Year’s End WIPs Part 4: Sugar Skull WIP


Remember the Sugar Skull I posted about a couple of weeks ago? Well, I didn’t get it finished on time. Luckily I’ve got a second chance to get it done by early January.

Here’s the progress so far:

Rollins’ Sun is a little wonky, but that section of skull is pretty rough and features the joins between the sections, amongst other things. Still, it fits the Mesoamerican feel pretty well. While the Sugar Skull stuff might (mostly) not be my usual type of content, It’s certainly always good fun freehanding designs.



Year’s End WIPs Part 2

A small update. At this point, work is crazytown with extra things that need to be done out of hours, and so aside from the odd bit of painting at work in 20-min lunchtime chunks, I’ve done bugger all on actual models. I’ve used what little time I’ve been able to paint in to work on the gift models, which I now have only 11 days left to get finished…

The 1:6 skull. I’m very happy indeed with how well the bone turned out. It’s going to feel odd indeed “defacing” it with the flowers and patterning of a Sugar Skull/Calavera. Probably because it’s so far out of my usual “comfort” zone. Usually something like the bone here would be a finished point. I need to get onto some of the decoration today.

Lil’ BUB also continues. I should be able to get a decent amount of her tabby banding done today. I want to clean up the torso and legs a bit more first…

No movement on Jinx – I’m still waiting on advice on the right kind of cleaning agent/surfactant to get the awful mould release off so I can get it painted. In a week. :/