Reaper Bones 77116: Colossal Skeleton (Jason Wiebe) (Awesome August ’19)

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

Today I have the first of (and maybe only? we’ll see how the month pans out) my submissions for this month’s Model painting challenge – the Colossal Skeleton from Reaper Miniatures’ Bones line. I think it was from their first Bones Kickstarter, but frankly I can’t be arsed to check, as at this point it hardly matters. This model was a nightmare for me (no pun intended) due to the rather horrid properties of the Bones Material, going sticky over time along with ill-defined details. The model is actually heavily based on a metal counterpart, though given the need to glue and join something like that together, I can only imagine it also being a nightmare as well, albeit of a mostly different sort.

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

I started this large, skinny fellow a couple of years ago – which you can easily spot by the use of the Square base – based as he is for Kings of War and Marouda’s Undead Army. So why did he take so long to get done? He’s mostly bone, isn’t he? After all, that’s easy enough to do..

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

Well, the issues I had with the model were a combination of the bone layers becoming rather tacky early on in the project, as well as all of the fidldy little details scattered across the model. The problem with those details is that most of them are pretty well ill-defined and simply …mushy. I found that particular combination rather off-putting, and despite any number of challenges over the last almost-a-year by now, from Dreadtober, Neglected Models, Jewel of July, Monster March… and on and on, I never could get more than a little of him done. In the first few days of this month however, after going to bed, I had a feeling come over me that I would finish the model that weekend. And so, somehow, I did just that.

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

In my little epiphany, I knew that I needed to break down the model into managable chunks. Good thing he was an unassembled multipart model, then – so legs and base, torso with head attached, and two arms. And then I worked on the fucker for most of the two days in my spare time. And it somehow worked – at the end of the weekend, he was done. And varnished both with Reaper’s own brush-on and AK Interactive’s matte. Somehow it’s also not sticky or even tacky. Yet.

Reaper Bones 77116, Colossal Skeleton, Jason Wiebe, Undead Giant, Bone Giant

A scale shot, along with some of his little (aka regular, human-sized) mates.

So now, after at least a couple of years, this big bastard is done, and I’m actually quite happy with it. My problem with him now becomes where to store it, especially since the Undead Army is already overflowing their shelf. Ah well, there are worse problems to have in life.

Now, the next question will be if I can get another awesome model done for August, or if it will remain with just the one completed for the challenge. Either way, it’s mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned.

Reaper Bones 77007: Ghost (Gender-Ambiguous March ’19)

Reaper Bones 77007: Ghost

After seeing Maenoferren22 over on Bogenwald post up his Reaper Bones Ghost the other day as part of the Gender-Ambiguous challenge, I realised that I had a pair of them myself sitting around on the painting desk, which I’d used as test models for the new(ish) “ghost” paints by GW, Hexwraith Flame and Nighthaunt Gloom – which both turned out to be a bit of a disaster.

Reaper Bones 77007: Ghost

So, the logical thing was to try and smash them both out quickly for the challenge (again, on the 30th of March). This was achieved by going onto YouTube and seeing what Warhammer TV said about painting Nighthaunt models. So I simply followed the simple instructions on the video, and in the process got both of these painted to a passable tabletop level and also learned a bit more about using these paints. Especially Nighthaunt Gloom. Basing was done in the same style as the rest of my Undead Models with gravestones on their bases, alongside the other Reaper Miniature, the Dragon Plant – also featuring a whole lot of flowers…

Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant (#Monstermarch3 ’19, Gender-Ambiguous March ’19)

Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant

Finally, I’ve managed to complete the third of the three weird carnivorous plants from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter set that I got a few years ago. As with a few other models, the Gender-Ambiguous Challenge got me working on it again, and Swordmaster of Hoeth’s Monster March got it finished (on the 31st, no less! – though with the basing completed yesterday).

Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant

Not a whole lot to write about the painting scheme here – I pretty much copied the same colours that I used on the Death Star Lillies a year ago, again using almost exclusively Reaper’s HD paint line. Since those apparently can manage to stop Bones models from degenerating into a sticky mess.

Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant

Of course, I also have to dedicate this model to John from Just Needs Varnish, who seems to have a bit of an unnatural attraction to these plant models. I’m now all out of models from this range to paint!

Reaper Bones 77505: Dragon Plant. Reaper Bones 77504: Death Star Lillies

I’ve photographed the Dragon Plant alongside the Death Star Lillies (who names these bloody things? I guess it’s probably another Not-D&D Monster?) as well as a Space Marine. These will go nicely next to the various bits of Deathworld Fauna and provide some nice Deathworld Flora!

Beavers – Bad Squiddo Games (Gender-Ambiguous March ’19)

Bad Squiddo Games Beavers

Sometime last year, I got on board the Bad Squiddo train and backed Annie’s Kickstarter campaign for Freja’s Wrath – Viking Shieldmaidens. As part of the KS and Pledge Manager, I also picked up a whole lot of the “Fluffy Chums” that BSG offers. While I haven’t started on any of the vikings yet, I did find the beavers in a baggie and decided to smash them out, so I did so pretty quickly, just pausing in February so I could finish them in March – as part of the Gender-Ambiguous Painting challenge. Because even if I try to look under their tails, I can’t definitely tell which of these little fluffballs are female or male!

Reaper Bones 77144: Mummy (Gender-Ambiguous March ’19)

Reaper Bones 77144: Mummy

Yeah, I’m way behind in posting stuff for this month. So here’s the first batch – some Mummies from Reaper Bones, via one of their Kickstarter campaigns. I did these using a different method to the usual ways I paint mummies. More of a lighter set of bandages, and a darker wash to create more of a contrast. These figures are the ideal type to experiment on, as they’re basically disposable garbage models. These were one of the sets of models that inspired the challenge for March, as desiccated, bandage-wrapped walking corpses are pretty much a definition of “gender-ambiguous”. They make a pretty good unit for Kings of War, which makes it all the more unfortunate that the models are so rubbish. Ah well!

Reaper Bones 80035: Dumpster & 80034: Weapons Locker (Part 1) (January Terrain 2019)

Reaper Bones 80035: Dumpster & Reaper Bones 80034: Weapons Locker

More terrain today – though these have been on the go for months in a neglected sprayed-silver state. I could have finished these next month for the Neglected Models challenge, but I wanted to get them done this month for Terrain Month. We’ve got a pair of Reaper Bones models in a harder plastic – one Dumpster and also two Weapons Lockers.

I tried a different method for the chipped paint for these – I have (had, soon!) a little bottle of Vallejo Masking Fluid, so I added bits of that to the silver (after a gloss spray again) before going over it with the dappled greens and browns. Unfortunately, as I rubbed it off, it left a horrible sticky mess and was shitful to work with, so I’ll be disposing of this bottle. I might try it again with a freshly purchased on and see how it goes.

I’ve got another two “Weapons Lockers” and two more dumpsters, though I’ll be doing them in a couple of different colours, and they’re nowhere near finished yet – and as these ones are done, you can see them now!

For a bit of a laugh, the size comparison pic has some Dark Angels Marines posing while the whole lot is on a green background. Fairly nice bits of terrain, but that’s one fucking HUGE dumpster compared to every one I’ve seen in my own life…

Reaper Bones 77498: Werearmadillo (Neglected Model September ’18)

Today I have the next of this month’s Neglected Models – a somewhat random Reaper Bones model of a Werearmadillo. I’m not sure if this is a D&D-type thing (since many Reaper models are unofficial D&D critters) or just one of the really random things that Reaper puts out. Either way, it came out of a tub of Bones models several months ago when I was looking for something else because it looked easy to paint, then it got started, then pushed aside, neglected for months. I mean – just look at it – it’s not the most inspiring or exciting model out there – especially if you don’t specifically need an anthropomorphic armadillo for something and you’re just painting it as a random thing.

So I made myself get the lead out and get the thing finished so I could get it out of here. The model is on a 50mm rolled-edge base to get around how very warped it was, so it’s not an especially small model, though it’s far from tall due to its hunched posture. The integral base was more than a little awkward to clip down so I ended up leaving part of it and painting it as a rocky outcrop that it’s walking over. There’s nothing particularly interesting happening here, and I didn’t even look up photos of real armadillos. I just went with a couple of appropriate looking tones to differentiate the “armour” and the heavy, thick looking skin of the beast. Rather than going for blood dripping off the claws, I decided to instead dirty up the limbs and the claws with weathering powders, to represent that the creature likely spends a fair bit of time digging in the dirt.

So… yeah. No idea what I’d ever use this model for aside from the “maybe while playing Pathfinder or some other RPG or GMing a miniatures game where I need a random-ish monster one day” catch-all disclaimer. Ah well. Another model done!