“Underground Entrance Hatch” Scratchbuilt Scenery

A very simple piece of scratchbuilt scenery today – one I built many years ago but never quite finished to my satisfaction, that also got broken in the interim. It’s been sitting in a box of stuff to get around to restoring and fixing up for a few years now, and so with Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge being a thing right now I decided to bring it inside (skipping past The Tray) and spent really not all that much time getting it to the point where I’d be happy to place it on the table again.

As far as what was needed/worked on – the ladder had broken, so that needed gluing back together, a bit of a repaint of the dirt, some weathering powders, the tufts and all of the rust. I also repainted the sludge coming out of the pipe with a mix of Black Templar Contrast Paint and Water Effects for a nice glossy oily muck look, replacing the luminous yellow-green that had been there originally. The base is made from thin MDF with putty over the top buiult up around a little square hatch made from foam core. The ladder is just made from a length of square modelling plastic clipped and glued together with the rungs, and the hatch is simply some layered card. A little cat litter for rubble/stones and a bit of aluminium tube for the pipe.

A Necromunda model provides a size reference for us here. I originally built it for both Necromunda and 40k, but I could see it being usable in any sci-fi or post-apoc game, or even various games set anywhere from WWII to moden settingt o near future as well, through to the aforementioend Sci-Fi and Post-Apoc games. I always like a nice, versatile bit of terrain!

Vikings, Átján!

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Saga, VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions, Raven Banner, Viking Banner
Well, I powered through and finished the last two of my Viking Berserker models. This pair are the banner or standard bearer models from that Wargames Foundry VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions set that I mentioned the other day. As I mentioned my disappointment with the lack of banner poles for either of these models the other day, so these two sat, pushed to the back of the painting table until they were selected for the first Tray, so again with the limited choice helping me with an active “just fucking get them done” mentality with models I’m really not enthused about painting.
Wargames Foundry Vikings, Saga, VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions, Raven Banner, Viking Banner
The banner poles are brass rod, the end caps are the business end of war picks, cut to shape from the GW Chaos Marauders boxed set. The Wolf Banner was taken from the Don’t Roll a One blog via GIS and the Raven Banner was created by combining a piece of “Viking” style raven art with a “Viking Flag”, both found via image searches and then edited together in Photoshop. I then overpainted much of the detail on both, to get rid of that printed shine, and painted both banners with PVA glue to make them a little more Matt Hardy and then varnished them to finish. Neither are my best work, but they’ll do well enough on the table, and when I have a really good looking Viking banner bearer model, I’ll put much more effort into their Raven (or whatever) Banner.
Wargames Foundry Vikings, Saga, VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions, Raven Banner, Viking Banner
Since I just finished the other two the other day, it makes sense to have a group shot of the four of them together. I’ve now only got one more Foundry Viking model to go (aside from a few more wacky ones), some models that are essentially Not-Vikings and then there will be a few mroe metal vikings from other manufacturers, and then they’ll all be done. Well, I say all. Then I can start on the boxes of plastics…