Star Wars Imperial Assault: General Veers

Star Wars Imperial Assault General Veers

Maximilian Veers was a male Human Major General of the Galactic Empire’s Imperial Army, famous for his leadership at the assault on Hoth in 3 ABY and other battles. Thank you Wookieepedia.

For some reason I didn’t think to look up a source image for Veers,  Instead, I relied on my memory – and got Veers’ hard armour colours wrong! (And also Weiss’ – As I painted them at the same time!) Well, in my defence, though – even images online have a bit of colour shift:

This image is the official FFG one for the Legion Veers model pack.

But this one is from!

Still, even with that variation between steel blue and sea green, how could I have gotten the armour so very wrong?


I guess I was remembering this action figure? Which I never owned as a child?

Or maybe this bust? Which I also don’t own. I guess we can see here that Media depictions of Veers’ armour has been ….consistently inconsistent over the decades.

To be fair, even the action figures have had just a tiny bit of variation over the years…

So my excuse is that i was operating from deep memory, rather than checking the source material. It does bother me a little bit, but not enough to repaint the bastards!

Star Wars Imperial Assault General Veers, AT-ST, AT-DP

Here’s Veers alongside his fellow Imperials from November’s painting. I never did get that hover-tank thing finished. Or started.

Star Wars Imperial Assault General Veers, AT-ST, AT-DP

And here’s the money shot – Veers alongside all three Imperial Assault walkers with a slightly Endor-inspired background. Now you know why I featured that scenery piece yesterday. To be fair, though – I’d planned to show it ages ago before I got overwhelmed by work. You also now know why their bases are decorated as they are.

“Endor”-style scenery …from the pet store.

I actually picked this up a couple of months ago now, but as I haven’t posted for a little while, I didn’t get a chance to photograph it until last night.

I first saw this at the local pet warehouse in the Aquarium section a couple of months ago, but didn’t have the spare funds at the time. I went back a couple of weeks later and they luckily still had a couple of them left. Now, at AU$50, it wasn’t cheap – but when compared to scenery kit prices, both from local places, GW, GF9 and many others, it’s actually pretty reasonable for something that’s finished and ready to plunk down on the tabletop and go. It’s the sort of thing that will work perfectly on a jungle-themed table, in a deathworld kill-zone, and across a whole lot of themes and time periods – from Borneo to Endor to Catachan.

I think it looks pretty bloody good, actually. The bridge and cave also offer additional “playability” for many wargames, which is always welcome. Having a piece that can be interacted with by your troops is almost always preferable to something that simply acts as a LOS-blocker, after all! Though let’s face it – a great looking LOS-blocker is always welcome as well! Our Space Marine, Primaris Marine, Wookiee and Imperial Officer provide scale. I’ll need to get some WWII infantry painted up for these things. Maybe I can do some over Christmas..?

Sure, I could spend a lot of time going to town on it and improving it further, but I’d much rather call this thing done without doing anything to it at all and using that time and energy on other stuff that’s yet unpainted or unfinished. I’ll need to keep an eye on the aquarium scenery in the future for more decently-priced pieces that can just be dropped straight onto the table with little to no work.

Necromunda! Necro’17 Barricades (MechaNovember ’18)

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Ok, now I’m feeling (mostly) better and the insano-weeks of work are over, it’s time for me to try and get this shitshow back up and running. We’ll start by posting up the remainder of November’s painting in the next few days, then I’ll do my round-up, then the community round-up, then I’ll start posting my December stuff. So be ready for a few days of consecutive posts…

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Once again, inspired by Wudugast’s recent painting shenanigans, I pulled my batch of Necromunda Barricades from my pair of Necromunda ’17 sets out of the tub I’d kept them in since clipping, cleaning and spraying them, and set to work.

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

They were a good project for the past couple of weeks since I’ve been doing a lot of work from home, as they were something I could very easily dip in and out of for the most part, with a kind of staggered-assembly-line mentality, and the use of so many washes and thin layers necessitated frequent breaks from the models. As such, I tried to use them to cleanse my mental palette.

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Originally, I’d planned to do them all completely in metallics, and then just weather them up. Then I had the bright idea of painting some of the doors in chipped and worn metal. Then I added another colour to the range of the doors. Then I decided that if I was doing this with the doors, I may as well do the same with the bulkhead barricades (which, incidentally, is the reason I never managed to get a single OriginalNecro Bulkhead painted. I really liked the appearance of the “filled in” ones in WD and rulebook images, but it seemed like WAY too much work back in the day…

So.. yeah. The palette of these grew organically.

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Initially sprayed with a Krylon dark metal, then zenithally sprayed again with a custom metal that’s basically Ironbreaker.

Washed & wiped with 5:4 Dark Tone and Lahmian Medium (I think), then Vallejo Model Wash Dark Brown.

Then colour fills:
custom “Necromunda Blue” shaded with 5:4 AP Blue Tone and Lahmian Medium, Highlighted with VMC Ice Blue
Vallejo Heavy Blackgreen shaded with 5:4 AP Strong Tone and Lahmian Medium, Highlighted with MSP Meadow Green
VMC Iraqui Sand, shaded with thinned Citadel XV-88, Highlighted with VMC Pale Sand
Khorne Red, highlighted with Mephiston Red, then Evil Sunz Scarlet, shaded with 5:4 AP Strong Tone and Lahmian Medium

Foam-dabbed paint-chip damage. 2-tier – first VMA Black Metal then AP Plate Mail Metal. Overall Darker on light background, lighter on dark.

Solid spray with gloss varnish before further weathering & staining.

Shading across the board (shade & wipe) and some broad but thin-coat streaking with Vallejo Model Wash Dark Brown

Targeted shading (shade & wipe) on rivets and some fine streaking with Vallejo Model Wash Rust

Damaged edges feather-frybrushed with Vallejo Game Colour Smokey Ink.

Oxidised (new, dry) Rust with (variously) Vallejo Pigment: Dark Red Ochre & Kromlech Weathering Powder: Orange Rust.

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

Necromunda 2017 Barricades

I know that I probably “should” probably paint up the “objectives” half of the set that’s also sold as the Necromunda Barricades and Objectives set, but instead the next thing up on the workbench of this nature will probably be some of the new GorkaMorka Speed Freeks Ork-styled Scenery (though it’s pretty nicely generic for post-apoc and hive world environments as well!) Then perhaps some more bulkheads. I’ve already clipped the ones off of the Rogue Trader Sprues…

And finally, another thanks to Wudugast. These got started (and even finished) painted because of your post!

Technical Difficulties

Just a quick one today so people know what’s going on and where the monthly challenge update is – got through hell week at work last week, so the last three weeks should be pretty busy but not the insanely intense that the last month has been. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten properly sick in the last week as well. I think it’s very possibly (TBC) Helicobacter pylori, a bacterial stomach infection that isn’t quite a bag of fun. So I haven’t had the energy or interest to blog or look at other blogs.

Not a stress though. I’ll be fine, even if it takes a week or two. I’m not shopping for sympathy or anything like that. So here’s the near-future timeline: I’ve got three November posts of my own to photograph, write up and post. Well, one is basically written up but lacks photos, while the other two lack either. After those three posts, I’ll do my November wrap-up post, then a few days to a week after that, I’ll do November’s Community Wrap Up (so get yer shit posted up and linked to my OP so I can find them!)

In the meantime, December’s challenge is up, and offers quite a lot of freedom. So get painting and posting!

Yeah, YOU!

I’ll get caught up on people’s posts and replies to my own slowly over time. I tend to just go to the reader and then work my way down for an hour(!) or so when I have time. Right now, that’s not happening, though as I feel like arse – so be patient. Shit, I haven’t even watched any wrasslin’ in two weeks!

Almost feels like a Kickstarter update, doesn’t it?

See you soon!