Merry Christmas!

A message from Leonard and the rest of us here.

Yeah it’s a bit trite, but I don’t care. Have a great Christmas all. Enjoy the time with your families, friends and a bit of quiet time for painting, gaming, sleeping in, gorging and binging (on Netflix, natch!) 😉

This year’s Christmas Loot!

They say that you shouldn’t post your presents to social media because criminals. I totally get that, so it’s lucky that my real name ain’t on here, I don’t use geotagged photos, and probably that my loot this year is a 14-year old boy’s dream, but notsomuch for “proper” grownups and criminals. Marouda and I use Christmas as a fun excuse to buy each other stuff and have some time together. Family visits happen in the days before or after since when I transitioned from younger to more mature I rejected the concept of Christmas Day as a day of Obligation visiting here and there, and took the “selfish” choice of no longer doing visits to others on the actual day in favour of spending the day together with Marouda. Not that you guys care about that, but hey. TMI sometimes!

More models and games in the days to come, and I’ll have to come up with my gaming resolution(s) for 2016…

Have a great Christmas and stay safe!