Classic Citadel Ogres for Kings of War – Unit 2 – Olley’s Ogres

Here’s the latest update on the Ogre Army Challenge. Another unit of restored Old-school Citadel Ogre Warriors. This time, the unit comes from Bob Olley.

By the way, Bob currently has a Kickstarter up for his range of “Scrunts” – Victorian and Steampunk Dwarves. Not to be confused with Squats. Only 14 days left!

I don’t have a whole slew of interesting angles for these three. Mostly because the close-ups I took didn’t turn out. I might re-take some and slip them into the post later on. Maybe.

Oldhammer Ogre, Ogryn

Old-School Ogre by Bob Olley, circa 1989.

Oldhammer Ogre, Ogryn

Bob Olley Ogre – rear view

This guy always reminded me of my Dad, from back when I painted him, and still to this day he reminds me of my father at that time. A bit of the face, the Calabrese complexion, the physique and even the brains(!) This figure is based on the original Olley-sculpted Ogryn Sergeant. (Not the original RT Ogryn, though!)

Oldhammer Ogre, Ogryn

Another of Bob Olley’s Citadel Ogres from 1989.

Oldhammer Ogre, Ogryn

Rear view of the second Bob Olley Ogre

Another of Olley’s Ogres. This one, amusingly enough always reminded me of my friend’s father who had been – amongst other things – a boxer back in the old country, and the bald noggin and complexion always helped that particular comparison. If I were to paint this guy today, he’d be covered in tattoos. Still – my rule for these guys is pretty much: New bases and “restoration” – so touchups over chips, dull metal and godawful colour choices only rather than repaints. I’m keeping an eye on eBay for another, though…

Oldhammer Ogre, Ogryn

The third of my trio of Bob Olley’s old-school Ogres

Oldhammer Ogre, Ogryn

Rear view of Olley Ogre #3

The third of this batch of Olley Ogres. The blue straps are a bit bright, but they’re not overwhelming enough to need to be repainted. IRL they’re not quite so garish.


Oldhammer Ogre, Ogryn

Unit shot of Olley’s Ogres

Oldhammer Ogre, Ogryn

And the back-shot!

A couple of shots of the newly restored unit. I’ll do an army-in-progress shot when I put the next finished unit up.

Oldhammer Ogre, Ogryn

Coming soon: More Jes Goodwin Goodness…

And a preview of things to come.. started in the 1990’s – (to be) finished in the 2010’s…(?)


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Mantic Ogre Shooters – Blunderbuss and Crossbows – Based!

Just a small update this time, but we finally had two days without rain in a row! Two! Sure, they directly followed the coldest November day in the last 25 years (it’s spring here, supposedly) but anyway – the day allowed me to finally finish the bases on these guys after finally getting a day warm enough to spray them. Paint-on Vallejo varnish kept leaving some non-matt areas. Hurrah for Testors Dullcote!

Mantic Ogre Shooters with Crossbows.

Mantic Ogre Shooters with Blunderbusses.

Here’s their previous post. With more photos, but no tufts.