Getting Beardy

Well that was interesting, I just found this post in my drafts that I’d never published and managed to have forgotten about. It was dated right after the second Orc post, so I must have gotten it ready and then decided to leave it for a few days, then forgotten all about it. Ah well, better late than never.

This kitbash is of a 1:6 figure, to represent a US SF/Agency operative in Afghanistan. I decided to use a mixture of spare parts rather than only my “top shelf” stuff to kitbash him, because I wanted to see if I could do a decent job with it. As such he has molded black boots and a molded DML holster and canteen, though the AK is from Hot Toys, TAD Jacket is from BS, with a custom Low-vis Punisher patch which Tang made for me. The Pakol hat is (I think) from Soldier Story, as is the helmet (EOD)


I did this one a few months ago, when the weather was still nice. I had picked up several of DML’s Lucas figure, mostly for spare parts (M249s, choc-chip/DBDU helmets and vests, DCUs, etc). So with the dearth of Dark-skinned figure sculpts, I decided to have a go at making one of my many Lucases a little bit unique. Since there are always lots of great kitbashes on OSW featuring special-ops guys with great big beards, I decided that was the way to go here. I used my own hairy face as a model. It was actually quite useful(!)

I didn’t think to take any pics before I’d prety much finished the sculpting, so I just have a few angles of the finished beard which I did in several layers of Kneadatite (aka “green stuff”) – before and after painting. It looks quite a bit better once he has shades and a hat added, as in the first pictures. Covers up those big brown puppy-dog eyes.

Ent Painting Challenge

The next painting challenge over at is for an Ent. I’ve had the Treebeard model since 2003 I’d guess, sitting in it’s box, unassembled and unpainted, so the idea of actually getting it painted and finished is actually quite exciting. There’s something to be said for these things – they really help with adding motivation. Here’s the “proof” pic.

My wife is also painting a figure, it’s the smaller one in the picture. A Mithril Miniatures MM188 Entwife, which I understand are long out of production. I picked this one up so long ago it makes the Treebeard figure look like a damn nOOb! I think I may have bought it to use in Blood Bowl. I honestly can’t remember, but it was a very long time ago.

I’ve added some DAS modelling clay to both of their bases, then added some twigs to represent branches, as well as sand and cat litter to repsesent dirt and rocks, respectively.