikings have been… well, not my immediate focus. Much like my Dwarven Slayer project that’s also still very much a thing and something I’d consider active – just briefly paused for a few weeks – or a couple of months (the time, it goes so fast!)

Anyway, here’s a group shot of those “Book Two” models I’ve completed so far. Hopefully it won’t be long until the final five join them!

Vikings, Ellifu!

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

Another pair of Vikings today! Not a whole lot to write about them – one model is duplicated from the ones shown last time, and the other is nothing special, and has an annoyingly awkward hand/shield boss hole.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

Having completed these two, I’m left with only another five to go from the sixteen Perry Vikings I picked up from Wargames Foundry. Of course, the final five are my favourites from the set, which is why they’ve been bumped to the back so much, and also why they’ve barely got anything past their chainmail done to date.

On one hand, while the models themselves are nothing too exciting, on the other hand I’m quite happy with the shield designs on both of this pair. I haven’t really done anything especially like them before. Next up for the vikings will be a “Book Two so far” post. Hopefully not too far behind that will be the rest of these Perry Vikings.

Vikings, Tiu!

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

Here are the next trio of “Book Two”s Vikings. As you may have guessed, following the stuff I do en masse, like the chainmail – I tend to paint, and especially complete them in duos and trios based on a similar palette. While it might give these three guys a superficial feeling of being overly red-blue while together, once they’re all mixed in together with the other Viking models, it’s all much more varied.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

But yeah, they do look very blue-and-red when presented like this…

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

And the shields. The one shield that appears to have a Union Flag design on it wasn’t originally planned to appear that way. The pattern I was copying had much narrower white borders and really didn’t have the appearance of the UK flag, but when you’re hand painting onto a tiny 25mm-scale shield, getting those white lines thinner while still remaining distinct is a little difficult. Having completed it, it took enough effort for me to give it the old “ah well, it was tricky enough to do and it looks decent, so it stays!”