Dark Angels: 1 Section, 3rd Squad (Tactical), 2nd Octavius Crusade Company.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition

Once again, Warhammer 40k 8th Edition takes the responsibility for inspiring me to dig these models out and resurrect them into a coherent force. Replacing about thirty kilograms of books, contradictory rules and scattered digital files with a Tabula Rasa has given me the opportunity to step back into an IP I’ve been engaged with since I was a young teen – when Rogue Trader was released and I stumbled onto a demo game being played at Games ’87 (Later Conquest) on a gigantic crashed spaceship put together by a bloke named Andrew B (and co.)

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition

Stripping all of that convoluted mess back to a core rules of 12 pages, with the extra details to be added in via unit entries has annoyed many people who had been playing for years, as their very expensive book collections have been rendered null (excepting for the paint sections, photography and background) and while I understand their annoyance, 40k had grown to a bloated incomprehensible mess that was anything but friendly to new or departed players. The clean slate of rules gives us a very nice (re)entry point to the game, and hopefully GW can keep the meta and power spiral (known as Codex Creep) under control over time.

This force was originally inspired during 3rd edition, by Ed B of Powerfist fame (infamy?) when I was at his place one day and he showed me his Dark Angels. I thought they looked bloody nice – and not too difficult to paint. This was during the time when things weren’t yet especially blinged out. I did repurpose a Legion of the Damned backpack for him, inspired by Chapter Master Azrael’s own pack. You’ll note the models in this box are basically just regular space marines, with the exception of the Sergeant. The bright yellow fuel canister on the Melta is a bit of a 2nd edition throwback as well…

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition

I also had a whole bunch of metal marine shoulderpads. I thought the Deathwing pad looked rather spiffy, though where to use them? The solution was to consider Veteran Sergeants (which were an upgrade option at the time) to be “Deathwing Initiates”. The background speaks of circles within circles amongst the Dark Angels, so I felt that the promotion to Veteran Sergeant justified that extra little bit of fluff – and bling. Hence the bone-coloured pauldrons and red Deathwing Chapter badge. Bone-coloured power sword? Why not!

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k

This trip of Tactical marines were built with the notion of being part of the Sergeant’s Combat Squad. I used 3rd ed Assault Squad legs to give them some movement, given that the Sergeant is armed for Close assault and his offsider carries a close-ranged Melta-Gun.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition

Thus we have the first Combat Squad: 1 Section. Kitted for a close support role and capable of doing some damage. Originally, these guys were built as a seven-man squad under 3rd edition rules with the role of riding around in a Razorback (which I never got finished). I shall folllow up with 2 Section shortly.

14 thoughts on “Dark Angels: 1 Section, 3rd Squad (Tactical), 2nd Octavius Crusade Company.

    • Thanks mate. This squad (and the next two upcoming, as I finish the last models and find some reasonable spraying weather) are very much throwbacks to that transition period between 2nd and 3rd edition.

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  1. Nice work on these. While I played my first games with Rogue Trader rules (where Screamer Killer was treated as a vehicle) the peak of my 40K days has been under 2nd edition. So I remember well those box graphics and the metal marines with plastic arms.
    The new edition sparked back some interest, after having tried 5th/6th editions and not liking them too much. Biggest concern is I miss more than half of the current Tyranids range, and I can easily foresee myself scouring the web screaming, VISA between my teeth, compulsively purchasing stuff. So, I’m currently trying to avoid looking at it too close… =)
    In regard of the now-useless books, I cannot understand those whining. I have never regret purchasing a book, they still provide interesting readings, years after they has been rendered “useless”. In fact, many times I have purchased superceded books when I found them reasonably priced, just for pictures and backround material.
    Uhm, I suppose I have now to add a line apoligizing for the wall of text ^^;

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    • Yeah, I still have fond memories of my RT-era Ultramarines (when they were painted with Moody Blue and weren’t yet so bright and colourful). I’d recommend giving 8th a go with your existing models. It’s not too hard to find leaked rules for things if you look around, though obviously you should buy the books if you intend to play. (I’ve got a new, huge pile of books here for one!)
      Predictably, I completely agree with you on buying books, but then people like ourselves and a lot of the others who follow this blog are into the lore and painting aspect of the hobby as much, if not more than the playing. I’ve done the same with older books that I skipped when they were expensive and current gaming aids and picked them up later for the background, art and photography.
      No problems with the wall. Most welcome!

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