Squad: March – Personal Round-Up.

I haven’t posted in a few days. I needed a break after a month of daily posts. So now I’m back, and here’s my own personal Squad: March round-up. I managed to complete five squads, based on needing to finish various numbers of models. I had another squad almost finished, but getting sick put the kibosh on that, as well as another that I’d hoped to finish, as well as two others I did a little bit of work on. I guess I’ll have plenty to work on for the next Squad Month in June.

Shagrat, Mordor Black Uruk Commander, Mordor Black Uruk-Hai Banner, Mordor Uruk-Hai - Lord of the Rings: SBG

Space Ork Boyz Mob

Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Lord of the Rings: SBG

Flesh Tearers Space Marines Assault Squad

DUST Tactics: Axis Gorilla Kampfaffen, Marcus, Reaper Bones 80001 Ape-X

Space Ork Boyz Mob

In the end, the squads I ended up painting being almost a case of squad-based neglected models as well. A bunch of the ones I’m hoping to knock out next Squad-month also fit that bill.

I’ll post up a Squad:March community round-up with everyone else’s models shortly. Hopefully I don’t forget anyone’s stuff. 😮

Citadel LotR Uruk-Hai Pikemen (Lot 1)

These figures were found in their half-finished state – and finished off about a month ago. They were pretty much the last things I finished before stopping/changing over to the December project. Two of them had broken pikes, but I was unfortunately only able to find one. I re-glued it with plastic cement, and as you can see, the repair is a little rough. The other guy is pretty much sitting out for an indeterminate time until I can either find his pike or care enough to drill it out and replace it with wire. Not anytime soon, then!

Games Workshop Citadel Miniatures Uruk-Hai Pikemen

Uruk-Hai Pikemen – the first of many!

No matter – later on when there are many more, the broken-pike guys will just blend into the masses. I’ll probably do 15 in the next batch of these for a total of 24, so I can set up either 2 regiments – or more likely – a horde of Pikemen for KoW. Not sure which rules to use for them yet. I’m thinking that their not-Chaos-Warriors list might be more appropriate for filmic LotR Uruks, though the pikes are going to be an issue. I’ll figure it out later, I guess. Might have to be a customised unit profile, though I prefer to avoid those.

I’ve just checked, and the completion of those guys brings my YTD total to 385 figures, which is more than I’ve ever finished before in a calendar year. It seems rather small compared to the amount I’ve bought this year, so that’s a bit of an issue. I’ll look into that a bit more in a couple of weeks when we all start doing our painting resolutions for 2016…

Citadel LotR Wildmen of Dunland

Wildmen of Dunland Celts

I had this trio of figures sitting around for a few years, doing nothing. I always found them pretty uninspiring, so really had no plans to do much with them or buy more. I’m not entirely sure why I bought them – probably just collecting the different LotR figures before GW went super-ridiculous with embargoes to AU and such a few years ago. You know how it goes. At some point in the last year or so, I decided that since there were only three of them, and their outfits as seen in the films were basically a mixture of dirty rags, I should paint them quickly and get them done.

So it turns out that painting figures which you don’t especially like in an uninspiring colour scheme does nothing for getting them done, so they languished with a few base colours for a year or so. Until recent, when I tried again. That attempt was a failure as well.

So. Thoroughly uninspired, I turned to Google image search to find some inspiration to paint these little suckers and get them off my painting desk. As luck would have it, I found some images from FunkyBrush’s painting blog, (posted on Lead-Adventure) with his Dunlanders converted and painted as Celts. This led to some further poking around, and the images on Bennett Blalock-Doane’s blog cinched the deal.

Wildmen of Dunland Celts

Wildmen of Dunland Celts

I’m particularly happy with how the tartan patterns came out on this guy. I drew inspiration not from modern Scottish tartans, but (obviously) from the Celts’ long history of woven clothing and cloth. I didn’t convert the weapons or add shields as FB did, as I tend to like to keep my “first” one of any given figure untouched, unless I purchased it for that purpose, or it’s otherwise an irredeemable/seriously flawed sculpt. So these guys are Wildmen of Dunland, and when I have a bunch of my Warlord Games Celts painted up, they will also be Wildmen. Sometimes. Except in games where they’re all used as Celts, including the Wildmen. Who knows what the future of the table holds? Kings of War games with Saruman leading his Uruk-Hai army alongside his Celt allies led by Boudicca? Why not?

Wildmen of Dunland Celts

Wildmen of Dunland Celts

I repainted this guy as a ginger, as opposed to the dirty unkempt grey/white beard that he originally had when I was trying to be more movie-accurate to Jackson’s films. When I threw that out and decided to go Celt, I almost painted the top guy as blonde, until I remembered the comments about Rohirrim as “straw-heads” in the (books? films?), so I toned it down to brown. Of course, that just applies to these three, and my actual (eventual) Celts will have plenty of blonde and bleached hair amongst them! There is a fourth sculpt that I don’t have. I’m not going to chase it, but if I happen to see it for a reasonable/cheap price someday, I’m sure I’ll pick it up.

Wildmen of Dunland Celts

Wildmen of Dunland Celts

The Celtic theme was a real inspiration. Adding a woven tartan pattern to these guys was a real godsend, as it allowed me to have some fun on them and do something I like with freehand. So ultimately, after pretty much hating these hard-to-paint models for the longest time, they finished up as a trio that I’m really quite happy with and got done in about a day. I like it when that happens. Gotta love the internet for inspiration!