Painting December: More Assembly

I’ve only been doing hobby stuff intermittently in the last few days. A little more paint on Bel’akor, and a photo so it makes a bit more sense. Going for a flesh tone on his “inner/lower body” and black on the outer. Still early days here, and I suspect it’ll continue to look a bit rough, or crap until more of it’s done.


Today I spent a bit of time basing and completing assembly on the Talos. After a few days working out which way to go with the base, we decided to go with the big round Mierce one instead of a 100x50mm movement tray. The movement tray is “better” for wargaming, but the Talos is going to spend more time just as a painted model than rampaging the table, so I’m going for form over function. Which has let me start to get on with it last night and get it finished today.

I needed to Dremel through the slate. It was not particularly easy or fun.

Still, I eventually got the job done.

Had to heat-treat the right leg with a hairdryer to remove a bit of tension.


Now sand for the base, primer, and then I can finally paint!

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