I’m a gamer and collector located in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been playing 40k since first the First Edition Rogue Trader/Chapter Approved: Book of the Astronimican Era. I have various sized forces for all armies (now including) Necrons. I also play a number of other miniatures wargames when I have a chance, from WW2 to Fantasy to Sci-Fi.

I’ve been roleplaying since I was in single digits, starting with Tunnels and Trolls adventures read to me by my older brother, through Robotech, Twilight: 2000, MERP/Rolemaster, Cthulhu, D&D/Pathfinder and a few others to boot. Having said that, I rarely get to play these days. I’ve had a Rogue Trader campaign percolating for the past two years, but reading and learning that huge tome is an off-putting nightmare.

These days, I seem to spend more time playing boardgames. Largely Zombicide, but also other favourites like Pandemic, the D&D boardgames and so on.

I collect 1:6 scale models, a mixture of Film and Military/Historical based from manufacturers such as Hot Toys, Soldier Story, DiD, Toys City, DML and many more. I also have a small collection of Sideshow and other busts of the like, as well as some 1:1 scale prop replicas from the Star Wars, Predator, Alien and Predator franchises.

Finally, I have been a computer and video gamer for many years, and play games across all the current platforms (excepting the Wii/U and handhelds) and occasionally review them.

Minor update 9th July 2016:

I’ve trimmed the WordPress My Community “A selection of cool people” list on the sidebar down to people who have recently commented rather than any and all followers. This is because of the increasing number of “cute cats”, “playful dogs” and “gym photos” fake bullshit followers that have been clogging up the sidebar. Which is a shame since I liked having a lot more of my real followers up there.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Why thank you for that! I’m flattered. I’ll surely accept and put up a response…thing when I jump back into P&M in December (work is mostly flat out at this time of year, plus new PS4 and now XBone!)


    • Sorry mate. Short of a lot of googling or even calling some local game stores in your area that don’t have web stores. You could also try contacting DUST themselves to see if they’re in production or are going to go back into production.


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