Enterbay RM-4 (Not-)Jason Bourne. Part 2: Finished!

Well, it took a fair bit longer than I had hoped, but here’s the completed update of the completed RM-4 Jason Bourne figure from a few posts ago. The vinegar did it’s work (I hope). I rinsed it out and dried his clothes again. Found him a backpack and a gun, then I dressed my little mandollie, and sourced some fishing weights for his backpack, to give it a decent “hang”.

Enterbay Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Flanked by my Michael Caine “Zulu” figure by DiD and Hot Toys Perseus.

A different angle. In the background is my kitbash of Joseph Fiennes’ character from Enemy at the Gates. More on that in another post.

A closer shot showing off the face.

An outdoor shot.

Another outdoor shot.

And my final shot, as the light faded…

I’m pretty happy with how this simple kitbash came out. I’m quite looking forward to using the other two of these RM-4 bodies to put together the two main outfits Matt Damon wore in Green Zone.

Enterbay RM-4 (Not-)Jason Bourne. Part 1

Rather than yet another post bitching about Kickstarters, I’ve decided to write about something else today.

I still haven’t had much of a chance to do any miniature painting or gaming, as I’ve got to fix up the awful lighting in my new hobby room and have been distracted by all kinds of other RL shit. So I’ve been playing World of Warcraft and Saints Row 3 to get some kind of fun in.

Today I decided to look through some of my boxes of 1/6 scale stuff and perhaps try and get a figure from that lot built or kitbashed. I had a box from j-p hobbies arrive yesterday with a bunch of parts for me to do a couple of kitbashes, so I started with that, though my Vladimir Putin has been hamstrung by my inability to tie a 1:6 tie with my big sausage fingers.

As an alternative, I decided to break out my Enterbay RM-4 nude, that just happens to have a Matt Damon likeness, and was offered with an outfit that kinda just happens to look a bit like (one of) Jason Bourne’s outfits. It’s quite a good likeness, I think you’d agree – though not perfect. I actually bought three of this figure. One with the Bourne outfit, and two to bash into the two main outfits seen in Green Zone. (PMC and DCU). I’ll get to work on these later, though I spent some time and money tracking down the correct gear for them about 2 years ago.

Naturally, as I was taking the photos, immediately after taking him out of the packaging for the first time ever, something bad happened. His arm just fell off.

Good to see 1:6 quality, direct from the manufacturer is the same as it ever was. Since it’s been 2 years since I purchased this figure, I’m pretty much up a certain creek without the means to paddle myself elsewhere. Trying to glue the cracked peg in place will be a temporary solution at best, though I might try it with plastic cement. Luckily it does dry fit in place, and so if I manage to not play with my dolly and just leave him posed and in place it’ll be okay.

Here’s a shot of everything that you get. The RM-4 comes with two fisted hands with quite decent paint, a neck peg if you’d like to use an alternate head on this body, moulded boots, a longsleeve tee, black pants and a black jacket that looks like a rough analog to the one from The Bourne Supremacy.

Checking out all the clothing and parts, I see that the black clothes are really likely to stain the figure, so I’ve had to give them a bath in white vinegar. Once they come out of it, I’ll leave them out to dry, and if I’m lucky, I can assemble Maniac Matt Bourne in the morning and update this post. I also noticed that he doesn’t come with a pistol or a handbag. I mean satchel. satchel. right. I’ll have to look through my bits boxes to find both. I’m 100% sure I’ve got appropriate ones for both. It’s just a matter of finding them in a room filled with boxes of 1:6. I’ll either give him a Beretta 92 or a SIG-Sauer P225. Whichever of those (or close to) I can find first.

Over on OSW, there were a bunch of people modding the figure to take off the ankle extensions that Enterbay inexplicably added to this nude, but on balance I’m not going to push my luck, and my Jason Bourne can be slightly taller than he should be. BeastX shows why he has that name with an awesome height mod.

Being an Enterbay figure, for the price they were selling it, it was an absolute bargain – simply because it was unlicenced. Enterbay’s clothing is as always high quality.

Welp! About tine to take the clothes out of the vinegar and let them dry… Hopefully I’ll have an update tomorrow!

Maid to order.

After I started buying 1:6 figs again a few years ago (mostly men with guns) my wife showed some interest, so over the past couple of years I’ve bought her a variety of girls, or FemFigs as they’re usually called (rather than “Dolls”, though let’s face it..) Quite a lot of them have been film-related, though some are also military or police-based, and others are simply of interesting outfits. For some reason, PVC and corsets seems pretty popular with these figures, so there’s also a few of those.

Anyway, this is essentially “my wife’s update” since she’s not likely to start a blog or anything, but she’s keen to share her figures and photography. (no really.. my dolls have guns and swords!)
This is the BBi Goth Maid outfit swaped onto the BBi Hispanic female, both from a couple of years ago (no hat or Jewelry at this stage). Pretty simple stuff to start with, but then if it looks good, that shouldn’t matter. We got a break from the winter rain on the weekend so took some stuff out to photograph. The shots are her photography.

I wanted to take some pics of my own figures and some miniatures to put up as well, but the light started to really suffer, so we didn’t get the chance. Hopefully this weekend!

Getting Beardy

Well that was interesting, I just found this post in my drafts that I’d never published and managed to have forgotten about. It was dated right after the second Orc post, so I must have gotten it ready and then decided to leave it for a few days, then forgotten all about it. Ah well, better late than never.

This kitbash is of a 1:6 figure, to represent a US SF/Agency operative in Afghanistan. I decided to use a mixture of spare parts rather than only my “top shelf” stuff to kitbash him, because I wanted to see if I could do a decent job with it. As such he has molded black boots and a molded DML holster and canteen, though the AK is from Hot Toys, TAD Jacket is from BS, with a custom Low-vis Punisher patch which Tang made for me. The Pakol hat is (I think) from Soldier Story, as is the helmet (EOD)


I did this one a few months ago, when the weather was still nice. I had picked up several of DML’s Lucas figure, mostly for spare parts (M249s, choc-chip/DBDU helmets and vests, DCUs, etc). So with the dearth of Dark-skinned figure sculpts, I decided to have a go at making one of my many Lucases a little bit unique. Since there are always lots of great kitbashes on OSW featuring special-ops guys with great big beards, I decided that was the way to go here. I used my own hairy face as a model. It was actually quite useful(!)

I didn’t think to take any pics before I’d prety much finished the sculpting, so I just have a few angles of the finished beard which I did in several layers of Kneadatite (aka “green stuff”) – before and after painting. It looks quite a bit better once he has shades and a hat added, as in the first pictures. Covers up those big brown puppy-dog eyes.